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A rose by any other name, is still awesome.

                                                                                                          -Pink Awesome's Self Premotion Ad

A smell of roses is near? Pink Awesome is here!
Pink Awesome
Player: CortC
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kenfield "Kenny" Hart
Known Aliases: Pinky, Pink, PA, Just Awesome
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Undaunted Founding Member/Spokesperson for his Cologne line
Place of Birth: Manchester, England, U.K.
Base of Operations: Undaunted Guild Hall
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown, Thor (By way of oath)
Known Powers
The ability to expel rose petals of any natural shape, size and colour.
Known Abilities
Able to sign a 8x10 glossy of himself in under 5 seconds, good with self promotion, and a keen sense of looking good while making it seem like he's fighting crime.
Gauntlets that help build up and expel the kinetic energy used from the rose petals, and boots that help boost jumping height with a similar mechanic. A muscle suit, to look better.
Is Awesome.



Pink Awesome, or Kenfield "Kenny" Hart is like a old trustworthy perfume, it's not the best on the rack but it smells alright and its cheap. Wait, he doesn't know that. To him, he's the most expensive one there is, and out to prove it. In your face with ads, slogans, pin-ups, and promotional give-aways out the ying-yang. Helping elderly women across the street in highly publicized areas, getting cats out of trees for child actors, and giving life advice to the aspiring young on TV specials to help garner the Teen Choice Award for Superheroism. All towards helping push your product line of merchandising to help get the big bucks. That's what being a cape is all about, right?

And why bother getting your hands dirty with crime fighting as long as you are there and have everyone else do the hard stuff for you? These are the dogmas of Pink Awesome. Do the most amount of work without actually doing anything, while getting fine babes and fame.

Character History

Much of Pink's history prior to his frat party accident isn't talked of or recorded (Though not a secret or hard to find, just not exceptionally interesting to note). What is known is that he wasn't much of a student, and couldn't find acceptance in many post graduate schooling until he came across Steel Canyon College, which allowed any members in. Its unknown what he was taking, what is known is that most of his time was spent partying, canoodling, and publicly making a fool of himself.

An Origin Almost Too Awesome to be Written, but Is

An everyman granted powers whilst drunk, and engaging in his liquid departing duties was struck in his most private of parts by a pink lightning bolt.

Upon awakening in Paragon City, later that morning, found he could expel rose petals from his hands, of all colours, shapes, and sizes found in the natural world. Though he soon found out, and a dentist appointment later, that his powers didn't hold up very well against even the weakest of evil-doers.

The Pink Awesome quilted a wealthy playboy industrialist friend of his from college into giving him technological enhancements to his gloves and booties. So that he may fight the good fight against crime...When he wasn't slacking off, eating pizza, or other manly things. He started to wear a muscle pad suit under his tights so that he could still strike fear into his opponents without actually having to work out, because that is pretty lame, and gives him more "me" time, which he so enjoys. But hey, the suit gets chicks.

Even in pink, baby.

Current Events

Coming Soon.


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  • Out of the tips of his fingers and toes, at will Pink can produce a large amount of rose petals of any natural shape, size, and colour he wishes. If he concentrates hard enough he can release them in a festive pattern, or in simple shapes as they explode outwards from his body.
  • An overuse in a short period of time can cause a sweet smelling residue and slight pink discolouration on the fingertips.


  • During his tenure in The Silver Guard his basic equipment that used the mass kinetic force from his expelled rose petals and turned them into energy were replaced by Dr. David Tanner, who found his power to be quite perplexing. He supplemented Pink with gauntlets that evaporated the rose petals automatically, instead of having to furiously shake out his gloves after each sweet smelling zap to some foe.
  • From the gauntlet's original and current design they allow Pink to produce a minor to moderate energy blast to protrude from his gloves. This has worked at a much better success rate than just hoping the villains Pink was fighting had some rare allergy to roses.
  • The same sort of blast can be produced from his booties, which launch Pink high into the air. However, a cushioned landing has yet to be properly perfected. Thankfully medical bills are cheap if you're a high flying super star.
  • Using a combination of his own natural ability to create simple patterns and shapes Pink has been able to aschew a grouping of various attacks, though his routine hasn't evolved much as he often is more show than pow these days, allowing his teammates to make him look better.
  • If Pink cared to, he could override both his gloves and boots to expel a great force of energy. Early tests blew Pink's suits right off his body, leaving him shamelessly naked. It wasn't until protesting parent group MADD (as backed by other lesser groups, but it was MADD who had the best tv slots to push it) put an end to his charades after being publicly drunk and nude while operating under a hero licence. Decency was brought back to Paragon.

Physical Skills

  • Pink is no greater than the average human male at his age, and infact could be considered a little bit weaker. However, his excellent portrayal of showmanship and hamming up his performance often leads people to forget the fact he isn't doing much damage to the foe or putting much effort into the task at hand. All the while looking devilishly handsome and giving out free samples of his new cologne line. Which in itself is a physical feat.
  • Able to sign a 8x10 glossy of himself in under 5 seconds. Something he perfected to help ward away any jabbering slack jawed fan who was below his interest, or if Pink was in a hurry or too preoccupied with himself.
  • Can strike a pose at the single notice of a flashing camera.
  • Able to balance on one foot really good, which lends itself to flirting with exceptional balance.


  • Pink has no disadvantages the normal person does not have. He does however dislike general activity that includes anything more than moving about at a leisurely pace, or anything for that matter that may cause him physical harm in the slightest, so he avoids it by tactical retreats.
  • The sight of seeing someone else puking often causes him to gag or puke himself if around the said person for a prolonged time.

Friends and Foes


The Undaunted - A founding member, Pink first joined at the tale end of his college career, infact his last day on the facility was when he joined. An inter-dimensional traveller known as Patriot of Paragon blew up Pink's college as he came into the main dimension. Followed behind him were world destroying terrors that PoP had brought with him in attempts to destroy them to save his world. And save his world he did, but in doing so, hindered ours. So Pink had to leave his lady friend he was with and dash out in little more than her undergarments placed over his head with a pink towel wrapped about his waist. And from there, history was made.
Canadian Loonie - Pink has always gotten along with Canadians, they were like little brothers to the Brits. And him being a war hero and everything, well that just made Pink Awesome look that much better hanging out with him. And image is everything. They are often teamed in Undaunted outings.
Earth Protector -Friends back in Steel Canyon College (Go Canyoneros! Arooo!), they often were involved in a series of super powered misadventures prior to their registration as a proper heros. They were briefly a duo before Earth Protector finally joined The Undaunted roster, where they still remain close friends, often at someone else's expense.
Lashback - Acquaintances in college, Pink is partly responsible for paralysing Lashback in a football accident. Pink is often his wingman in Lash's ever fruitless attempts to get a woman. Though Pink is often more a hindrance than help, and often takes the ladies for himself as he openly puts Lash down.
Sparklite - Pink met Sparky when he was added to the Undaunted roster for his technical brain. They don't talk much, where Pink was usually too concerned with himself to bother listening to how his telepad that warped him everywhere worked. It works, so why does it matter?
Shival Felwind - A cool toots who hasn't quite learned the awesome that is Pink Awesome, constantly turning down the chances of a lifetime. Regardless she also understands the finder points of heroism and also has tons of cash. Too bad she's a vulcan or Santa's elf thing or whatever. Pink has yet to fully understand.
Power Barr - In Pink's early career, he was called upon by the Committee of Commonwealth Superheroes to help rising Bahamian Star Power Barr, the two worked together better than a buddy cop movie (after an initial long term of disagreements that were worked out by Pink Awesome's charming jests). Though Power Barr hasn't been as active as he was once in the past.
Cyrotenacity - Assigned to be Cryo's sidekick during Pink's tenure in the Silver Guard. The two became superstars. Though mostly to Cryo's chagrin, Pink dressed closely to Cryo's ensemble. Cryo has retired the look.
False Terror - Met in Pocket D, where the young Pink Awesome was challenged to fight. Pink won on a loophole (In that he lost, but declared himself the winner regardless). They later teamed shortly in The Silver Guard, and together formed The Undaunted.
Thor - Met during one of Thor's adventures that caused him to seek out all the people Loki had randomly cursed on Midgard. It was through this that Pink found the origin to the pink lightning bolt that granted him his powers. Upon requesting that he would better mankind using his curse for good (and just to look noble) Thor made a pact of honour with Pink to help stop the forces of mischief. They have since been on many trans-dimensional outings which makes Pink look even better, allowing Thor to do his thing while he sits back and enjoys. It is through Pink that Hammerstorm is part of the Undaunted.

Rogues Gallery

Fogey Yogi - More or less Earth Protector's foe than Pink's, this thug is no more than a furred annoyance who attempted to outquip the outquipable and outfight the unbeatable. Aka, his jokes were lame and EP kicked his arse in the arena. He has since skulked back on occasion, but has mostly been regarded as a joke. Pink has yet to get his name right.

Costume and Attire

Pink has only been a hero for the latter part of the decade but has revised his look to keep up the appeal of his adoring fans that he suspects he has. The revisions tend to be entirely cosmetic, with very few actually helping him in crime fighting and more in glamour and style. Though the newer ones to offer better use of his magical powers, if he bothered to use them for more than publicity stunts. They are often composed of fine silky or smooth materials from exotic areas, Pink only wears the best. Each are still in use for different occasions and photo-ops.

The Classic / (Golden Age)

The Classic Costume

The original duds, though a bit dated in the technological department, in his early college years when he gained his power at a frat party they served well. They are little more than a drawn on long sleeved shirt tucked into old briefs with pink leotards.

His boots and gloves were minor tech enhancements inside old renaissance fair attire. On occasion he will wear this for nostalgia's sake or if it is required for a photoshoot for heroes of the past and present specials on Paragon TV.

The Sidekick / (Silver Age)

The Sidekick Costume

During his tenure with The Silver Guard, Pink wore this costume as a tribute to his then mentor and friend Cryotenacity. The costume was more widely recognized as Pink's, and he still wears it on occasion to this day, it was also the first costume to support the new tech enhancements given to him by Dr. David Tanner.

It is also recognized as his first costume to support a face mask with better resistant valuer (for the ladies to feel as he stood victorious) and kevlar (to ensure he could stand victorious) lining throughout the torso.

The Slip On / (Bronze Age)

The Slip On Costume

Worn when Pink went on more trans-dimensional tours with Thor in Action Pact. Since watching Thor fight daemons, frost giants, and aliens often caused gysers of gore, Pink needed something to keep his hair in check and fine after each raid. So he designed a sleek rubbery covering for his whole body, so slick that even the stickiest of goo would slip off with ease.

He designed it after his favourite space adventure programs when he grew up. He wears it extra tight to show off the assets.

The Crass / (1995)

The Crass Costume

A What If? Costume. What if the mid 90s speculation boom in the comics industry never ended and we were still today stuck with the gritty overtone ruthless vigilantes that splattered the pages of the funnies in those days? Well a hero like Pink Awesome probably couldn't hold his own title without being replaced or revamped. So he would be placed as a strong support character, gone were the funny and cheerful antics and now come the hard nosed and fast talking of a hero whose seen it all.

He would most likely train a newer younger hip Pink Awesome. And for kicks probably given some crippling addiction to alcohol or drugs, later to be retconned away or entirely forgotten.

The Nomad / (Modern Age)

The Nomad Costume

First worn when Pink met the alien traveller Nomad. Pink designed the suit for the two to wear as a duo, so that ratings wouldn't drop when Nomad was found out to be non-human, not to mention duos helped gain ratings, and Pink felt that it would ruin his image to be with a outdated and rather undereducated in the way of all things mechanise alien.

But Nomad had proved to be a successful hero, and fought many threats and Pink helped sponsor them to superstardom, furthering his own career.

Contact Creator


  • Is speculated to be probably both the weakest, yet most popular member of The Undaunted.
  • The Creator enjoys many comics, both indie and mainsteam, but has a deep affinity for Marvel Comics and continues to follow numerous titles to this day.
  • Pink Awesome was inspired in personality and look by various heroes which include: Plastic Man (DC), Booster Gold (DC), The Entire Great Lakes Avengers (Marvel), and even video game characters Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) and Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter).
  • The original concept of the character was created by jokingly thinking up the worst super hero ability with a group of friends late into the night. Expelling rose petals from their hands proved to be the most humorous. There was also talk that he definitely needed to be on a team, if only to cause the other team members extreme grief.
  • The wealthy industrialist playboy in Pink's backstory was originally intended to be Tony Stark of Marvel fame.
  • Pink has gone through many costume redesigns, with the classic remaining untouched. One was even so bizarre as to have a fully done long beard and an Asgardian based cape and armour to his look. Or to be completely bald and with a mustache, or even a zombie (As inspired by Robert E. Kirkman's many works). These did not last more than either a few hours or a few days.
  • At one time had a joke sidekick called Purple Head, a boy super hero who aspired to be the Pink Awesome's sidekick. It was later dropped.
  • Most of Pink's achievements are not his own, and while he may claim otherwise, is mostly due to participating in some of the greater hero groups in the city.
  • Often confused to be homosexual, probably due to his flamboyance and for the American tendency to connect sexual orientation to colour is in fact incorrect. Pink was chosen as a humour colour, and representing the 80s big shot businessman stereotype, where in the era pink was cool and 'tuff'. In character Pink Awesome is a terrible womaniser and actually wears the colour to help appeal to women on the prospect of showing his 'softer' side, or thinking they might actually think he has taste.
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