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The following is a small list of many people who where once part of the Hyperion Force Roster, or are currently inactive.

Roll of Honor
Hero Name Last Known Status
XM v1.2 Aeros Unknown
Alienne Unknown
Arroan Unknown
Ava Adore Founder & Head of Archon Industries
The Blind Samurai Unknown
Brendan Aft Living in Cap Au Diable with his wife Ava
Bridget Cross Unknown
Cap'n Contradiction Unknown
Dr. Chase Benedict Unknown
The Cobalt Streak Deceased
The Cold Iron Kid Deceased
Cyber Wrath MIA since Galaxy City's destruction
Damon Roase Occasional member of StormForce
Danyel Stormlord MIA
Healbot 337 Unknown
Hypervox Unknown; last seen working with villain Threadbare
John Flag Unknown
Kei Seishou Unknown
Kestrel Summers Semi-retired; married to hero Alienne
Kherai Unknown
Liberty Seven Reqqed back to the Liberty Guard (?)
Ligulatae Saxifrage Unknown
Magnum Furioso Unknown
Mari Doll Unknown
Midas Falson Unknown
Bridget Queen Transferred to new team
Opal Mind Reservist; location: Salamanca
Pickled Beets Unknown
Pinpoint Harrier Unknown
Realmn Unknown
Professor Hellfire Off Dimension
Red Tower Deceased
Revibe Unknown
Semlin E'Chemos Unknown
Stellar Protector Semi-retired
Trevin Affliated with Archon X; retired
Twiceforged Classified
Vesica Ventus MIA
Zartemis Unknown
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