Yuki Frost

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Yuki Frost
50 Science Blaster
Ice / Ice
Player: @shaydewhisper
Activity Level: Frequent
Basic Information
Real Name: Yuki Noel Daniels
Aliases: Yuki Frost
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Half Japanese/Half American.
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Slight
Complexion: Average
Eye Color: Blue, constantly glowing blue.
Hair Color: Naturally Black, but is often frosted to look ice blue.
Distinguishing Features
Glowing eyes.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 15 May, 1992
Birthplace: Founders Falls, Paragon City.
Nationality: English
Residence: Perez Park, Paragon City
Occupation: High School Student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Dr. Jordan Daniels (father; deceased)
Known Powers
Ice control.
Skills & Abilities

A young girl whose super power is control of ice.



Yuki is a very friendly hero, and she goes out of her way to meet new allies. She tries to take the time to personally meet and greet every new recruit, and does her best to try to make them feel welcome within the Reciprocators. She has a very casual air about her, and speaks to almost everyone she encounters "on the job" as a warm friend.

She might seem to some to be very boisterous and overconfident. This however is just an act. Yuki lives in constant doubt of her abilities and herself, especially with the current unreliablity in her powers. Her acceptance as a Tertiary Tier has somewhat helped her regain confidence in herself, and resolve as a hero.

She is intellegent, though she downplays much of this with comments she makes about things. She is quite willing to say something dumb if she thinks it will get a laugh out of people, and doesn't mind being the butt of a good joke. She tends not to do well with school work, but this stems more from a lack of interest than a lacking of the ability.

She has had a rough time fitting in at school as she feels different from her classmates. At school she becomes quite introverted and goes out of her way to avoid talking to anyone. She tends to remain distant shunning all attempts of anyone getting to know her. She is also the target of much teasing both due to her introverted nature, and some of the other kids fears of the unknown. She never fights back though, especially anytime someone tries to get physical with her, knowing she could easily hurt someone if she did.

She doesn't speak much of her troubles at school, always putting on a happy face. She doesn't want to burden those closest to her, and pretends everything is going just fine. Beam, Bolty, and Jess have been trying to encourage her to seek out friends at school, and spend time with others her own age, that aren't heroes. She always agrees to work on it, but has yet to make any real effort towards that. She always claims to be too busy for "such things" but in reality she fears she'll never be accepted by her peers at school, so she doesn't want to try.

She is a complete workaholic, and tries to fill her time working. The busier she stays the better she feels. Sometimes she feels no matter how much she does, she could be doing more to help others. This started as a way to help distract her from dealing with the feelings her father's death brought. Now she continues this behavior much to the amazement of some of the other Reciprocators.


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Weaknesses and Limitations

Character History

Hero of the City.

In March of 2008, Yuki took part in a raid against Lord Recluse in the Rouge Isles. The strike force was led by Golden Rook and cosisted of Golden Rook, Yuki Frost, Ace Zephyr, Static Bolter, Black Starbeam, Synsynth, Alexus Apollo and Breyla. Yuki, along with Golden Rook and Ace Zephyr, was awarded the Hero of the City medallion for their work in stopping Lord Recluse's Plans.

Tertiary Tier

In April of 2008. Yuki along with Mr Mundane was approached by Black Starbeam and other officers of the Reciprocators. Black Starbeam informed the both of them were being considered for Tertiary Tier and would be able to start trails, should they choose to. Both of them accepted, and became close as they went through their trials. Both Yuki and Mundane passed and accepted their place among the other officers of the Reciprocators. Yuki was the youngest Reciprocator to ever achieve this rank.


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