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Ferrets are members of the weasel family.

Ferrets are extremely nimble and quick, teaching us how to maneuver super quick so as not be in danger.

Their medicine includes stealth, cunning, skilful hunters, cleverness, ingenuity, revenge, luck, keen observation, ability to see hidden reasons behind things.

Ferrets are cheerful, playful animals, brainy and cunning. The ferret shows us how to use our creativeness to build a safe haven for ourselves, and always be ready for any situation that may come into existence.

They have a fine sense of smell, and can see clearly in the dark, linking them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are kept. They have sharp intuition and their sensitivity is acute, they are able to see and know the hidden meaning behind every-thing.

Foxy Ferret
Foxy headshot by toviorogers-d5473t2.jpg
The Master Thief
Player: @Foxy Ferret
Personal Data
Real Name: Jasmine Rose Havok
Known Aliases: Ferret
Species: Human/Guardian Hybrid
Age: Est. 26 years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Occupation: Vigilante/Thief/Activist
Place of Birth: Norwary, ME
Marital Status: Married to Red-Havok
Known Relatives: Father: Lord Wolf(once known as Knight Wolf)

Sister: Jennifer aka Lady Mongoose(presumed dead)

"The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river." ~Ross Perot

There will always be those that see me as an outlaw, nothing more than a thief for the rest of my days. While they label me, and perhaps in a way they are correct; I stand vigilant in what I do. If not for the unsung where would the rest of the unwanted and unloved be? They cry to those of us to help and upon deaf ears they fall. It is for those I fight, I steal, I risk everything for.

Ferrets.gif HISTORY:

Legacy History

    A once lonely and mischievous orphan at the age of nine, Foxy Ferret began her long adventure with her two ferret sidekicks causing havoc and mayhem. From becoming a student after raiding a school to quitting for a life of crime with a new found friend, Foxy learned in her early years she was not cut out to be the hero type. When things turned from bad to worse and she was left alone to help the orphans in the Isles, Foxy decided to go back to Paragon to try and secretly steal a valuable item. During the action of the heist Foxy was caught and directed to a group to help her future...

F.I.S.T. Punching

    When Foxy had found out from hacking a Longbow database what had happened to The Havok Brothers she was infuriated. Not just with the man she began having feelings for but with Longbow's Captain Xero Mercury himself for giving them the task. Foxy later stormed into his office demanding answers. The two, Xero and Foxy, had never seen eye to eye and this meeting was a disaster in the making. Having caused a scene in the Longbow Headquarters, Foxy slammed down her hero registration on his desk. "Here take these, until they return I quit."


    Feeling a sense of abandonment she hadn't felt in a very long time, Foxy decided to move on hoping that perhaps someday they would return. She accidently found a new home while wandering the outskirts of Paragon in thought. She stumbled upon an old bunker, inside she found a plaque "Cold War Bunker: Gopher Hole Finished on August 13, 1954. To protect the innocent." This gave her an idea. She had been wanting to teach the meta orphaned kids and train them as a team.

    Foxy then moved the orphanage over top of bunker, making tunnels and secret entrances to get in and out of it. With the help of Hailey, Ultamon, Ravenwing and Radamanthys they were able to safely construct a training exercise room in the bunker as well. During the move the child Foxy stole from Arachnos, known as Epilogue, fell gravely ill. Foxy believed it had to do with some pollutants at their old address mixed with the child's ever-changing powers. The child requested that Foxy put her in a psychic coma by using Foxy's psychic abilities. Foxy granted the child's wish but at a cost of Foxy's own mental wellness. Foxy refused to leave her side for days.

    The meta teens and children alike vowed to do what they could together to help find a cure for their sister that had fallen ill. Unknown to Foxy they were beginning to form their own team and Ravenwing began training them in the ways of combat. They had decided on a name for themselves as well; F.I.S.T. short for Ferret's Integrated Special Teens. They successfully snapped Foxy from her depression and she went to work gathering as much money or equipment as she could for them. She set tasks for Ravenwing, Radamanthys and Hailey as the instructors or leaders of their team.

    This was Foxy's new mission for the next couple of years to come as she disappeared from the hero community entirely.

A Dark Shade of Madness

    After tracking down a new villain named Phanto, who was rumored to have obtained a powerful psychic enhancing shard, Foxy fought and tricked the villain into losing his shard. Once she had successfully managed to sneak away with it she was set up to be captured by Longbow for interrogation. During the interrogation Xero confiscated the magical shard from her and threw her in prison. As Foxy tried to make her escape one of the Longbow guards released her explaining to her that someone above the top demanded her freedom.


    While leaving the compound Foxy was intercepted by a man who called himself Shade. He offered Foxy a position on his team and when she declined Shade decided to let her know it was him that set her free. He also promised her that she would have her shard back as soon as she agreed with his offer. Foxy curious as to who this man truly was said yes and she was whisked away on her first mission.

    Foxy had her suspicions about the elusive Mr. Shade and his group called Orthrus Inc. She soon found out that their enemy, Phanto, who she had stolen the shard from, was also after information on Shade. Foxy decided to align herself with Phanto against her own team to find the truth. Replacer, once known as Rave Spider, collided on Phanto and Foxy's agreement. He agreed to keep what she was doing under wraps. Shade questioned Grant as he had his own suspicions about Foxy. Grant kept his promise to Foxy, and he later joined The Infiltrators.

    Over time, Shade's dark intentions became known to The Infiltrators. After being sent to Guatemala to destroy The Mass Eradicator, Foxy felt herself become increasing corrupted by the madness shard. Because of her action in staying behind to make sure it was obliterated, The Mass Eradicator melded the shard with Foxy's DNA. Her psychic powers were unchecked and soon Shade knew she'd be more of a threat than an ally. He sent a team of agents after her to recall her back to the Shadow House. Foxy refused and erased all memory from the agents of their task.

    Foxy knew she had to do something to slow the corruption down. Red-Havok and Grant pleaded with Foxy to not go this alone.

A New Challenger Appears!

    Nightmares and terror dreams haunt Foxy on a nightly routine as she tries to figure out a cure for herself. In her dreams she sees a man she feels is familiar to her however Foxy has no clue who it is. While on a recon mission for F.I.S.T. Foxy once again has a vision of the man and this time a series of numbers flashes to her as well. Unsure of their meaning Foxy heads to her underground base and telepathically links with Epilogue. The child, while still in a coma, was able to respond briefly to Foxy. She tells Foxy that it is possible those numbers are linked to coordinates or another realm's portal number. With this new information Foxy sets out on a journey immediately without word to any allies.

Foxy ninjitsu by toviorogers-d542c0i.jpg

    At Portal Corps Foxy decides not to try and ask permission but instead takes over a portal itself flinging guards out of her way. She feels the corruption inside her getting to a boiling point and has to stop a moment to remind herself not to hurt anyone. Xero finds Foxy at the portal and demands that she be arrested. Foxy sets the coordinates to the unknown destination and jumps through the portal. As she sees the Longbow agents running to jump through as well, Foxy quickly draws her bow and shoots an arrow into the console leaving her to disappear in front of Xero Mercury.

    Once on the other side Foxy is greeted by the injured man she saw in her dreams. She defeats the one responsible for the man's injuries and finds out the he is her father. He quickly realizes that his daughter needs his help and tells her that he will take her to his home to find her the help she needs but that it will be dangerous.

    A harsh welcome is in place for the two by the Serpent Lord who orders both of their deaths. Foxy's father known as Knight Wolf begs Serpentis to spare his daughter's life. He tells the Lord that she can be of use to him. The Serpent Lord agrees, gives Foxy her first mission and has another subject named Mongoose help her train. Knight Wolf is then cast out of his home realm and he travels back to Earth with Foxy and Mongoose. The three begin training for a tournament to win a legendary dark sword for the Serpent Lord. Unknown to Foxy, Mongoose and Knight Wolf promise to keep Mongoose's real identity a secret.

    During the tournament Foxy runs into some friends from The Infiltrators, who had not see or heard from Foxy in a long while. They tell her about a new initiative they have begun in challenging threats such as Phanto and Mr. Shade on their own. Foxy throws the tournament to Red-Havok as they are the remaining two to fight. This action does not bode well with the Serpent Lord and Foxy heads back to plan of a revolution for her father's people.

From What I Once Was

    Foxy begins a rebellion of her father's people and during her training she finds out that Mongoose is actually her twin sister. Foxy is unsure how to feel about this. Foxy, accepting who her sister is even though her friends do not like her, Mongoose begins to see a different side of life. Mongoose is still however jealous of Foxy's will to be the hero and takes off after the Serpent Lord himself. During the revolution Foxy finds Mongoose hurt and tends to her until Mongoose turns on the group explaining it as Foxy's last test. Once Mongoose falls she tells Foxy that her death was inevitable as the poison had already began to work before they arrived. Foxy exacts revenge on the Serpent Lord and as he bites Foxy full of poison she sinks her claws into his heart killing him.

    Foxy soon falls ill from the poison and is rushed into The Challengers infirmary. On the brink of death Foxy is encountered by past spirits of the Ferret along with her great grandfather. They explain to her that she is to become more then what she is. They leave her with a message and riddle that Foxy has to figure out on her own. She sees a possible future before she awakens and heads out to stop it.


    With the orphan's lives on the line Foxy calls in a favor to Vanguard to help them set up F.I.S.T. with their own base and official team away from Foxy and the dangers she brings to them. Vanguard agrees and the orphans become a sanctioned team under their orders. Foxy then takes Epilogue to the Guardian realm to keep her safe and hidden away from humans.

    While Foxy and Red-Havok have their troubles Foxy stumbles upon her old friend Suryal. She hasn't seen in years and tells him that she though he was dead. Suryal wishes for her to join him and abandon her own team. Foxy declines the offer but knows the two will meet more often again. This makes Foxy realize how important Red is to her and rushes to him.

    Foxy figures out that Red-Havok isn't Red-Havok and she outs Deceiter, an enemy shape-shifter, in front of the group. Unsure and worried for Cade, Foxy asks for help from Suryal. He tells her that he will do what he can. Foxy then destroys her old orphanage in anger, Suryal and Sovereign Fist both try to stop her but only end up in a fight with one another. A Guardian knight known as Huginn calms Foxy down telling her that he was sent by her father and is there to help. He instructs Foxy to gear up and they both head out to begin a hunt for the other missing Guardian knights and Red-Havok.

    Along her journey Foxy meets new friends and experiences things that she'll never forget. From helping injured animals in Africa to hunting down poachers in Japan, Foxy begins to find something new to fight for.

For continued adventures of our Ferret and The Challengers read on here!


Ferrets.gif POWERS:

After merging with her spirit animal in her childhood and the many adventures beyond, Ferret has embraced the powers that she may possess be it for better or worse. In her travels across the world she seeks a better understanding of her abilities.

    Ferretiocyellow.png Enhanced Agility:
Quick and nimble are the ferret's teachings, she might not be strong but Foxy knows how to be fast enough to count in a strike. Foxy is vastly dexterous and will use this to her advantage against a stronger opponent. She can also run faster and jump around higher or easier then normal beings.
    Ferretiocpurp.png Enhanced Reflexes:
Being able to maneuver quickly helps her in a pinch. When needed she will trust her instincts and weave or dodge with the best of them. When Foxy is in the right state of mind she can focus her psychic abilities with her instincts and see the attacks before they happen.
    Ferretiocred.png Enhanced Hearing:
Used often in places such as Pocket D to listen in and form information for herself or to sell, she also uses her sensitive hearing in battle. Being able to hear an arrow or bullet come rushing behind could save a life.
    Ferretiocgreen.png Enhanced Survivability:
Teamed with the senses of an animal she is able to come into a state of fight or flight in extreme situations. Cornering an animal can result in deadly consequences if Foxy is in life threatening danger. Foxy is unaware of this ability in herself since her awakening.
    Ferretiored2.png Enhanced Immunity:
Merged with a spirit being Foxy has been gifted with near immunity to all diseases, viruses and infection. Anything bio-engineered, pollutant or magical illness will still effect Foxy but it may not be as severe to her. Foxy also has a near immunity to poison after her encounter with Serpentis. His bite to her was as if she had been given a vaccination. Foxy's body worked overtime to fight it off and adapted to many poisons in the process.
    Ferretiocshard.png Enhanced Psychic Abilities:
The madness shard, being a shard piece from Mindswipe's madness crystal, that was given to her as a gift from Mr. Shade was meant as a temporary amplifier of her psychic abilities. Instead it melded and became a part of her when she sacrificed everything to obliterate the mass eradicator. It boosts those powers immensely but at a cost. Even Mindswipe knows she can't control it forever.

    Ferretiocblack.png Subterfuge:
Foxy has the ability to use her surroundings to her advantage, she's trained long and hard in the technique of stealth along with her ability to shape change. This ability is known to very few, and while Guardians are able to shift into numerous forms half bloods only seem to maintain that ability to two forms; humanoid and their spirit animal. Vents are the prefect place for a ferret to roam safely and quietly.
    Ferretioblue.png Inspire:
Foxy has the ability to inspire others or even boost morality in people that are in need. With a just reason she will take lead upon a task that she feels is right to do and sometimes if it's big enough she will do the best she can to draw the public's attention to help them seek the truth. This had led her to teach about important matters such as conservation.
    Ferretiocpink.png Psychic Manipulation:
Unknown as to where this power actually comes from, Foxy uses it as a beacon to keep her team safe, to talk without the possibility of radio waves being intercepted or to even erase minds of events. It can also be used as a link to help track down or even sense other psychic enabled heroes and villains. This ability also helps her understand people speaking in a language she would not normally know.
    Talkicon.png Animal Speak:
One of the Guardian Knights known as Muninn took it upon herself to teach Foxy the basics in animal speech. Since Foxy is only a half blooded Guardian she is unable to completely understand an animal as a normal person speaking to her. She can understand vague thoughts and emotions of the animals she interacts with. Foxy has yet to tell any non-Guardian as she does not want this ability to become a parlor trick to amuse people.
    Ferretiobluepurp.png Shapeshifting:
Foxy's half blood of the Guardians allows her to shape change into her animal spirit form. She is able to then usually sneak through the ducts of most buildings undetected. Only a select few know of this trick and Foxy has no intention on changing that. While most full blood Guardians are able to shapeshift themselves into four or five different forms, Foxy has only been able to manage two; her ferret form and her hybrid human form. Will she ever master more?
    Ferretiocspirit.png Spirit Link:
After being in a coma from a poisonous bite by the Serpent Lord, Foxy was awakened spiritually and connected with her ferret spirit, seeing it's past hosts. The past hosts speak to her, give her riddles or even guide her towards a path in the future. Foxy is able to summon these past hosts if they are willing. While she seems them for who and what they are others only see balls of light floating near her. A spirit's teachings are never complete.

    Ferretiocftol.png Fragment of the Life Tree:
During the Rebellion of the Guardian people with Serpentis, Foxy upon opening the entrance to the Tree of Life, was wrapped in vines and taken away from the Challengers. She was found soon after within the Tree's chamber shaken and carefully looking over vines that wrapped around her wrist. When she called the Serpent Lord out to confront him the vines unwrapped themselves and formed into a staff. Foxy took this as a sign of good will and then vanquished the Serpent Lord freeing her realm and the Tree itself from his corruption. Normally it is only to look like a bracelet of vines with flowers and leaves until she needs it. The Fragment can be transformed into a bow, a staff and has also been known to be used as armor under her jumpsuit.
    Ferretiocstaff.png PsyRin:
A staff that F.I.S.T. made with Gadgix as a parting gift when the orphans were signed up to Vanguard and stationed within their compound. Hailey, otherwise known with her robot as RIN.exe, worked very closely with Gadgix making sure specific details were taken into account. This staff hones Foxy's psychic abilities and manifests it within the weapon creating a psionic masterpiece.
    Ferretiocclaw.png Claws:
Roof topping by toviorogers.jpg
A natural weapon Foxy can use when in a close melee ranged fight. In a quick situation Foxy will use them but otherwise she prefers her staves as they have a personal meaning to her.
    Ferretiocjs.png Jumpsuit:
A special ninja-like suit that the orphans from F.I.S.T. worked on along with PsyRin for Foxy before they left for Vanguard. The suit regulates any heat as to not be seen by infra-red and also has reflection tech embedded within it's fabric. The suit's reflection ability is controlled by Foxy's thoughts. It is highly durable and great for stretching in a brawl or any situation.
    Ferretiocgogs.png Goggles:
The pair of goggles that are normally seen sitting on top of Foxy's head when not in battle get put into good use when she's active. There is a button on the side that can switch from normal to stealth mode which shifts the goggles into night-vision. Tapping it twice will bring up the infra-red mode.
    Ferretiochelm.png Guardian Armor:
The armor of the Elites within the Guardian realm. Only those who have proven themselves be it knights, princes, princesses, lords, or ladies, have come to obtain such rights. Each individual has a color of their own design or what the maker believes represents said individual. Foxy's colors are white, green, gold and brown to represent the changing seasons of the Earth, reminding us that change is inevitable but is not always a terrible thing.

Ferrets.gif PERSONALITY:

Easy going, fun loving and spirited are all terms that people often give Foxy. She is a positive thinker and usually active in helping the less fortunate be it human or non. She looks up to the folk tale of Robin Hood and does her best to live up to his example or even mantle.

In her recent adventures she has found a passion in animal rescue and conservation. When she's not with The Challengers, she can be found working as an activist on numerous wildlife and animal testing causes.

Her lifestyle can make a hero or villain alike nervous when it comes to knowing her true intentions. Foxy takes pride in being on a few wanted lists and yet remaining at large playing cat and mouse games with factions such as The Family and Arachnos. Many wonder if Foxy plays a game with the heroes, leading them on and allowing her to steal just to stab them in the back later.


Armaments: Foxy and Armaments first met during their time in The Infiltrators. She always used to harp on Armaments for being nothing more than Shade's puppet. Foxy wonders if her constant reminder of that helped push him to betray Shade. Since then the two have gotten a bit closer and even work well together. Should they ever recon together it may prove to be fatal for their enemies.

Asunder: An amazing mutant requested by Grant Miller to join the Challengers, Asunder gives him a run for the title of most powerful mutant. She is strong, not afraid of anything (except maybe a ruined wedding), and resourceful. When a cool head is needed for an important option or opinion most of the team goes to her. Asunder is married to Replacer as of November 28, 2012. Foxy sees Asunder as an adopted sister-inlaw.

Azure Tracer: The interdimensional alien, Azure doesn't always understand Earth's customs but Foxy makes an effort to see that Azure has a good time. Sharing candy with one another and sometimes secrets, which can make Azure weary of Foxy at times but there is almost no one else she'd rather be back to back with in a hostile or recon situation. When Azure told the group that she was ordered to go back home to be put to death for treason Foxy made her Foxy's maid of honor at their wedding. Foxy's goal is to try and get Azure to smile often!

Blast Cycle: One half of the Boston Boys, Blast Cycle is a force of fire to be reckoned with. Foxy has possibly seen him at his lowest point and instead of ratting him out she decided to give him another chance. She warned him however that should he cross the line again she'd not hesitate to stop him herself. Beyond that these two have a lot in common. They both grew up in the Isles as orphans and have an understanding of wanting other orphans to have a better fighting chance at a good life.

Cyberman: The man made of machine and human Cyberman is a well known hero from the Frontline days and does his best to aid The Challengers. Foxy finds him to be very hard working but always undergoing repairs from missions. She wonders what type of trouble he seems to get himself into constantly.

Dynomind: A once powerful psychic and retired reformed villain, Dynomind helps the Challengers by collecting data and working in the background. In his spare time he helps Foxy train her psychic abilities. He sees a lot of power and potential in her and Foxy in turn loves his quirky attitude. DYNOMIND!

Gadgix: The kick ass techno geek herself, Gidge is someone Foxy admires. She strives to better herself and her teammates with her new tech on a regular basis. Foxy spends time in Gadgix's shop to just watch and possibly sneak off with a new gadget or two.

Hexamancer: The master of Voodoo, Hexamancer is the other half of the Boston Boys. Foxy constantly bothers him for information about magical items he has on his person. Foxy trusts Hex to help take care of Blast Cycle's demons and knows he is the best on any arcane or dark magic related issues.

Johnny Turbo: These two are notorious for causing trouble and arguing together. Foxy considers Johnny a close friend, even if he can be a bit mean. She knows deep down he means well, otherwise he'd never stuck with her over the years. She hopes he finds true happiness someday. From The Freedom Force to The Challengers, Johnny Turbo and Foxy Ferret have been pals with an unspoken bond.

Liquid Zero: A very unorthodox hero for The Challengers. Foxy knows he is in some way related to Liquidus and tries to give Zero the benefit of the doubt even if it seems he's mentally incapable. She's unsure if she should trust him yet.

The Masked Renegade: These two thieves met while trying to steal the same item at an art gallery. They, since then, have had an unspoken rivalry. Foxy likes to play pranks on Masked and play out their rivalry. Even though she never tells him Foxy would love to team up with him as a duo for a project or mission.

Nimbus: The Lord of Storms, Nimbus is the definition of hero. Foxy admires his will to always press forward and never give up or change his ways. She hopes that the new age of heroes look up to him as well as a shinning example.

Paul Ocean/Ooshun: Paul Ocean is the reformed villain of toxic waste when he's transformed. Foxy tries to keep Ooshun entertained when he's around as to distract him from their own team. She's not fond of the toxic monster and feels pity of Paul Ocean having to deal with it. She wants to give Paul Ocean the benefit of the doubt and live up to the hero he can be even if others tell her not to trust him.

Red-Havok: Red and Foxy first met as enemies, he tried to stop her from stealing a valuable item at a museum. When Foxy got away he followed her and found what her true intentions were. Soon after he assisted Foxy in reforming herself as a hero and moving her orphan family to Paragon. Immediately upon finding out Red had left to his Portal Corps mission without a goodbye she was distraught. When Red returned she was instrumental in helping him readjust to life without his brother, forcing him to go back to work. They've seen each other at their best or worst, and they've shared the greatest of memories together. Despite the speculation these two heroes were meant to be.

Replacer: The mighty mutant Grant Miller or as we know him Replacer used to go by the name Rave Spider. Foxy and him have a rare relationship. It's hard to tell if they aren't related somehow as they fight and care for each other like siblings would. To Foxy Replacer is an adopted brother, maybe that's why they act like they are related.

Sovereign Fist: Ray Lewis, Foxy adores him and does her best to treat him like the little brother she never had. Foxy knows he's really harsh on himself and works hard to keep his spirits up when she can. She believes in Ray and can, at times, become over protective of him.

Talonknight: The notorious "Bird Monster" himself, Talonknight is a man of mystery to the public. Foxy admires Talonknight's elusiveness and secrecy. Together these two could form an unbreakable covert strike force.

Waypoint: Waypoint once known as Voltium is known to Foxy as a goof, though she's seen him become a serious contender when the time calls for it. Always with a snack of some kind, his mind never wanders too far from food. Foxy knows he's pretty tight with Johnny and a friend of his she hopes can be trustworthy.


Aglow: Foxy adores Lilah. Aglow is nothing but gentle and nice to Foxy when they team up or hang out. Foxy knows about Lilah's blindness but is extremely curious as to how she sees the world. Foxy has often been tempted to ask Aglow if they can pyschicly link if only for a moment to find out, but Foxy is unsure how to approach a possible sensitive subject. Aglow is very shiny.

Brown Mouse: The small woman in the mouse tights know as Brown Mouse has made a great ally for Foxy. Brown Mouse works with the PPD and in doing so helps Foxy indirectly keep out of trouble. The two have gone on several missions and adventures together and when this duo gets going the bad guys need to start running. Foxy loves Brown Mouse's company. As they say great things come in small packages!

Crux Enigma: One of the allies from The Reciprocators, Foxy finds this individual very intriguing in that she feels everything that goes on around her. Foxy is unsure if she should admire her or feel sorry for her. Crux has proven herself to be strong and even a warning beacon for in coming danger.

Starforge: One of the leaders of the Global Defense Force, Starforge has made his name well known in the hero community. Foxy met him years ago while he was in the Sentry. She finds him occasionally in Pocket D when she's roaming around there. Foxy likes that he seems laid back but also willing to take a moment seriously when needed.

Lord Wolf: Once known as Knight Wolf before the great rebellion Foxy led, Lord Wolf is now known as the leader of his people, The Guardians. He is also the father of Foxy and trusts in his daughter to find her own path as he once did a long time ago. He loves his daughters and was saddened to hear that his other daughter was killed by Serpentis. Lord Wolf wishes to get his people among humans once more, showing them humans aren't as bad as they were taught they were.

Max Impact: Max has been fighintg alongside the Challengers for sometime as a friend. Foxy knows he's one of Sovereign Fist's best buds. Recently the two have built up a gym together and Foxy is curious to see it. Foxy does see Max as a bit of a hothead but knows sometimes that it can be used against the enemy for a better cause.

Noisebomb: The Freaky Noisebomb of the Reciprocators himself, Foxy has met him on a few occasions and was sad to learn of his self sacrifice. She knew he had a form of cancer and was violently ill due to it and planned to try and find a magical cure for it. Sadly she never found the right combination in time. She wishes Noisebomb rest and peace in his new journey.

Ringtail: A young lady in her late teens, Ringtail is Foxy's official sidekick. After she was arrested due to her more aggressive protesting Foxy took her in and showed her there was a better way to go about protesting what she believed in. The two both stand for animal rights, wildlife rescue and conservation. Foxy teaches her a more peaceful and sneaky way to go about her day as an activist.

Skewerstrike: The assassin-turned-mercenary, Shrike is a curious individual to Foxy. While he is from the Isles, Foxy knows all to well that even a rogue such as himself doesn't mean he is a villain or evil. She finds him to be polite when interacting with others in most cases. Foxy was recently invited to one of his gambling games in St. Martial and would return to play another should she be reinvited the next time.

Webmaster Grave: Foxy actually met Webmaster Grave in Pocket D and recognized him from Formspring. After they got to talking Foxy found out that Grave was actually working with Sovereign Fist on a new project. Foxy soon questioned motives and became part of an operation with a few others. She sees Grave as when she first saw Fist, a misunderstood person who lived in the Isles. She understands that he's doing what he can to help even if it isn't the normal hero way.

Eternals: Along with the GDF Foxy knows all about this team of heroes, though does not know them personally very well yet. They aided the Challengers in the fight with Phanto, stopping him before he could set off a psychic bomb. Led by Mr. Mirage, Foxy finds this group to be a force of reckoning when needed.

F.I.S.T.: The group of meta orphans that Foxy took in at one time. They all came together and decided to find a cure for their sick sister without Foxy's knowledge. Foxy was surprised when she found out and taught them real teamwork having them help her on secret missions. After Phanto attacked them a second time Foxy asked Vanguard to take them in as a part of a project. Vanguard agreed and now the group is under their care. What does FIST stand for?

Global Defense Force: While Foxy doesn't yet know the GDT as well as she'd like, she knows that they bring a powerful group of allies to the table. Foxy has worked together with the leader Starforge on several occasions. Together with Black Authority and Powered Omega, they head the Global Defense Force - a large group of heroes with international responsibilities. Foxy believes that as long as their coalition stands strong together nothing can stop them.

The Guardians: A group of beings that are set to protect the innocents of the Earth, mostly animals and environments. Foxy met these beings that are a part of her bloodline once she reunited with her father. She is still trying to understand them now as she is the Lord's daughter. She hates that they call her Princess or Lady Ferret, but she knows she has to now watch over her people and learn their ways.


Suryal: An old friend from the Paragonian Knights - The Grae Academy. They both quit together to lead a life of crime to help the less fortunate than themselves. They worked very well together striking as one unit, bringing down those that would seek them harm or when they were out on a heist. After Foxy was almost killed by a villain Suryal took it upon himself to catch him. Foxy stopped Suryal from murdering the man. He was not pleased with the outcome and argued that sometimes it had to come down to taking a life. Not too long after their argument Suryal vanished. After five years of his disappearance Suryal found Foxy in the Isles and brought her to his new hideout trying to convince her to abandon her team and join him.

Liquidus: The former leader of The Freedom Force and one of Foxy's old role models. Liquidus taught her some of his skills in subterfuge and she uses those to this day. He is someone she full-heartily trusts and would put her faith in.

Pit Dragon: An old ally from her school/rogue years. Pit Dragon helped her out immensely and she in return helped him. She found him to be a great friend even though the rest of the world considered him a villain.

Galactoman: Foxy's former leader of the Galacto-Rangers. Galactoman is an interesting fellow from another dimension and Foxy is curious to what it's like. Foxy knows he plans to rebuild the Rangers again and wishes him the best of luck! Go Go Galacto!

Luficia: The happy-go-lucky girl with the magical sword Seiken, Luficia is a former Challenger who left to help rebuild The Galacto-Rangers. Foxy finds Lufi fun spirited and sometimes a bit naive to the motives of non-hero types.

Human Flashbulb: Another former Challenger that went to help rebuild the Galacto-Rangers, HFB is a fun guy that loves a challenge. He dislikes Longbow as much as Foxy does and she respects him for that in some weird way. She's been tempted to steal his defender belt several times, but holds off on doing so.

Ferrets.gif Ferrets.gif FELLOW FERRET FRIENDS: Ferrets.gif Ferrets.gif

Foxy isn't the only ferret meta out there! She's run with the hero and villain ferrets alike and each pair makes a mischievous duo. Look out if you see more then two together!

The Ferreter: Foxy helped this ferret out in her time of need. Since then these two have been seen together on certain occasions. Foxy always gives Ferreter's pet ferrets treats when they get together. Currently seen around.

Flamethrower Ferret: Foxy adores this shy little guy, and there has been some speculation that this is possibly a sibling of hers as she treats him like a little brother. That however is false as Foxy does not have any blood related brothers. Foxy helped to give him some confidence in his abilities. Currently seen around.

Kung Fu Ferret: Foxy Ferret and Kung Fu Ferret have been seen together kicking some butt, dancing and taking items together. Kung Fu Ferret is a lot smaller than Foxy but just as mischievous. Currently seen around.

Electric Ferret: Another ferret partner Foxy used to call upon in times of need. He is a unique ferret with electricity at his whim. Foxy finds his origin to be amazing; while out with his pet ferret he was struck by lightning and the two beings merged together. Unknown whereabouts, possibly in hiding.

Kid Ferret: Kid Ferret was around before Foxy Ferret and has been noted to be a role model of hers when she was younger. These two have not been seen together as of yet. Foxy wonders where he had disappeared to and hopes that they may meet in the future. Unknown whereabouts, possibly in hiding.

The Mystik Ferret: A ferret on the opposite side of the law that has been with Foxy on multiple occasions. These two have been known to be trouble for the law in the Isles when put together. Currently seen around.

Ferretgal: A ferret hero that Foxy has been in contact with on a few missions. Foxy found her to be very kind and believes that Ferretgal will rise as a known hero in the future. Unknown whereabouts, possibly in hiding.


Fox Bow: Foxy met this thief during a heist. He had come to steal the same item Foxy had in hope of meeting her and soon became obsessed. He has a fascination with Foxy that is stalker and creepy like. Foxy has declined his offer to date several times but Fox Bow never gives up or takes a hint. On April 1st, 2011, Fox Bow attempted to fire a "love arrow" at Foxy. The arrow was intended to make Foxy fall in love with the first man she saw - which ended up being Nimbus. Foxy wants nothing to do with Fox Bow.

Ghost Widow: Belladonna Vetrano, the former Arachnos Night Widow, makes Foxy generally curious. There is no relationship between the two be it hate or friendship. Foxy has come across this villain as a surprise when Ghost Widow would show up at her parties or missions. Ghost Widow talks tough and all but Foxy wonders what more to this ghost there is. Foxy also wonders if there is something that Ghost Widow has to do in order to crossover.

Malicious Mongoose: Foxy's twin sister, Mongoose was presumed dead after she had been poisoned by Lord Serpentis. Her skill in weapons is unmatched as she has trained with them at a young age which makes her a deadly opponent for Foxy. After her "death" she was found by Mr. Shade and brought back to the living only to be corrupted by the poison that lives within her body. Once known to the Guardians as Lady Mongoose, she wears that title no longer due to her corruption.

Mindswipe: Foxy knew that she'd sooner or later run into this cold and calculating villain. It was only a matter of time since she had taken a piece of his madness crystal. Foxy knows he is dangerous but also that he is the only one she can go to about the corruption that the shard brings. They together hold a grudge against Phanto and perhaps together they will find a cure for the madness. Or will their truce end before it even begins?

Phanto: The illusionist mastermind. Foxy and Phanto have had their ups and downs together. In the past they had worked together to take Mr. Shade down until Phanto betrayed her. He has risked the lives of her orphans more then once now and Foxy holds a raging grudge against him. Foxy would love a true one on one with Phanto just so she could crush him with her own hands.

Xero Mercury: Besides Phanto, this is Foxy's least favorite person or even hero type to be around. Ranked as a Captain in the Longbow division, Xero takes his job very seriously. Foxy and Xero have had many confrontations in the past from playing a game of cat and mouse to heated arguments resulting in Foxy's vigilante status. As of recent Xero has come to The Challengers seeking help in finding his brother. While Foxy is unsure if Xero's motives are pure, she knows the value of family and has agreed to help.

Mr. Shade and The Infiltrators: Shade was the one man who brought most of the Challengers together in the first place. His intentions however were not genuine. His goal is to wipe out any threats including those that would stop him in his quest. There aren't many people that Foxy would like erased from history but this man is one of them. She knows it is only a matter of time before Shade puts together The New Infiltrators. Who they will be and when they will strike is the real question.

United Underworld: A villainous underground group located in The Rogue Isles led by the notorious Nine-ball. They've caused a stir in the most recent events in Paragon and gotten a name for themselves. These dangerous individuals seem to lack the respect and honor that the older villains such as Mindswipe once maintained making them a very chaotic force to go up against. Foxy has run into this group numerous times and once forced Autosaurus Wrecks to flee Atlas Park after a confrontation. Foxy has made plans for the future to make a mockery of the few that tried to make a fool of her.



• All the music links on my allies are themes for when they are teamed up together as a duo, and for the villains their battle music.

• Foxy and the rest of The Guardians are unable to be cloned due to their merging with an animal spirit. Animal spirits cannot be cloned or duplicated.

• The characters Red-Havok and Foxy Ferret were married August 22, 2012 in Maui. The ceremony was officiated by Johnny Turbo. Replacer was best man and Azure Tracer was maid of honor.

• I'm very passionate about wildlife and pet rescue/conservation which is why I'm happy to finally put Foxy as an activist helping innocent creatures in need. It is what I wish I could do, travel and do rescue/conservation work.

• All the artwork on the page and not the gallery is done by Tovio, the chibi is done by Momiji and the symbol is done by Red-Havok. I am repeat customers for both and love their work.

• Missy Peregrym would portray Foxy Ferret in a feature film.

• The Original Ferret was a force field/archery defender. While wanting her to be able to play both sides and have her be melee I rolled her as a claws/SR stalker under the name Ferocious Ferret for the CoV launch. In i22, Ferret was completely re-rolled as a Stalker in favor of the more dynamic Staff powerset, and Ninjitsu defense. I had debated while it was in beta for a while between Stalker or Brute. Ransim and a GM on the beta server suggested to go stalker so I tried it out and have loved it since.

• Please ask me first if you want to use Foxy Ferret or The Guardians. I will usually say yes!

• Foxy Ferret was the second main I ever had. My first one was on the Justice server known as Dark Angelhawk which was an Empathy/Dark Defender.

• The name ferret is derived from the Latin word, “furittus”, which means "little thief."

• A group of ferrets is called a “business”.

• Ferrets come from the same family ("Mustelidae") as badgers, wolverines, otters, mink, weasels, black footed ferrets and polecats. They are not rats or rodents.

• While I do have a character named Ferret in Champions Online it is not the same character from City of Heroes.

• All the animals in the last chibi picture at the bottom represent all the animals I have or had at one point. In remembrance/loving memory: Jasmine (black lab), Frisket (golden-brown mutt), Godzilla (iguana), and Bear (ferret). My two recent rascals: Shugo (silver tabby cat) and Kite (fluffy gray cat).


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