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Player: @Quinz
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Jillian Miriam Barcerelli
Known Aliases: Vibro-Fist, Speedster, Vibro
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 107lb
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: High School Student
Place of Birth: Berlin, Georgia
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nancy Barcerelli(Mother), Geoffry Barcerelli(Father), Lucas Maxwell(Uncle), Lillian Maxwell(Cousin), Louise Barcerelli(Grandmother), Ace Maxwell(Grandfather), Karen Maxwell(Grandmother)
Known Powers
Super Speed, Super Reflexes, Regeneration, Vibration Combat (Electric Melee)
Known Abilities
Cooking (Baking Specialty)
No additional information available.

Birthday: 12 March 1993





Jillian is rather lazy in her required duties, often shirking school or other work in favor of whatever she wants to do. She's usually seen as an average girl over all, not smart, but not dumb. She's not the best with people, often getting snarky with some, if they seem to try messing with her. In her alter ego she's always brash and annoying to her enemies, often taunting them (She usually does this as a distraction, but doesn't really let others know that, even those on her team, as they seem to just think it to her being annoying.) She tries to keep her hero life and her civilian life separate, for now. But with her required to sign up for it with Hero Corps it's kind of hard. She tries her best to keep her heroing secret from her parents and schools, as to not have them worry, and to allow the school to allow her on any sports teams she might be interested in.

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Power Pools

Electric Melee

Really a Technique she perfected, mixed in with ehr innate super speed. Jillian can vibrate her body, in order to pull her natural bio-electricity to discharge against enemies, resaulting in a mix of regular hits and electric burns. Her primary technique was a punch with this, she naming it a 'Vibro-Fist'. She eventually expanding her repertoire to a 'Vibro-Strike' and a 'Vibro-Charge'. She expanded this ability more as an offensive ability than defensive. (Hence, no phasing.)

Super Reflexes

With her super speed, Jillian is able to perceive and dodge danger more easily. She is quick on her feet, and quick to notice danger and problems coming her way. Mixed her ability to notice and move, with her bit of luck at coming out unscathed, she is able to avoid being hit many times.


Jillian is able to regenerate and run quicker to to her having an advanced metabolism.

Super Speed

Able to react and recharge her natural bio-electricity and her attunement to danger, Jillian is able to press the assault of her attacks. In addition to that, she has her main ability to run at super-human speeds.


Due to an increased metabolism, Jillian starves at a quicker rate. She needs to eat three-to-four times as much as a normal human her age. She can die before a week is over from starvation without food. Also, as a side effect, she can stay up for two days without being tired, and three days while fatigued from sleepiness before she starts succumbing from normal sleep deprivation.

Also, She is far-sighted. She requires reading glasses.

Personal History

Before the Hero

Jillian was born in Berlin, Georgian, the daughter of a Cosmetic Surgeon (Mother) and a Weapon's Manufacturing Worker (Father). She went to school, as normal. She and her family eventually moved as her father's company moved to Rhode Island. They living in Paragon City, when Jillian was eight-years-old. When 2002 cam, and the First Rikti War started, the family had to endure the fighting in the city. None of the family had died due to this, but it was found, near the end, Jillian had super human powers. Jillian kept it secret, due to her parents seeming to speak less-than-favorably about people with such powers, sort of blaming them for the invasion. As Jillian grew older, however, she saw and heard of super heroes in the city, coming to school with some of the younger heroes that went to the same one she did. Eventually she started feeling more confident in her abilities, and started training them. She eventually becoming a hero in 2009, but since she needed parental permission, since she was under the age of 18, she forged her parent's signature, not wanting to know. The documentation, seeming official, allowed her to get her own hero license, an identity secret from her family and friends. The moniker she took was after the attack she trained to make 'Vibro-Fist'.

Hero Career

Vibro-Fist started off being slow to hero, in 2009, barely going out because she was afraid people would find out, especially when she had no super hero outfit, to speak of. She just sticking with a ski-mask, goggles and jacket. Eventually, though, she got her own set of tights and becoming a regular hero. She gets talked on by the streets by civilians and enemies alike. Civilians for her heroics and enemies for her crude, mocking of them, though she never got a second glance by the big bads. She had been looking for a Group of heroes to join, since being with random heroes for a job was boring, and she didn't want to tell her family and friends of her identity, since a few had prejudice against super-powered beings.


This character was originally going to be a Super Reflexes/Electric Melee Tanker, because she is supposed to be speed-focused, but was convinced otherwise by friends, and since Electric Melee and Blaze mastery came up for Scrappers, but Super Reflexes did not come for Tankers.

When Vibro-Fist gets epics she will get Blaze Mastery. This is called 'Friction Fire' which the original incarnation had. She does this by, literally, setting herself on fire and lobbing it. Because of this, the original hero lost regeneration capabilities for how much she damaged herself.

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