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Ten years ago I created the Remarkable Rave Spider, a character that was originally an homage to my favorite comic book superhero: "The Amazing Spider-Man". Over the years I eventually retired the character, only to bring him to the Virtue server in an attempt to retell his story in a format not unlike the "Ultimate" line of titles produced by Marvel Comics. But characters have a tendency to grow and change in ways that we never quite anticipate. Beyond the Rave Spider there came "The Replacer", the evolution of a character brought on by years of plot development and continuity advancement. A friend said it best, that with the end of Rave Spider there came the true beginning to his story. The Replacer is the world's mightiest mutant; a torchbearer passing the legacy of heroism established in this game from one era to the next. He is still young, but perhaps not quite as ambitious, and much more aware of what joys & pains the world and those around him can bring. The influence for the Replacer is still the same, starting with Marvel's famous web-slinger. Added inspiration comes from Nightwing, Robin (The Tim Drake incarnation), Wonder-Man, Peter Petrelli, Yusuke Urameshi, Gohan (Don't judge), and the incredible assortment of players that I have come to interact with on the Virtue server over the years.
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Player: @Vince
Personal Data
Real Name: Grant Miller
Known Aliases: The Remarkable Replacer (Formerly Rave Spider)
Species: Homo-Sapien Superior
Age: 21 years old.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Eye Color: Indeterminable
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Known adventurer; crime-fighter; competitive dancer/b-boy; philanthropist
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Married to Asunder
Known Relatives: Michael James Miller (Father); Amanda Rose Miller (Mother);
Adrian Miller (Brother, deceased)

To claim that Julianne Thompson was an ambitious individual would be an understatement under any circumstance. By the early 90's, she had transformed herself from a relative nobody into "Countess Crey", the wife to the wealthiest and most sought after bachelor in the world: Count Alphonse Crey. From that beginning, Thompson vowed to find a cure for the condition that had caused the Count to fall into a coma not long after the formation of their small Pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland (Named after the now comatose Count himself).
But of course, Thompson's words were just that: Words. She had no desire to see the Count brought back from his vegetative state. Instead, she set in motion a series of plans that would eventually transform the small Pharmaceutical company into Crey Biotech, Paragon City's most respected and influential corporation. One of the Countess's many grand designs during that time of building involved Genetics research. Thompson (now acting under the name of "Clarissa Van Dorn") moved to acquire several notable experts in the fields of DNA and Metahuman studies. As always, her ideas were ambitious; her goals lofty. With Count Crey out of the picture, the Countess began to funnel his near limitless supply of monetary funds to supplement her most secretive agenda, and with that, Project Labyrinth was born.
Under the guise of "free medical examinations" offered to willing participants along the eastern seaboard, Crey Industries was able to use advanced technology to gather DNA on millions of families. With the aid of the expert researchers that the Countess had acquired, she mapped countless DNA sequences in the hopes of reaching one goal: Mathematically pinpoint the strongest and most advanced strand of Homosapien-Superior DNA.

July 7th, 1990: Grant Miller is born to Amanda and Michael Miller. Michael, a successful lawyer and burgeoning politician, relocates his wife prior to their son's birth from New York City to Rhode Island with the intention of building a home and raising their family away from the chaos of a hectic city.
Though he is premature by 2 months, there are no complications with the birthing procedure, and the child's health is normal as if the pregnancy had been carried to full term. Considering this to be a blessing in disguise, the Miller's begin to focus on the construction of their new home in upstate Rhode Island. While Amanda makes the choice to quit her successful career in real estate to raise her son full time, Michael sets his sights on Washington. It is here that he makes a connection with the wealthy and influential Clarissa Van Dorn, who in time promises the ambitious lawyer the place in politics that she believes he so rightfully deserves.
Michael Miller is elected to the Senate that same year, defeating returning candidate Claiborne Pell, who had served as the Senator of Rhode Island since 1960. Though grateful at first for the vast contributions given to him by both Van Dorn and her corporation, the newly elected Senator soon comes to find that there is a indeed a great debt owed to his mysterious and powerful benefactor.
Adrian Miller is born to Michael and Amanda nearly two years later to the date of Grant's birthday. With two healthy children and a noteworthy start filled with political acclaim, the family appears to be picture perfect on the surface. Michael Miller becomes a staunch advocate for laws restricting metahuman activity in the Rhode Island area, leading to several heated debates with Paragon's most vocal and noteworthy champions of justice. It is not long after the vicious murder of Tomorrow-Man at the hands of the villainous Sovereign that Michael Miller once again fights for political control and oversight over the cities most prominent Supergroups and their membership. These advancements and viewpoints are not Miller's; the secrets and burden that he harbors are great, and for the sake of his family he champions the political agenda of Clarissa Van Dorn, elevating her Paragon Protectors and hailing them as "the right solution to a neverending problem". Despite the public backlash behind public debates with notable heroes like Xanatos and The Imperial, Senator Miller's public approval ratings are still surprisingly high, and his terms are marked with many favorable points.

Sixteen years later, Grant Miller wakes from feverish dreams adhering to the walls in his room. Sixteen years later, he and his younger brother work tirelessly to discover the depth of his potential "abilities". Sixteen years later, the Countess begins to tighten her grasp on the Miller family, demanding copies of every medical report and Doctor's visit filed on both Grant and Adrian. Much to Clarissa's vexation, both Michael and Amanda choose to withdraw their boys from their family physician who had worked under the Countess's employ for years, opting to find a local practice not linked to Crey Industries. At every juncture, Michael attempts to cut his ties to the very person that helped to build his life and his career. The studies thus far indicate that Grant's mutant powers will be making themselves apparent at any time now. Both Michael and Amanda are of the belief that their son's gene will remain dormant; they are wrong. The Countess continues to close in.
The time spent investigating what other abilities that Grant may have fail to yield any new discoveries. But in that time, Grant's willingness to take on new skills and gain different talents becomes readily apparent. Within a short span of time, he becomes familiar with several difficult forms of martial arts, and excels at several sports. His excellence in physical fields is matched only by his aptitude for academics, he proves to be an adept learner with a creative and inventive mind. But the brothers find that Grant's greatest love lies in music and dance. Within months he hones himself into a b-boy, combining fluidity and power gleaned from his studies in the various martial arts that he has practiced. It is here in the realm of competitive dance that both Grant and Adrian discover the very real depth to their mutant gene.
An exchange during the yearly "Rival Schools" b-boying competition leads to gunshots. While the bullets are intended for Grant, they somehow strike Adrian instead in a moment where Grant 'wills' the bullets to pass through him out of fear. Though the experience nearly kills Adrian, the brothers soon learn that they share in an untapped potential, as Adrian is able to 'will' himself back into health; he forces the bullets out of his body and subsequently heals simply by believing that he can do it. From that experience, the brothers make a pact to one another, that they will someday find a way to master the untapped potential that they now know for certain that they have. More importantly, they make a promise to make a difference, save lives, and defend those that cannot defend themselves.

Grant Miller's foray into the world of crime-fighting is clumsy at first, dangerously so. In a desperate attempt to discover new abilities while confronting the local troubles of Newport, he is nearly hospitalized on multiple occasions. His younger brother works hard to keep his activities a secret, convincing his parents that his brother's multiple injuries are stemming from rigorous Hapkido training. It is Adrian that convinces Grant to simplify his efforts and use what he knows in order to achieve results. Grant's extensive work throughout the years learning defensive martial arts, coupled with his impressive movement abilities and his only apparent mutant power to adhere to nearly any surface enable him to find marginal success as Rhode Island's newest vigilante. It isn't long before newspapers take a liking to the moniker that he leaves written on tiny post-it notes for the Police after stopping a crime; the "Rave Spider" begins to gain both notoriety, and familiarity.
The brother's efforts to keep Grant's activities a secret remain just that for only so long. When Grant's parents discover the tattered remains of his costume in his room, they confront him. He comes clean about his mutant ability, confirming the very fear that they have held for years. Desperate to keep their son shielded from the arms of Crey Industries, they offer him an ultimatum: give up crime-fighting and have access to his College fund in order to go to any school in the world that he so desires, or be cut off from his family completely. Though he is deeply hurt by the choice put before him, Grant decides to attend school locally in Paragon City and attempt to make it on his own in order to continue living his dream. Rave Spider lives on.
The trials & tribulations are numerous, but Rave Spider finds greater success in Paragon City, and Grant's powers begin to grow exponentially, as does his fame as he adds victory after victory to his persona. He joins The Headliners and eventually becomes their co-leader alongside his then friend and close partner Pyreblast. But Grant values his friendships far more than he does the acclaim and public favor that he has received even as a costumed vigilante who refuses to reveal his identity. After the death of Primal Earth's Masked Renegade, Grant sinks into a reclusive depression. The sudden and immediate loss of belief in himself sends him spiraling downwards, resulting in a temporary loss of his abilities and a near fatal gunshot wound. Spurred by his brother Adrian once again, Grant seeks the healing arts of a Martial Arts Guru calling himself "Khronus". Khronus challenges Grant to a contest of martial prowess, and though he is powerless and weakened, Grant is able to hold his own long enough to earn the Guru's respect. However, he reveals that he is unable to help him and that Grant must instead seek his own path by traveling to Doi Inthanon in Thailand.
With no real clues to go on, Grant travels to Thailand with fellow Headliner and girlfriend Asunder in the hopes of finding the inner healing that Khronus could not provide. All confusion is eventually remedied as Grant meets Guru Naret, a Monk of unknown age who has taught many his healing art, but found that only few were worthy. Grant explains his situation and the Guru accepts him as a pupil, beginning months of training that eventually allow Grant to bring his mutant abilities full circle with his natural talents, inner spirit, moral code, and strong belief in not only himself, but the world around him. This self healing allows Grant to regain his powers and return to Paragon City, now bestowed with the title of "Honor in Spirit" by his Master.
Rave Spider reveals his identity shortly after returning to Paragon City. Though the public response is mixed, he is welcomed back into the Headliners with open arms and begins his work as a crime-fighter anew. It is during this time that Grant's expertise as a notable codeslinger reveal information about his mutant gene that he has longed to discover; Crey Industries creates a comprehensive analysis of Rave Spider's powers, concluding before the revelation of his identity that he is indeed Grant Miller based on DNA analysis taken a year prior to his birth.
The results are astounding, Grant soon realizes that his potential as a mutant may very well not have a charted limit. The discover of Crey's deep seeded involvement with his family coincides with a series of precognitive dreams that Grant begins to have on a regular basis. In these dreams, the world before him is cast aside before his hunger for power and thirst to adapt and absorb everything before him. Though there is no valid proof aside from instinct that these visions are most certainly glimpses into the future, Grant is overwhelmed with fear and doubt; he runs from his friends, family and closest allies as a means of potentially preventing the horrific future that he has seen. For a year he travels the world. He fights crime where he can and explores and learns where he cannot. Though both his studies and accomplishments are vast, the gaping wound left by his departure is too great to ignore. The truth of his cowardice eventually eats through his conscience until he can no longer afford the luxury of avoidance; he purchases a one way ticket back home to Paragon City.

The choice to return to Paragon after a years absence is not an easy one, and not long after his arrival Grant learns that The Headliners have disbanded. Many of the groups membership have either gone AWOL, overdosed on Ecstasy, or (in the case of Pyreblast) succumbed to their demonic counterparts lurking within. Grant resumes coursework at Paragon City University while reassuming his role as the Remarkable Rave Spider, leading to his involvement in foiling a devastating scheme by longtime foe, Phanto. Phanto amasses a large group of villains to attack a Longbow base in Bloody Bay after the discovery of a comprehensive list of criminals targeted by the organization. The Blacklist serves as Phanto's stepping stone towards organizing a force strong enough to combat not only the Longbow, but Paragon City's champions as well. Upon the successful defeat of the master illusionist and his army of superpowered villains, Grant comes in contact with both Foxy Ferret and Red-Havok, who are both members of a secretive group known as The Infiltrators. This one time meeting leads Grant to exercise his hacking prowess in order to divulge as much information on the Infiltrators as possible. His persistence in unearthing the secrets surrounding his one time idol Red-Havok and the ORTHRUS organization pay off, as he is soon approached by the enigmatic Mr. Shade with the offer of joining their ranks. Grant accepts, but only due to a warped allegiance and sense of responsibility to the Praetorian Renegade, who suspends himself in a chaotic dimension of dark matter in order to spare Atlas Park from one of Phanto's more nefarious plots.
From the onset, Grant is placed in a state of opposition to the group's operations. Rave Spider assists in several missions, but eventually leaves the group after an extensive battle against Cyborg Sinister; the villain wishes to seize control of a potent Doomsday device called "The Mass Eradicator" that is stored within the depths of an ancient Mayan temple. Upon Sinister's defeat, Red-Havok kills the cyborg in cold blood, shattering Grant's image of the former Frontline member. Grant reveals that it was the Havok Brothers that first inspired him to become a hero, and vows never to allow another incident like that to take place again. His departure from The Infiltrators creates a large rift in the group; the departure also causes Havok to question the nature of his partnership with Mr. Shade. He requests Grant's aid in discovering the true extent to the genomic experimentation done to him by ORTHRUS; it soon becomes wholly apparent that the "partnership" between Shade and Havok is not a partnership at all; Shade wishes for total mental control of one of Paragon City's greatest heroes.
The divide in The Infiltrators leaves Phanto and his Blacklist many an opportunity to wreck havoc in the City of Heroes. While most are running around attempting to salvage artifacts in order to connect themselves to a well (retarded), Phanto revels in the destruction that he continues to cause. As the death toll skyrockets, Red-Havok makes one last ditch effort to pool his former allies together.

The Infiltrators work in conjunction with the Longbow in order to enter an underground fighting tournament held yearly by the warrior known as "Athena". The prize is rumored to be a potent Dark Matter weapon, leading Havok to believe that Phanto is somehow linked to the head of the tournament. Under the guise of "Funk Tiger", Grant battles his closest friends (The Masked Renegade), mentors (Xanatos), and finally, his personal hero and idol (Red-Havok). As Mr. Shade monitors the fight between Funk Tiger and "Ginzu", he spots a moment of weakness in which Grant concedes the fight to Havok. Shade seizes the opportunity to eliminate Grant once and for all, and triggers a rage marker in Havok's mind, forcing him to stab Grant mercilessly. With the intervention of Johnny Turbo and Xanatos, Grant is able to survive the attack. Though Havok is able to continue on to not only win the tournament, but to defeat Phanto as well, the memory of his induced hatred and bloodthirst lingers in his mind. No longer does he wish to be another man's sword; he intends to be a shield for the people that he once thought he protected. Red-Havok is reborn once again.
No longer can the Infiltrators ignore the injustices set upon them by their benefactor; they assault the ORTHRUS compound and discover the horrific truth behind Shade's operation. As his team worked to stop Phanto at every turn, Shade compiled and salvaged every piece of technology that he could in order to reverse engineer them and use them in order to create his vision of a world controlled by his warped sense of "justice". The Infiltrators, lead by Havok, storm the compound and defeat a vast portion of Shade's forces. This critical victory, and the reunion of the team alongside new allies like Xanatos and Gadgix inspire Havok. One-by-one he approaches old allies and new contacts, sans Shade, Havok describes a new vision: one in which a unified force will seek not to "infiltrate", but to "challenge" the arms of chaos seeking to envelop the world. The final inspiration for this group comes from Rave Spider himself, who during an interview with famed CNN journalist Donald Fitzer attempts to cover up the Infiltrators by claiming that he is part of a team known as The Challengers. Red-Havok adopts this name for the group; The Challengers are born.

Despite the triumphs of the Infiltrators, Grant is continually plagued by nightmares of a world falling into despair at his very hands. He reveals the truth of these visions to a select few, accepting that he will have to confront his destiny head on in the hopes that he will be able to deny it. What he does not anticipate is that his confrontation will be sooner, rather than later. Grant's exposure to Earth's strongest heroes and villains increases his own abilities tenfold. As his power grows exponentially, his emotions and control over those abilities begins to spiral out of control. His competitive spirit and ambition turn into an outward form of aggression. During a battle against Showtime and Powerlaser he causes immense structural damage to the Golden Giza in St. Martial when he destroys the roof of the building with a destructive blast of energy. His regard for his safety and the safety of those around him becomes non-existent. Meanwhile, Clarissa Van Dorn is informed by the head geneticist of "Project Labyrinth" that the near 20 year analysis of both Grant & Adrian Miller is complete.
The Countess's ambitions once again take hold; her plan is to use both Grant & Adrian as a conditioning tool for Grant's Hyper-Adaptive Mutant Gene. The goal? Overcome the mass devouring process brought on by one Hamidon Pasalima, a multi-cellular monstrosity that seeks to consume the many Earth's of the Multiverse. Upon Pasalima's transformation in 2003, Van Dorn shifted the focus of Project Labyrinth in order to accomplish what the heroes of the world could not: defeat the Hamidon.
Clarissa's seat at the Malta Council as one of the most wealthy and powerful individuals in the world benefits her immensely; she is able to recruit the aid of a top level Malta Gunslinger. Echo-Seven (appropriately named "Dust" by the members of his squad) is able to bring Adrian Miller into Crey Industries custody, allowing Dr. Raymond Corradine, an MIT graduate, brilliant geneticist, and head of Project Labyrinth to begin his experimentation. Little do both the Malta and the Countess know, Corradine has delved too far into Hamidon Pasalima's research. His discoveries twist his mind until he is following directly in Pasalima's footsteps, inevitably "devouring" himself in the process. Without Van Dorn's knowledge, Corradine corrupts the facility that he is using for his experiments, but successfully conducts his work on Adrian Miller; the boy is conditioned and transported to a known location where the Hamidon often appears. As a creature that exists in multiple dimensions, Adrian is brought to the area where the Hamidon will rip through reality. And as the creature appears he is absorbed into it's cellular structure.
The Challengers confront Dr. Corradine, who reveals to them the true brilliance of his plan. Known only to a select few heroes that have combated Pasalima for years, it is theorized that the Hamidon's endless source of power is not as endless as it would seem, the belief being that eventually the Hamidon will require a successor to carry on his destructive path. However, none can quite survive the same steps that Pasalima has taken towards becoming a creature of godhood, none save for Grant Miller. Corradine's plan is to see both brothers sacrifice themselves into the Hamidon's structure, and upon being absorbed have no choice but to carry on the creature's devious work. Grant races to his brother's aid, with the Challengers just steps behind him. Rave Spider unknowingly falls prey to the Countess's plan, seeing no choice but to enter a dimensional gateway that will take him to a world in which the Hamidon threatens to also tear through, in a fashion not unlike the world of Primal Earth. Though the Challengers attempt to stop Grant from summoning the Hamidon, they are unsuccessful. His distress and fear over losing his brother cause him to bring an innocent world to the brink of destruction as the Hamidon begins to devour yet another planet.
Grant sacrifices himself to the Hamidon as the Challengers watch helplessly. Grant's goal is to somehow find his brother and help him fight the Hamidon from the inside. They do indeed find eachother, and battle against Pasalima, who still hides a shred of his former human self inside of the creature, having created a pocket dimension inside of nucleus of the cell structure for that very purpose alone. The battle is lengthy, but Grant and Adrian are able to weaken the Hamidon's outer form significantly enough for the Challengers to put up a fight. As the battle threatens to destroy the very world that they fight to preserve, Adrian makes a last ditch effort to turn the tides of the battle, casting his brother back into the physical world. He pleads with his brother to end things, and takes a final hold upon Pasalima with the remaining bit of his mutant power. The Challengers form a combined strike that destroys the creature, removing it from the dimension that it hopes to devour, taking Adrian's life in the process.
The loss of his younger brother and best friend shatters his world; Grant considers giving up crime-fighting. He takes time off from his work to mourn his loss alongside his family. The irony that in order to save a world, he needed to lose his world very nearly cripples him. It isn't until he discovers a crumpled and discarded sketch in his brother's room that he finds the strength to continue on.

The sketch is a drawing; a concept designed by Adrian that he keeps hidden from his brother; a new name and identity to fight alongside Rave Spider in the future. Adrian calls it "The Replacer". As Grant holds the paper in his hands, he soon realizes that carrying on in his brother's name, following in his footsteps to the best of his ability is the only proper course to take. But the Remarkable Rave Spider is no longer; it was a shared dream between them that passed the moment that Adrian did. Before taking his final breath, Adrian passes the remainder of his mutant power through to Grant with the usage of his Hyperempathic abilities. The result creates the desired effect that both the Countess and Dr. Corradine sought: a combination of power between the Miller brothers as a way of further evolving the Mutant species. However, neither the Countess, nor the Devouring Earth have control of Grant in this state; he is free to walk his own path. His decision is an easy one; he will become whatever is needed in order to help them, to protect them. He will become his brother's Replacer.
Since taking on his new moniker, Grant has struggled to control the vast amount of his abilities that lay at his fingertips. While statistics show that Grant Miller is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Mutant's on Earth, he certainly doesn't feel like one. His accomplishments with the Challengers have once again thrust him into the public spotlight, much to his chagrin. He is referred to as the "new era" of hero, an echo of the foundations and ideals of the Golden Age, with a Modern Age application and method. The knowledge that he has taken from heroes like Xanatos, Red-Havok, Nimbus, Human Flashbulb and even Charon has aided him greatly; it has helped to forge him into the individual that he is today. Though the vast amount of acclaim and accolades accredited to his name would suggest otherwise, Grant's ambitions are far smaller than one might expect. His only desires are to be but a fraction of the man that his younger brother was, and to protect and serve the innocent for as long as he possibly can.

While Project Labyrinth's end result did not come to fruition, Julianne Thompson was not unsuccessful in her goal of pinpointing what can widely be considered to be the world's mightiest mutant. Since the beginning of Grant Miller's crimefighting career as Rave Spider, various groups including (but not limited to) Crey Industries, Freedom Corps, Aeon Corp, The Malta Group, and GIFT have classified and re-classified his mutant abilities over 1,000 times. His exponential growth in power yields mathematical evidence that he is the next step in Mutative evolution.
Since his exposure to the Hamidon's "Devouring" process, Grant Miller's mutant abilities have since been re-classified yet again; his threat level designation altered to reflect these changes by the organizations that have monitored him. It is believed that the following powers as they are presented are the most accurate collection of data available. It should be noted that the Replacer has potentially altered his DNA and Mutant ability millions of times in instances that called for it, making it physically impossible to create an accurate analysis of his true potential.
Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

Hyper Evolution
The Replacer's true mutant power exists in his ability to evolve at an exponential limit and speed. What Grant Miller originally saw as an "unbreakable will" that allowed him to overcome both challenge and circumstance is scientifically defined as a psionic ability to alter his genetics in order to master any means required to survive. This power was originally accessed at a subconscious level, until the hero Xanatos deduced Grant's ability and realized his true potential. During a battle against one another in Athena's underground fighting tournament, Xanatos (widely considered to be Paragon City's first true hero, and Grant's equal in power and superior in experience and leadership) urged him to tap into his great strength in order to claim the victory and move on in the tournament. Grant, paralyzed with fear at the thought of harming his friend and teacher, was unable to rise to the challenge. It was the reasoning of the legendary hero that enabled Grant to master his most powerful and once subconscious ability, marking the Replacer as one of the only individuals in the world to have ever bested Xanatos in combat. But this defeat was carefully calculated by the master tactician, as it enabled Grant to unlock his potential, eventually allowing him to take his place as one of the mightiest heroes in the world. Mastery of this ability bestows the Remarkable Replacer with a wide range of accessible powers, talents and physical traits that are also listed below.

The Replacer is able to alter his physiological relationship with the world in order to adapt to any situation that he mentally determines is a "challenge" or threat to himself or others around him. This ability is accessed at both a conscious (Self alteration of strength levels) and subconscious (Adaptation of immune system in order to combat poison & disease) level. Alterations to the Replacer's molecular structure over time have granted him an immense arsenal of powers that he employs during the appropriate situations.

Hyperadaptivity › Super Strength
The Replacer can press weights up to (and exceeding, dependent upon circumstance) 500 tons. It is this superior level of metahuman strength that allows Grant to propel himself great distances through leaping. Though he chooses to travel by means of short distance jumps in conjunction with his adherence and hyperspeed abilities (listed below) as a nod to "Parkour", it is believed that the Replacer can use his strength to leap for hundreds of miles, effectively simulating flight.

Hyperadaptivity › Hyper Senses
Sight, smell, hearing and touch are heightened to levels of extreme accuracy. Grant Miller can alter the field of vibrations around other beings (Human, Metahuman & Alien alike) in order to affect their senses with both positive and negative results. As one of the Replacer's earliest abilities, he has achieved full mastery of his senses; he is able to detect even the most capable of liars through smell and hearing alone.

Hyperadaptivity › Precognition
In order to adapt to a potential future in which he was to succeed Hamidon Pasalima as the Devourer of Worlds, Grant Miller began to experience precognitive dreams which allowed him to fight such a reality with the aid of his deceased brother. More practically, Grant is now able to employ these precognitive visions through the aid of the Renegade, who has (through contact) taught Grant to see seconds into the future in order to evade attacks in conjunction with his heightened senses.

Hyperadaptivity › Accelerated Metabolism & Immunity
The Replacer possesses an extremely heightened metabolism; physical wounds and disease are remedied in a fraction of the time that it would take a normal human being to heal. And while poisons and illness may have brief-to-moderate debilitative effects, Grant is able to adapt and eventually render himself immune upon secondary exposure.

Hyperadaptivity › Density Control
By again altering his physiological structure, Grant can greatly decrease his density, rendering him impervious to conventional means of attack. It is this ability alone, coupled with his precognitive powers and incredible agility that make him a formidable opponent to even the most titanic of foes. Adversely, Grant can also increase his density, weighting his blows for greater force and impact. Grant has at time shown his full mastery of this ability by altering the density of other individuals, effectively "phasing" them as well; he is also able to pass through most objects and energy signatures without harm, and can affect particular areas of his body in order to achieve differing densities.

Hyperadaptivity › Invisibility
Replacer is able to both consciously and subconsciously change his molecular structure in order to bend light around his form, rendering him invisible to the naked eye. At the subconscious level, he alters himself in order to appear imperceptible in manners audible, sipid, odorous, electronic, arcane, and telesthetic.

Hyperadaptivity › Absorption
Demonstrated as his first form of outward hyperadaptivity, the Replacer has shown the ability to absorb harmful threats to individuals aside from himself. This ability is derived from his exposure to the nigh-unstoppable "Devouring" process, which Grant Miller was able to overcome. Exposure and adaption to the unique life-form that is the Hamidon has enabled Grant to isolate and extract similar invaders in others. His mastery of energy and hyperempathy has made this skill available in order to combat differing threats.

Hyperadaptivity › Adherence
The very first manifestation of Grant Miller's ability to psionically affect his molecular relationship with other forms of matter came after dreams involving his childhood fear: spiders. Grant found that he could adhere to any object by thought alone. Though the ability to control the power came with great difficulty, adhering his body to objects is as simple as breathing to the young hero now. It is theorized that he alters the molecules of his skin so that they are similar to the object or construct that he is sticking to; the change is instantaneous, occurring at the speed that neurotransmitter molecules travel.

Hyperadaptivity › Power Mimicry
Grant Miller possesses an Omega Level "muscle memory" that enables him to memorize and accurately recall powers that he is exposed to. While mastery of said abilities is never possible upon first recall, extensive application of powers and practice inevitably results in a heightened level of control that makes Grant Miller a wily and unpredictable foe to villains. "Recall" of any and all listed powers is yet another example of Grant's ability to alter his molecular structure; regardless of the origin or source of an ability, the Replacer can in some way copy & generate that power. A primary example would be the mutant alteration of his own powers to mimic the powers of Nimbus, the Lord of Storms (Magic in origin). (Note: Listed powers under the 'Power Mimicry' tree are abilities that Grant can recall of his own accord without requiring direct exposure to the individual that he is copying. It is assumed that the Replacer has the ability to mimic any and all abilities over an undefined period of time, the following do not require that consideration).

Power Mimicry › Superspeed
Years spent alongside the world's fastest man, Johnny Turbo has left the Replacer with the ability to match the pace of the speedster. While unable to equal Johnny in both his intense speed and calculated control, Grant is one of the only people in the world capable of reading his movements and mimicing the levels of speed that he can achieve. However, the Replacer's land-speed is but a fraction of what Johnny Turbo is capable of.

Power Mimicry › Energy Mastery
The first documented instance of Grant Miller's ability to mimic the metahuman abilities of individuals was against Praetorian Earth's Marcus Cole. In the midst of a one-on-one battle between the two, Grant innately copied the Tyrant's ability to generate and control energy, resulting in a stalemate between the two combatants. With reinforcements en-route, Cole was forced to flee. Since that time, Grant has honed his control of his own inner strength, taking a page from the physical, mental & spiritual trainings of Guru Naret when harnessing those energies. The spiritual and martial discipline set upon him in Thailand, alongside exposure to both heroes (Cyberman, Asunder, Blast Cycle, Waypoint) and villains (Exadeus) alike have brought this ability full circle. The Replacer is a conduit for energy; a living reactor that constantly generates immense power and changes his entire physiological structure in combat. These energies act as both his greatest offensive, and defensive assets. Grant is able to create and control a multitude of energy signatures that he uses in different forms, ranging from blasts of energy at differing intensities, to defensive barriers and power wells. Grant's mastery of universal energies is his most noticeable ability, as it radiates from him as a highly visible aura dependent solely upon the amounts that he expels at any given time.

Power Mimicry › Electromagnetic Manipulation
Grant is able to mimic one of the more headache inducing powers of the saboteur, Asunder. He can, at times, disable certain power sources or forms of electronics by generating small electromagnetic pulses in a manner similar to that of Tyler Ricci, whose mastery of magnetic fields strengthens each day.

Power Mimicry › Meteorological Manipulation
The Replacer is able to summon localized weather anomalies; it is believed that this ability comes from his time spent fighting alongside Kirk McCloud, AKA Nimbus, The Lord of Storms in both the Infiltrators and the Challengers. Evidence shows that the Replacer accesses this ability during high stress situations, and is derived more from emotion than through familiarity; he is not able to exercise the level of control that Nimbus does.

Power Mimicry › Sound Manipulation
During a heated battle against the Maestro, the Replacer mimiced his abilities, unleashing a powerful blast of sound waves that halted hordes of oncoming reinforcements. Time spent both observing, and battling alongside the loudest thing in the world, the Noisebomb has given Grant a greater understanding of the ability, allowing him to call upon it at will. He is only able to exercise control of this potent power in an offensive format, however.

Power Mimicry › Telepathy
First introduced to Grant Miller after extended mental communication with the Master Thief, Foxy Ferret, the Replacer developed the ability to read obvious surface thoughts and communicate mentally at a tactile level. It was not until a close friendship and crime-fighting partnership with Crux Enigma (of the Reciprocators) was established that this extended beyond the constraint of touch. Grant's mind treats telepathy as a language, thus giving him a greater ease in using it as a form of communication. He is (with great effort) able to read surface level thoughts. Transference of emotions and memories is based solely upon the mind that Grant is communicating with. Unlike Crux Enigma, he is not able to delve so far into the mind that he can retrieve such things.

Power Mimicry › Teleportation
With continued exposure to the living dimensional battery that is Waypoint, the Replacer has harnessed the ability to create transdimensional gateways that can teleport himself and allies from one location to another. Grant is extremely reluctant to use this ability, as it requires incredible levels of precision and control that are unmatched by many, save for Waypoint himself.

Power Mimicry › Invulnerability
By calling upon the abilities of former teammate turned villain Coldcrash in a destructive battle against the villains Showtime and Powerlaser, Replacer was able to mimic the magic aura surrounding Damian Snow, rendering him impervious to bullets, and giving him the strength to withstand Powerlaser's Dark Matter cannon. Training with the powerful Impact has enabled him to call upon those heightened resistances when he needs them most. Additionally, Grant is one of the only heroes capable of adapting to the ever changing, ever toxic form of Paul Ooshun. Whether this is due to his exposure to Coldcrash and Impact or the Hamidon remains to be determined.

Power Mimicry › Time Manipulation
Desperate times call for desperate measures. In order to better prepare himself for a coming confrontation with a group of time menders tasked with wiping the Replacer out of existence, Grant has begun a training regiment in secret with an individual known as "The Veteran". Combating the Veteran's ability to control time has left Grant with the knowledge and power to create localized time fields around himself. Indeed, one must defy the very laws of physics itself when battling against the Replacer. Those that engage the World's Mightiest Mutant when this ability is in full effect must deal with the added unpredictability of time itself working against them as Grant moves at erratic speeds, all while his enemies move a fraction of a second slower. Which, in the case of the Replacer, is all the time that he needs.

Power Mimicry › Self Duplication
Yet another skill taught to him by the Veteran, Grant Miller can create multiple instances of himself, each possessing the ability to mimic and generate powers at the same exponential rate as the creator. Though the usage of this power is strenuous and immensely taxing on the Replacer, it has shown its effectiveness in situations where he or his allies have been severely outnumbered. With it, he is able to control the battlefield to an even greater degree and potentially turn the tides.


Grant's fervent study of the martial arts has allowed him to master several schools, including: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kyokushinkai, Hsing, Jiujitsu, Shotokan, Jeet Kun Do, Capoeira, Muy Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and the Shaolin styles of Liu He Quan, Chang Hu Xin Yi Men, and Qi Lu Quan. He is also an extremely capable stand-up boxer and is well-versed in North American and Brazilian grappling techniques (UFC brah). Additionally, he is well versed and incredibly skilled in a multitude of Eastern and Western weapon styles.
He is a talented dancer that often battles competitively. He is adept at swing, house, salsa, ballroom, jazz, hip-hop, and tap, to name a few.
Grant is a noted member of the b-boying circuit. Having started off by building a name for himself as a local East Coast battler, Grant has now taken his abilities all over the world to various high-profile exhibition events and competitive battles. In 2011, he shocked the world by beating two members of a world famous North Korean duo by partnering with b-boy "Thesis" on the West Coast. Since this time, Grant's skill as a dancer has become synonymous with his heroing career.
Grant is fluent in Spanish, Thai, Korean, Chinese (All of the respective dialects), German, Italian, French, 1337, Binary, and Ebonics. He is conversational in Swedish, Russian, Demonic and Fae (literally).
Grant is the proud owner of a male Muskovy duck named Cornelius OnionKnight Miller; he also shares ownership of "Truman", a German Shepherd that he adopted for Asunder.
Has "เกียรติในจิตวิญญาณ" tattooed along his collarbone. To those that understand Thai script, it reads "Honor in Spirit".
Grant graduated from Paragon City University, majoring in International Business with a minor in Teaching. He has plans to return to the University in order to pursue another degree in Criminology.
He is a notable codeslinger, mechanic, tailor, athlete, swordsman, gamer, cook, billiards player, and fisherman. Due to the nature of Grant's mutant ability, it is assumed that any hobby that he picks up, he will eventually master.
Grant is an active volunteer participating in both the Faultline & Galaxy City relief efforts. He has donated a vast amount of prize money that he has won through b-boy competitions alongside his own personal efforts to help rebuild and rescue while out of costume. While in costume, he pours the majority of his energies into fighting back the warring factions that are vying to control the areas in their weakened conditions.
While I understand that the concept of Replacer's powers seems like something only a metagamer could conceive, I assure you that it is not. It is merely my attempt to justify varied respecs across the board for the character as I attempt to keep him current in both PvE and casual PvP settings. I just care enough to try and flesh this out/explain this reasonably in Roleplay as well.
Grant is a member of Mensa International. In 2011, he took Pearson PLC's WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) test, scoring at 215 which qualified him for membership.
I break the fourth wall with this character like it's my fucking job. Sorry.
If given the opportunity to select an actor to portray Grant/Replacer in a movie; I would choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt. For voice acting I would either choose Josh Keaton, Lucas Gilbertson, or even myself.
Grant's favorite book is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.
He is a well known hacktivist, often referred to as a "whitehat". He also runs a popular IRC channel (#Replacer). Make sure to idle & support!
I will actively use player bios and Virtueverse information unless there are specific notations not to. Again, I'm sorry if anyone that I encounter has a problem with this. Any deductions that I feel Grant can make logically, I will have him make for the sake of advancing stories and keeping things fresh and interesting. However, if a player asks me not to or to retcon something said, I am super agreeable and will make no argument about it. I'm just trying to keep conversations and interactions interesting, that's all.
I too, enjoy things that are saxworthy.

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