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Role/player of many characters, only two of which appear in this wiki: Parzifal/Parzival/Parz and Tarosvan/Calawesa. The others, like Gui Feng, Tanweyth, Pahi Kaua, Memi', Cascabel, Cheimonas, Seven Geist, Knight Crux, Star Lion, Gendarme, Iron Pariah, Sundancer, Taliscat, Suuwassee, Rapparee, Spider John, and Fr. Alphonse Perle will have to wait their damn turns. >.>

I can be contacted in-game at the following globals: @Morvani, @Morevani, or @Parzifal (though the latter is my husband's account, I do have a character or two on it). Username on the CoH boards is Morvani.

Interesting note: At one time, I thought 'Morvani' was just a pretty-sounding name that I had made up. Then one day, because I was bored at work, I did a 'vanity search' for that name, and discovered it came up, among other things, on an awful lot on websites with a .ee extension (with a little tilde over the o). With a bit of research, I found out that those websites originate from Estonia. Later on, someone with the global Weathermage did some digging. He told me that the word morvani came from the Estonian morvama, which means to kill. Morvani, literally, meant 'to a killing', as in, "Have you been to a killing today?" Go fig.

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