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Diamondbrute is my homage to The Hulk, particularly the "savage" Hulk.

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Diamondskin Smash!
· 50 +1 Science Brute ·
Player: @davpa
Villain Group
Entropy Legion
Real Name
unknown (Subject #857394.34b)
Diamondskin of Earth 742
Earth 742
forced immigration from an alternate dimension
Underground Hideout, Port Oakes, Rogue Islands
public menace
Legal Status
Illegal Alternate Universe Alien
Marital Status
Physical Traits
altered human
900 lbs
Powers & Abilities
Super Strength


Character History

From Another Earth

Not much is known of the person called "Diamondbrute", as he is from an alternate dimension of the Virtueverse, cataloged as Earth-742. But if his past history is similar to his Virtueverse counterpart, Diamondskin, then might be Subject #857394.34b of the Paragon City Law Enforcement Enhancement Program (PLEEP). While Paragon City has a good relationship with it's hero community, it was felt by government officials that a more loyal and government controlled group of Metahumans should be acquired. So PLEEP recruited and developed the scientists and candidates. What is obvious is that the Earth 742's PLEEP Program was a devastating failure. It appears that Subject #857394.34b not only wrecked the lab, possibly killing many scientists, but escaped into the world at large.

The first encounter of "Diamondbrute" with anyone from the Virtueverse happened only recently. While searching for Diamondskin, who has been lost in the multiverse, Hyperion Force was traveling through alternate dimensions in search for their lost comrade. When they traveled to a world, Earth-742, they encountered a Paragon City that seemed to have been subject to great devastation. This world's local law enforcement, much more heavily armed, was found battling a huge version of Diamondskin. This Diamondskin, nearly mindless with rage, not only battled the PPD, but Hyperion Force as well. Taking the combined might of all the Hyperion Force members, they were able to subdue Earth-742's Diamondskin. During the battle, Hyperion Force referred to Earth-742's Diamondskin as Diamondbrute to differentiate with another Diamondskin, from yet another alternate dimension, that was fighting alongside Hyperion Force.

Unfortunately, when Hyperion Force left Earth-742, the Diamondbrute was "dragged" along the dimensional breach back to the Virtueverse. Confused to his new surroundings, the Diamondbrute lashed out and proceeded to rampage through Virtueverse's Steel Canyon. Again, fighting the Diamondbrute, it was not until Psi-Spark's psionic powers were able to calm Diamondbrute down.

Not knowing what to do, Hyperion Force placed Diamondbrute in the Zig in order to keep Paragon City safe from his volatile rage. Sadly, his stay at the Zig was short lived as he escaped. He fled first to "Faultline", where he battled Arachnos agents, then to the Rikti War Zone. When PPD agents began to pursuit Diamondbrute, he fled to the Rogue Islands, causing the PPD to stop chasing him.

Currently, lost and confused, the Diamondbrute wanders the Isles as he tries to find peace and quiet from this new world he is trapped and lost in.


Diamondbrute is almost like a child. He is simple and quick to anger. Most of the time, Diamondbrute is concerned with finding sanctuary and quiet, and often reacting emotionally to situations quickly. He can be goaded into actions by calling him weak or cowardly. While he is not concerned by most conventions in normal society, he is proud of his strength and will not tolerate insults of weakness.


PowerPunch EnergyPunch.png Strength

Thanks to cellular augmentation through unknown processes, Diamondbrute possesses immense superhuman physical strength. While in a "calm" state, he is capable of lifting many tons. However, while in an enraged state, adrenaline surges through Diamondbrute's body increasing his strength considerably beyond his base limits.

Fitness Stamina.png Stamina

Diamondbrute's body counteracts fatigue poisons that build up in his muscles during physical activity. In an enraged state, Diamondbrute is capable of exerting himself at peak capacity for several days before fatigue begins to affect him. However, much like his physical strength, Diamondbrute's stamina does increase as he becomes angrier.

Invulnerability Invincibility.png Durability

In addition to great strength, Diamondbrute's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury, pain, and disease. Diamondbrute's skin is capable of withstanding maximized heat without blistering,maximized cold without freezing, and great impacts. His skin is strong enough to stop high caliber bullets without piercing it. Diamondbrute has withstood the impact of heavy explosions without sustaining injury. Diamondbrute's durability, like his strength, is fueled by rushes of adrenaline while angry.


Diamondbrute possesses extensive experience in street-fighting techniques.

Weaknesses and Limitations

His major weakness is his grip on reality and savage rage. He is close to a blank slate, almost child-like in his approach to the world and situations. Because of his limited intelligence, he is quickly enraged which leads to much damage and devastation.


  • Nivera: Diamondbrute finds Nivera as a calming influence. Like Diamondskin of this world, he will seek out Nivera when he feels lost and confused
  • Entropy Legion: not a normal member, but manipulated and tricked into serving the group. Diamondbrute believes that these are his friends and is protecting them. Woe the day if he finds out they are just using him
  • Diamondskin: is enraged when he sees Diamondskin. Possibly this is due to the inherent "unnatural" situation of 2 individuals occupying the same dimension. Whatever the case, Diamondbrute attacks Diamondskin on sight, ignoring everything else.


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