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the Avenging Specter
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Kyle Jablonski
Known Aliases: the Hunter, Him, Spec, the Scourge of the Underworld
Species: Human
Age: Classified
Height: Classified
Weight: Classified
Eye Color: Classified
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Portal Corp researcher, goverment opretive
Place of Birth: Coral Springs, FL
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kathy Jablonski(Mother; Deceased), Gary Jablonski(Father; Deceased)
Known Powers
able to wield a force known as "negative energy" that allows for flight, Dark Armor, dark melee, as well as invisibility and thanks to the negative energy coursing thru his body he now has enhanced durability(not bulletproof though) and peak human strength (able to lift 600 lbs under optimal conditions)
Known Abilities
genius intellect, PHD and doctorate's in advanced physics, particle physics, and nuclear physics, minor in chemistry, knowledge of the criminal underworld
Wrist comm. unit, with Head-Up Display and portable computer for research
No additional information available.




Due to the tragedy he experienced during the first Rikti war he tends to be gruff and standoffish at first glance. He studies everyone he meets sizing up their strengths and weakness as well as there content. If he deems the subject friendly and a possible ally he will slowly begin to warm up to them until a begrudging friendship and respect is established. He frequently uses sarcasm, wit, and dark humor but his devotion to duty is second to none, mercilessly hunting down those who he deems criminals and meting out his brutal justice. Although brutal he’s not without compassion. He only gives out his final vengeance "death" to those he deems completely, utterly, irredeemable evil. He's also a patriot and would gladly die a thousand times for his country. His priority can best be summed up in his motto “Protect the innocent...avenge the fallen...punish the guilty"

"Negative Energy"

Negative energy is a new type of energy discovered by Portal Corp researcher Kyle Jablonski (a.k.a the avenging specter). Negative energy is rather peculiar in many ways. Much like a black hole, it absorbs certain ambient energies (energies capable of being absorbed include light, electricity, thermal energy, radiation, matter). Negative energy also has a lovely variety of strange and lethal effects on biological organisms and mechanical organisms to a lesser extent. Kyle's alter ego the Avenging Specter has shown to be proficient in the use of negative energy. He's able to mold it as if it were clay. Kyle surmises that because of his extended stay in the negative zone he has become a portal or "conduit" to the negative zone. His body has become in tune with the dimension in essence becoming an extension of himself, which explains why he is immune to the dimensions lethal radiation. Kyle is currently conducting research on the negative zone and its unique brand of energy in order to get a better understanding of its powers.


ShadowFighting MidnightGrasp.pngMidnight Grasp by opening a small tear in to the negative zone the avenging specter can create tentacles made of negative energy that can Immobilize a foe, reduce their chance to hit and continuously drain their life force, the tentacles seem to have a life of their own, it is unknown whether the specter has complete control over the tentacles.

ShadowFighting DarkConsumption.png Dark Consumption the dark power of the negative zone allows the specter in to tap the essence of his foe's life-force and transfer it to himself thus increasing his endurance, it is said this ability could allow him to run an 8-mile marathon nonstop.

ShadowFighting StealPower.pngSoul Drain Using this power the specter can drain the essence of all nearby foes life-force, thus increasing his strength many times that of a normal meta-human. At times the specter has gained the ability to lift in excess of over 100 tons for a short time, in addition the extra life-force in the specters system increases his neural activity making his reflexes faster as well which allows him to land his blows more often.

ShadowFighting ShadowMaul.pngShadow Maul by channeling the Negative Energy from the Negative zone in to his arm muscles the avenging specter can then perform a series of speedy blows that deal a lot of damage over a short period of time to multiple targets in front of him, due to the negative energy that seeps into the victim during these attacks the victims visual receptors become murky and as a result it becomes hard to see and thus hit the specter.

ShadowFighting ShadowPunch.pngShadow Punch By wrapping his fists with Negative Energy channeled from the negative zone, the avenging specter is able to perform a quick punch that deals minor damage. Due to the negative energy that seeps into the victim during this attack the victim’s visual receptors become murky and as a result it becomes hard to see and thus hit the specter.

ShadowFighting SiphonLife.pngSiphon Life by tapping into the power of the Negative zone the specter create a life transferring conduit between a foe and himself. This will transfer his foes life-force from the enemy to himself, the power works like thermal transference with the heat (life force) moving to the cooler object(the avenging specter). Foes that have been siphoned in this manner have reported an intense feeling of cold as they’ve been drained causing impaired vision as well as uncontrolled tremors which in turn causes reduced accuracy

ShadowFighting Smite.pngSmite by stimulating his fist and arm muscles with large amounts of Negative Energy channeled from the Negative zone the specter is able to deliver an intense blow that has on occasion been known to cause tempory brain damage thus lowering his foes chance to hit him.

ShadowFighting TouchOfFear.pngTouch of Fear by tactile contact the avenging specter can give a glimpse in to the hellish black void that is the negative zone, the negative energy seeps in to the nerve center of the victim causing intense fear and paralysis as the subject views the dark dimension, this works by the negative energy blocking certain neurons causing intense feelings of panic and by disabling all muscles from the waist down. There have been a few reported cases of this power casing enough damage to the nervous system that certain victims’ have become brain-dead.

DarkArmor DarkEmbrace.pngDark Embrace by tapping into the energy of the Negative zone to protect himself from damage, the specter creates a partially physical shield that can protect him from many forms of damage

DarkArmor CloakOfDarkness.pngCloak of Darkness when the specter activates this power he partially phases in to the negative zone, making him difficult to spot at a distance. It has been noted while this power active he can only be seen at close range, or if he attacks a target. Even if seen, the Cloak of Darkness grants him a bonus to Defense to all attacks and some protection from Immobilization. Since the negative zone overlaps the material world the specter has a unique vantage point only available when in the negative zone, allowing him to better see Stealthy foes. Being partially phased into the weightless negative zone allows the specter to move as if he were in space

DarkArmor DarkRegeneration.pngDark Regeneration the specter can tap the dark essence of the Negative zone to drain a small amount of life from all enemies nearby, thus healing himself. This ability has gotten the specter out of many a jam and gives him incredible staying power in a fight

DarkArmor TouchOfDeath.pngDeath Shroud by opening minute microscopic tears into the negative zone around his body Negative Energy is released causing damage to all foes around him that are within a short distance. Thru a minor act of will the specter is able to shield his comrades form the deadly radiation

DarkArmor DefractingCloud.pngMurky Cloud when the specter activates this power he partially phases in to the negative zone. Protecting part of him from the attacks of the tangible world

DarkArmor SoulTransfer.pngSoul Transfer Should he fall in battle, the specter can perform a extreme variation of dark Regeneration, ripping the life force of all foes around him to bring himself back from the brink of death. The more foes nearby, the more life is restored to him. Due to the quick and painful transfer of the foes life-force they are left Disoriented. Also due to the extreme influx of energy reactivating the specters dead muscles his above average body takes on super-human durability temporally making his body as hard as imperivum

Temporary Warburg MassiveDamage.pngnegative nuke by far the specters most dangerous ability to date, by actively tearing open a large hole in to the negative zone allowing the full force of the zone to stream thru this tear in space with the force of a nuclear missile hence the "nuke" .the specter has yet to test this ability yet and has resolved to only use this in either the most desperate circumstance or against a very challenging foe

Invisibility Invisibility.pngInvisibility this power acts as a sort of black hole for light, when light strikes the specter instead of refracting and returning to the subjects visual receptors it's absorbed in to the negative zone making it appear as if the specters not there. This power is not 100% effective however. The specter has noted that those with psi abilities, intuion, and highly advanced equipment have been able to detect the specter on occasion.

Flight TravelFlight.pngflight



Friends & allies


Khor'karn or "khor" as he calls her remains a mystery to the specter .she’s the leader of the specters current super group the astral guardians ,she’s a she, and when asked where she came from she simply replied "space" yet despite all the mystery surrading khor the specter has come to trust khor with his very life. when asked by a fellow super group member why somebody with his intelligence, contacts, and abilities didn’t find out more about khor he simple shrugged and said "everybody deserves to keep a secret or two even aliens"


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