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(Below are the dedicated playlists of songs associated with Arahk'ne. Each playlist corresponds to a specific event or the relationship a character has with Arahk'ne. The music chosen has been carefully selected by me over the years to best fit the situation or relationship. Playlists may update at any given time. If interested in reading and listening to playlist options at the same time, scroll through and open the links in a new tab. Some of the tracks are considered explicit.)

Arahk'ne's Playlists

"ARAHK'NE" -- Main Playlist
"ARAHK'NE" -- Photon's Gaming Playlist

Character Playlists

"OPAL" -- Inky Carcass
"BLOODSTONE" -- Myx'ulas

Duo Playlists

"SINOATRIAL HOST -- Arahk'ne and Inky Carcass
"SPIDER'S KISS" -- Arahk'ne -> Inky Carcass
"DREAMCATCHER" -- Inky Carcass -> Arahk'ne

Arc/Event Playlists

"ATHENA MASSACRE" -- Backstory/Arc Playlist
"NIGHT TERROR" -- Arc Playlist

Rogue Icon Web.png
The Pernicious Vicious
Big Spider
Sinoatrial Hunter
· Mutation Scrapper ·
Savage Melee / Dark Armor
Real Name
Sonnet E. Baxter
AP-014-SCY-SEB-SM, Bloody Mary, Arahk'ne, Amethyst
April 19th
Aria's Temple
Guardian of the Amethyst, assassin
Legal Status
Missing since the 1990's
Marital Status
Loh'kar/Inky Carcass
· Known Relatives ·
Myx'ulas (adopted younger brother), Nevai'rux (stepmother), Marr'kystas (stepfather), Nevai'rux's brood (step-family)
Physical Traits
Araneoid Maruloix
AP-SCY-V1 (Araneoid), Syren (Maruloix)
European-American (White)
Apparent Age
95 lbs.
Body Type
Streamlined; feminine Syren build; illusion of being underweight due to human bones
Black (two anterior eyes have hidden blue rings for irises)
Albinism leaves off-white skin with pale red stripes and spots
· Distinguishing Features ·
Blood Coral growing on body; jawless maw; saber fangs; Amethyst embedded in spine; four extra arms; thorny tail
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Illusion/Dream magic via the Amethyst
· Other Abilities ·
Super strength, potent venom, advanced hearing, hyper metabolism

Recent Changes (7/30/20)

  • Updated the following playlists: Arahk'ne [Main], Arahk'ne [Gameplay], Sinoatrial Host, MARIGOLD: Night Terror.
  • Created two new playlists: Spider's Kiss and Dreamcatcher. Playlists were created to differentiate between Arahk'ne's love songs and Loh'kar's love songs that are not otherwise shared in Sinoatrial Host.

WARNING: The information on this page is considered MATURE. Darker and heavier themes are utilized in this character's story.

tLqXUhM.png Backstory

The Web's History

The Web's true history remains buried beneath cobwebs and skeletons; on account of the Athena Massacre, many of its secrets died with its corrupt scientists. The Wanderer, mindless and mute, remains the single piece of evidence that not all was as it seemed, and that The Monarch died with his sanity.

Supposedly, the icon they dubbed as "Athena" was a false representation of a five-year-old mutant named Marigold Chase. Marigold had become some sort of arachnid metahuman and was unwanted as-is by her parents. Her uncle, Jeremy Chase, was an unethical--though successful--geneticist, studying the process of cell mutation. Marigold was left to Jeremy's mercy, and Jeremy brought together a team of trusted scientists to create The Web. Collected information indicated that Marigold possessed superhuman properties, and Jeremy sought to create a blood-based serum with which to create supersoldiers from. The supersoldiers created from Project: MARIGOLD were intended to be named "Athena's Poisons." This ultimately dehumanized Marigold further and turned her into a cash cow for The Web. Using blood samples drawn out of Marigold, The Web developed their Marigold Serum.

The Marigold Serum would supposedly provide superpowers not unlike the powers Marigold was developing. However, the serum itself was heavily tweaked to allow other traits of specified arachnids to affect the host, as well. Serum testing required volunteers, and the most prominent member to volunteer for Project: MARIGOLD was "Vernon Pascal," a late-middle-aged homeless man with an unrealized, untapped superhuman potential. Vernon and Marigold became very close, establishing a grandfather-granddaughter relationship. The bread and butter to this bond was Vernon's love for butterflies and the monarch butterfly cocoon he had gifted to Marigold. It was this bond which would ultimately break Vernon.

Vernon received a tweaked version of the Marigold Serum which was laced with the DNA of a Phoneturia nigriventer. This unlocked his potential and created the perfect supersoldier. Vernon was shockingly docile in comparison to the other Phoneturia Poisons, however, due to his hyper-toxic carbon dioxide, he was kept separated from other non-scientists. Supposedly, the Marigold serums were comparatively unsuccessful with all other volunteers--While they did successfully administer superhuman abilities, they also had major negative side effects, including monstrous mutations, mental and physical degradation, and even death. The serum reacted on a person-to-person basis and was highly unpredictable, resulting in a dozen or more unstable arachnid mutants of various subspecies.

Torn Wings

What The Web could never admit to was the apathetic nature of the project which resulted in Marigold's death. Her body endured unspeakable trauma and harmful chemical therapies. The details of the events following her death have stayed with the Athena's Poisons this entire time, and all cite Vernon as the due vengeance brought down. The Web's Wanderer snapped when he found Marigold's mutilated corpse, resulting in several of Jeremy's team members torn apart to "match the missing limbs that The Monarch had." The Wanderer bears visible scarring on his throat from the elephant tranquilizer darts that Jeremy used to permanently damage his vocal chords, in order to "keep him quiet" and bring him down.

What was left of Marigold's blood was converted into the last of the Marigold serums. Vernon never seemed to recover mentally, resulting in the loss of The Web's perfect supersoldier. To avoid the inevitable end of supply, a variant to the Marigold serum was crafted--The Wanderer's serum, made with Vernon's own superhuman blood.

This dark chapter of The Web is overall thought to be better left alone.

A Modern-Day Travesty

Jeremy Chase and his team went off the radar until the situation with Marigold had blown over, thanks to some crafty alibis and outlets. Chase intended to use the serum on younger hosts, which lead to his research for an education program that would allow him access to foster homes, orphans, and more of the homeless. The Web became public knowledge with the hiring of a child psychologist named Rebecca Orchid. Orchid was supposedly oblivious to The Web's true intentions and received a scholarship from the city. This scholarship allowed her to study the psychological effects an alternative schooling method would have on a child without certain parental reinforcement present.

Orchid began to visit foster homes and institutes to offer access to the program. The guidelines of the scholarship suggested that children of the ages 7-15 qualified for this experiment. When granted the go-ahead from overseers of the establishments, she would offer the volunteer study to the children. Orchid genuinely wished to care for the children and give them an education, which further hid The Web's intentions with the program. Among the children accepted into the program were Aaron Lister, Caroline Miller, and Leon Jou.


Sonnet Baxter, the little albino girl whom we know as Arahk'ne today, remembers none of the childhood that she had with her parents. Both Sylvia Baxter and Mason Baxter had artistic professions and it resulted in poverty. Sylvia had been roommates in college with Misty Shore, The Web's second-in-command and Chase's fiancé. Misty made the mistake of allowing the Baxter family to borrow a secret loan from The Web's funds so long as they paid back, with interest. Mason made allegations against Shore when payment was due, fearing the fall into a pyramid scheme. Shore did her best to avoid the devastating outcome, but in the end, Jeremy found out what Misty had done and hired a hit against Sonnet's parents. While her parents were not spared, Misty rescued Sonnet, who witnessed none of the murders, and Misty elected to try taking care of Sonnet herself.

Aside from Misty's bad habits, she was unfit as a parental figure to the five-year-old. Other members of The Web's team offered a hand in the care for the child, excluding Chase.

Team of Misfits

Shore and Orchid worked together when Misty saw opportunity for Sonnet to be with other children and give herself a break from caretaking. Orchid became more prominent in Sonnet's life, keeping her under her wing and trying to help her Selective Mutism. Alternatively, Misty began to drift away from Sonnet.

Among Orchid's star pupils in the program was Aaron Lister, an eleven-year-old with Tourette syndrome. He came across Sonnet when he helped carry book supplies to-and-from Orchid's office. Aaron assisted in the battle against Sonnet's Selective Mutism, and ultimately befriended the little duckling. This would lead to the meeting of Sonnet and Leon Jou, Aaron's best friend. The ten-year-old boy of mixed Hispanic-Korean background was a bully and infamous ring leader among the other children. His incessant harassment and bullying Sonnet would be the key to an unexpected bond later on. Sonnet had become right at home with Aaron and Leon, a nigh-inseparable trio. Orchid was forced to let Sonnet use a room across from the boys and allow her to stay with them overnight, else Sonnet would throw a fit.

The Price of Human Greed

The older children in the facility began to catch ear of rumors about children who "graduated" from the program and were never seen or heard from again. It resulted in work studies failing and children becoming defensive or reluctant to participate in the program further. Chase tried to reiterate the benefits to participating in the program--anywhere between educations and money in the adult world--but this only made the teenagers more worried. Somewhere along the line, unbeknownst to young Sonnet, her friends had become victims to a secret project and were then-on being forced into said project.

One of Leon's and Aaron's friends, Caroline Miller, a teenager prominent and outspoken in the anti-program stance, was the first to go. They lost track of her, and not long after, Aaron was also selected for this involuntary program. Aaron and Leon worked day and night to figure out a way of escape from The Web, but were unable to complete a cohesive plan. After Aaron was taken away, Leon began to lash out at Sonnet because of his pain, and she innocently gave him the same exact treatment. Leon realized that Sonnet was doing it because she was fed up with his behavior towards her. He did his best from then on to be kind to her and to play nicely with her. This caused Sonnet to develop a crush for the boy, but Leon maturely ignored her childish crush and continued his plans of escape.

Rather abruptly, Chase and Shore broke off their engagement after Shore found out about a mistress that Chase had. It broke Misty emotionally, triggering a pattern of alcoholism, and caused her to seek revenge against her ex-fiancé. Ultimate was the due outcome when Misty decided that she would make her own supersoldier, one to beat even Chase's Phoneturia nigriventer. Shore came up with an outline to create a Scytodes thoracia free of the Wanderer's content. The last of the Marigold serums would be dedicated to this special project, so Misty had to choose very carefully. After developing a theory that hosts for the serum had better chances of adapting if they were closer to Marigold's age before death, she fired up the project. It was no surprise that the team was horrified upon the discovery that the only child of age in the facility was Sonnet, who was not even a part of the misleading education program.

Misty bit the bullet and took Sonnet anyway. Leon had to be held at bay by two other scientists. With the loss of Sonnet to this unholy experimentation, he fled to Orchid and told her about the rumors, begging her to bring Sonnet back. Orchid arrived just in time to help revive Sonnet, whose heart had stopped beating upon receiving the injection. Just what The Web did to convince Orchid to keep her mouth shut remains a mystery.

With Misty's attempt to best Jeremy a failure, out of spite, Chase had Misty continue to look after her pet project. It was certain that Sonnet wouldn't last very long with the last Marigold serum in her bloodstream, but in the meantime, she was locked away in quarantine. The neglect and abuse Sonnet began to endure was very reminiscent of the horrors which Marigold endured before her.

Valentine's Day

An unlikely team between Orchid and Leon completed the plan of escape which Aaron and Leon had started. On Valentine's Day, Chase planned to take the day off to spend it with his mistress. This left Shore in charge for the day. This would be the day that the two would use to break out the children and experiments. However, several miscalculations and misunderstandings on their part resulted in the worst possible outcome.

Rebecca Orchid donned a chemical gas mask and snuck into the Phoneturia Poisons' sector. She attempted to ask The Wanderer for help, but upon learning that Chase had begun experimenting on children, The Wanderer went into a blind frenzy. He broke out of containment and began to assault absolutely anything that moved, including most scientists, a dozen Araneoids, and worse still, many children. Vernon's rampaging also freed some Araneoids from their prisons.

Meanwhile, Leon went looking for Aaron and Sonnet. Leon found Aaron as a full-blown Dolomedes tenebrosus and gained a super-strength ally. Aaron directed Leon to the quarantine zone, wherein they found an abused Sonnet on life support. It took a minute to regain the terrified girl's trust, but Aaron won her over. Barry Smith, one of the lead scientists, had been ordered by Misty to go an secure her Scytodes Poison while she tried to recover The Wanderer. Having witnessed The Wanderer's mind break over Marigold, Barry was going through a legitimate PTSD episode, killing Araneoids on sight. Not wanting to see Leon and Sonnet get hurt, Aaron faked aggression towards Barry to let Leon and Sonnet slip through. Sonnet witnessed Aaron be shot three times in the torso, before the heavy industrial doors he held open closed on him, crushing him. Witnessing Aaron's death, and with the Araneoid's sensitive hearing permitting it, she listened to his heart stop beating, before Sonnet seemed to succumb to her unstable mental state.

Leon and Sonnet came face-to-face with The Wanderer as they were leaving the Scytodes containment zone. The Wanderer could smell Marigold's blood in Sonnet, which triggered a docile response in him. He attempted to take Sonnet, but was interrupted by Araneoid Caroline spitting her web into his shoulder with the force of a bullet. Leon's arachnophobia was then realized as he helplessly witnessed The Wanderer tear Caroline apart.

The duo nearly made it out of the facility, but Shore showed up at the last minute with her prioritization having become Sonnet. She held Leon at gunpoint, only for the mentally-unstable Sonnet to charge her. Sonnet attacked Misty. Orchid arrived, trying to incapacitate Misty further and convince Leon that Sonnet was okay to trust, and that he needed to escape with Sonnet safely. Leon took some convincing, given the trauma he had just endured. In the end, Leon broke Sonnet away from Misty and escaped The Web with her.

The final blow of Valentine's Day came in the form of a perceived suicide on Sonnet's part. Leon and Sonnet were forced to navigate at night through unfamiliar woods, and to get into the city, they needed to cross a river. This river was supposedly cursed, according to those that lived in the city. Locals described a long monstrous shape guarding the river, and would describe strange phenomenons occurring near the river deemed too dangerous to investigate alone. Sonnet can only recall impressions of the following events to this day, and both she and Leon cannot tell the same tale.

Leon attempted to find a way for them to cross the river. For the moment that he left Sonnet alone, Sonnet apparently saw visions of beautiful colors and warped shapes, and an indescribable maternal figure who beckoned her into her arms. Leon saw Sonnet walk directly into the river, and certainly made no attempt to resurface. He dove in after her when he realized that she was drowning, only to be assaulted with horrific sounds and images of a lamprey swarm. These lamprey latched onto his skin and made deep holes. He pulled Sonnet above the surface and got turned around. He tried to pull her to land when he realized that she was already unconscious. Sonnet was supposedly already in a mystical sleep. When its illusions did not convince Leon to leave its to-be host, the Amethyst's aspect rose from the water and swam towards Leon. Leon was forced to release Sonnet before the aspect could harm him. The moment he released Sonnet, the terrors of the river were gone, and the wounds from the lamprey were gone.

Forced to watch Sonnet sink underwater, Leon fled towards the city, not to be seen for a long time.

The Athena Massacre

(WARNING: Details under this section are violent and not meant for weak stomachs.)

The following are reports from the Athena Massacre of 3/14/1993. File has since gone cold as of 11/20/1993.

  • Investigative notes provided by Lt. Taylor
Misty Shore - Victim One

Shore was found in bed of upstairs apartment. Time of death estimated to be 2:21 am. Shore's body was found the morning following their death. Police had been contacted by her neighbor, JoAnn Hill, who noticed the front door had been destroyed. Break-in was done by animal-like claw marks on front door of apartment. Body had been entirely drained of blood; no blood was found at murder site. Sternum in chest was broken and ribs pulled open. Unidentifiable bite marks and shards of unnatural coral were found in bone. Lungs had been melted by a corrosive secretion. Heart had been removed from Shore's body. Evidence from post-autopsy suggests that Shore passed away of a heart attack in their sleep. No signs of a robbery in the home. Pistol was found on the living room floor cocked but not loaded.

Jeremy Chase - Victim Two

Chase was found on floor in kitchen of home. Kitchen showed signs of a struggle. Time of death estimated to be 3:15 am. Chase's body was found on 3/15/1993 when police went to investigate Chase over the death of his ex-fiancé. Window in upstairs bedroom had been shattered, suggesting a break-in. Body had been entirely drained of blood, but trace amounts were found at the crime scene. Sternum in chest was broken and ribs pulled open. Unidentifiable bite marks and shards of unnatural coral were found in bone. Lungs and eyes had been melted by a corrosive secretion. Heart had been removed from Chase's body. Face and scalp had been completely eaten off. Back of the skull had two puncture marks. Post-autopsy suggested large tusks of an unidentifiable animal had pierced his skull through the eye sockets. Cookie-cutter bite marks were found all over the face of the skull. Evidence proves that cause of death was suffocation. Chase may have been under the influence of alcohol, according to neighbors who had seen Chase earlier that night, but no alcohol contents were found in stomach.

Rebecca Orchid - Victim Three

Orchid was found on floor in kitchen of apartment. Upstairs hallway had a window wide open, which suggests site of entity entry. Time of death estimated to be 3:57 am on 3/14. Orchid's body was discovered a week after death when a wellness check was requested by her sister, Natalie Orchid, when Rebecca had not been returning her calls. No signs of a struggle were found in the home. Orchid was found in a pool of their own blood with a child's blanket pulled over the body and a stuffed rabbit tucked under their arm. A large kitchen knife was found in neck. Cause of death is suicide. Rigor mortis suggested that Orchid had been in great emotional distress when they passed. Disfigured and almost-human handprints were found in the remains and leading a trail to the upstairs window. Based on the footprints, the entity is thought to have six hands and two feet, and possibly a tail, due to pattern. The handprints and footprints are about the size of a human child's.

Barry Smith & Sophia Smith - Victims Four & Five

Barry Smith was found hanging in a noose from the ceiling in the living room of home. Noose material was a sticky silk and resembled spider webbing. The silk had been laced with a corrosive secretion found in other victims of a similar fashion. Time of death estimated to be 4:45 am. Body was discovered the next day by nephew, Johnathan Hoover, when Sophia Smith did not pick up their nephew from [REDACTED]. The front door was ajar and Smith is thought to have been sleepwalking, according to medical history. Neighbors reported screaming during the night, but had assumed it was caused by Smith's sleepwalking, as they were familiar with his condition. Body and floor beneath the body was soaked with blood. Unidentifiable bite marks and shards of unnatural coral were found in bone. Several lacerations and holes were found in arms and legs. Lungs had been melted by a corrosive secretion. Heart had been removed from Smith's body through a fist-sized hole in their back. Cause of death is uncertain. Rigor mortis would suggest that Smith had been in extreme distress upon death, suggesting that they were no longer sleepwalking by the time they had been hung.

Sophia Smith was found at the foot of the staircase covered with lacerations, bite marks, and claw marks. Time of death estimated to be 4:48 am. Blood was found in body and made up a large puddle surrounding body. Prominent cookie-cutter bite marks that chewed ankle to the bone link death with other victims of the Athena Massacre. Cause of death is thought to be impalement by a very large, curved blade. Heart had been removed from Smith's body most likely by the impalement. Evidence would suggest that a struggle began upstairs and that Smith had been dragged from the bathroom and down the staircase by their ankle. Splatter marks further suggest that Smith had been dragged by an eight-limbed creature. Water and gasoline was found in the bathtub and a spent match was found near the bathtub. Stomach contents showed that Smith had attempted to overdose using over-the-counter medication, which could cause heart failure if misused. Smith may have been setting a trap for the assailant or intending to commit suicide. Rigor mortis would suggest that Smith had been in extreme distress upon death.

PYMLcWK.png Social

RP Hooks/Traits

  • Spitter! - Arahk'ne's DNA belongs in part to the scytodidae thoracis! (That's the scientific name for the "spitting spider.")
  • Patience is Key. - Arahk'ne will hang back before engaging in direct combat to apply as many debuffing and incapacitate spells as she can on her prey.
  • Tastes Metallic... - Arahk'ne's venom will liquidate her prey's internal organs. She consumes the heart and all blood before leaving the softened flesh for the Bloodstone and/or the Opal.
  • Pristine! - Arahk'ne is always clean and tidy. She gets after others who are not. She loves to preen or be groomed by Loh'kar.
  • Too Many Joints. - Arahk'ne often gets muscle cramps and feels taut at the base of her additional arms. It is unbearable for her some days, and so she spends those days exercising and stretching the pain away. (Massages from people she trusts are always pleasant.)
  • Sp0oky. - Arahk'ne leaves many people shook. Lots of people do not like spiders!
  • Intelligence Abound. - Arahk'ne is, in spite of being an unfortunate mix of monstrosity, very smart, and has quite the personality about her.
  • Lone Hunter - Arahk'ne doesn't really do the whole "friend" thing very well.
  • Chaotic Neutral and...A Little Misguided - Arahk'ne is Chaotic-Neutral. She was raised from a very young age in the hands of unsightly sorts, so how "evil" she is has no defined line. However, there is no excusing the evil she ends up doing. Arahk'ne classifies as a Chaotic-Neutral Villain.
  • Araneoids =/= Arachnoids! - Although there are coincidences between Araneoids and Arachnoids, they are two separate beasts entirely! Arahk'ne despises Arachnos for its own attempts at super soldiers, and although she does not register Arachnoids the same way she would berserk on another Araneoid, she enjoys using the Arachnoids as target practice.
  • Not Only Blood! - Arahk'ne does not only eat/drink blood. She also enjoys: blue kool-aid, strawberry milk, fat and grit from cooked meats, shrimp pulled from its shell, kiwi fruit, chicken liver, fatty veal, marshmallows, and fish. She is extremely picky and will only eat these foods a certain way, however.
  • Cardiophile - Arahk'ne is a cardiophile--Not to be mistaken with cardiofetish. She is interested in all things having to do with the heart, and holds the organ in high importance, believing it to be more important than the brain.
  • Baby Blues - Arahk'ne's eyes are black as ink at first glance, but if a light enters her anterior eyes, the light blue rings of what can be likened to her irises are seen within. These rings are key in knowing her level of consciousness.
  • Sharp Nose - Arahk'ne's nose is superb. She can smell alcohol, recent flesh wounds, or other liquids from up to three football fields away. However, the smell of alcohol puts Arahk'ne off, and she avoids it like the plague.
  • Caffeine, Begone - Arahk'ne can get "drunk" off of caffeine if she ingests enough of it. Rather than becoming sluggish in the way one might with too much alcohol, her mind begins to race, and she becomes significantly more vocal about her inner thoughts.
  • Thump-Thump-Thump. - Arahk'ne's heartbeat includes three rapid pulses between intervals. it's speculated that this is due to the crazy mutations she's taken on.
  • Six-Eyed - Marigold was an Agelenopsis, AKA a "grass spider." This is a spider with eight eyes. However, Arahk'ne inherited only six of the eyes of an Agelenopsis and maintained the same eye pattern Marigold had. :0 0:
  • Stick in the Mud? - Arahk'ne gets called this all the time, and despite her efforts to understand what it means and change it, she to this day remains a stick in the mud.
  • Touchy - The Syren communicate very intimately with each other, platonically or romantically, by touch. A human gesture might mean something very different to a Syren. It's best to not touch Arahk'ne until you understand what means what.
  • Self-Sufficient - Arahk'ne's room has a stream running throughout, and it is full of fish of similar species. She has a trap in her web which, when set up, allows for fish outside of the Temple to get caught in the wrong current and be pulled into her web. From here, she distributes the fish into the stream to spawn and provide her means of consistent food access. Sometimes, she will make certain species fight for her amusement, consuming the victor afterward.
  • Nocturnal Creature - Arahk'ne's is nocturnal. She is most active in the evening until sunrise. She can stay awake for two or three days straight with little to no side-effects. However, when she does sleep, one cannot find her awake at any time before noon; she leaves her room, on average, around 2:00pm.
  • Web Bed - Even out-of-web spiders need at least one web to come back to. Arahk'ne cannot sleep well or even comfortably on any surface unless it is her own web. Her body cannot be fooled by a hammock made to mimic her web. The imprint of her web is significant. The structure of her web mimics a funnel.
  • Phobia Amalgamate - Arahk'ne's character concept plays upon different phobias, such as arachnophobia, aquaphobia, hemophobia, and ophthalmophobia.
  • Broodmother - Arahk'ne has been given a Broodmother necklace by her Host. Her necklace has the toothless skull of a male Syren whom Loh'kar defeated, with precious jet in its eye sockets. Along the cord of the necklace runs shapes like teeth, which are cast in gold. Emerald shards are fastened to and wound about the cord. Clear quartz is strategically adorning areas where dangling, pure marble resides with bone-like shapes.

Friends, Enemies, & Others

Athena's Poisons


  • True Name: Marigold Keller Chase, "The Monarch"
  • Spider family: Agelenidae
  • Spider genus: Agelenopsis (American grass spider)
  • Spider species: Agelenopsis spatula
  • Abilities: Super speed, mild super strength, advanced puzzle-solving skills, trap building, hyper metabolism, heightened hearing, hooks in fingers for grappling tough terrain


  • True Name: Vernon Clarence Pascal, "The Wanderer"
  • Serum: MARIGOLD
  • Spider family: Ctenidae
  • Spider genus: Phoneturia (Wandering spider)
  • Spider species: Phoneturia nigriventer
  • Abilities: Super speed, absurd super strength, leap distance of 440 yards, hyper metabolism, heightened hearing, radiation immunity, tough hide, venom potency (neurotoxic carbon dioxide), chitin spikes in striped limbs for spearing, night vision


  • True Name: Aaron Quinton Lister, "The Martyr"
  • Serum: VERNON
  • Spider family: Pisauridae
  • Spider genus: Dolomedes (Fishing spider)
  • Spider species: Dolomedes tenebrous
  • Abilities: 1/4th of The Wanderer's speed, 1/5th of The Wanderer's strength, leap distance of 35 yards, hyper metabolism, heightened hearing, underwater breathing, waterproof web crafting, night vision


  • True Name: Caroline Ann Miller, "The Sniper"
  • Serum: VERNON
  • Spider family: Scytodidae
  • Spider genus: Scytodes (Spitting spider)
  • Spider species: Scytodes globula
  • Abilities: Leap distance of 100 yards, hyper metabolism, heightened hearing, web spitting at estimated speeds of 1,000 ft. per second, advanced trap building, tough hide


  • True Name: Marshall Rolland Wick, "The Fang"
  • Serum: VERNON
  • Spider family: Lycosidae
  • Spider genus: Lycosa (Wolf spider)
  • Spider species: Lycosidae poe
  • Abilities: 2/3rds of The Wanderer's speed, 1/3rd of The Wanderer's strength, leap distance of 350 yards, hyper metabolism, heightened hearing, tough hide, chitin spikes on wrists for grappling, advanced eyesight (can see extra color), night vision

Abyssals & Mariians

Shaper Xi'on

  • Pronunciation: Sey-oun
  • Aliases: Xi'on the Seer
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Crystal's Shaper
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Kept Arahk'ne under his psychic influence until she was nine. Taught her how to best utilize the Amethyst. Attempted to keep Leon as a human pet and servant. Gave Arahk'ne the Opal to select its inheritor. Hid Arahk'ne away from society on account of her unstable psyche.

Arahk'ne and Xi'on were, in hindsight, never on good terms. Though Arahk'ne appreciates Xi'on getting through to her on how to utilize the Amethyst, he left souring memories from his attempts to psychically control her and brainwash her. Despite Xi'on's best efforts to kill what humanity remained in Sonnet, he never seemed to succeed, and at best, she remembers him as a very harsh professor. Arahk'ne may never realize that Xi'on had been using her as a mystic experiment.

Seeker Vynn'trikol

  • Pronunciation: Vein-uh-try-coal
  • Aliases: Vynn
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Crystal's Seeker
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Retrieved Arahk'ne from land. Coddled Arahk'ne and treated her as her own child. Often saved Arahk'ne from one of her husband's odd studies. Hid Arahk'ne away from society on account of her unstable psyche.

One of two of Arahk'ne's maternal figures, Vynn'trikol was always there to rescue Arahk'ne from her husband's tirades or harsh lessons. Arahk'ne fondly remembers Vynn'trikol as the first soothing voice she heard in Mariian. The Amethyst had bonded easily with its Seeker, therefore the damage was great when Vynn'trikol passed away. It is something which Arahk'ne still blames herself for.


  • Pronunciation: Neh-vey-uh-rooks
  • Aliases: (Grand) Broodmother Nevai'rux
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Adoptive Syren brood mother
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Taught Arahk'ne the way of the Syren. Showed Arahk'ne how to manipulate her voice and taught her how to communicate verbally with the Syren mouth. Accepted Arahk'ne into her brood. Did not treat Arahk'ne any less for her partial human blood, nor allowed her children to.

Number two of Arahk'ne's maternal figures. The one called "mother" by Arahk'ne is the Elder Broodmother (and closest associated to Shaper Xi'on). Arahk'ne is heavily influenced by Nevai'rux's culture, and her vocal techniques show signs of Nevai'rux's influence, as well. If something were to ever go wrong, Arahk'ne knows that Nevai'rux would take her in without question.


  • Pronunciation: Zye-ur-uh-nah-koon-ah
  • Aliases: Broodmother Cyr'nakna
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Fellow designated Broodmother
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Considered the most gorgeous pure-blood Syren. Knows how to assert her power without always getting into physical fights. Shares similar ideals with Arahk'ne. Does not mind Arahk'ne's partial human blood, but is hypocritical towards Loh'kar's.

Shockingly enough, Arahk'ne gets along best with Cyr'nakna in comparison to other Broodmothers. Cyr'nakna, though as two-faced of a snake as she is, has never forgotten that Arahk'ne--according to religion--has a fragment of Goddess Aria's soul inside her. Therefore, she knows how to respect a goddess and will always take Arahk'ne's side on matters. Beyond the sheer respect that Cyr'nakna shows Arahk'ne, the two can relate on many levels--Being two beautiful Syren can garner much unwanted attention, and though Cyr'nakna likes the spotlight, she will console Arahk'ne when the Amethyst is given unwanted attention.


  • Pronunciation: Joo-uh-brick-sis
  • Aliases: Broodmother Ju'brixas, Gremlin (by Arahk'ne)
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Fellow designated Broodmother
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Prominent Broodmother figure during the Elegy of War story arc. Much too childish and vulgar, and not yet old enough to rear a brood. Insists on calling Arahk'ne her mother.

During the Elegy of War arc, Arahk'ne had been summoned to Ju'brixas' aid when Ju'brixas' mother, the original Broodmother, Cori'beaux, was killed in battle. Ju'brixas and Arahk'ne instantly were at odds when the stubborn child demanded Arahk'ne take certain action without actually becoming the temporary Broodmother of the brood. It will never fail to unnerve Arahk'ne when she hears Ju'brixas gloat about how "my eye was ripped out by the goddess," only to hear how jealous those hearing the tale are. As much as Ju'brixas can get on Arahk'ne's nerves, Arahk'ne knows that she plays a crucial role in the future of her brood, and that all she needs is some tough guidance to get on the right track.

Aria's Children

Shaper Col'stahlk

  • Pronunciation: Cah-luh-stulk
  • Aliases: Col'stahlk the Ancient
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Took in Arahk'ne after Xi'on's demise. Upholds Xi'on's ideals when dealing with her role as a Guardian.

No one knows better than Arahk'ne to stay hidden on the monastery grounds or retreat to the surface when Col'stahlk begins one of his wrath-invoked rants.


  • Pronunciation: Ruck-ore-ehn
  • Aliases: Raak
  • Crystal: Diamond
  • Crystal Shaper: Col'stahlk
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Fellow Child of Aria
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Most powerful Master Crystal wielder. Rescued Arahk'ne after Xi'on's demise in the Lucid Dreaming arc, and assisted in saving her from Loh'kar's abduction during the Night Terror arc. Offers strength and reinforcement through the Diamond to the Amethyst. Has been with Arahk'ne for as long as she can remember post-Project: MARIGOLD. Does not judge Arahk'ne for her partial human blood and encourages her trips to the surface.

Raakorahn is the one Maruloix that Arahk'ne truly views as a brother. He replaced that source of protection that was lost with Vynn'trikol's demise, and as Arahk'ne grew up, Raakorahn helped prepare her for the adult world--When Nevai'rux thought it was safe to let her go, of course. To this day, Raakorahn brings Arahk'ne peace of mind and will forever be the only Guardian who enjoys the idea of sitting around and philosophizing for hours.


  • Pronunciation: Luh-uh-cur
  • Aliases: Inky Carcass, Ebon Carcass, Leon Jou
  • Crystal: Opal
  • Crystal Shaper: Xi'on
  • Status to Arahk'ne: Broodmother's Host/Leon/Significant Other
  • Key points for Arahk'ne: Leon. Has been present in Arahk'ne's life off-and-on. Forgave her for initially cursing him with the Opal. Knows better than anyone how Araneoids work both physically and psychologically. Rescued Arahk'ne twice from The Web. Calls her "Lovely." Obnoxious--if not sometimes offensive--flirt, but she knows he means well. Bickers playfully with Arahk'ne in a way reminiscent of their childhood, which holds them close together.

Leon is the single entity in this world who brings color to Sonnet's vision. The Amethyst radiates enlightenment and creativity when in the presence of its Opal. For all of the damage that Arahk'ne has caused him, and the damage she did not cause, Arahk'ne wants nothing more than to settle down and give Leon a peaceful life that he deserves. The Amethyst continues to craft this dreamworld where all of Loh'kar's needs are met, and they both are happy in the quiet. On the flipside, Loh'kar must be very careful with his Broodmother, as with the Araneoid corruption, her obsession with him is borderline insanity--Enough that she could break.

Various Quotes

Some quotes may contain mature language.

"Thank you." "Shit, Mary, that wasn't a compliment." "I appreciate it." "Fuck."
Arahk'ne and Cher, Casual Roleplay (Discord, 2017)

Sonnet's image was distorted, reflected on the dark, hollow lens of his many eyes. Caroline seized this momentary distraction to spit her venom-laced bullet into The Wanderer's clavicle.
The Wanderer, "Project: MARIGOLD" Storywriting (Archives)

"She's just mad because she couldn't stay in and knit with the ladies."
Inky Carcass, Casual Roleplay (Discord, 2017)

"...And others will lash out. It is a natural reaction to fear. To place the blame where blame is not meant to be. And, my dear Amethyst, in the moment you do not heed, they will come to the truth. And you will have your prize."
Xi'on (memory), "Transmogrification" Event Roleplay (Discord, 2019)

"The humanity in your eye sickens me. Why do you cling to it?" "You told me I could be what I wanted to be."
Xi'on (memory) and Arahk'ne, "Transmogrification" Event Roleplay (Discord, 2019)

"This is her favorite horror character. Look at this shit" "Excuse me but please don't bully my spider she is having a bad time right now"
@mightyBos and @Photon Cannon, Out of Character (Discord, 2018)

"Syrens are just water cats"
@Photon Cannon, Out of Character (Discord, 2019)

@Photon Cannon, Out of Character (Discord, 2019)

"[SYR] And where is your necklace? More importantly, why is it you never visit? Has your ego grown so big that you can't be bothered to visit the Syren who raised you?"
Nevai'rux, "Coat of Kin" Event Roleplay (Discord, 2019)

"Oh, my dearest. Your sarcasm is falling faint on me. You will have to excuse me."
Arahk'ne, "Transmogrification" Event Roleplay (Discord, 2019)

"[ABYS] Hey. Sonnet. Do you remember the promise I made to you back in the Web?" "[ABYS] Yes." "[ABYS] I haven't been doing a very good job."
Inky Carcass and Arahk'ne, "Coat of Kin" Event Roleplay (Discord, 2019)

"...Huh? Magic?" "Magnet is also slow in the head. Yes, magic, you dunce."
Mike Ramiro and Arahk'ne,, Casual Roleplay (CoH, 2020)

"I wonder what the heart of a god would taste like." "...Let me know."
Arahk'ne and Dishonor,, AE Roleplay (CoH, 2020)

"Stop acting like a child." "YOU stop acting like a child!"
Arahk'ne and Inky Carcass,, Casual Roleplay (CoH, 2020)

"She thinks I'm hot, for some reason." "*She was still giving him doe eyes. Is she okay?*"
Inky Carcass and Arahk'ne,, Casual Roleplay (CoH, 2020)

"... Nice dress." "Thank you."
Fighting Gold and Arahk'ne,, Casual Roleplay (CoH, 2020)

@Macchiato and @mightyBos, Out of Character (CoH, 2020)

Out-of-Character Q & A

  • Q: Do you have arachnophobia?

The answer is, yes, I do suffer from arachnophobia. I suffer from mild panic attacks if subjected to images of spiders' faces, as their eyes strike fear in me. Creating a monster character like Arahk'ne, while also attempting to develop a relatable personality for her, and doing a lot of studying about spiders, is my means of attempting to cope with my arachnophobia. I've come a very long way in this regard.

  • Q: What gave you inspiration for this character?

One can say that Arahk'ne is the culmination of all of my fears put into one being. Even Arahk'ne's drowning attempt was inspired by my fear of being underwater and a bad experience I had at a pool when I was a child. Coincidentally, on my birthday, I was thinking to myself, "how badly can I scare myself with just one character?" I suppose I wished to create authentic horror. I closed my eyes, and that was the first time Arahk'ne's face popped into my head. The results were notably effective.

  • Q: Was Arahk'ne an Arachnoid on Live? And if so--Why not just make her an Arachnoid again?

Arahk'ne was an Arachnoid on Live. However, given that I am planning out a unique novel series for my main characters, and because CoH originally shut down, I opted to create something custom, rather than to ride on the coattails of another. Over the course of seven years, I carefully crafted Arahk'ne to be what she is now and established her character as something not found in CoH's gameplay. I find my custom organization to be more interesting than what is found with the Arachnoids, and Arahk'ne has been developed upon so much by The Web's lore, that to make her an Arachnoid would entirely and drastically change her character. These are things that I do not want.

  • Q: Amethysts are believed to hold healing and cleansing properties in some religions or practices. Why is this rendition of it so different?

It's true that I simply chose the gem for its color, initially, because "purple" to me said "venom." However, it's very important to note that the Amethyst is cleansing for its wielder. The Amethyst is the anti-venom to her Marigold blood. When speaking in terms chakras, the amethyst is linked to the "crown chakra." It "helps to purify and protect the mind and clear it of negative thoughts." When Arahk'ne starts to become too agitated due to chemical imbalance brought on by the Marigold blood, the magic emitting from the Crystal injects an earthen chemical into her spine and alleviates her. It's just not a purifying stone for anyone else involved. Thanks, Xi'on.

  • Q: How has Arahk'ne's luck been in any textfights?

Very unlucky! Both simply the vanilla way and the dice-rolling way, Arahk'ne has a bad habit of losing the fights she picks, and there is no bias during these fights. She keeps getting an arm broken or a few bullets in her torso and is forced to run away. She had a friend's character in a bad position once, and I said to them, "I think this is it. I think she might win for once in her life." The following dice roll put her chance to hit at zero and put her opponent's chance at hitting very high and made it a critical hit. From there, it was a downward spiral for rolls. I cursed RNG for the rest of that roleplay.

  • Q: What is Arahk'ne's weakness?

There has been much debate by many people towards me that a large flamethrower, newspaper, or shoe can do the job. They're not entirely wrong. Arahk'ne is especially susceptible to giant newspapers.

Zr8kVSJ.png Artwork


jEL6WKf.png NadLMuW.png mTIWL6j.png vOtfKgF.png

(Left to right) Unknown model found on Behance (WARNING: tasteful nudity shown with modeling)

6zBhL1I.png CrZFWqN.png 8ktpEzO.png

(All) Koko from "Jormungand"

Avatar Makers

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(Left to right) All created on Picrew

Official Artwork


(Left to right) Arahk'ne commission by GainGator, (Click to view larger images) [1]

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