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The Normal
"Hey, what's going on"
50 Natural Normal Dude
Not applicable
Player: @chadbrochill89
Activity Level: Constant
Basic Information
Real Name: Chad Thaddeus Jefferson
Aliases: The Noisebomb
Titles: The Loudest Thing There Ever Was
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Homo Superior
Sub-Type: Not applicable.
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Nineteen
Height: ~6'0"
Weight: 172 lbs
Build: Fit
Complexion: Healthy and pink
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Distinguishing Features
Has no right arm, biological or otherwise. Just a stump
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 10/30/90
Birthplace: Augusta, Maine
Nationality: American
Residence: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Occupation: Unemployed
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Thaddeus "No-Face" Jefferson
Known Powers
Capable of projecting and controlling virtually any sound frequency, and creating sonic repulsion fields that repel incoming attacks.
Skills & Abilities
Fully capable of self-propelled flight with his wings. Sensitive hearing. Capable of replicating any frequency and sound.
Old welding goggles; green t-shirt with "The Noisebomb" in glitter letters

The Noisebomb is a fictional superhero in comic books published by Paragon Comics. The character first appeared in The Reciprocators #20 (November 2008), and has been a member ever since. He later went on to star in the Debut Album miniseries that explained his origins, but due to low sales, the series was cancelled, though the writer promises to finish the series due to a surge in popularity after the Noisebomb helped the Reciprocators defeat the Arachnos arch villains in The Reciprocators #34.



The Noisebomb is a particularly loud individual. For most of his appearances in The Reciprocators, his text has been written either in ALL CAPS or ending every sentence with an exclamation mark. He apologizes, often, for his inability to stop yelling. The Noisebomb is also very excitable, and frequently goes from doing essentially nothing to charging towards goal. In spite of his loud, grating voice, he is very sociable and has gone out of his way to make friends with most of the Reciprocators. He even frequently proclaims that Black Starbeam is his "close friend and personal hero," though in actuality, he seems to appear alongside Yuki Frost and Static Bolter more often than the golden-eyed avenger. The Noisebomb appears to be blissfully unaware of how ugly his mutation has made him look, and lightheartedly pursues many of Paragon's most attractive women.

His explosive, over-the-top personality is hinted at being an act in some Reciprocators-related comics, and this is confirmed in The Reciprocators #37 by the Noisebomb himself. When his powers were stripped away, the Noisebomb was revealed to be Chad Jefferson, a womanizing sleaze and a drunk with an overly macho streak who is very much in love with himself. In spite of this, the Noisebomb traded in his good looks and voice of his own volation in exchange for a second chance to prove that he was more than a fratboy in the one-shot comic, The Freaky Noisebomb: The Cure. The Noisebomb was humiliated, beaten, nearly killed, and stripped of his powers again after the events of The Freaky Noisebomb #46-50: Farewell Tour and The Invincible Noisebomb: Curtain Call, but found himself humbled (If only slightly) by his experiences, though he still seems to be a bit of a party boy.

In recent Reciprocators tie-ins, Farewell Tour, Curtain Call, and The Last Freaky Noisebomb Story Ever, the Noisebomb has shown depths of conviction and courage that he previously seemed unable to muster, all so that he can stand up and face the most challenging fight of his young life: a battle with throat cancer.

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Abilities and Assets

*Sonic Blasts: Perhaps his most infamous aspect is that when he speaks, the Noisebomb yells. Therefore when he screams, it's eardrum-rupturingly loud! He can manipulate his screams into concentrated bursts of sound, allowing him to deal damage to superhumans who would otherwise be impervious to damage by combining concussive force and incredibly loud sound. The Noisebomb has been shown to be able to transform up-beat Eighties pop songs into crushing volleys, capable of leaving powerful villains in heaps. In The Reciprocators #34, during a battle with the sinister Doctor Aeon, he suffered a secondary mutation that increased the volume of his voice to the point where he can no longer speak without damaging something or someone. Likewise, he can hardly control the sound bursts anymore.


Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Debut Album #1-4

Chad Jefferson was an outgoing high school student. He was in the school choir, he played base ball, painted, and he was even in a garage band with his closest friends. He was A-list; an all-American boy. Unfortunately, a combination of his creative mind and athleticism being praised constantly as well as his own vanity made young Chad completely egotistical and shallow. He scoffed at authority, seniority, and wise choices. To him, all that mattered was having fun. He had a new girlfriend every few days, put forth only the necessary effort in his classes, and was pretty much considered a scumbag by anyone with any sense of decency or morality.

The Noisebomb, pre-mutation
At the age of fifteen, after helping a female senior study on the first day of school in a broom closet (For privacy's sake), Chad escorted one Nedley Nelson to the choir classroom after accidentally hitting him in the face with the closet door because his sister saw it. Chad was, of course, late due to his cramming session. The choir teacher was none too pleased, and knowing of his ego, decided to challenge Chad to sing in front of the class. Perhaps it was the tension, but his mutant genes exploded to life right as he started singing. He went through a grotesque, painful, and bloody transformation into a horrific bat-like creature, and his shrieks of agony collapsed the choir room's ceiling due to their now-incredible sonic powers. All of the students escaped but for Nedley Nelson, who thought Chad was cool and may need help. Were it not for Chad shielding the young man with his terribly mutated body, Nedley would likely have been crushed by the crumbling ceiling.

Terribly depressed by how ugly he had become, Chad fled from the school grounds and clumsily ran through the city streets of Augusta on his new legs. After a series of mishaps in his yard, Chad flew up to his window and picked up his guitar, a Gibson Flying V, so he could play it and think. When he strummed it and tried to vocalize the sound the notes would make when attached to an amplifier, and was surprised to find that he actually dropped that booming note and rattled his room.

Deciding that this was "cool," Chad left his house and decided to roam the streets until he could figure out what to do. A high-speed chase passed him by, which only caught his interest for a moment, until a cameraman who had been trying to follow the chase turned a camera on him due to confusion brought on by the brightly colored t-shirt with a bomb emblem on it that the mutated Chad was wearing. His band's name, "The Noisebomb," was on the shirt, and that led the cameraman to assume that Chad was a registered hero. Thus the Freaky Noisebomb, Loudest Thing That Ever Was, was born.

While his first battle was successful given he had no training, the Noisebomb was shot through the leg and had a bullet graze his arm. He took out the majority of the thugs, but their ring leader got away with a looted strongbox. After being forced into flight by a crowd of people that thought he too was a villain due to his monstrous appearance, the Noisebomb chased after the escaped leader (Codenamed "Beat-Down"). He met the thug in a back alley, in an old butcher's shop, where he was faced by both Beat-Down and his partner, Noticably F.A.T. They forced the new hero to face Beat-Down in a literal dance battle, MCed by Noticably F.A.T. on beat box, which the Noisebomb lost due to the injuries he sustained in the initial encounter.

It was revealed, after the Noisebomb woke up in a meat locker, that these two were just henchfolk of a supervillainess named Chart Topper. Their plan was to use the contents of the strongbox, a legendary musicians's enchanted Fender Telecaster, to make themselves rock stars or something equally childish. The enchantments, some form of psionic persuasion, turned out to be ineffective towards the Noisebomb due to how his brain processed sound waves. He faked that they did work, however, much to the amusement of the gangsters. They left to commandeer a spot on a charity show's performer list shortly afterwards, leaving what they thought was a mindcontrolled Noisebomb in the freezer.

The Noisebomb exploded into action, and in spite of his many injuries, made it to the arena that the concert was at. There, hedefeated Beat-Down before being forced into another dance off, and convinced Noticably F.A.T. that he could get off easy if he would just turn his friends in. Most amazing of all (And the best documented part of his first day as a hero) was the Noisebomb's fight with Chart Topper, which involved an on-stage guitar battle. Psychic assaults, compressed sound blasts, lightning bolts, and a totally awesome sound track peppered the air as the furious fret-fingerers fought. The battle ended with Chart Topper melting the Noisebomb's Flying V with an electric blast due to his chops being too righteous, and the Noisebomb yelling that her music sucked. The sonic blast from the Noisebomb yelling blew Chart Topper into the air, and the Noisebomb caught her to make sure she wasn't injured further.

The comic run ends with the Noisebomb handing Chart Topper a note that told her that he, in fact, thought she was cute.

The Reciprocators #20-34

The Noisebomb mysteriously appeared in Paragon City during the events of the Reciprocators #20, in which he began his new heroic career by fighting the Paragon City drug cartel, primarily the Skulls. Most of his investigations were inconclusive due to someone frequently beating him to the scene of a crime. When he finally found the location of some big names of the Skulls, the Noisebomb attacked their hideout, but was beaten near-senseless by the Petrovic brothers, and decided to flee before he was killed.
The Noisebomb's early days in Paragon City

Overwhelmed by the city's startling amount of supervillains and frustrated by his inability to do much of anything solo, the Noisebomb began to research the super groups of the city. Since taking the classical approach wasn't working for him, the Noisebomb decided to apply at one of Paragon City's heavy-hitters: the Reciprocators. He had a friend help him make an application tape, which he used as a testing ground for his over-the-top personality. After his acceptance into the Reciprocators, he decided to maintain that personality.

The Noisebomb has assisted the Reciprocators in many high-profile adventures, including stopping the Skulls-Hellions turf war from spilling out into the street in an outright gang war, thwarting an attempt to destroy the walls of Ziggursky Penitentiary, fending off the Rikti invasion fleet from Steel Canyon alongside the entirety of the Shield of Paragon during the initial days of the Second Invasion, challenging and defeating Ruladak the Strong in his own domain, and even defeating the Arachnos Patrons and the Lord of Villainy himself.

However, the Noisebomb's voice had progressively gotten louder, to the point where he was trying to whisper but was always screaming. During the Reciprocators' attempt to destroy the W.E.B. device once and for all in the Reciprocators #34, the Noisebomb finally hit his limit and could no longer speak without causing severe damage to something or someone. He resolved to stay silent until he had to fight Paragon's worst, when he could direct his incredible voice against them.

The Reciprocators #37-Present

He was absent from the Reciprocators #35 and #36, before returning in #37 with a surprisingly human form and a normal speaking voice, though he inexplicably shifted between being normal and being the Noisebomb. After assisting in taking out a corrupt Vanguard official, he explains to Static Bolter that the phenomenon isn't a new power. A pharmaceutical company had approached the Noisebomb with a mutant gene suppressor after his mutation robbed him of his voice. The Noisebomb was suffering from depression after that secondary mutation, as he was a singer and his antics as the Noisebomb were intended to make people smile. He accepted the offer, and is currently a meta-human test subject for the new chemical, and appears to be on the fast-lane to becoming a normal person once again. He also revealed his real name for the first time: "Chad."


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