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Archiviste_232x346.png@Archiviste, aka Archivist or Arch for short, discovered City of Heroes through a comic book ad in late 2004, bought the City of Heroes Collector's DVD Edition from a remainder table in May 2005 and has been hooked ever since.

He lives near Montreal, Quebec, Canada (eh!) and works as a mild-mannered Application Support Specialist for the IT department of a large provincial association.

Known characters


Name Side LevelOrigin AT Power sets SGLast Update
small_arch.png Archiviste Hero 2Natural MastermindDemon Summoning / Pain Domination2020-08-25
small_bea.png Beatriz da FontaineRogue 50Mutation Stalker Psionic Melee / Invulnerability 2020-08-25
small_cap.png Capitaine Comete Hero 42Science ControllerGravity Control / Kinetics Guardians of Tomorrow2020-08-25
small_docw.png Doc Williamson Hero 32Magic Blaster Fire Blast / Fire Manipulation Victoria Landsfeld Foundation2020-08-25
small_kreetch.png Kreetch Hero 1Mutation Tanker Radiation Armor / Super Strength 2020-08-25
small_sitter.png Sitter Hero 17Natural Tanker Willpower / Street Justice Victoria Landsfeld Foundation2020-08-25


Name Side LevelOrigin AT Power sets SGLast Update
small_jenny.png Jenny Herder Hero 1TechnologyMastermindRobotics / Force Field Victoria Landsfeld Foundation]]2020-08-25
small_smith.png FBSA Agent Smith Hero 1Mutation Brute Super Strength / Invulnerability 2020-08-25
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