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The Vengeful
Blast Cycle
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Picture drawn by tovio911
· MutantOriginicon mutation.png V archetypeicon corruptor.pngCorruptor ·
Fire Blast
Radiation Infection
Soul Mastery
Player: @Blast Cycle
Super Group
The Challengers
Real Name
Joseph Constantine
Blast, BC, Joe, Jojo, Cyke
August 5, 1986
Paragon City, Rhode Island
Kings' Row
Part-Time Chef, Vigilante
Legal Status
Erased criminal records (Clean)
Marital Status
Single (Dating Grace Harrison)
· Known Relatives ·
Marcus Constantine (Father, and known criminal 'Afterburner.')
Emily Constantine (Mother, and known criminal 'Infectant.')
Dante Constantine (Brother, and known criminal 'Burn Side.')
Physical Traits
Mutant Human
Apparent Age
6' 2"
Body Type
Green and Red flames
· Distinguishing Features ·
Scar under his left eye
Powers & Abilities
Fire Blast
Radiation Emission
Patron Pool
Soul Master
Power Pools
Leadership, Leaping, Speed, Fighting
· Equipment ·
Revolver, Smoke Grenades, Drones, Stealth Cloak, Cybernetic Arm
· Other Abilities ·
Street Brawling, Quick Learning, Reflexes
It Begins

Everyone has a story. Some are extravagant and all loving. Others, full of stress and despair. But, what of the those in-between? Joseph Constantine, a now caring and loving man. This is his story.

The Orphanage

At the very young age of 6 months, Joseph Constantine was much like most others in Paragon City. Left by his parents and placed on an orphanage's footsteps, Joseph grew up not knowing his parents.

Ever since Joseph could remember, he has had the capability of controlling flames. He naturally had a handle on them, controlling them very easily; unlike other heroes, who would take many years to master and still possibly be at a lower level. Although he had very little friends, life was simple; the orphanage mother would have her mood swings, turning from a kind loving mother, to a cold-hearted witch. But, even with the somewhat undiscernable mother, Joseph never complained. He had a roof over his head, food, and for the time being, freedom of ridicule for the use of powers.

Joseph's real trouble began when he was ten years old; the orphanage's oven caught ablaze, even though there was nothing inside of it. It was a warm Summer afternoon in the 'backyard' of the orphanage; Joseph had been outside, practicing the use of his powers and attempting to further study them and practice his capabilities when the mother saw. She took him in and blamed him for the oven exploding and threatening the lives of all the other orphans. Later that day, he was kicked from the orphanage, only to be left on the dirty streets of Kings Row; an orphan with no home, family, or friends.


When Joseph was booted from his only home, he fled north from Kings Row into Galaxy City; there, he stayed inside an empty dumpster outside of a construction zone that had been taken over by the Vahzilok, avoiding the elements. He stayed there for three days and three nights. On the fourth day, Joseph was found by a group of men in red leather jackets, wearing bandana's over their faces, and a white shirt under their jackets, bearing an Ox's skull with runes around it. They offered the poor child a place to stay, and food to eat; Joseph, weary at first, took the offer. They later revealed to him that he had been saved by the 'good guys,' The Hellions.

After a few years of staying the with group known as the "Hellions," Joseph was invited to join their ranks as a slugger. Being part of their "family" was an opportunity Joseph would not easily pass up. He accepted, commiting his first crime; taking a baseball bat to knock a man out cold and steal his wallet. He did this task with no remorse for the life he just ruined; the thought that the man possibly had a family of his own, kids and a wife to go home to, never occured to Joseph. This was it; this was his beginnings.

Another year passed, Joseph turning to the age of 12. Another new kid was inducted into his small group of Hellions. He named himself off as, Alex. Alex would later become Joseph's first, and truly best friend.

Building Relationships

Alex and Joseph practically became brothers; watching out for each other and being there when the other needed them. They worked together on heists; Joseph being the brute of the two, while Alex became the brains. Alex taught Joseph to begin combining his powers with his fighting, possibly making him even deadlier in combat. Joseph took this advice into consideration and started charging his metal bat with his green and red flames. Although this method became even more deadly than it should have, the two didn't care. They were having fun, that's all that mattered.

This brotherhood became strong; the only thing that could seperate them was Hell itself. Unfortunately for them, Hell had frozen over. A newly registered Heroin, around the age of 17, broke into a warehouse that Joseph and Alex were staying in along with a small group of their 'pals.' Although she quickly dispatched of the others, Joseph and Alex stood in her way. Joseph easily matched this Hero and quickly overpowered her; putting her on her knees with a bloodied face and being barely conscious. A sinful greed filled Joseph's eyes as he began to pull a gun from his jacket; pulling the flint back and placing it on the side of her right temple. Alex quickly persuaded Joseph to leave her alone and take her as a hostage instead. Grudgingly at first, Joseph agreed. He allowed Alex to take her back and tie her down with cables and wires to prevent her escape.

During this time, Joseph was the one who took on the role of watching their prisoner; sometimes attempting to strike up a conversation. But, to no avail, she never responded; nor did she ever eat, or even sleep. On the 5th day of imprisonment, the girl spoke, claiming her name to be Christine. She slowly began to converse with Joseph on his thoughts of Heroism and Villainy. Joseph kindly responded with giving her a warm meal and bantering on about use of both Heroes and Villains. The two continued to chat with each other back and forth for the next few days; until finally Joseph let her go against Alex's will. He felt as though the relationship between the Heroin and himself would provide enough cushioning to make her think twice about going after them again.

Joseph's theory was proved correct when Christine came back one July night with flowers and an invitation for a date. Surprised by this, Joseph accepted. A few weeks later, the two were as close, if not closer, than Alex and Joseph had been. Alex, though, accepted this. He fully knew this would happen one day.

Be Damned

At the age of 18, Joseph was offered the chance of becoming a Damned among the Hellions, due to his capabilities of controlling fire. Gladly, Joseph took the offer, willing to do whatever it took to be the best. His task, blow up a reactor in Northen Nevada with a Crey Lab attached to it; he was given plane tickets for the next day. After saying his goodbyes to Christine, and making sure his friend Alex was taken care of, Joseph was off.

So, Joseph flew. He came to the reactor in the northern part of the state; it's towering structer only being dwarfed by the menacingly huge mountains in the background. His job was simple; go in, overheat the reactor core, leave before both the Reactor and Lab blew up. Simple. Joseph did so; going in was easy, very little resistance given from the Crey Protectors and Riot Guards as Joseph made his way through. When he reached the core, Joseph found that he was not affected by it's radiation emission; shrugging this off, Joseph simply started focusing his flames in on the core, heating it up to catastrophic levels. As the warning lights flashed, Joseph attempted to escape the explosion radius; ultimately failing. The reactor exploded, catching Joseph in the wake of the blast. A few seconds of blackness washed over his conciousness. Coming back from his brief knock out, Joseph was uninjured. He had survived the blast with only a few scratches from being slid across the gravel and small pieces of shrapnel that may have caught onto him. Feeling a small sense of guilt, Joseph went back into the debris, searching for any survivors; he found only one, holding a pair of strange gloves.

Joseph rushed the man to the hospital, taking the gloves along, too. Joseph stayed in Nevada for a few days further, making sure the man he nearly killed would pass peacefully. On his last day, Joseph decided to take him a gift of flowers. To his surprise, when he got into the hospital, the man was still alive, but barely breathing. He was stuck to a respirator, wires attached to him, and his entire body was covered in bandages; Joseph knew immediately that he was completely burned. Not wanting to see the damage he himself inflicted upon the poor man, Joseph left, leaving the flowers on the nightstand.

Coming Home

Joseph's 'Welcome Home' was none as he expected; lies, grief, and hatred were all that awaited him. Having only been gone for a few days, Joseph expected nothing major to have happened. He was wrong. Christine hung around Alex as if he was a magnet to her; this heightened Alex's egotistical nature.

Joseph didn't take kindly to this at all; fighting Alex for dominance. The fight didn't last long; Joseph easily overpowering the scrawny thug that once called himself a friend. Against Christine's own wishes, Joseph executed Alex, slamming the bat down one last time against his skull, and crushing it inwards.

It only took a moment for Joseph to realize what he had done. He killed his best friend, no, his brother, in cold-blood. Joseph abandoned the bat and Christine, leaving the city of Paragon.

The Passing Years

Joseph had left for Boston that day, taking only what money he had and a suitcase of clothes. He grabbed a taxi and payed the man to take him there. A few hours later, Joseph arrived in the big city. He found a cheap hotel room, and payed enough to stay for a week. He wouldn't sleep the first night. Too much was going on in his head; about Christine, Alex, and the life he left behind. After a few hours of no sleep, he pulled his shirt off and stood in the mirror. The tattoos he had gathered over the years stained his arms and his back. The one that stood out most to him was the one on his back. It bore writing and scripture, written in Latin. They had been the words that described Joseph over the years. He stared at that stain the longest, only after another hour would he light his hand ablaze. He reached back to begin burning the skin in order to hide the shame he had for it, but backed out, letting the flame die.

Over the week, Joseph was able to find a job: a waiter at a local bar and grill. It didn't pay the best, but it payed. He would stay in the hotel for another two weeks before finally feeling confident enough to rent a small apartment. Every night, though, after the first night in the new town, he continued to look at his tattoos. He was ashamed of them and the pain they brought others; the fear they struck into them knowing that he was clearly a Hellion. Each night, he let the flames inside of him reach his hands, threatening to scorch his back. But every night he couldn't do it. He couldn't rid himself of what he had done.

A year would pass before Joseph would do anything miraculous in his life. His life consisted of work and one night stands. Everything changed when Joseph was walking home from work one late night. A shout for help reached his ears from down an alleyway. Joseph ran down, finding a man threatening an older man for his wallet or his life. Not taking a moment to think about it, Joseph jumped in the way. Out of pure instinct, the man stabbed Joseph in the abdomen, pulling it out and stabbing one more time before Joseph sent a flaming punch into his jaw. He was out cold. It took Joseph a moment to realize what had happened to him due to the adrenaline rush. He quickly fell over, blood staining his white dress shirt. He passed into blackness as the elderly man called for help. Later the next day, Joseph woke up in a white room; the elderly man sat next to him, waiting for him to wake up.

The man explained to him that he knew what the tattoos were, he knew where Joseph came from. What Joseph had done was the exact opposite of what Joseph had done for most of his life, good. After Joseph had regained his strength, and healed from his wounds, the elderly man helped Joseph to control his fire with greater ease. He taught him balance between good and evil, justice and crime. Joseph quickly learned, but it still took him quite an effort.

Their training would continue for several more years. The elderly man had grown ill and rushed Joseph's training. Later that same year, the old man would pass. Joseph had taken a liking to the elderly man, thinking him a fatherly figure, one he had never had before and longed for most of his life. The old man proclaimed Joseph his heir, his birthright, his torch. With his final breath he told Joseph to go back, to right the wrongs he did. Joseph agreed, holding his hand as the life force within him faded. Joseph gathered his things before the night he would leave, making sure to take the mask of the fallen Hero and honor his mentors death.

The night after the elderly man had claimed Joseph was ready to go back to Paragon, Joseph sat in his apartment. His shirt was off once again and he was staring at the tattoo on his back through the mirrors. He sighed for a moment. This was it. He was going to start anew. He let the flames light once again, and reached behind him. He ran his hands slowly across his back as the flames burned him. Joseph groaned through his teeth in pain, his eyes were squeezed tight. He resisted the pain. After a few minutes, he was done. Only a very large burn mark remained; a burn mark that would eventually turn into a scar. Joseph was ready to go home.


Soon after coming back from his disappearance, Joseph was approached by a Hero known as Metal Smith. Metal Smith offered Joseph a job as a cook for the Super Group, Evolution-X. Grudgingly, Joseph accepted, wanting to make amends for all his evil deeds. Although he would soon leave the group for a better life; one that he could live as a Hero.

Joseph has met many friends since that fateful day; all of which have changed his life for the better. Sparrow, his loving girlfriend and the motivator to become a liscensed Hero. Tabitha, the girl that is making her way to becoming his best friend and another strong motivator for his new Heroing form. Matthew Orlock, the man in which Joseph owes his life for protecting Sparrow when he could not. Friends, one and all, who Joseph would sacrifice his life for.

*burnt off*. Est anima mea Vita sum custos et *burnt off*. Ego peccator, qui Deum creatus est in ira timet. Ignis *burnt off* ego in hoc mundo, ut facem fortium *burnt off* infirmis. Tuli *burnt off*. Sentio dolorem. Non sentio *burnt off*. Emptyness sentio nisi. I *burnt off* crescere putabat. I crevit indefessus *burnt off*. *burnt off*. Hoc me. Vivens. Non moriar. - The remaining scriptures on Joseph's back.'


Joseph approaches people as the rough-and-tough type; he shows off his scars without a care if anyone were to notice them and wears his tattoos and smiles when small children ask him about how or why he has them.

  • Scars - Although some of his scars are due to injuries that have occurred in the past, most of them are self inflicted. With the control of his flames, Joseph believes that cauterizing himself is the quickest way to get back into the fight. Evidence of this show mostly throughout his upper torso where he has cauterized wounds shut. He doesn't believe in the use of stitches, and prefers this method due to his fear of doctors. Although there have been treatments offered to him to hide his scars permanently, Joseph has refused for some reason only he believes in.
  • Tattoos - Joseph bares several tattoos on his body, most of which are on his arms. Joseph wears his tattoos from his days back in the Hellions, admitting to anyone that he continues to bare them to remind himself as to why he left. The largest tattoo, which he hides as best he can, is a large circular tattoo with scriptures written in Latin inside the runes bordering the outside. In order to protect those he cares about from knowing what he truly once was all those years ago, he himself burned off his own skin on his back in an attempt to cover it up.
  • Goggles - Joseph is constantly carrying around a pair of red and black goggles, usually on his forehead or hanging out of his pockets. He doesn't admit to where he got them, or why he carries them everywhere, and does not plan on openly admitting it either.
Friends, enemies, and all of the above.

In a world of Heroes and Villains, one must make allies, and enemies, with those one meets. These are just a few people that have impacted Joseph's life.


List of current friends

  • Amplifye - Not much to say about this sporadic girl. The two met in the Winter Chalet in Pocket D and ended up conversing. This later turned into a friendship with wacky jokes and thoughtful comments. Joseph attempts to keep her quiet, though, due to her voice being able to melt brains if she gets too loud. Joseph trusts Devve with almost everything, even telling her about his affair with another women when he was supposed to be committed to Dezya. She supports him in the rough times he has, and he appreciates it.
  • Armor On - The two first met by chance. Joseph had been smoking and took into account that someone was standing next to him. She thanked him for not blowing smoke her way, and the pair struck up a conversation. A few days later, she found Joseph sitting at the bar in Pocket D. He offered to take both her and her friend Balth to breakfast. Balth declined, but she accepted. A few more days later, Joseph left on a dangerous mission to Egypt, leaving Sparrow in the caring hands of his friend Tabitha. When he came back, he took her on a date. A dinner later, they were dating, and have been for a whole month at this point. She supported him in finally registering as an actual Hero and supports him in taking down a Villain Group and putting someone else in charge, even if it is someone that is part of that group. Joseph protects her with everything he's got, even willing to lose an arm for her, maybe even his own life. He's there to support her, love her, and protect her from anything, and everything. Although they have broken-up, Joseph realized his mistake in leaving Sparrow. He has been trying to make up for what he has done and has been asked by Sparrow to simply wait and give her time to think about it. He is trying to cope with it.
  • Balth - Oh, dear Balth. At first, a friend of Sparrow's, the two have slowly become friends. But, even if they weren't, it's not like Joseph would leave him bleeding out of his eyes and ears in the middle of the street.
  • Echo Mirage - His good friend, Tabitha and, one of his very first "real" friends. The two met in Pocket D, being entertained by a strange man in a leather thong. They have fought together against the Praetorian Menace, and have saved several civilians in Paragon itself. Joseph will never forget his good friend. Recently, even though not being able to physically fight against Celestial Quantum and his lackeys alongside Joseph and Sparrow, she has offered to help them as best she can by doing research. One of her first entries into it was helping Joseph decipher a clue that Quantum himself left behind in order to track him down.
  • Hellwhip - Grace began simply as an over the internet friend before finally meeting her in person at a social gathering. A week later, and a subtle hint towards admiration, Grace seemed to grow fond of Joseph, and he knew it. A few days, and a lone date, later Joseph asked her to be his "significant other." She quickly agreed.
  • Kid Arsenal - Kid is a tough, well, kid. He is a walking armory, carrying around blunt bullets and several weapons. Being highly skilled in several forms of combat, Kid shows great potential that Joseph sees, somewhat wishing he could help guide him and keep him on the straight path.
  • Quickline - This sarcastic speedster and Joseph have had their differences. Although they are constantly bickering and insulting each other, they both know that it's all in good fun. Joseph wouldn't say he could completely put his life in Quick's hands, but he'd trust him enough to do the right thing.
  • Savage Stripe - The Tiger-man. Joseph supported Doug when he lost the members of his team, The Grey Watch, and suggested he take in new members; reform his team to their former glory. Doug accepted and took in Amplifye and Quickline as his first members, but gave Joseph a badge of his own, accepting him in as an honorary member. Joseph and Doug have teamed up to teach the members of the Grey Watch the ropes of heroism, believing they need it.

The Challengers - Having only recently joined their ranks, not much can be said about this group from Joseph's perspective. Yet, in his short time aboard, Joseph has already gained some new allies and witnessed emotional trauma. Few people have willingly accepted Joseph due to his background, but The Challengers seem to embrace it. Joseph is willing, and wanting, to fight alongside these legendary Heroes.

  • Asunder - Tyler is possibly one of Joseph's closest friends in The Challengers. They both share the same view on their friend, 'Voltium,' believing he deserves the same privileges as the rest in their group.
  • Foxy Ferret - There is not much to say about Foxy, as the two have not had that long of interaction together. Joseph respects her place in the group, and turns a blind eye to the master thief, taking his own background into consideration. Foxy has recently witnessed Joseph's darker side, but has agreed to keep quiet about it. But she has said that if it were to happen once more, then she would not hold back on showing him her wrath.
  • Gadgix - Gidge and Joseph have only met briefly, but Joseph is willing to say that she seems to be a generally nice girl. As she is a technopath, Joseph hopes that maybe she can help him advance him in his knowledge of his own devices.
  • Johnny Turbo - JT and Joseph possibly didn't get off on the best of terms. Joseph joined the group as Johnny had started having emotional troubles. After attempting to help JT with a problem, Johnny rejected Joseph and showed a side Joseph wished he hadn't. JT was part of an incident that ultimately put him into a court ordered therapy. Joseph awaits his return in hopes to patch things up between them.
  • Liquid Zero - Liquid Zero, the mercenary. Not exactly the brightest dude, but he's got his heart in the right place. He's got an obsession with cutting people up, though. What ever comes, Joseph will be accepting of the fourth person in the Challengers to not be the brightest bulb(s) in the shed.
  • Luficia - Once again, these two haven't had a whole lot of interaction. Joseph met Luficia and her sword Seiken in the D after meeting up with Johnny Turbo. A short conversation, and one time travelling mission later, Joseph can see that she has led a rough life, and sympathizes for her.
  • Paul Ocean - Paul Ocean has had a pretty difficult life. The reformed villain, and former monster, Paul Ooshun, Joseph has taken a liking to Paul; mostly due to Formspring. Although the two haven't had a whole lot of interaction, Joseph would trust Paul with his life. Coming from completely different backgrounds, but having the same goal, redemption.
  • Red-Havok - Leader of The Challengers. These two, at this moment in time, have a purely business relationship. Red-Havok was accepting of Joseph's criminal past, after some convincing from The Replacer, and admitted him into the group. With Joseph helping to defeat the villain Exadeus, he believes he has earned some reputation with Red.
  • Replacer - Grant was the first one to take notice of Joseph. After convincing Red-Havok to take in the former Hellion, Grant has quickly grown to be one of Joseph's trusted friends.
  • Sovereign Fist - Joseph wouldn't consider Ray a close friend, but a friend none-the-less. They have both been through hard times, and Joseph accepts Ray into the Challengers with open arms.
  • Voltium - The rejected Praetorian. Volt was one of Joseph's first friends in The Challengers, and continues to be so. Joseph, alongside Tyler (Asunder), has put his place among the group in order to give Volt a second chance to redeem himself after blatantly lying to the group.
  • Xanatos - The Icon, and Joseph's opposite power type. The wielder of ice has been a motivator for Joseph wanting to change his past life. The two recently, though, have had different views on their friend Voltium. Xanatos wished for Voltium to be arrested for his uncontrolled crimes against Primal Earth, while Joseph wished to give him a second chance.

The Neutral Type People
  • Glitched - This malfunctioning MK-VI Victoria goes to show that not even in a "perfect" world, is everything perfect. Assisting Joseph in many of his raids into both the Lambda Sector and BAF, Joseph has grown to trust this Victoria, even if it is only a little bit.
  • Kat Kisses - Not a whole lot to say about Kat. The short girl is another friend of Joseph's, made the same night as Tabitha, the man in the thong entertainment, as well.
Bad Guys, I hate.
  • Burn Side - Dante Constantine, Joseph's blood brother. Dante was once Joseph's Hellion gang leader, being ruthless and cruel. After Joseph left Paragon City and fled to Boston, Dante followed. He has haunted Joseph every day since he joined. He watched Joseph in the orphanage, making sure to follow him once he left and taking him in. Dante was arrested by Joseph when he first came back, but was recently released due to good behavior. After being released, Dante contacted his parents and had them steal a tablet, the tablet that would release the demon Hil'kar, the deity of the Hellions. After doing so, they did not wish for Dante to have the tablet and gave it away. After seeing Joseph on an anti-drug campaign, his parents contacted him, and Dante contacted them. Dante took advantage of both and summoned the demon Hil'kar after tricking Joseph to give him the tablet. With help from the Challengers, Joseph was able to stop him.
  • Nine-Ball - After a failed attempt at gaining control of The Challengers through mind control, Nine-ball swore vengeance upon the group. Joseph, along with Timmy Quick, and Seiken (who took control of Luficia's mind) fought Nine-ball in the arena of the mind; his own thoughts. While this happened, Foxy Ferret and Red-Havok fought him in person. Recently, Joseph stumbled into the familiar figure in Pocket D. After a very rude exchange of words, the two swore to finish each other off, one way or the other.
The Power type things.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

Fire Manipulation - Joseph's control over the flames he has was strengthened after coming in contact with his father's fire, the one who gave him that particular mutation.

  • Fire Blast - Joseph's main use of his fire is sending it out in a ball of fire. He grew up using this ability, and has mastered it. Although some would say it is weakened after the separation of his genetic code that made the fire green and red, it still holds the same capacity of strength, if not more.
  • Fire Shield - Joseph learned to create a shield of flame around himself at an early age, blocking out both heat and cold from coming into contact with him. Once being a bright green and red, it is now a plain red fire, due to the separation of his mutated genes.
  • Propulsion - Over the years Joseph learned to use his fire in a creative way, such as propelling himself further when he would run or jump. When running, Joseph can reach speeds of about 60 miles per hour. When jumping, Joseph can reach heights of a few hundred yards. He has attempted to learn to fly using this capability, but has failed every attempt. He continues to practice it, though.

Nuclear Manipulation - Joseph began to pick up on this ability after spending time with his parents. He later found out that coming close to the providers of his mutations separated his DNA, giving him the ability to use both Fire and Radiation, but at a cost; he cannot use them together.

  • Infection - Joseph picked up on his mothers "Infection" during combat with her. It's as simple as infecting someone with radiation sickness. Joseph must carefully dole out this infection, as a high amount of radiation entering the body can kill, even metahumans.
  • Nuclear Shield - Such as the previously stated Fire Shield, Joseph can put up a defensive barrier of radiation around himself and his allies, protecting them from any harm toxins, and sometimes physical damage, may cause. Unlike normal radiation, it does not have any side effects that can affect that can hurt Joseph's allies.
  • Energy Transfer - Joseph can transfer the nuclear energy that he radiates into a machine in order to power it. Unlike Voltium, Joseph can't transfer energy to both a machine and a person. The more energy that Joseph generates, the more he can transfer into any machine, so long as they can handle taking in nuclear energy.
  • Radiate - Joseph constantly radiates gamma rays. This can be both a positive thing and a negative. Positive side is that Joseph can transfer this to an enemy, causing them to contract sicknesses that could send them into unconsciousness for an undetermined amount of time. The negatives are that Joseph can also harm his own allies, and potentially kill those he transfers these rays into.

Soul Mastery - After the defeat of Burn Side, and the idiotic follower of his, a soul gem was popped from the forehead of the follower who took on the form of Hil'kar. Joseph took this gem and with his first act of it, consumed it and devoured the soul of the Hellion. Foxy witnessed this, and has grown uneasy about Joseph.

  • Soul Drain - After obtaining the fragment of Hil'kar's soul, Joseph gained the ability to drain souls. This is a deadly power, as it can completely kill a person forever, with no chance by magical means to bring them back. With each fragment of Hil'kar Joseph obtains, the ability to drain souls becomes stronger and more potent.
  • Soul Transfer - With the power of draining a soul, Joseph can also transfer the soul force that he has either obtained, or use his own, in order to revive a fallen person or boost their powers. Although this can damage and weaken him, Joseph feels as though this is something he needs to do to help make up for his past.
  • Soul Boost - Even if Joseph doesn't like to use the souls that are obtained by him, he does. He can boost his powers using the obtained souls and increase the force behind them. This becomes deadly when Joseph is surrounded by several foes, draining a bit of each other their souls and using them against their own masters in a force of fire.
  • Soul Consumption - Even with the control over Hil'kar, Joseph still has to feed him in order to keep control. Hil'kar, being the lord of Blood Bonds, requires either the souls of mortals in order to sate his rage. Without this, Joseph would lose control over Hil'kar completely, thus losing his own humanity.
  • Soul Shield - An unwanted effect of the use of souls, Joseph can use the gathered energies from souls he has captured and use them as a barrier between him and any harm that may come his way. This ability cannot be transferred to Joseph's allies, but can quickly lose its strength after taking a beating.
Equipment I use to beat up people.

*Cybernetic Arm - A rather old piece of equipment, this arm has been damaged and rebuilt several times. After a final remodel done by Joseph's friend, Gadgix, his arm is stronger then ever; resisting the elements as if they were nothing at all. It is light-weight and capable of performing any task, even doing some better then a normal arm.

Abilities that keep me, and others alive.

Joseph combines his abilities with his power, making him fierce in combat.

  • Dodge - This is a basic ability that most Heroes have. Nothing special but being able to dodge attacks a lot easier.
  • Street Brawling - Being part of the Hellions gave Joseph the training of street brawling. Combining this with his fire manipulation makes Joseph one hell of a fighter. (Think Tifa from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Except with flames at the end of her attacks.)
  • Sixth Sense - Although Joseph doesn't exactly know what his sixth sense is, it apparently comes into play a lot for him. Perhaps it's his ability to sense when a fight may break out, or when something is flying towards him. Either way, it keeps him alive.
  • Quickened Learning - Even though Joseph never finished school, and probably never will, he is capable of learning things at a quick pace. This comes into play greatly during combat; Joseph can learn the tactics the enemy uses, flaws in their armor and fighting style, finishing them off quickly.

I got weaknesses just like everyone else.

*Overconfidence - Joseph is completely confident that he can beat everyone, even if someone is way better than he is. He'll push himself to the limit before backing off. He makes up for this by being a good fighter, at times.

  • Heat Expulsion - As proven by his friend, Matthew Orlock, Joseph is susceptible to anything that draws heat out at a massive amount. Should this happen, Joseph loses his capabilities to use fire for as long as he remains cold. The best way to cure this, is to sit next to another fire, sometimes sitting inside of it helps, too.
  • Permanent Injuries - Over the years, Joseph has taken multiple injuries, over and over again, making them permanent. Although he hides his pain very well, he begins to show it in fights that last longer than just a few moments. He begins to become slower, losing his concentration. Several of these injuries are results of several stab wounds and one bullet wound. Joseph covers these up by simply cauterizing the wound closed, but has recently been scolded by Sparrow into attempting to preserve what good skin he has left.

A few notes, both IC and OOC:

  • Joseph is very protective of his friends and tends to get into fights he shouldn't, whether personal or not.
  • Believe it or not, Joseph is an excellent guitar player. Although he never admits to playing, he will show it to people when in private, or to the person he is currently dating. He will rap in public, though. It's a gangster thing.
  • Joseph can sometimes be an ass. If you take anything he says In-Character, and turn it Out-Of-Character, you will be removed from my list of people to RP with.
  • I do not try and Meta-Game. If you feel as though I do, please just let me know and I will try to fix it.
  • His iris' are indeed flames. They are the colors of the flames he controls, which is green and red. They are constantly in motion, as if the fire inside is alive.
  • If I were to compare Joseph to a comic book hero, I would probably have to compare him as a sort of DareDevil type. This is due mostly in part to his athleticism and devotion to whatever he puts his mind to; not letting simple distractions get in his way.
  • If Joseph were to be portrayed by an actor in a live-action movie, he would most likely be played by a younger Bruce Willis with a goatee (and after he became bald). His voice is also most like Shaun Morgan from the band Seether.
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