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Captain Ion began his superhero career in 2006, being registered nationally that year.

Captain Ion
"You're in for a shocker."
Hyperion Force
Player: @GabrielMobius
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Harry Summerfield
Known Aliases: Classified
Species: Human
Age: 51 (Born June 7th, 1958)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 243 lbs.
Eye Color: Unknown (previously brown)
Hair Color: Blue (previously brown)
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: Paragon City
Occupation: Captain, United States Armed Forces (honourably discharged)
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered as a hero nationwide.
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Amy Summerfield (daughter)
Known Powers
Control, manipulation and generation of electricity.
Training / Abilities
United States Army Training, United States Army Officer Training, Special Forces Training (Green Berets).
Ion Suit
No additional information.
"Deeds, Not Words"



Harry's personality is that of a very laid back officer: friendly and easy to get along with on downtime, steeled and focused in times of action. He opens up easily to those he sees as friends and comrades, believing that the more people about each other, the more they can trust each other. His time as an enlisted man tempered the foolishness most officers get into their heads during their time in command, and his numerous field deployments have left him with an efficient outlook on getting the job done.

One of the most driving factors for him is a desire to do what's right to the best of his ability, which he had previously channeled into his service in the Army and which he now channels into his duties as a registered superhero. But unlike most idealists who also strive for what's right, his long service record has steeled him to the sacrifices that must be made in the pursuit of what's right. He has also learned that doing what needs to be done will not always gain you accolades or awards, and has been on the receiving end of an ass-chewing more than once for doing what he knew was his duty, orders be damned. Though his time was not always easy, his conviction led to his earning his rank, and the respect of all those he commanded and worked with.

Recently, he has become prone to telling stories and reminiscing. His time as Captain Ion, coupled with his age, have led to his longing for the 'good old days', and he will often share what he sees as wisdom and tales of his time in service (regardless of whether or not it was asked for, or even wanted). This can be attributed to a difficulty in adjusting his life to that of a superhero, especially given the tendency for many superheroes to be young. He feels like an old warhorse in a parade of young, hotheaded stallions, and the fact that his service record means very little has done nothing to help him acclimate. But his sense of duty pushes him onwards, and he still strives to make a place for himself in this world of the young.


The Ion Suit, developed by the United States Army's Research and Development division was a special suit in a series being designed to aid soldiers in the field, and was one of several planned. The focus of the suits was on providing a means for soldiers to combat any superhuman threats that may present themselves. Electrical manipulation and generation was chosen for the first model as the scientists had a better idea of how to harness these forces, and thus the Ion Suit was born.

Since the Captain has donned the suit, improvements have been made to it, to the point where it can no longer be improved by human technology. These upgrades have caused the suit to become fully comprised of nanotechnology, which appears to be 'evolving' at a rate which even the Captain finds remarkable.

Electrical Blast

The most basic of the abilities the suit possesses is the ability to generate extreme amounts of electricity and project it in a vareity of blasts. This is achieved by utilising a form of coilgun to accelerate the ionically charged particles out in a stream, impacting his foes. Other, more precise forms of control have been observed, such as the ability to actually form a self-maintaining cage of electricity which paralyses foes. And less precise forms of control have been observed as well, such as the ability to simply release stored electricity in a burst around the suit, draining foes of their stamina and energy.

Electricity Manipulation

Part of the suit's design was to allow for more fine tuned manipulation of electricity as well, and this was implemented as a number of things. The first was the ability to electrically enhance melee attacks by running a charge through the wearer's muscles, bulking them up temporarily for a strike charged with electricity. The suit can also drain the energy directly from enemies close enough to it, in order to rapidly replenish its energy reserves.

Electrical Mastery

As the power of the suit has grown, so too has its abilities. It is now capable of sheathing Harry in an electrical field which dampens incoming attacks. In addition, Harry can now fuse with the nanomachines to become a being of pure energy, allowing him to recover energy faster, as well as making him nigh-impervious to most attacks.

Additional Powers

In addition to generating and controlling raw electricity, the suit has been able to generate some other effects, especially when combined with the Captain's peak physical health.


Harry does not give up if there is still a chance for victory, and has pulled himself through conditions he would be hard-pressed to break from, even as a normal man. This has translated to his abilties as a super hero. The suit seems to feed on his inner willpower, and even when he is being held, forced asleep, stunned or disoriented, his refusal to quit pulls through, allowing the suit to engage some of its more basic functions in an effort to continue on.


Something Harry was informed of by the scientists stuck with him, and once he figured he had enough of an idea how the suit worked, he attempted to use his abilities to generate a form of ionic propulsion. It worked. So well, in fact, that Harry slammed into a wall. Upon bringing this up to the scientists, they eagerly modified the suit with systems and programs designed to allow his suit to fly in a stable manner. And, even in atmosphere, once Harry removes the limiter from his suit flight systems for sustained flight, he can reach speeds in excess of mach one safely, with the suit's protection.

His suit has also proven able to attain faster than light travel out of atmosphere, an ability gained when Harry learned that his suit's nanomachines were made from alien technology.


It was originally unknown how the Ion Suit achieved its teleportation capabilities. However, after Harry's soujurn into space, he learned that the race which the nanomachines were a part of could manipulate small localised wormholes, allowing for limited teleportation.


The suit seems to respond well to Harry's training, and can repair itself, regenerate power, and even allow him to travel faster than normal based on his previous training.



Harry's childhood, as far back as he could remember, had the shadow of the Vietnam war hanging over it. He was raised in a strongly liberal household, and as such his parents' opposition to the war made a lasting impression on him. When the riots broke out at the Democratic national convention in '68, he was at home with a babysitter while his parents were at the convention. But as his childhood turned to adolescence, he found himself looking into the war on his own, apart from the influence of his family and friends. By the time American troop withdrawal was announced, he had decided for himself that on his eighteenth birthday he would enlist, as a show of support for the Army which he had grown to respect despite the negative feelings of the public towards it.

His enlistment was eagerly accepted, and due to the time he had to prepare himself, he made his way through basic training with ease. He chose infantryman as his MOS, and spent two years there. Upon his promotion to corporal just after his twentieth birthday, he was invited to attend selection for the United States Army Special Forces (or Green Berets), and also passed with flying colours. He served with the Berets for two years, participating in the failed Operation Eagle Claw. During this operation, he was responsible for getting his injured squad to safety during the explosion, despite sustaining critical injuries himself. A year after this, he left the Green Berets for a new assignment. Information past this point is classified.

Beginnings of a Hero

The next available, declassified segment of Harry Summerfield's service record begins in 1995. In September, now a Captain, Harry was transferred to Paragon City. His assignment was to the United States Army R&D Division, and his record states that he was 'tasked with guarding a next-generation battlesuit prototype'. His time in the city went well for just over two years. However, in January of 1998, a then-inexplicable Clockwork assault on the facility forced Harry to don the 'Ion Suit' and attempt to fight back. He did so successfully, protecting the facility and suit (and most of his men), but sustaining life-threatening injuries in the process. He was placed into a medically induced coma and later underwent an experimental procedure which bonded the Ion Suit to him. The process of his body acclimating to the suit took the better part of six years, and it wasn't until 2004 that he awoke from his coma.



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