Aki the Eye

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Aki the Eye
Player: Yuki
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Aki
Known Aliases: The Eye
Species: human/demon hybrid
Age: 16
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120#
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: heroine
Place of Birth: the ruins of Saitama
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Demon Summoning/Poison
Known Abilities
Extremely good at hiding and being unnoticed, moves like an animal, can sense demonic presences, has the demonic talent for picking up languages with short exposure
The clothes on her back, standard issue communicator, police radio, medical tag, etc.
People who attempt to contact her telepathically note that they have to weed her own, half-demonic, mind out of the cluster of demonic minds that are bound to her. Luckily, the demons that are bound to her are, overall, about as advanced as monkeys, so it's not as difficult as it might seem at first.


World of the Overfiend

About twenty-five years ago, in another dimension, Earth was conquered by a race of demons led by a creature known as the Chojin (a name that translates into English as either "The Most High God" or "Overfiend", depending on context). The humans were swept away by the power of the Chojin, with even their nuclear weapons unable to harm or defeat it. After the conquest, all male humans were slaughtered, down to the last infant, and females were kept for the pleasure and entertainment of the demons, as well as to breed a new demon army. After the last pockets of resistance were wiped out, and the demonic regime achieved total control, the world settled into a routine of atrocity and rape.

Portal Corp's Mistake

A few months ago, during a routine dimensional scan, Portal Corp found the world of the Chojin, but registered it as one in which humanity had rendered itself extinct in some cataclysmic global war. Their dimensional scan was noticed, however, by the Chojin and his minions, and they were excited by the discovery. The world from which they had been scanned was one which they could use to conquer the entire cosmos! They immediately began making plans to invade. As a prerequisite to invasion, they would have to place a spy among the humans, to discover how difficult the invasion and conquest would be.

Eye of the Overfiend

The Chosen One

The demons ruling the Chojin's world searched among their slaves until they found the perfect spy: Aki had been born nearly ten years after the conquest of the planet, and so was half demon; she was exemplary among slaves in that she had never once demonstrated any signs of rebellion or disobedience; and she was old enough to have been mated with repeatedly by a variety of demons, but had not yet been chose for breeding or permanent placement in a rape pit. In addition, she had been given a name that was short and easy to remember, for when the time came to strip her memories, kill her, or recover her.

Having chosen their spy, the demons separated her from the rest and began the process of transforming her from a submissive sex toy to a useful spy, yet without losing the submissiveness that made her such a good slave. They awakened her demonic talent for quickly acquiring knowledge and for controlling the toxins her body was capable of emitting. In addition, they bound low-level slaves to her, in the form of simple demons: the demonic equivalent of apes. With those basic preparations, they delivered her to her destination.

The Demons' Mistake

The demons, assuming that the entity filled with the power of the Well of Furies would be the ruler of the key to the cosmos, delivered Aki to Praetoria. For some time, she worked her way up in the power structure of Praetoria's government, learning quickly that Emperor Cole was powerful enough to stop the Chojin from achieving his goals, and so --despite her loathing for the man and his government -- throwing her support to Cole, as the only force in the cosmos capable of stopping, or maybe even destroying, the Chojin. Now that she was no longer under the direct control of the demons, Aki was no longer the submissive slave they had assumed, and used the powers they had bound to, and awakened in her to gain friends and power sufficient to give herself a glimmer of hope that she might be able to fight them if they should ever try to take her again.

As she acquired friends, though, Aki learned something that caused her to swing between happiness and despair alternately: Praetoria was not the key to the cosmos, as the demons had assumed. True, Cole was the most powerful being in the cosmos, but his world was merely an alternate of the true key to the cosmos: Primal Earth, home of Paragon City. Unfortunately, as she learned this, the demons did, as well, and before her new friends could free her of the bindings that kept her linked to the Chojin's world, she was torn from Praetoria and repositioned on Primal Earth.

Lost in the Isles

Being torn from Praetoria and thrown into Primal Earth was a jarring experience, especially given that the demons had deposited her on one of the most miserable places on Primal Earth: Mercy Island. Knowing that her friends would find her, if she could only find her way back to Pocket D, Aki immediately began working toward finding her way back to DJ Zero's dimension, so her friends could help break the magical bonds to the demons of the Chojin's world, and help her make her way to Paragon City, where she belonged.

Father of the Chosen?

Thanks to the help of her sisters and lovers, Aki has learned to accept her demonic side, and even make use of some of its strengths (like its talent for acquiring knowledge). While exploring her demonic form, Aki fathered a litter of children on Shannon, which (in the nature of demon pregnancies) quickly dwindled to one: the most powerful of the fetuses, which had absorbed all the others. Due to the circumstances of the pregnancy, and information gleaned from a MAGI professor of demonology, Aki and Shannon learned that their daughter has been Chosen to be the destroyer of the Chojin (assuming she survives the assassination attempts that have already begun).

Aki, the Eye

Aki was born about ten years after the Chojin's conquest of his alternate Earth (November 1, 1994, Primal Earth time), to a woman she never knew (and who is probably dead by now anyway). As soon as she was weaned, she was taken from the breeder pens and placed in the care of an overseer demon, who was responsible for raising and training her from that time until her adult destiny was decided. She was given the name 'Aki' by one of her overseer's older women, because he found it easier to use names for his women than to point and yell (although he did enough of that, too). As she grew, she learned the basic skills necessary for survival on the Overfiend's Earth: stealth, running away, hiding, the appearance of stoicism, and instant, unquestioned obedience. Without a mother to turn to, girls turned to each other and formed bonds of sisterhood that were stronger than life itself. Aki's sister was Yumi, who had been born near to the same time as she had been, and the two shared hiding places, edible bugs and every secret either had.

At age fourteen, Aki's virginity was auctioned (luckily, in her opinion) to a relatively humanoid demon, while at the same time, Yumi's was purchased by a tentacle demon. Aki remained sane; Yumi didn't. Aki blamed herself for not finding some way to protect Yumi from the way she was initiated into her sexual servitude, and did her best to care for Yumi afterwards, keeping her clean and fed, and doing her best to steer her away from the worst of the nymphomania she was afflicted with. However, this exposed Aki to more demons than she'd otherwise have been exposed to. This meant that, in addition to being unable to prevent Yumi from experiencing regular gang rapes, Aki herself experienced many more rapes than she might otherwise have. Over time, her memories have blurred together some, but memory magic done by The Shadowy Hat to accurately recover her memories since age 12 indicates that a good day for her was to be raped no more than twice, while on her worst day she was raped eight times, and that not a single day went by from the day her virginity was auctioned off to the day she went to Praetoria, without her being raped.

Aki's nickname, "the Eye" comes from not only the magical bonds that made her a spy for the Chojin, but also from the fact that she has only one eye, thanks to her left eye having been clawed out by a demon that was offended when she didn't scream while being raped.

Friends and Acquaintances


Kenzie is Vicky's twin sister. At first, watching the two of them dig at each other was entertaining, but that wore off really fast. Problem is, she likes Kenzie, too, and doesn't like it when the two of them fight. She just doesn't know how to resolve the fighting without hurting either of them, and it makes her sad.

Alex always seems to have time to listen, to offer a shoulder to cry on, and to share her perspective, even if she has this weird idea of a god that's all-powerful and exists in all universes that just does not make sense to Aki.

Verdigris Heat is the very first living pixie Aki has ever seen, and she's the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful thing ever! And she's introducing Aki to music and dancing, too!


Lazerus Sulaiman took over where Will left off in treating Aki's wounded eye socket, making it possible for Altrisse to finish healing it. Since then, he's been watching out for her, giving her advice, being protective (but not OVER-protective, Web!), and such a generally good guy that Aki had to learn a new word to describe a sister who's male. So that's what Laz is: Aki's adopted brother. When Laz finally freed her from the shackles binding her to the Overfiend's world, he did so in a way that completely broke her expectations of what a magical ritual should be, and made her love her goofy brother even more.

Web is the first male of any species who Aki has trusted enough to allow him to have a copy of her memories. The drawback to this, of course, is that he wants to launch an assault on the Chojin, despite not being a god. Aki worries that he's taking on way more than he's expecting, and that it'll bite him in the ass -- if not worse. In fact, the only thing about him that drives her absolutely NUTS is his insistence on seeing her as a little girl who needs to be protected, when she hasn't been a little girl for at least two years, and there's not a damned thing he can do to protect her from what's already happened. And, damn it, if she wants to date someone, she's GOING TO, whether Web likes it or not!


Riley reminds Aki of herself in so many ways, but at the same time, they are different in subtle ways that makes Riley almost ideal as her lover. Admittedly, they can't be lovers physically, since that would hurt Riley, but Riley has taught Aki how to open her dreams to her, and not only have they become lovers in Aki's dream world, Riley has been destroying Aki's nightmares every night, protecting Aki in addition to loving her. She is the first person Aki has loved who has not only reciprocated that love, but has lived (and remained sane) long enough that the two of them can build a long-term relationship. Their relationship may not be heaven, but to Aki, it might as well be.

Carmen has Aki's heart. It's not just a simple crush, like with Altrisse, or physical attraction, like with Rowan. Aki loves her. Only her sisters are closer to her than Carmen. Carmen is strong, sweet, beautiful, independent, kind, loving, and if Aki could have her without that damned creepy HAT, she'd be the happiest girl in the world.

Shannon is the first person Aki has ever gotten close to with such soft, fluffy, pettable wings. She could stroke those wings all day, and find the experience soothing and enjoyable. She worries a lot about Shannon, because she's so focused on Aki that she made a deal with a demon to bind herself to Aki, regardless of whether she receives the same kind of love in return. Aki worries she could end up being badly hurt by her love, especially since Shannon thinks of herself as inherently monogamous, while Aki doesn't even comprehend the concept. She loves Shannon so much that she would rather die than hurt her, but she's convinced that she WILL hurt her, given the circumstances, and finds herself in a no-win situation. Matters have become more involved as Shannon is now pregnant with Aki's daughter, and Aki feels even more protective, more devoted, and more worried about the future - especially after learning that a demon was sent from her world to this one, apparently with the intent of killing either Aki or her daughter.

Rowan O'Neil was introduced to Aki by Will, and she immediately felt an attraction. While she knows Rowan's straight, it doesn't change the fact that she thinks she's cute and attractive. Besides, she's so NICE!

Rose is Alex's cousin, and when Aki met her, her heart immediately went out to her -- and vice-versa, apparently, as Rose spent most of their first evening together helping Aki get through a flashback and accompanying meltdown that even Alex couldn't help with. Aki's afraid that if Rose keeps on her current path, she's going to shoot right past 'lover' and into 'sister' before long.

Emmy is a real fox (fur, tail, ears, everything!) and she and Aki hit it off right away. Aki loves brushing her, and she loves the attention, and they both love stomping bad guys. A good working team as well as a cuddlesome couple.

Scrap is a clockwork from Praetoria who has evolved well beyond the data in the top secret file Powers Div. had on her from when she escaped from her creator Maelstrom's control. Now, she's a strong, independent woman who wants very much to experience the sensation of touch, and Aki wants very much to help her experience it. Aki continues to encourage Alex and Scrap to prioritize developing touch sensors for her, so that Aki can give her the experience of touch she wants so much. How much she wants to experience when the touch system is installed is yet to be seen, but Aki wants to help her experience all she wants, with no restrictions.


William Carrigan was the first male Aki was willing to accept help from without searching for the danger he posed. Maybe it was because Meilin asked for his help, but he did a good job of steering her toward people she could trust and believe in. Now she's no longer alone in the world. Helping to heal the wound where her missing left eye had once been went a long way in his favor, too.

Meilin Hsiao still confuses Aki. Why did she even care about a random stranger she happened to bump into in Pocket D? Why did she go out of her way to find help for her? Regardless, she will always credit Meilin with being the reason she has hope for her future.

Altrisse finished the healing job that Will started. Using the magical equivalent of pot on Aki in the process left Aki with a heavy crush on her, at least until she came down from the high and realized that it had to have been the magic that had made her feel that way. still, she's always going to be someone Aki trusts, even if she's never sure where or how to find her.

Jo was introduced by Web as 'Jo', his wife, the mother of his children, and (although he may not have intended it this way) as a prime example of why you do not want to let Web and his overprotectiveness rule your life. I mean, the poor girl doesn't even get to drink coffee, which she obviously loves, just because she's seven months pregnant! Admittedly, Aki doesn't understand why anyone would WANT to drink coffee, but still, let the poor girl enjoy her nasty, noxious drink, if that's what she wants! Jo seems like a smart, witty, tough girl who's got more than enough ability to stand up for herself, and Aki's certain that if she didn't love Web so much, she'd tell him exactly where to get off with his coffee ban -- and have the moxie to make it stick!

Patience Brown is a catgirl who seems to embody all of the traits Aki had been warned of regarding catgirls, yet somehow she's not as annoying as Aki was warned she'd be. Instead, she's kind of cute, if exasperating. And Aki has her to thank for meeting Shannon, since her meeting with Shannon happened as a result of Patience pouncing Shannon due to her birdlike wings. Still, she acts like her brain is the size of a walnut, so it's hard to take her seriously.

Fen looked Aki up because he thought she had tasked Web with hunting down the Chojin for her. Once he discovered the truth, including the fact that Aki worries about Web running off and getting himself killed, he apparently sized her up and decided he could trust her, because he gave her his real name. The two of them are united in their concern for Web, and on top of that, Aki just plain likes Fen. He's not a brother yet, but he very easily could become one.

Tabitha helped Aki when she overdid it while attempting to acclimatize herself to the open space of Norse Fisk Memorial Park. Tabitha helped both Aki and Riley not only overcome Aki's terror, but find their way to Alex's house where Aki was staying at the time, and get safely inside and under a roof. As far as Aki is concerned, Tabitha is now someone she'll trust. She doesn't know her well enough to consider her a sister yet, but she's at least a friend.

Vicky was Aki's first sister on this world, and Aki trusted and loved her as a sister, without reservation or hesitation. So when she suddenly shut Aki out of her life -apparently, after finally truly understanding that Aki is half demon - it broke Aki's heart. She still loves her as a sister, but feels betrayed and abandoned, so doesn't know how to respond to her.

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