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Diamondskin started out as my nod to the light-hearted characters of the comic world. He was my homage to The Tick. Now, due to changes in his story, he is following simialr story lines as The Thing as he struggles to fit in a world where he looks like a monster.

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The Ever Lovin', Green Eyed
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"Its Pounding Time!"
· 30 Science Tanker ·
Player: @davpa
Real Name
United States Citizen with no criminal record
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Devouring Earth
Crystal Warrior
Apparent Age
1035 lbs
Body Type
none, crystalline structure
Green Crystal
multi-faceted gem-like material
· Distinguishing Features ·
no longer human in apperance
Powers & Abilities
Stone Armor
Stone Melee
Epic Pool
Earth Mastery
· Known Powers ·
alternate universe Devouring Earth crystal
· Other Abilities ·
extensive street fighting techniques


Character History

Waking Up

Thinking he was Diamondskin
When he awoke, the tried to remember. He remembered he was Subject #857394.34b, part of the Paragon City Law Enforcement Enhancement Program (PLEEP).  He remembered a magical talisman, one in which he crushed with his bare hand. He remembered a bright flash of light and a lot of pain. From there, the memory is fuzzy. Bright lights, mumbled words, men and women in robes with books, a floating sensation. Now he is here, in this crevice. Is he in a canyon? Where is he? He needs to call his friends...

From that point Diamondskin was rescued by Hyperion Force from the bottom of a rift in Faultline. He learned that after he crushed that talisman, he vanished in a flash of light. They feared he was disintegrated or something worse. That had been a month back. Now he had strangely reappeared in Faultline. Even more, he was changed beyond recognition. He was a human in a red and white jumpsuit with incredible durability and strength. Now he is a hulking block of crystal, even more powerful than before. No longer mentally unstable, Diamondskin finds himself in a monstrous form.

With his friends in Hyperion Force, Diamondskin began to cope with his new form by being the best hero he could for the people of Paragon City. Due to his much increased power, Diamondskin began to revel in battle, often making jokes during the grimmest of fights.

A Truth Revealed

Then, when the Union Supreme went to investigate a Devouring Earth attack at Ginger Yates' lab, the Union found a bewildered Diamondskin was standing near the door and muttering to himself. When the Union addressed Diamondskin, he acted like he was waking up and a bit disoriented. Not sure why he was there to begin with, he asked to join the Union in their efforts to save the scientists once he was caught up on the situation.

The Union and guests were able to save the remaining scientists in the installation. During the rescue mission, an unusual Devouring Earth crystal, one comprised of ruby and acting as a make shift leader, addressed Diamondskin as some kind of traitor. The Ruby told Diamondskin to abandon the humans and return to the Earth.

Confused by that confrontation, Ginger Yates suggested they run some tests on Diamondskin to see if there was something inherent in his powers that might be confusing the Devouring Earth. Yates suggested that this might be something they could develop a kind of "Devouring Earth cloaking" device. Diamondskin agreed to the tests if it could assist in combating the Devouring Earth in the future.

The results of the tests were shocking. Ginger discovered that Diamondskin was not just cloaked to the Devouring Earth, but in fact he was one of the Devouring Earth! This was a confusing discovery as Diamondskin was human at one point. Then an incident with a magical item had apparently disintegrated him, only for him to return a few months later but in a hulking, crystalline creature. As a matter of fact, Diamondskin remembers "waking up" in Faultline upon his return, but can not remember anything from the time of the "disintegration" to his waking up in Faultline.

Going on the only lead they had, and by a suggestion from Ginger, the Union traveled to Faultline with Diamondskin to investigate the area he "woke up" in Faultline. Upon arriving, they found the general area crawling with Devouring Earth. Combating the creatures, the Union finally comes to strange magical portal deep underground amongst the wreckage of Faultline. It was from this portal that the Devouring Earth have been emerging.

Entering the portal, the team finds themselves in an parallel dimension. With a little investigations of the surrounding area the Union fight off a group of Circle of Thorn of this dimension. These Circle seemed a bit more savage then the Primal counterparts. The Union came across some journals and another portal. With in this portal, the Union find within the dark and disorienting tunnels a person being held captive by a binding ritual from the Circle of Thorns. Freeing the person, they discover that the prisoner is none other then Diamondskin! A human Diamondskin!

Returning to Primal Earth, the Union comb through the notes they acquired from that other dimension. It seems that in that world, the Devouring Earth are the "natural" residents while Humans are the "mindless monsters" bent on killing and replacing the Devouring Earth. Surely a bizarre reversal of roles! When Diamondskin was "disintegrated" by a destroyed magical artifact, he was instead transported to this strange dimension. The accident left him on the verge of death. The Circle of Thorns discovered the dying Diamondskin and placed him in a healing stasis field in order to save his life. Seeing his immense power, the Circle wanted to save Diamondskin so he could join them in their war against the Devouring Earth.

Unfortunately, being in a healing trance left them unable to question Diamondskin where he came from. Seeing the potential of gaining more powerful allies, the Circle needed to question Diamondskin. Understanding he was from another dimension, the Circle of Thorns sought out Diamondskin's dimensional counterpart in this world. The Diamondskin of this world turned out to be a Devouring Earth crystal warrior. In a complex magical ritual, the Circle of Thorns was able to overthrow the Devouring Earth Diamondskin's mind with that of the Primal Earth's mind. Now with the mind and memory in the creature, the Circle was then able to question Diamondskin and gain the information they needed.

It is not clear what happened after that. Sometime after that last journal entry something happened that lead to "Diamondskin" to wake up in Primal Faultline with no memory of what happened. That part in time still remains a mystery.

Now there is the Primal Earth Diamondskin and the Devouring Earth Diamondskin. DE Diamondskin is in a state of shock, realizing that his life was someone else's and is now unsure where that leaves him for the future. The Primal Earth Diamondskin is trying to catch up with the events while he was in that healing trance. Many thing have changed: Statesman died, Galaxy City destroyed, Sister Psyche killed, and other friends gone. The immensity of the changes are taking their toll on Diamondskin.

What happens to the two Diamondskins is unknown at the moment. Seeing the bewilderment of the Devouring Earth Diamondskin, Doctor Spectro invited him to stay at the Kent Building while things get sorted out. Seeing his life as someone else's, he accepted the invitation until he can figure out what the future holds for him.


Currently, Diamondskin is having some personal troubles. He is coming to terms that he is in actuality a Devouring Earth creature from another dimension imprinted with the mind of the original Primal Earth Diamondskin (now calling himself the Congressionalist). Feeling shunned by normal society, he has a tendency to be very morose and bitter.

Despite his gloomier outlook on life, he never waivers in helping his friends. He is still a true hero, always ready to sacrifice himself if the need arises, even as he comes to terms with being a monster with a human mind.


PowerPunch EnergyPunch.png Strength

Diamondskin's diamond body is superhumanly strong since his bodily tissue is vastly more powerful than the organic muscular and skeletal structures of a normal human.

Fitness Stamina.png Stamina

Since the muscle tissue of Diamondskin's body is solid diamond, it is vastly superior and more efficient than normal human muscle tissue. Diamondskin possessed almost inexhaustible physical stamina. However, Diamondskin's brain does require sleep on occassion so he has to rest himself at least on occassion.

Invulnerability Invincibility.png Durability

Diamondskin's body is composed of diamond, the hardest natural substance on Earth, his body is virtually invulnerable to conventional physical injury. He has shrugged off rocket launchers, thousands of volts of eletricity, exposure to temperatures as high as several thousand degrees, powerful lasers, Titanium bullets, falls from tremendous heights, and tremendous impact forces without sustaining injury.

Invulnerability DullPain.png Regenerative Healing Factor

In spite of his great durability, it is possible for Diamondskin to be injured or even be destroyed. However if part of his body is injured or broken, he rapidly regenerates the damage. He once regrew a shattered hand in less than an hour. However, if most or all of his body is shattered, he requires outside assistance to gather the shattered pieces before he can reassemble himself.


Weaknesses and Limitations

He possibly has a connection to Hamidon. It is unknown if the Hamidon will have any control over Diamondskin if Hamidon "calls to him."


  • Nivera: Diamondskin holds Nivera as his trusted guide. Almost looking to her as a mother figure, he will seek out Nivera when he feels lost and confused
  • Congressionalist: Diamondskin has a decent relationship with the Primal Earth Diamondskin, if not a bit uneasy. The Primal Earth Diamondskin has forged a new identity as the Congressionalist in an attempt to fill the shoes of the departed Statesman.
  • Union Supreme: was a former member of Hyperion Force, but when he found out he was actually a Devouring Earth crystal from another dimension, he left. With the help of the Union he has stuck around to find his place in this world.
  • Diamondbrute: this alternate dimension version has severe hatred upon seeing Diamondskin. Probably subconciously the brute knows that there should not be 2 of the same person in a given dimension, but his only way of dealing with it is by going into a rage. Diamondskin just wishes that the brute was not more powerful then he is.
  • The Traveler: Not much is know about this stranger. He was encountered on Earth 742, the Diamondbrute's home. He seems to have an interest in the various Diamondskins across the multiverse. But for what reason?


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