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Ace McGwain
Player: Ace McGwain
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Elm'Emser
Known Aliases: None specified
Species: Arcadian
Age: 28
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Brown/Red
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Extra-Terrestrial American
Occupation: Vanguard Operative / Lead Guitarist
Place of Birth: Arcadia Prime
Base of Operations: Imperial Barracks
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father: Rai'Emser (deceased) Brother: Uld'Emser (deceased) Son: Ulth'Emser
Known Powers
Sonic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Advanced Combat Training
Officer Grade Arcadian Battle Suit Mk XXVIII Prototype

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Known Associates


Physical Description

Human Form

In Human form ace stands at 6'7" tall, with excessivly long legs. His limbs are thin, yet muscular, and is a great deal lighter then he appears. He keeps his long brown hair tied back in a pony tail and tends to dress very buisnessy, dispite his informal attitude. A large gash crosses his face, the scar from a battle long past.

Hybrid Form

Ace's Half-Human Half-Arcadian form, used when he want's people to know that he really is "out of this world." His body type and height are all the same as human form, however his once tan skin is replaced with a coarse dark grey leather-like skin. His ears flop down, inhumanly, and His eyes are replaced with six smaller red ones. His jaw structure, though while it appears to remain the same, unhinges to reveal a row of daggerlike teeth and smouldering saliva.

Arcadian Form

Ace's True form is one that is very unlikely to ever truly be seen by human eyes, save the hundred soldiers who participated in the Arcadian Civil War. Not human in the least the average arcadian stands on two powerful, large legs, split away from the torso slightly. Their powerful upper bodies appears smooth and slender, their spines lined with spike plates. Their leathery skin varys from light grey to pure black, and is primarily rigid, similiar to chitin on insects. The Arcdaian facial structure varries greatly from individual to individual, However common to all members of the species is a jaw split into two sections, an inner lower jaw, covered in dagger-teeth, and two outer "mandibles" each with powerful "tusks". They posses ears facing downwards, and several small eyes.


Ace is best described as a fun loving person who acts almost like a super hero who's wanted to be one all his life. When not in combat situations or prepping for them, Ace is a friendly, happy, super optimistic individual. In combat situations Ace takes on the role of a soldier, Grim and serious.

Character History

Ace begun his career as a soldier from a distant galaxy, from an honored bloodline, in a world where super powers weren't just common, they were a constant in every person. Sent to Earth in retaliation from an unprovoked attack, Ace quickly relaized that his enemys were in fact not what he was fighting. Switching sides immediatly, He joined The Reciprocators and found his place in the world. This all changed as he was called back to his planet to protect his empire from a civil war that had broken out. Five years later, He set off to return to Earth. Four and a half years earlier, He arrives.


Elm'Emser, Son of Rai'Emser was born a marked child. Unable to see and born silent, the Doctors almost had him killed on the spot, had he been born to another bloodline. Not a year later the child's powers surfaced, reducing what was once a sandbox and swingset to a crumbled mess of broken sand castles, metal bars, and toys. His father, as the present "Hero of the Empire" was pleased and quickly took the boy with him to begin teaching him right from wrong. Five years later, he pushed his son off on his own, into the Arcadian Military Academy.

Elm was quickly noted for his unique nature and fun-loving attitude, dispite countless disciplinary actions his smile never faded. What was noted however, was the child's inate ability to empower those in his unit. at age 12, he was placed into the Advanced Program, at age 18, he was one of eight chosen from countless soldiers to serve as "Alpha Team" Their generations Elite Squadron. His graduation from the academy was nothing unexpected, Steallar marks in all fields except Extra-terrestrial Culture, which he was the first in decades to honestly struggle with.

Their first assignment came with the first Cruiser detonating in view of the palace. The Rikti were there. Every able bodied soldier in the Empire rallied to fight this new menace, For the first time in ages a rival with technologies rivaling their own had attacked them.

The battle was bloody, millions gave their lives so that the Rikti could be stopped. The final battle was decisive, a small unit of the finest Arcadian soldiers punched into the center of the Rikti Mothership. Ace and his alpha team, led by Ace's older brother fought fiercely, but it wasn't until his brother sacrificed his life to give his brother the opportunity to succeed. The loss of his brother drove Ace berserk cleaving a line for his team members to plant the bomb that brought the ship down, ending the war.

The People were angry, they demanded blood. King Jarl'Tok, Ruler of the Arcadian Empire had his finest scientists locate the source of these invaders, and dispatched the heroes that defeated the Rikti armada, Strike Force Alpha, along with the distinguished crew of the Longsword. They arrived on earth.

Paragon History

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Current Events

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Martial Arts

Ace has fused his combat training from the Arcadian Defense Force Academy with his own unique brand of Powers, Rapidly vibrating his limbs using his ability to manipulate sound. This effect is amplified by his battle suit, lending his blows a heavier force.

A Special Note: As Ace fights, it appears as if he is dancing to some inaudible music.

Super Reflexes

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Additional Powers



Cruiser Armaments

Cruiser Fighter Bay

Battle Suit Sub-Systems

Weakness & Limitations


Creator Contact Information

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