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Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number and taken away your name
P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri, Secret Agent Man (1964)

Agent Repulse takes his inspiration from a number of different sources. The most obvious source is the iconic "Man-In-Black". He also draws inspiration from old cowboy movies of the stock character "The Stranger With No Name". His background has comparisons with the Company from the television show "Heroes".

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Agent Repulse
Man in Black
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Chief of Security, Action Enterprises
· 50 Technology Defender ·
Force Fields
Energy Blast
Power Mastery
Player: @Coreth1
Super Group
Action Enterprises
· Other Affiliations ·
The Agency (see main entry)
Presumed United States Citizen with no criminal record
Paragon City
Action Enterprises Corporate HQ, Steel Canyon
Former secret agent, current security chief
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City, deceased(?)
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Mid Twenties
140 lbs
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
Tech bodysuit, sunglasses, hat



Agent Repulse tends to be a quiet man, preferring to let his actions speak louder than his words. When he does speak, he tends to be unfailingly polite, sometimes bordering on the overly formal. He keeps a pleasant attitude towards his friends, showing more warmth than he does to strangers.

He remains cool and calm under pressure. He has not been seen to ever lose his temper, regardless of provocation. When he acts, it is because he wishes to-not because he has been pushed into it.

Until he went rogue from the Agency, Agent Repulse tended to follow orders from his superiors without question. After abandoning it, he began to use his own initiative, with what he feels are surprisingly good results.


Agent Repulse's powers derive completely from the bodysuit he wears underneath his traditional Man-In-Black outfit

ForceField DispersionBubble.png Force Field

Agent Repulse's suit allows him to utilize force fields for a number of effects. At present, it can protect him with a personal force field to prevent harm, or a repulsor field to throw back attackers. The suit can allow him to protect others with deflection and insulation fields, providing a range of protection against a variety of assaults. He can also create a large scale dispersion bubble, increasing protection for those around him.

Agent Repulse has recently been able to utilize these fields in an offensive capacity, launching bubbles of force to knock over his opponents; he has done this with pinpoint accuracy, and he has unleashed a more general effect, bowling over multiple antagonists.

PowerBlast PowerBolts.png Energy Blast

Agent Repulse's suit also has an offensive component. Tapping into an energy source of unknown origins, the Agent can fire bursts of energy at his opponents. This energy can be channeled as a burst of small bolts, or a focused beam of energy. The energy can be projected in a highly charged state at close range, or can be focused into a long range attack.

Additional Powers

Agent Repulse in flight

Agent Repulse's suit has additional functions besides the generation of force and energy.

Flight TravelFlight.png Flight

Agent Repulse's suit can allow him to defy gravity, allowing him to hover in place as he fights his opponents, or fly at greater speeds for long distances. The upper limit of the suit's speed has not yet been measured.

Fitness Stamina.png Fitness

The physical regimen encouraged by the Agency has helped Repulse keep himself in good physical condition. He is an excellent long-jumper, and his health is strong enough to throw off most illnesses.

Leadership.png Leadership

Perhaps as a side effect of his defensive mindset, Agent Repulse can direct those working with him in positioning themselves for greater protection.

PowerBlast NovaBlast.png Power Mastery

As Agent Repulse continued to tinker with his suit, he found that he was able to dramatically increase the raw power supplied for short periods of time. The suit also has been reinforced with armor plates over selected parts of his body, making him far more resistant to harm. The suit can also increase its efficiency, requiring less power to provide the same effects for a limited time; it requires significant time to recharge after such an expenditure.


Agent Repulse has some technical knowledge, able to maintain his suit and modify it to suit his current needs. He also has a fair investigative mind; while no great detective, he can often learn what he needs to know-and act upon it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The Agent is a normal human being; as such, he is heir to all the frailties that humans are prone to if his defenses should fall.

Agent Repulse must constantly be on guard for other agents of his former Agency, who see him as a rogue who must be eliminated.


Agent Repulse's powers derive fully from his bodysuit, worn under his traditional uniform. His sunglasses, while they appear ordinary, are a sophisticated sensor suite, complete with a Heads-Up Display, and can tie into computer systems to update the Agent on threat levels.

The hat he just wears because he likes its style.

Character History

The Agency

There are no records that exist about Agent Repulse prior to his employment with the Agency. This has led some researchers to wonder if he is truly human, or if he was an android built by the Agency. Those researchers have the minority view, however-most agree that Agent Repulse is definitely a living human being.

The Agency is a secret organization formed by the Executive Order of the President of the United States, as a part of a two-pronged strategy a year after the start of the Rikti War. The Agency was established not to monitor the comings and goings of alien life forms on Earth, but to keep tabs on those who acquired superhuman abilities. Paragon City and the Rogue Islands, being the centers of superhuman activity on the planet at the present time, are watched very carefully. It is thought that the Agency is continuing to put together a massive database of all known superhumans, their strengths, weaknesses, and even identities.

The Agency employs its agents as Men In Black, knowing that the outfit can be intimidating-as well as making it difficult to personally identify any of its agents. The best agents are equipped with uniforms that allow them access to considerable super powers themselves. One such agent was code named "Agent Repulse".

Agent Repulse was assigned to monitor the activities in Paragon City, and in Atlas Park in particular. Atlas Park has long been a gathering point for many superhumans in Paragon City, and it was thought that this would be the best place to gather information on newly emerging heroes-and possibly recruiting some into the Agency. But something unexpected happened as Agent Repulse observed these heroes.

He began to admire them.

Professional detachment is encouraged as an agent. Agent Repulse lost that detachment, and began to believe that the powers in his uniform could be better used to help the people of the city instead of simply defending himself against accidental discovery. Agent Repulse cut his ties to the Agency to go freelance.

Action Enterprises

For months, Agent Repulse did not act as a registered hero in the city, choosing to keep his identity secret. In April of 2009, he was finally willing to divulge information to the Freedom Phalanx personally, who agreed to keep the information confidential. As a result, Repulse was finally operating in the bounds of the law by the letter as well as the spirit.

Shortly afterward, he was hired on by the corporation Action Enterprises to operate as their chief of security; the company felt that they had been the victims of underhanded play by Crey Industries far too many times. Since then, with one exception-an all out assault on a corporate office by Arachnos-the security teams at Action has repelled every corporate espionage attempt, thanks to Repulse's expertise.

Unfortunately, while he was able to deal with many lesser dangers, Repulse was unable to protect the company from the meteor strike upon Galaxy City on September 13, 2011-in particular, against the meteor that smashed through the Action Enterprises offices, killing everyone within-presumably including Repulse.


  • The Agency: This group formerly "employed" Repulse, until he went rogue. In spite of his rogue status, the Agency has not chosen to act; possibly because Repulse has thus far remained silent as to his full origins and on the nature of the Agency. Should this situation change, however, the Agency would probably seek to have him removed as a threat.
  • Action Enterprises: Action is a corporation positioning itself to challenge the dominance of Crey Industries in the fields of high technology. While Crey has mostly succeeded in stealing most of the advances made by Action, the recent addition of Agent Repulse has allowed them to maintain a number of advances and has begun to come out from under Crey's shadow.
  • Hyperion Force: Repulse has worked with a number of the members of Hyperion Force. It was with their help that an Arachnos assault on Action Enterprises was beaten back, although the Spiders did achieve their primary goal.


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