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Galactus: And the hunger which I feel grows ever stronger!
Stan Lee, Silver Surfer, Vol 1, Issue 1 (1968)

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Living energy at rest
· 28 Science Defender ·
Radiation Emission
Radiation Blast
Player: @Coreth1
Real Name
Raymond Peterson
United States Citizen with no criminal record
Paragon City, RI
Particle Physicist
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Mid Twenties
170 lbs
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Emission and control of personal "radiant" energies
· Other Abilities ·
Knowledgeable particle physicist



Sunpulse takes life seriously. He takes it more seriously now that he's held together by exotic technologies. He might have been a more cheerful person in the days when he was just a physicist, but ever since the accident, he tends to remain calm under almost all circumstances.

There's a good reason for it, though; he worries that if he lets emotions get out of hand, it could reduce his ability to control his powers and overwhelm his suit's ability to keep him human. He hopes that one day he can find a way to bleed off the power within him, but knows he's not anywhere near close. That will sometimes put him in a more morose mood.


Sunpulse's powers derive from the strange, radiant energy that his body either emits or is made from.

Radiation Emission

The golden energy that Sunpulse can radiate is capable of debilitating his opponents. Yet the energy has a beneficial side; Sunpulse has been able to accelerate the metabolism of allies, healing their wounds or even returning them to consciousness after having been beaten down. Sunpulse doesn't fully understand the nature of this energy.

Radiation Blast

The energy also has an aggressive aspect. Sunpulse can unleash the energy is pulsed blasts, or unleash it in a burst striking all those around him. Constant usage in this manner can cause him to lose control of his energy faster than normal circumstances, so he tries to end a fight quickly.

Additional Powers

The radiant energy has one additional side effect on Sunpulse.


Sunpulse can fly under his own power, by utilizing the radiant energy as thrust. He is able to determine the amount of thrust needed, which can allow him to hover in place as well as fly at considerable speeds.


Peterson is a particle physicist, and is fairly knowledgeable in the field.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sunpulse isn't exactly human anymore; the suit he wears is all that keeps him from discorporating into an energy state when he's out and about. Worse still, overuse of his powers can be too much for the suit to handle, where he begins emitting energy uncontrollably. After such events, he is usually famished, and requires a larger than usual amount of food to "recharge".

When he isn't active, he resides in a special chamber which is basically a larger and more powerful version of his suit, which allows him to retain his human form, and even settle down the energy expenditures he may have used during the day.

Character History

Peterson's background is mostly unrevealed, but there are a few known facts.

The biggest is that he was working for a company in competition with the CERN project-dedicated to creating its own Large Hadron Collider. (There are rumors that this was backed by Crey Industries, but if so, the paper trail has been very well concealed.) During a test activation, something went wrong-and the hapless physicist at the controls ended up being struck by exotic energies not seen on Earth before or since. It literally atomized him-and put him back together again.

The company was able to provide a suit that helped regulate the energies within him-allowed him to stay human. But it was clear that he couldn't remain at the company; he needed to find a new future. For a time, he volunteered in the Hyperion Force trainee program, at a time when those heroes were looking to assist new heroes and perhaps induct them into their organization. Sunpulse had a short-lived but successful career, culminating in battles with Doctor Vahzilok and his zombies. By that point, however, he felt that there wasn't any point to it; one villain down, another pops back up. Unprepared for life as an unending battle, Sunpulse retired. His later activities remain unrecorded.


  • Hyperion Force: Before going into "retirement", Sunpulse was one of a small number of "trainee heroes" sponsored by Hyperion Force. The program was short lived, as most of the trainees would return to their own affairs.
  • Diana Dynamo: A sentient robot who may have once been a living person, Diana had been one of the members of the trainee squad that he'd gotten along with best.

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