Yuki Yoroi

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Yuki Yoroi
Player: User:Yuki
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Kurosawa Akiko
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125#
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Kyoto
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Invulnerability/Super Strength
Known Abilities
Speaks fluent Japanese and almost-fluent English, is an expert on anime, manga, and the television, movies, music, and fashion popular among teenage Japanese girls from 2006 to 2008. (Her knowledge of pop culture abruptly ends in the spring of 2008.) Is quickly picking up the equivalent knowledge as it relates to Pocket D habitues.
Can usually be convinced to pick up, try, and maybe even keep, most any interesting device she comes across in the field. She has an especial fondness for items like Gabriel's Hammer and Plasmatronic Tasers.


Missing Person: Akiko Kurosawa

It was the beginning of the 2008 school year, and 14yo Akiko Kurosawa was caught up in all the usual interests of someone her age: school, anime club, computer club, shopping, worrying about how to convince the girl she loved to go cherry-watching with her, and how she was going to make her parents happy with her grades. All that changed in an instant one day, when she made the mistake of cutting across a park near her home on the way to the neighborhood manga shop to see if her copy of Betsufure was waiting for her to pick up.

Akiko didn't know, and still doesn't know, who the people were in the park that day--only that they were dressed like sentai, and they descended on her like a wave. There was a flash of colors, a dizzy sensation, and she was unconscious, before she had a chance to react.

The first the Kurosawas knew that Akiko was missing, was when a box appeared on their doorstep, holding her severed hand. Accompanying the hand was a note:

Your daughter will be a part of something far greater than you have ever dared dream of. Do not contact the authorities, or the next part you receive will be her head.
Lord Protector of Japan and the Western Pacific

Having seen their daughter's hand, the Kurosawas were convinced that Refa, whoever he was, was capable of killing her, and so did as instructed, in hopes that one day, she would be free to return to them. When Akiko disappeared from school, the school contacted the police, who questioned the parents. After questioning, the parents turned over the hand and the note, which started an investigation . . . which ended up going nowhere. Eventually, the case was filed as "unsolved", Akiko declared "missing, presumed dead", and the entire matter forgotten about.

In Lord Refa's Care

The records of the experiments performed by "Lord" Refa and his scientists are fairly complete, and currently being reviewed by Vanguard. The information available to Akiko is that from the time she was kidnapped in May of 2008, until she was rescued by Vanguard forces in September of 2010 (during a raid investigating Rikti radio signals coming from a location never before associated with Rikti operations), she was used as the subject of a number of experiments intended to produce organic armor that was the equivalent of the standard armor issued to Rikti soldiers. The experiments were successful, but Refa's scientists were unable to reproduce the armor: every other test subject died in agony as their bodies warped beyond recognition when subjected to the treatment intended to produce armor. Vanguard analysts conclude that Akiko has an unidentified genetic factor that interacted with the treatment to produce the armor she was found trapped in when rescued.

Once she had been released from Refa's care, Vanguard gave Akiko new identification to replace what she had lost when kidnapped, set her up with a regular salary, based on her promise to join in the battle against the Rikti when she had grown powerful enough, and helped her find a home in Paragon City.

Paragon City

Upon arrival in Paragon City, Akiko was contacted by Power Maid, and quickly inducted into Hero Force, where she has made herself a well-loved and active member. When she's not home studying her homework (using a correspondence school to try to catch up on all she missed while a prisoner), she'll usually be found helping her teammates with one task or another. It's pretty obvious she takes her promise to become stronger seriously. Her only form of recreation (other than pounding on one low-life or another) seems to be her occasional visits to Pocket D.

When she first arrived in Paragon City, Yuki was shy, diffident, and deferred to pretty much everyone she met. As she's become comfortable with her place and with her armor, that has changed--quite a bit. Admittedly, she's still shy, diffident, and deferential when outside her armor (which makes her fondness for Pocket D something of a surprise to those who know her), but in her armor, she's aggressive, flippant, and has developed something of a reputation for taunting opponents with cutting remarks about their personalities, weaknesses, and imperfections.

Return to Japan

At the end of 2010, Akiko's handlers in Vanguard contacted her with an urgent mission in Japan. They told her they suspected that some of "Lord Refa's" associates had managed to get free and get their hands on more Rikti technology, and asked for her help in tracking it - and them - down.

Unfortunately, after six months of chasing lead after lead, all over Japan, without being allowed to contact her friends in Paragon City, not only did they turn up nothing concrete to support their suspicions, but Akiko returned home to find that the Valerika was nowhere to be found. Without the one thing that kept her going through that six months of lunacy, Akiko isn't sure why she's bothering to continue, outside of her promise to support Vanguard. But what's the point in fighting crime, patrolling Paragon City, or any of that, without the reason she did it?

Return to School

After drifting for several months, Nem found Akiko and introduced her to others of her own age, including some pretty girls! Akiko realized that part of the reason she'd felt so out of sorts was that not only had Valerika abandoned her (although, to be fair, she still feels that she abandoned Valerika, along with everyone else, when she did as Vanguard asked), but she was isolated due to having no classmates to spend time with. She very quickly resigned from Hero Force and enrolled in Bailey's Academy for Young Heroes.

Since enrolling there, Akiko has found her joy in living returning to her, so much so that she adopted Schroedinger's Catgrrl, a catgirl she found in Pocket D, and made her her personal pet. Now all she has to worry about is the administration at the school objecting to her kitty and kicking her out of the dorm. But as long as they keep it down at night, so they don't wake anyone else, Akiko hopes they can keep on as they are. Because she loves her catgrrl so much, and because she didn't have a name of her own, just an ID she was given by someone who thought he was being funny when she registered in Paragon City, Akiko has given her a name. Now, the catgrrl proudly wears the name Mai, because Akiko gave it to her out of love.


Outside of her armor, Akiko is an ordinary 16yo girl. Of course, since the armor grows from her body, it's hard to say when she's ever out of it, since manifesting the armor is a matter of a second's thought. Inside her armor, Akiko is known as Yuki Yoroi. The armor gives her invulnerability, super strength, and the ability to fly, as well as speeding her healing and energy recovery. In addition to the abilities she gets from her armor, Yuki is known to experiment with items she finds in villain lairs, sometimes repurposing them for uses they had never been intended for, other times just picking them up and making them her own. She's especially fond of items that extend her own abilities, like Gabriel's Hammer, or that give an enemy a bit of a surprise coming from a tanker, like the Plasmatic Taser.


Aside from the people she works with in Vanguard, Akiko has encountered some people she considers friends (or at least close acquaintances):

Akiko is in love. Blindly, madly, head-over-heels, in love. She met Val when the two of them teamed up to help Nem in the Rikti War Zone, as a part of Nem's efforts to teach her how to be a better tanker. At first, Akiko thought that she had scared Val off with her enthusiasm, but when they ran into each other a few weeks later, in Atlas Park, things were very different. For the first time since being kidnapped, Akiko is truly happy, and every time she thinks of Val, her happiness increases.
Gen. Nem{kel|kus}
The first person to approach her as a friend, Akiko looks on him as something of an honorary grandfather, and is always ready to rely on him for advice and help, whether he's currently using his Paragon or Rogue Isles clone. It took a bit of coaxing on his part, but she's finally allowed herself to refer to him casually as "Nem", instead of using his full title and name.
Umbral Assassin
Alex is a pretty fun guy, for a guy. He's not afraid to flirt with Akiko, even though he knows nothing will come of it, and they can share snarky commentary about Longbow pinheads without anyone feeling offended. All in all, he's a fun guy to pal around with at the D, even if they're only ever going to get to work together in a Vanguard operation.
Meifeng is so cute, it's hard for Akiko to resist her, but she's doing her best, because she wants Mei to be her friend, and Mei is so innocent that Akiko feels kind of dirty whenever she imagines how close she'd like to get to Mei. It doesn't help that they're both the same age, so it's even harder for Akiko to resist Mei.
Yumi is the cutest little fox, who makes Akiko think of her as an innocent little sister who needs to be watched over and protected, and if anyone hurts Yumi (and Nem doesn't get to them first) Akiko will severely punish the offender.
Schroedinger's Catgrrl
Thanks to their meeting in Pocket D, Akiko has found that at least one catgirl can be far from annoying. In fact, she's sweet, cute, cuddly, loving, quite imaginative, and Akiko loves her enough that she's willing to risk being kicked out of school for her sake.

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