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Deeds, not words!
Hyperion Force
Type: Heroic Supergroup
Debut: Nov. 20, 2006,
founded by John Flag
Colors: Gold and White
Logo: Starburst
Website: Hyperion Force
Alexia Dale Executive Officer
Moirann Advocate
Levels: Any
Play style: Reasonably Casual
Roleplay: Expected and Required
Timezone(s): US Eastern to Pacific -

see website for details

Recruiting: Always
Contact: Any current leader, as above

He will honor his words; he will definitely carry out his actions. What he promises he will fulfill. He does not care his bodily self, putting his life and death aside to come forward for another's troubled besiegement. He does not boast about his ability, or shamelessly extol his own virtues. - Sima Qian, Records of the Grand Historian



Hyperion Force is a supergroup chartered by Paragon City to fight crime and all those who threaten the peace and well-being of all of the city's law-abiding citizens. Specific to its operating principles, Hyperion Force is a service organization to the community and believes in the power of inclusion as opposed to exclusion, both in the people it serves and within its own ranks.

Current Roster

Active Membership

Name Archtype Origin Primary Secondary
Agent Glycon Blaster Natural
Alexia Dale Tanker Technology Invulnerability Super Strength
Alter Nova Scrapper Science
Arc Tangent Scrapper Katana Regeneration
Axel Bystrom Dominator Magic Earth Control Fiery Assault
Azure Daedalus Tanker Technology
Brendan Aft Scrapper Mutation
Caryn Janus Brute Mutation
Crop Ghost Brute Magic
Darksyte Stalker Mutation
Diana Dynamo Controller Technology
Doctor Lucidius Defender Natural
Grace Emerson Blaster Natural Assault Rifle Devices
Hellion Mk. 1 Ranged Blaster Technology
Henry Daringer Controller Magic
Hollowed Whisper Dominator Magic
Iron Martyr Brute Mutation Street Justice Energy Aura
Kalon Mogenah Tanker Magic
Kiarasu Scrapper Natural
Lisa Stregan Arachnos Widow Natural
Maemir Firehand Blaster Magic
Mechla Tanker Magic
Mercurial Talon Scrapper Mutation Claws Super Reflexes
Mikailah Starkova Controller Mutation
Millenium Guardian Scrapper Magic Claws
Milsha Stalker Natural Claws Ninjitstu
Moirann Brute Magic
Nivera Peacebringer Natural Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Opening statement Mastermind Technology
Photon-wave Blaster Mutation
Rezz Brute Science
Rose Wonder Tanker Magic
T-34 Tanker Technology
Tidal Protector Defender Magic
Tide Shifter Blaster Mutation
Warden Newell Blaster Magic
X Saviour Tanker Mutation
X Style Brute Mutation

A list of former members of importance can be found here.


Origin and Golden Age

Hyperion Force began as a small association of crime-fighters and adventurers in the halcyon days of Paragon City following the first Rikti Invasion. John Flag and Neo Trick Shot were the team's prominent leaders in these early days, a role that eventually transitioned to Brendan Aft.

The Force started out with little more than a wing and a prayer, and an abandoned Council base purchased at a state auction. As soon as the ink had dried on the registration forms, founder John Flag was faced with the problem of attracting members to the organization when candidates had the option of choosing membership with more established teams, with better resources. While the original Hyperion Force headquarters was located underneath Hyperion Way in Atlas Park, and was furnished with a mini-fridge, an officious looking desk, filing cabinet and cork bulletin board, it hardly compared to having access to the city’s teleportation grid, or any resources of a super heroic nature.

This led to possibly the most painfully honest recruitment speech ever broadcasted over the city’s airwaves: "We're a starting hero group. Honestly, we have nothing. No fancy teleporters, no cool medical bays, no sweet super computers. In fact 'nothing' is what we're hoping to get to one day." Surprisingly, John Flag's announcement netted the Force its first few members.

The concerns of Hyperion Force in this era was the fight against rampant crime and the group was instrumental in the united front against the Fifth Column.

Silver Age of Hyperion Force

With Neo Trick Shot on extended leave, Brendan Aft was joined by Alexia Dale as leaders of Hyperion Force. John Flag returned to Paragon City after his own sabbatical, and this core leadership ushered Hyperion Force into a new era.

The re-constituted group inaugurated a new base below Atlas Park, which it swiftly out-grew several times, commensurate with its rise into the ranks of the top 100 supergroups of Paragon City on the city registrar. Hyperion Force was heavily involved in the the second Rikti Invasion, and in this era counted the forces of the Rularuu and the Praetorians amongst its greatest nemeses (this latter group would infiltrate the Force ranks on several occasions). Numerous intrigues and adventures occurred during the era of Hyperion Force, including the infamous Photinus episode.

Following the marriage of Brendan Aft to Ava Adore and their eventual departure and the move of Alexia Dale and John Flag to the inactive ranks, the leadership roles were again in transition, as was the roster of Hyperion Force. The silver age of Hyperion Force ended.

Bronze Age

At midnight, Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 a bomb exploded near the central power core of the Hyperion Force base, causing a core reaction and the implosion of the structure. Preliminary analysis indicates that the device had long been dormant in the facility and was composed of advanced materials, perhaps dark matter in origin (as xenon spectro-analyzed by a robotic probe in the hours following the implosion). The implosion resulted in the complete loss of the Microft 5.0 computing core and attendant data archives, but off-site analysis of facility records indicate several possible security breaches in December 2007 at the time of the Photinus episode. The analysis was inconclusive and it was recommended that a field team investigate the site further. Due to assignment status of the large majority of the group's members, it was believed that the facility was empty at the time and that were no casualties in the incident.

At 1:00 am on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008, the experimental Mycroft Core at the Hyperion Force Skunk Works/Cold Storage Facility (located in the original Hyperion Force subterranean base below Hyperion Way in Atlas Park) automatically came online, triggered by the downing of the main Microft 5.0 Core and assumed stewardship of Hyperion Force functions. The Mycroft Core was itself designed by the Mycroft supercomputer as its eventual replacement and to perform specialized computing functions, incorporating the Arc Tangent daemon/programming recovered in September 2007 by Brendan Aft in the Ouroborus episode. Mycroft's first tasks were to probe the remains of the old base and to contact the system administrators. Failing this latter task, the Mycroft Core initiated the revivification process on the Arc Tangent entity.

Following the death of Arc Tangent's original host body, it had been hoped that the data seed recovered by Brendan Aft could be re-united with a clone of that original body. This "tabula rasa" project had not finished its scheduled runtime, but upon consideration of the circumstances, the Mycroft Core accelerated the final phase of the program, filling gaps in the data seed with data from the Hyperion Force DNA and Personality Engrams archives.

At 6:00 am on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008, the Arc Tangent entity emerged from cold storage was was tasked with the rebuilding of Hyperion Force. Arc Tangent quickly assembled a new core of heroes, such as Eagle Nebula, Hypervox, Mercurial Talon, Stellar Protector, and Twiceforged. Members of this core discovered hints that the bomb might have been set by a former member of Hyperion Force. Further, Arachnos had taken an interest in the destroyed base, and hinted that the organization had captured someone they identified as "the girl"-shortly before the old base was obliterated.

The investigation was far from fruitless; a card was recovered from the old base's storage-a magical artifact that recorded events that occurred in its presence. With the help of mystics, it was determined that a magical binding had been placed on the card, preventing revelation of its secrets. The way to unlock it would be to cast the proper spells, at the proper time, at the proper location. The time was during the days of night, when Paragon City was shrouded in darkness. The place was an old church in Salamanca-but its location was lost.

Hyperion Force located the church, and with the help of mystics, drew the information "recorded" by the card into the mind of Mercurial Talon. Arc Tangent, utilizing the technology of the Mycroft Core, was able to create a virtual simulation of the events recorded through Mercurial Talon's mind.

The simulation was enlightening and confusing all at once-it appeared that future versions of Arc Tangent and Mercurial Talon were responsible for destroying the old base! The only lead that remained was the girl captured by Arachnos, whom Arc Tangent hypothesized might be the surviving Mercurial Talon from the future. In order to verify this, the core group infiltrated a newly formed Arachnos brigade (led by Operative Rostov). The group was able to determine the location of the captive-who did indeed appear to be Mercurial Talon's future counterpart. Before a rescue operation could be set into motion, she was killed-and an ensuing escape from the Rogue Islands seemingly cost the life of Hypervox as well.

This beginning led to a time of constant change within the Force. The team has recently relocated from its previous facility under Hyperion Way to an unspecified undersea location off of Talos Island. The Force maintains good relations (for the most part) with the FBSA, Longbow, and the PPD. While their primary area of operation remains Paragon City, the team has no problems traveling to other locations if their investigations lead elsewhere.

During this time, they fought and overcame quasi-omnipotent beings, demigods, super-villains from a parallel Earth, assorted demons, Council soldiers wielding alien weapons, and factions within Arachnos. The team prevented a super-hurricane from wiping out the East Coast, stopped a robot from enabling an apocalyptic vision of a lifeless Paragon City, and prevented a scientist from inadvertantly causing a massive earthquake to swallow a large portion of the city. They traveled to other parallel dimensions and to other planets, and they stood against the threats offered by a resurgent Praetoria.

Modern Age

Now Hyperion Force has entered a new age, as Alexia Dale once more took command of Hyperion Force. The dangers are no less than they were in previous times. Praetoria remains a danger to Primal Earth. The horrors offered by Dark Astoria have challenged the team. But the team continues to grow in numbers and strength; true now as it ever was, Hyperion Force backs its ideals with action-with deeds, not words!

Base of Operations

Main Article: The Home Base

The home base of Hyperion Force has undergone various upgrades and relocations in its history.

Originally, the headquarters for Hyperion Force was located underground below Hyperion Way in Atlas Park. Over time, however, a new base was constructed and the original was set aside for use as a Skunkworks/Cold Storage facility. The new facility would containe the Microft 5.0 computing core, an evolution from the Microft 4 gifted to the Force by Masterson Technologies (which would shortly after be absorbed into Crey Industries). The facility was fully outfitted with teleporters, medical facilities, and a hi-tech workshop. For fitness, a dojo was built to the specifications of Kei Seishou for sparring and physical training.

When this base was destroyed in late 2008, a new iteration of Hyperion Force set up shop in the Cold Storage facility, and eventually was expanded to rival and exceed the destroyed base. This facility was the hub of the Mycroft Computer Core until mid 2009, when it went offline and was replaced by the Lovelace 1.0 Core. The cryonics labs were converted to teleporter bays, and the medical facility was built around the autodoc Watson. This facility grew to include a hangar bay which allowed small aircraft access (the endpoint being somewhere in Perez Park). An obstacle course known as "the Gauntlet" was built in early 2009 to provide members a competitive arena and the leaders with a means of evaluating new recruits. A pair of lounges rounded out the facility.

In 2009, a mystic temple was appended via magical means by the magus Madame L'Arcane; this gave the Force a mystic power source to supplement their technological power supply, and offered a prison for rogue spirits. The Temple also denied entry to the base by those attempting entry via magical means. The Temple would vanish mysteriously in early 2011.

After a number of security breaches in the base by demigods, assassins, and shapeshifters-as well as certain difficulties with city zoning-it was decided to abandon the Atlas Park location to a new location. After scouting a number of areas, the team had a new base constructed just off the coast of Talos Island-and specifically built underwater at the ocean floor. The Lovelace Core 2.0 was installed at the new location and the base became operational as of March 20, 2011.

The base currently includes full medical facilities, storage, workshop areas, and teleporter access to all available regions in Paragon City-including a portal to Pocket D.


Virtueverse notes

Members of Hyperion Force who have a page on the Virtueverse site should feel free to make use of the HyperionBox template for their character bios! Alternatively, members may use a modification of the ModBox; follow the instructions on that page, but use the templates {{ModBox/Hyperion}} and {{CharMod/Hyperion}} when the instructions call for use of those templates; for example your ModBox should start looking similar to this:

  | mod1={{CharMod/Hyperion

If you wish to display the character's rank in the Force, add to the CharMod parameters


Use the rank listed in the SG roster.

Also, at the end of your page, you may also add the template {{Hyperion Force}}, which offers fast links to other members.


Hyperion Force is presently seeking driven and motivated heroes of Paragon City with solid ethic looking to help us in fighting crime in the city and in supporting other heroes of all types. Regardless of past history, good or bad, everyone is welcome with the Force, which has had a varied roster. The roster in the past as been made up of robots, demons, cyborgs, mutants, aliens, undead, faeries, scientists (both mad and quite sane) and many others. For further details, see our website as linked in our info box above.
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