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Genre Savvy characters are those who have a strong insight into the goings on around them, and will see parallels between what is happening to them, and things that have happened to other people, either real or fictional. They will then use this knowledge to their advantage, avoiding the pitfalls others have blindly fallen into. They might scoff at the big bad villain speech ("You will now meet your doom! Bwahaha!" "Who talks like that?"), or choose to take a previously unconsidered option rather than do what might be expected of them in their respective genre (a villain who doesn't explain his master plan, instead, just killing the hero).

Genre Savvy characters can be either Heroes or Villains.

Genre Savvy characters don't necessarily know they are in a fictional work, and aren't ever required to break the fourth wall.

For a more thorough definition of this type of character, see this totally awesome article. TV Tropes Wiki Link

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