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The Widget Chick
Player: @JusticeZero
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Victory Rain
Known Aliases: Viccy
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 13
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 95 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Immigrant (Refugee)
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Port Darwin, Etoile
Base of Operations: Port Darwin, Etoile
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Uncontrollable Hyper-Invention
Known Abilities
Criminal knowledge, Urban survival
Various Widgets
No additional information available.

A street rat with lots of firepower and a collection of cryptic devices and weapons, born on the Rogue Isles and raised on the streets. Currently living in Paragon.



Victory is presently associated with Teen Phalanx. She is familiar with the workings of Arachnos, as she was once affiliated with them, but no longer has any connection with them.


Cautious, deferential, unrefined, worldly, and self-sufficient


Victory learned long ago that the only one who can keep her safe is herself. She does not relinquish control of her own life or security if there is any way to avoid it, and treats attempts to remove her controls as a threat on her own life.

She avoids risks and does not put herself lightly in risky situations of any sort; she makes sure she is safe and has multiple 'outs' in life, romance, going to the kitchen..


Victory grew up around, avoiding, and aware of any number of horrifying things. She can matter-of-factly discuss topics of abuse and the like that make some adults perturbed, because she has at least passing familiarity with most varieties of it. She has not had the luxury of an innocent and optimistic childhood of blissful ignorance


Politeness and respect can go much further than threats in trying to protect oneself from tha lawless and the powerful. Victory tries not to stir up needless trouble.


Victory has had to deal with a lot of things that no-one really should be forced to. She acts very adult, tends to react strongly to things that she is familiar with as potential problems, and is somewhat troubled by hurtful memories.


Victory is prone to tonic-clonic epileptic seizures. No trigger is presently known, though there is a catamenial component.

She cannot consciously access her mutant powers; rather, her powers are triggered at the start of her seizures.

Common Equipment

Victory is rarely seen without her rifle and several pocketfuls of combat-useful gadgetry.


The rifle fires standard United States pennies, fed into a hopper in the stock, at high velocity. It does not use chemical propellant, nor any other consumable, and does not generate any apparent EM emissions when fired. The coins go straight and do not tumble, though the reason for this has not been studied. It has a cable launcher which fires a wire dart, then retracts same; the dart causes things to spontaneously ignite through processes unknown. The trigger is intangible to anyone other than Victory; the gun is also capable of defending itself against would-be thieves and returning itself to Victory.


Victory has other devices commonly on her person such as (but not limited to) a stationary drone which temporarily causes things targeted to expand in size and lose density (Acid Mortar) a spatial warping field (Force Field Generator) gravitic mines (Trip Mine and Caltrops) flight pack pockets of unusual volume space modeling sphere (Reveal) Entropy-reversing field generator (Triage Beacon) a “Flashdark” - a flashlight sized metal rod which, rather than emitting light, causes objects in front of it to glow

She also may have other strange devices as she builds them.



As an aura to her epileptic seizures, Victory builds a supertech device. What she builds is more or less random, and the devices exhibit technology far in advance of most hyperadvanced alien technology. Sometimes they even do things that are somewhat useful.

Victory's lack of conscious control of this power is so complete that she does not upon waking know what she built, does not know how to operate it, and has no idea how the object functions. She must discover this information through trial and error the same as anyone else would.

Matter Manipulation

Victory's devices are greatly altered on the atomic level from the base materials she found to build them. Parts may be monoatomic, transuranic, exotic forms of matter (such as “Strange matter”) or other such bizarre formulations.

Character History

Victory was born on Mercy Isle. She never knew her father, and her mother died when she was quite young. She grew up in a gang of children thieves on the streets instead.

When she got to be a bit older, she went through puberty, started creating devices and alarming the other members of her gang, and lost the ability to disguise herself as a genderless-but-presumably-male kid. This estranged her from her previous gang; in an attempt to find a safer place to live, she settled on living in an Arachnos base under the protection of some of the Widows in residence in return for giving them whatever devices she built.

During this time, she was forced to kill a “Destined” free agent who had intended to abuse her, being ordered to finish him off and dispose of the body after fighting him off with her weaponry and traps in her room. At some point after this, the Arachnos cell in question failed in some unknown task and was betrayed; Victory managed to arrange to smuggle aboard the submersible headed to Paragon City. by the aura She is presently living with the Teen Phalanx, taking remedial courses at a local middle school and trying to stay out of trouble.

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