Venal Talon

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Venal Talon
Player: @DerekStorm
Basic Data
Archetype: Stalker
Mercenary Level: 16
Occupation: Assassin for Hire
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Kalei
Identity: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'11
Weight: 177 lbs.
Eye Color: Browm
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: AB
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Maui, Hawaii
Birthdate: January 5, 1989
Citizenship: U.S
Current Residence: St. Marital
Religion/Faith: Aethesit
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Kalei is a sadist, he likes inflicting pain and he may or may not like receiving it.

Children learn at an early age to do onto others as they would have them do on to you. To not be a bully and be nice to everyone. Unfortunately, many of these same children do not listen. They hurt others both mentally and physically, calling them names pulling their hair, all in all making their lives a living hell. Many times the people they torture become depressed and suicidal. Kalei was not one of those people. The pain itself was nothing to him, he liked it, but in the end the constant torture drove him in a different direction. It made him more sadistic, it made him want to inflict the same torture he received onto others as a penance for all the years that he suffered, thus, Venal Talon was born. And the same bullies that tortured him were found in five separate pieces littered along a Hawaiian beach. After all, you should do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

He was sixteen when he left Hawaii and traveled to the Rogue Islands. There he stumbled upon an old man pan handling by the dock. His first thought was to do him in like he had done the other’s back in Hawaii, but something stopped him. No matter how close he got to the man or tried to strike him down, the old bastard wasn’t there. Frustrated, he yelled at the haggard individual. Demanding to know what kind of trick he was using to stay alive. The old man simply laughed and told Kalei to follow him to find out.

Kalei knew that it was a risk to follow a stranger, but curiosity got the better of him and he followed anyway. Hours past on the trip to a place Kalei had no idea about, but eventually they arrived in a forest littered with cut down trees.

“What is this shit?” Kalei demanded again.

The old man simply smiled and said “This is where you will train to be an assassin, to quench your thirst for blood and temper your soul.”

Kalei trained with the old man until he was nineteen, learning the ways of an assassin and receiving his first pair of weapons. His body was scarred from the brutal beatings wrought upon him by his “teacher.” But, in the end the rage of being tortured when he was younger and the pain of his training brought about a calm madness to the Hawaiian man. His bloodlust was honed and given direction. Though, the euphoria of causing others pain still remained.

For two years, Kalei worked as a freelance assassin, hunting down and killing for the highest price. Yet, there was something unsatisfying about the routine. He wanted more, he wanted someone that could take his bloodlust head on and still come back for more…. his eyes were set on Paragon City.

Miscellaneous Information

-Yes, he is a sadist.

-He loves the sight of blood.

-His voice is deep and has a slightly rough tone to it.

-He'll hurt you and make it feel good if given the chance.

-He does have a sense of humor, it's just dark and sadistic.

-He can also be friendly, if approached the right way.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill
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