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Alexia Dale
Hyperion Force
Player: @Alexia
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50(+3)
Identifying Data
Real Name: Alexia Katharine Dale
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Half-Angel. (Grigori)
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 148lbs
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Kings Row, Paragon City, RI.
Citizenship: United States
Current Residence: 1707 Harbor Street, Talos Island, Paragon City.
Occupation: Career-Heroine
Marital Status: Married to Opening statement (Victoria Lawson Jr.)
Legal Status: Heroine.
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Mariangela Gotzon Nerezza (Mother, Missing), Aden Brahma Dale (Father, Deceased), Victoria Dale (Wife), Carrie Cooper-Dale (Adopted Daughter)
Known Powers
Invulnerability, Super Strength (Via Nanomachines)
Training / Abilities
Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing.
Nano-Machine Control Headband
Executive Officer of Hyperion Force
"Deeds, Not Words"




  • Hyperion Force - Former leader during Hyperion Force's "Silver Age". After a lengthy absence, she has returned to active duty within the Force; resuming her old role as leader following a stint as an officer beneath Nivera ([1])

Current Associates

Alexia's wife. A former roadie-turned Heroine, this wild-woman has oddly enough been exactly what Alexia needed to ground herself and 'settle down'.

A good friend, met after Alexia's return from isolation.

Old friend, former villain and personal Nano-tech doctor for Alexia. Recently deceased and 'reincarnated' as "Lady Lucidia", a member of Hyperion Force.

Carrie is a young Praetorian and former leader of the 'Super Nova' squad in Powers Division. Finally realizing why Carrie is to precious to her, Alexia treats the young woman like family. Following the events of the story "Super Nova", Alexia has admit her love for Carrie, and adopted the young woman into her family, legally.

Great and close allies and friends since Alexia's return; she holds both of their opinions in high esteem. Moira assists Alexia in leading Hyperion Force.

Silver-Age Associates

Former Leader of Hyperion Force, and confidant. Brendan was one of Alexia's first real friends in her career as a Hero. He's since moved to the countryside to raise his children with Ava Adore

Former Lieutenant Commander of the Force.

Member of the ASPCA and personal friend.

Founder of Hyperion Force, Alexia and TS's friendship was solid, if a bit distant. Currently inactive.

Mischievous mind-reading demon from Hell with a heart of gold. Arroan served as Alexia's psychic attendant and friend during the Silver-Age. Currently inactive.

A serious player in Alexia's early career; a comrade, girlfriend, and enemy. Rose was the author of the only scar to adorn Alexia's body. Imprisoned in the Shadow Shard.


One of her greatest enemies. During the apex of her Boxing career, Crey industries leaked information to the media explaining Alexia's origins in seedy illegal street fighting, as well as the illegal dealings of her manager. Soon after this, Alexia was banned from the league. While traveling home late one night, she was brutally beaten, and kidnapped by the Crey. They performed countless experiments on her over a six month period, eventually successfully attaching a Nanomachine control device directly to her brain. She was later rescued by Ms. Liberty.

The Rikti are an entity in Alexia's worst nightmares, alongside many other Heroes and Civilians who's lives were destroyed by the original invasion. They murdered her Father, and ended the happiest part of her life.


Katharine attacked Primal Earth during the first wave of Praetorian invasion forces. Specifically targetting Hyperion Force. After months of scattered attacks, abductions, and tortures; Katharine finally got her hands on Alexia. Alex was tortured, and nearly killed until, by a stroke of luck, she got a chance to escape. With the Force in tow, Alexia chased her counter-part into a Crey laboratory; after a lengthy battle the base lost integrity and collapsed atop the pair. Katharine was lethally wounded.Alexia, in her mercy, took Katharine's consciousness into her own suit and mind via a spell cast by her Magic Advisor.

For a time, they worked symbiotically. Time however doesn't seem to change some people, Katharine began trying to take over Alexia's body; prompting a self-imposed exile and isolation until the problem could be "Dealt with". Since Alexia's return, there has been no sign of Katharine. She is presumed to be destroyed utterly, and Alex tends to avoid the subject.

Physical Description

Alexia dale physical.jpg

Standing 5'6", Alexia is amazingly unscarred considering her occupation and history, with the exception of a single mended wound on her stomach, and a similar one on her back.

She has dark skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. She inherited the two latter from her mother, the former from her father.

She's in great shape, maintaining the body of a boxer. She has a small shoulder frame, providing her upper body with maneuverability, leading down to decent hips and thick thighs and legs, giving her excellent grounding in combat.

Alexia has grown the wings of her heritage. Large, stark-white, and unnaturally soft, Alex's wings have grown to their full size; she seems to have adjusted well to them over the years since they came in.

When she proposed to Dorothy; Alexia gave up a treasured Ankh necklace gifted to her by Aden. In return, Dorothy tattooed the Ankh symbol on Alexia where the silver medallion used to lay.


  • Suit

Alexia's powered suit consists of the Nano-machines she can control via her headband. This armor provides her with protection from all kinds of attacks and environments. It also boosts her natural strength by 100 fold, allowing Alexia to be on par with more "Super" heroes.

  • Talent

Alexia was a very skilled Boxer before her run-in with Crey. Trained in several forms of Boxing, including Basic4, she is not an easy opponent in a straight fight.

  • These abilities translate to Invulnerability, and Super Strength


Alex's Armor

Nano-machines controlled by the headband wired into Alex's brain allow her to form her armor into any shape she has seen or encountered, including complicated machinery and even living tissue (If given enough time.). These same nano-machines are also able to recreate and mend her own flesh on a subconscious level no matter what her physical condition, if her brain is left unharmed.

Weakness & Limitations

  • Has little to no mental shielding, and is very susceptible to things like Mind Controlling, and Thought Reading.
  • Is often too overconfident, putting her in some dangerous situations.
  • Nanites have a fast, but not impossibly fast reaction time in combat. A sudden, surprise attack at blinding speed and her nanites would have little to do but attempt to repair the damage.


  • Alexia's original concept was a combination of Samus Aran, Casca, and Batou.
  • Alexia's Choir of Angel is Grigori. (Thanks to Semlin for that one)
  • Alexia's themesong is currently "Heavyweight" by Infected Mushroom.


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