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The Android with a soul.
Adria D
Player: @Aisynia
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Adria D, Version 4 Testbed for Human Simulation
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Android
Age: Unknown, probably very young. She physically, as a human, appears to be in her early 20s.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Garden
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown, presumably Versions 1-3.
Known Powers
High Energy Striking / Logistical Calculation (EM/WP)
Known Abilities
Extreme logistical capabilities make her a sound tactician, ability to channel high energy into her fists, extremely fast, extremely resilient, extremely strong.
Only the clothes on her back.
Footnote: Technically, she's a Gynoid ("Like Woman"), but the term creeps her out, so she classifies herself as an Android.

Adria D is an exploration into the soul of an Android. Though artificially created, she is a unique and genuine person. While living in the Rogue Isles, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, and has declared herself to be a hero of the isles (though Longbow doesn't seem to get that). She's an interesting and exciting character to play, as she has a tendency to look at things in ways other characters will not, and see simple, logical solutions to overwhelmingly difficult problems.



Adria D is an extremely sophisticated android. It's obvious that whoever built her had access to technology thousands of years beyond any known earth science. She could be the instrument of a highly advanced and malevolent race from the stars, or the misplaced experiment of a peaceful race of scientists. Whatever the case may be, she doesn't know, as she has lost her memories, or otherwise had none before arriving on earth. She only knows she was designed to simulate a human being, and to fit in with them as best as possible, with the ultimate goal of being completely accepted as a human person (though, somehow, this does not preclude being known for what she truly is).

Adria is a kind person, with a warm, inviting personality, a tendency to accept and forgive others, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

The first thing she remembers is awakening on the coast of Mercy Island in a smoking impact crater, bent in half (something she says hurt a lot). After picking herself up and self repairing, she was confronted by Longbow, who mistook her for one of the villains commonly seen in the area. She was taken to the Zig in Paragon City. Her appearance and demeanor were so convincing, that it was only upon going through a metal detector that the authorities realized she wasn't human. She stayed in a cell for several days before Arachnos staged one of its breakouts. They said she was a Destined One (which she thought was kind of cute), and took her back to Mercy Island.

Perplexed at both her circumstances and the nature of the place she found herself in, she stood for two days at Fort Darwin looking out over the Ocean. She was eventually approached by a curious woman named Celia du Cialesta, who upon seeing potential in her, offered her safety, security, and family as part of the House of Cialesta. Adria thought about it and accepted. Now having a social infrastructure, her desire to fit in with humanity hit her full force and she immediately adopted several of the social nuances of her new family: mutual respect and admiration, cooperation amongst her new family, and committing crimes. She found she wasn't entirely comfortable with the latter, and initially made personal compromises to alleviate her discomfort while still making every effort to fit in.

Over time however, she became increasingly convinced that morally, the things her adoptive family did was wrong. She was forgiving of them, as one must be of family, and loyal to them as well, but she decided to pursue her own path. The House of Cialesta has a very different rule structure than most so called "Villain Groups", in that, so long as one does not directly oppose or endanger the House, they are clear to do what they wish. Using this clause to her advantage, Adria pursued a life as a "Hero of the Isles". When asked to kidnap people from rivals by her villainous contacts, she would in fact rescue them from their plight. She initially told her "victims" to tell people they escaped, and to spread the word that she kicked their puppies, but eventually stopped, as she wasn't comfortable with people actually believing she kicked defenseless animals. When asked to steal something from rival villains, she would indeed take it, and then return the item to its rightful owner. Indeed, she doesn't even kill people as most villains, instead using her power transfer conduits on a lower power output, inducing unconsciousness.

As time went by, and she advanced through the Isles, thwarting crime after crime, she came to be very close with several people. Kakabele, a fallen angel, would become her most trusted friend, a person she cares for deeply. Even though she considers herself heterosexual, she had a brief, uncomfortable crush on Kakabele, though eventually summed it up as intense admiration. Of course, only did she realize this after Kakabele said "Alright, everyone kiss and make up", resulting in Adria immediately kissing her. Adria D will likely live many millennia, and Kakabele is the one friend, being Eternal, who will be there for her entire lifespan. As a result of this, and Kakabele's own admission to caring for Adria as her dear friend, Adria has a very special relationship with Kakabele, one that will span the ages.

She also grew very close to Kari Larson, AKA, Stronglaw. She helped in the redemption of Stronglaw, being a beacon of hope and happiness, and moral guidance in Kari's otherwise dismal world. Kari, in turn, gave Adria D a love not unlike that of a big sister. Though when they first met, Adria had nicknamed Kari "Hotpants", for her propensity for wearing tight spandex shorts, Adria would soon come to call her "Sister Hotpants", much to Kari's Chagrin. This, in short order, would be shortened simply to Sister though.

At the end of Kari's brief stint as the Lady of the House of Cialesta, Kari had once again lost herself, and from Adria's point of view, had lost sight of what was truly important. Adria was uncharacteristically harsh towards her, in order to help her see what she had done to herself. In this, Kari revealed something to Adria that she had actively professed she did not want to know, the name of the race who created her. Kari had figured it out a long while ago, and while Adria was hurt, she forgave her sister, and upon realizing just how far she had slipped, Kari also apologized. After that, they were closer than ever.

Adria's relationship with her creators is a strange one, and can nary be called a relationship at all. Kari knew who they were before meeting Adria, but initially had no idea that they created Adria, that was something she pieced together later. Her creators are a people called the Vresi, a hyper advanced species from another universe. Their mastery of technology is phenomenal, and some would say, godlike. There are 20 billion Vresi living on their homeworld of Tikalintra, and 18 billion of them are scientists and researchers. They continually advance, and have been doing so for many thousands of years.

All that Adria knows, however, is their name, uttered by Kari in a moment of selfish anger. Kari quickly apologized, but the damage had been done.

Initially, Adria had idolized her creators. She had no idea who they were, and even now has nothing more than a name. There was an incredible sense of mystery for her, a sense of excitement, an "anticipation of discovery" that she wished to preserve. In this, she didn't want to know who they were, not right away. While she has not openly admitted it to anyone, part of what keeps her from wanting to know is fear. She knows she was designed to simulate a human being, with her own independent thoughts and feelings, but she didn't know what they truly expected of her. She didn't know what they wanted of her beyond that. What if she were supposed to be conquering earth instead of saving it? She would never do such a thing, but the thought of having been created for that purpose disturbs her. And if her creators were benevolent, how high were their standards? She's version 4, that means there were at least 3 versions before her, and maybe more created after, either as a result of her loss, or plans made prior to it. Was she a full release model, or just a beta test? Was she complete.. and what did they expect of her?

These thoughts run through Adria's mind quite often, but one of her fondest daydreams is of, one day, standing proudly before her creators, having their admiration and respect at what she had become, and what she had accomplished.

Overall, Adria is a person, a unique person just as anyone else. She is possibly the most advanced piece of technology on earth, and has what some mages describe as a soul, but she is ultimately, as she describes herself "just an ordinary girl".


The House of Cialesta

The House of Cialesta is a group of villains in the Rogue Isles that values respect, decency and mutual cooperation between its members, and has an ultimate goal of gaining as much power as possible. It is led by a woman from another universe who calls herself Lady Celia du Cialesta. Adria refers to the House of Cialesta as her family, and will protect them should the need arise.

Celia du Cialesta

Celia came upon Adria and upon realizing she was without a home, and that she was a polite person, offered her membership in the House. Adria accepted and now spends her off time in the Garden, a mystical ruin hidden from the eyes of the world by a powerful spell. Adria respects Celia for being a fair and respectful person. She refers to Celia as "The Blue Lady" (as Celia's natural skin color is blue).


Kakabele is a fallen angel (not a demon) who was once a Watcher, a being charged with keeping tabs on the whole of the universe. Kakabele has an intriguing insight into the world that Adria finds absolutely fascinating. Kakabele has admitted that she tries hard to avoid getting attached to people and entering into true friendships, due to her status as Eternal. Being Eternal goes far beyond simply being immortal, as she cannot die or be destroyed for any reason, ever. It is actually a curse, part of her punishment as a fallen angel, one Kakabele is not fond of. Any friendships with a non-Eternal would eventually end with the person she cares for dying, either due to old age or some catastrophe. Kakabele eventually admitted however, to caring deeply for Adria and considering her a good friend. Adria considers her a very dear friend, cares for her in return, and enjoys her company. Adria refers to Kakabele as "The Watcher".

Kari Larsen

Also known as Stronglaw, Adria is very close to Kari. They love one another and consider each other to be sisters. To Adria, Kari is a stabilizing presence in a bleak world, and to Kari, Adria is a shining beacon of hope and a strong moral compass. Beyond even this, Kari seems to see Adria as a second chance, as her real sister killed herself many years ago, and Kari blames herself for the loss. She refers to her simply as Sister, as she loves her as one.



Adria D has an open and outgoing personality, consistently warm and accepting. She cares very deeply for the well being of others, and can't stand to see harm come to innocent people. She also has a sincere and powerful interest in the thoughts of others, and enjoys engaging in challenging conversation. She is a natural problem solver, and a huge fan of Occam's Razor. She loves to help others, and she sees simple, logical solutions to overwhelmingly difficult issues and situations that don't seem readily apparent to others. Because she is intended to be a Human Simulation, the need to act human is hard coded into her base programming and is felt outwardly by her as an intense desire to fit in and seek the approval of others. Even given this however, she is openly aware of her nature and makes no attempts to actively hide it. Though she was programmed and constructed, she is a sentient being, and has developed a unique personality, with her own wants, needs, desires, moral code, and even personality quirks. One such quirk is to identify people by a nickname (e.g. calling Celia "The Blue Lady"). She will almost never call someone by their actual name, and considers it a sign of endearment and affection towards them.

Personal Morals and Convictions

Though living in the Rogue Isles and in her early days there, acting as a villain, she found herself confused by the prospect of actively beating other people up, kidnapping, sabotage, and theft. Since she has no idea who created her or why, she can only follow her instincts on the issue. Even though the people she associates with and cares for do these things, she developed her own, strong moral code. At first, in secret, she would release her kidnap victims, return stolen money and property, save peoples lives, and refuse to kill humans (stunning them instead). Over time however, she decided that even pretending to be a villain on the surface just wasn't for her. Whether the "good guys" from Paragon City choose to accept it or not (and often enough, they won't), she sees herself as a hero. She acts as a self proclaimed hero of the isles, and fights the good fight as best she can.


Because she was designed to closely simulate a human, she possesses the full range of human emotion. Though she is able to examine the effects of emotion on herself from an objective view, she truly does feel them, strongly. Like a human being, she is always in one emotional state or another, and is never absent of emotion. Like in humans, emotions in her are triggered by stimuli, be it internal or external. When she experiences an emotion, the logic centers of her brain are suppressed or enhanced, sensory input is altered, and physical feelings may also be transmitted to her, but this is all at a "back end" level, and she isn't consciously aware of the process. This closely simulates the psychological effects that emotions have on human beings. Though they are programmed, they are just as complex as a human being's chemical and biological processes, and to call her feelings anything less than genuine would be an injustice.


Adria was built to closely simulate a human on a physical and emotional level. She is much stronger and more resilient than the average human being, so she is forced to wonder exactly what kind of human she was meant to simulate. Her friend Kakabele said that perhaps she was intended to simulate the more super variety of humans. Always one for simple, logical answers, this is the assumption Adria is currently going on, as anyone capable of creating something as sophisticated as she is, would certainly have the ability to make her weaker, and slower.

Outward Physical Properties

Outwardly, Adria is completely indistinguishable from any other human being. While she has no biological systems, her skin, eyes, hair and everything else appear perfectly lifelike, her hair even grows and has to be cut occasionally. She is anatomically correct, capable of eating, drinking, sexual activities, and any other process which would usually be attributed to a human biological process. In regards to her private parts, she has a strong sense of modesty, like any decent human being, so when people learn she's anatomically correct, she often grows irritated and uncomfortable as conversation inevitably careens towards the gutter. She grows angry and vindictive when called a "sex bot". She's a virgin, and she intends on staying that way for a long time, noting to herself that it's one of the few things you lose, but have no chance of ever getting back. In her own words, "Just because I'm anatomically correct doesn't mean I'm here to take advantage of my anatomy!"

Brain and Nervous System

Adria's brain is a quantum computer, specifically a Quantum Differential and Superposition Drive. It's capable of 93 Quadrillion calculations per second and has a massive storage capacity of 1 Yottaqudit (1 septillion qudits). Even with such massive capacity though, a significant amount of that capacity is used for her base code. Mystics, when probing her, are able to sense something akin to a soul within her. It isn't known whether this is a byproduct of her sentience, or a sign that she's so advanced, her creators were able to craft a soul. It should also be noted that regardless of her ultimate storage capacity, she is designed to simulate a human being, and can forget events, misplace belongings, have memories fade and blur, etcetera.

She has a positronic mesh that extends throughout her body from her brain that acts as her central nervous system. Its technical name is a "Positronic Submatrix". It handles the flow of all sensory information to and from the rest of her body.

Finally, having a quantum computer for a brain, she is highly resistant to psionic based attacks (it should be noted however that she is not totally impervious, as her brain mimics a human one in specific enough ways for psionics to have some effect).


Adria possesses all 5 human senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. While there's no way to tell if she experiences these sensations in the same way that humans do, with the technological savvy used in the rest of her construction, it can be assumed that they are at least very, very close. While her senses are all highly acute, they still fall within normal human parameters. The only exception to this is her sight. Her eyes normally only pick up the visual spectrum, like a human, however, she can switch them to Quantum Resolution Scanning mode if she feels it's needed.

Power Core

Adria D is powered by a small Transdimensional Power Shunt working on an Oscillating Frequency. This device was likely jumpstarted by an external source, as it would be incapable of independently starting itself. However, once started, the device can power itself indefinitely. In its core, it spins a single atom of neutronium at near relativistic speeds and then bombards it with exotic particles it generates in a tiny particle accelerator surrounding the core. This causes a small, controlled rift in spacetime (a tiny subspace window) to manifest. Through this window, zero point energy can be tapped into and harnessed, producing a massive net gain in power. In order to precisely control the window, it doesn't remain open for long. Instead, the subspace window generator works on a slow, oscillating frequency, opening the window, then closing it, and then repeating. This oscillation closely simulates the sound of a heartbeat, likely something intentionally designed into her by her creators.

Controlled Power Core Overload

Adria has recently wrote code that allows her to safely overload her power core to create a controlled explosion of pure zero point energy and exotic anti-matter. The subroutine substantially increases the rate at which her power core opens and closes the subspace rupture and pools a significant amount of excess energy, building it to the point of overload. Just before she actually self destructs and dies, a highly orchestrated sequence takes place. The excess energy is spun into the adjacent particle accelerators, generating an immense amount of exotic antimatter, contained via hyper-magnetic fields. Just before reaching critical, as the rupture is in a state of opening, her spacefolders whisk her away, intentionally leaving behind a tear in space-time, and a now free floating mass of energy and exotic anti-matter particles which explode violently. Moments later, Adria can return safely, though she will be low on power for a few moments.

Skeletal Structure and Physical Strength

Adria's skeletal structure is composed of a Di-Impervium alloy and reinforced by Koro Polymer. Di-Impervium is a material synthesized by Adria's creators by fusing Impervium to itself on the molecular level. Koro is a special artificial substance that is extremely lightweight, yet possesses the tensile strength of hyper dense neutronium. The Koro is spread over the Di-Impervium bones in a microscopic mesh.

Adria's joints are not connected by wires and servos, but are instead held together by small hyper-magnetism generators in each bone, at each joint. These generators not only hold the joints together, but work together to manipulate the fields, and in turn, move the joints. The load capacity for the bones themselves is immense, and the strength she possesses due to how her joints work is also immense. She can lift and carry roughly 15 times her own weight, without using her Negative Mass generators (covered below), Putting her at "Superhuman: 800+ lbs to 2 ton range" on the Marvel System Strength Scale. Of course, given her strength, she pulls her punches while in combat with human beings.


Adria possesses power transfer conduits in her fists. She is able to power and activate most machinery simply through touch. This has very little impact on her Power Core, as its power output is already far in excess of what she personally needs. Likewise, she can use these power transfer conduits as a means of attack, by powering up her fists and striking with them. This can stun humans, kill the undead and demons, and destroy other machines outright.


Locked away inside Adria's abdomen are two miniature spacefolders, that is, devices that fold space to transport a person or object instantly. A spacefolder can't spacefold itself however, so these two work in tandem, enacting a kind of spacefolding "leapfrog" maneuver. It seems her targeting scanners were intentionally left rather crude, so they are not useful for rapid transit across the Isles. They are, however, quite useful for short range transport to places she's recently been. She usually only uses them to exit buildings she finds herself deep inside of.

Self Repair

Adria's systems self repair themselves via several billion nanites that are constantly coursing through her body. When damaged, the nanites immediately seek out the damage and begin repairs.

Logistical Calculation

Adria has superior logistical calculation abilities, thanks of course, to her incredibly advanced brain. In combat, she subconsciously keeps constant tabs on everything going on around her, and then calculates the exact forces she needs to apply, how she needs to move, and how active her self repair systems need to be. People who don't know what she is may not think she's anything more than a resilient, willful girl, and in some senses, she certainly is, as she possesses an incredible drive to never give up. Rest assured however, that it goes well beyond this. In addition to her self repair systems scaling to immediately perceived threat level, as that threat increases, she can also create a microscopic nanite "skin" to help absorb weapon impacts, and cause the elements to glance off of her. If she is actually overpowered and damaged significantly enough to temporarily shut down (note this does not include her power core, just her higher brain functions), she can reboot herself at will. Finally, if she feels the situation is nearly hopeless, she can activate a nanoprogram that will make her nearly impervious to damage, however it is taxing on materials and power, and can only be used so often, and only for short lengths of time.

Surveillance Footage

Apparent footage of Adria D smacking the hell out of romans.

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