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O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Defender of the Great White North
Canadian Loonie
Player: SetzerGabbs
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Clint Carcross
Known Aliases: Major Maple, The Loon, Loonie, Canuckle, CL
Species: Human
Age: 94
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Ruddish
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Undaunted Founding Member/Major in the Canadian Armed Forces
Place of Birth: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Base of Operations: Undaunted Guild Hall
Marital Status: Married to Canadian Twoonie
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Peak human agility, strength, and endurance; Skilled Martial-Artist; Master of Offensive-Shield Techniques
Shield made of Impervium, Form fitting Kevlar-weave costume
Influence used by the Loonie ingame is the representation of requisitions to the government for supplies.



Loonieleaf.png‎While something of a professionalist, the Loonie can still be heard making the occasional wisecrack to lighten spirits during even the most grim moments. He's usually always calm, friendly, and passive, being very slow to anger. His time in the armed forces has trained him to keep a clear mind during combat, making him an apt leader in most circumstances. The Loonie tries to be friendly to everyone, never saying a foul word to anyone, and always meets anti-Canadian sentiments (which is suprisingly common) with a shrug, and responds that Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the G8.

Character History

Loonieleaf.pngBorn in Kingston, Ontario in 1914 to a local businessman and his homemaker wife, Clint Carcross led a fairly normal childhood and adolescense. He was always regarded as "bright" and "thoughtful" by his teachers in school, and known as a very courteous boy. He was very attentive in school, and was surrounded by many friends because of his likeable personality, until the 8th Grade whereupon Roger Anderson targeted Carcross for bullying. It went on until his junior year of high school where they finally made peace and even becoming friends.

Carcross graduated high school with honors, and hoped to begin attending a university, but financial problems at home forced him to help his father run the family business. It came as no surprise, in 1939, that Canada aligned itself with Great Britain in declaring war on Germany and the Axis Powers. Clint, along with Roger, both enlisted in the Canadian military, eager to serve their country and help defend the Commonwealth from foreign agression.

The friends were assigned to the same unit and shipped off to Britain to help defend her from the Germans, where they saw limited front-line combat, mostly involved with policing during air raids until being moved to Dunkirk in France as part of the British Expeditonary Force. Then in May of 1940 the British soldiers were cut off from the rest of the French Army, and had to make a hasty retreat from France across the British Channel. During the ensuing battle, Roger took shrapnel to the chest from a bomb dropped by the Luftwaffe, and was killed almost immediately. Clint ditched most of his equipment in order to carry his friend's body, and he and the rest of his unit managed to make it to the shore where boats were waiting to evacuate the beleaguered soldiers.

The Birth of a Real Hero, Eh

Loonieleaf.pngThe frontlines behind him, Clint was eager to get away from the fighting, so when the military offered Carcross a special assignment which would take him back to Canada, he eagerly agreed. He was taken to a laboratory, the location of which was classified, and subjected to many tests which monitored and measured his physical limitations the reason, again, was classified. He was never told what day it was, or long he had been there.

After what seemed like months, the scientists involved with the project upgraded him to "Phase 2" which began with the first of many shots and injections of chemical compounds. Many of them made him physically ill, some of them even leaving him bed-ridden for days on end. Other days, however, he felt good -- real good -- almost like he could wrestle a moose to the ground. His injections were supplemented with weapons training and hand-to-hand combat practice in order to keep him from going insane, as he was allowed no contact to the outside world aside from newsreels showing the war in a positive light, going so far as to say they had the Germans on the run.

Eventually, less and less members of the science team were seen in the complex, until finally, Clint was told he was finished, and was debriefed. It had seemed the Canadian government had seen fit to create a chemical which could enhance the abilities of any man, and in essence make them "super soldiers". Clint was the first recipient of the experiment, and was to lead the Allied front against the Germans in Europe. Unfortunately, most of the scientists were new to the project, and due to inexperience, many delays occured and faulty compounds were fabricated. For what only seemed like months to Carcross, was actually 5 years, and the war had ended 3 months prior. The project had recieved the axe in government funding, and was being shutdown. Clint was reimbursed for subjecting himself to the experiments, and was permitted to leave, but was contractually obligated to the military to keep anything that happened in the laboratory classified for 1000 years.

Trying to come home, he found that his own parents no longer recognized him, and didn't believe it was him, being told that he was MIA after Roger had been killed at Dunkirk, they thought Clint to just be a sick prankster. Having no place to stay as no one knew who he was, and being completely out of touch from his 5 year exile, Clint decided to start fresh and worked his way to Manitoba, and traveled around the province taking odd jobs, but never being able to keep one due to his now imposing nature. He was at different points -- but not limited to -- a cook, a grammar school janitor, a small-time wrestler, an antique salesman, and a used car dealer. He finally secured a job as a bank teller when on his third day, a man attempted a daylight robbery. All was going well for the crook until he came to Clint's window to make a forceful withdrawal.

When the mounties finally arrived, they found that Clint had single-handedly broken the man's right arm and wrist, both his legs, had driven the criminal's pistol clear into his own bicep, and had rendered him unconscious all with his bare hands. He was praised as a hero, though didn't care much for the attention. Clint was more content to lead a quieter life, that was until government had other plans for him.

Current Events

Loonieleaf.pngAfter the bank incident, Clint was contacted by the Prime Minister himself and was asked to meet him in person. He obliged, and was quickly to yet another classified area. It had turned out the government and military had both been keeping tabs on Clint in case he should slip up about the experiments. Considering him trustworthy for keeping the secret all this time, and being deemed a success after foiling the robbery, Clint was offered to become a registed "cape" under the Canadian government, answerable only to the highest echelons of the administration. At first reluctant, they sweetened the deal by offering to retract his "missing" status, and officially recognize him as having come home. Not being able to pass up the offer, he agreed, and was given the code name "Canadian Loonie" because of his having worked in a bank. He was further trained, and given suplements to his already impressive compound, which began manifesting themselves as strange sideffects. After this, he was issued a impervium shield emblazoned with the national flag, and a kevlar woven suit. His first mission? Statesman of America was looking for all able bodied supers to come to Paragon, and the Loonie was deemed the official Canadian liason.

Once there, he was unable to convince 'Statesman' of his intentions. It had turned out the Prime Minister had forgotten to message ahead, and the Loonie was relinquished to being a "street-level hero" with a Security Rank of one. Seemingly defeated, it just so happened that chanced upon a monumentous battle at Steel Canyon University between False Terror and Pink Awesome and a villain named Patriot of Paragon, an alternate reality's version of Statesman. Having no time to don his costume, Clint unfurled the military flag in his pack, tied it around his neck, and leaped into the fray, soon followed by Thor.

Once the battle had been won, the heroes decided it was all in their best interests to combine their forces, with the Loonie providing his military expertise and years of experience to the new group.


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Physical Skills


Loonieleaf.pngEven though the Canadian Loonie has been made stronger well beyond normal human capabilities, he is not invulnerable, and can be killed by any normal means. However, it should be noted that he may take a considerably bigger amount of punishment than would be called for in normal circumstances.

Friends and Foes

Since arriving in Paragon City, Clint's had time to make many acquaintances, some good and some not so good. Below is a list of Heroes and Villains that make up the Loonie's teammates and enemies.


Bon Lad
Bon Lass
From Left to Right: Bon Lad, Canadian Loonie, Bon Lass

Loonieleaf.pngMost, if not all, heroes at one time or another take on a young charge to help fight crime and sometimes even filling their mentor's shoes when he can no longer don the mask. Being no exception to this rule, Clint has in his employ a crime fighting duo known as Les Bons Enfants, a pair of Quebecois children with amazing powers.

After seeing the success of the "Loonie Soldier Compound", the Bloc Party of Quebec felt that they, too, should have a hero to represent them if they were ever going to be taken seriously as a sovereign nation. Agents began scouring the province for likely candidates to fill this role, and when no such men or women could be found, they decided to choose two children -- the logic being that if one were to sit on the other's shoulders, they'd more than be a match for any adult.

Finding that they were grossly inexperienced in crime fighting, the Canadian Government stepped in and suggested that the Loonie would be more than happy to tutor them. While agreeing to the proposal, the Bloc Party made it clear that they would be sidekicks to the Loonie for now, but one day they would finally become their own superheroes.

While Bon Lass remains the original wearer of the title, Bon Lad's career has been plagued with much misfortune. The current Bon Lad is the fifth to bear the name, the others having suffered various accidents, mental break downs, retirements, and severe cases of death. Upon the death of the fourth Bon Lad, Bon Lass' twin brother was recruited, and so far has remained resistant to the curse the title holds.


The Undaunted
Pink Awesome
Earth Protector

Rogues Gallery

Spec Ops Bear

Costume and Attire

Loonieleaf.pngAlthough he is a newer hero, the Canadian Loonie has gone through several major revisions in his costume over the years to provide more protection, functionality, mobility, or to better reflect the times. In terms of use, they all see their fair amount of wear as the situation calls. His shield has also seen many changes as well in terms of composition, size, and shape.

Golden Age

Golden Age "Mountie" Costume

Loonieleaf.pngClint's first costume, it was little more than a Royal Canadian Mounted Police facsimile. In terms of protection, it offered virtually none and relied mainly on the shield for any type of defensive measures. It saw limited use outside of the military complex where the Canadian Loonie was created, and was tailored to originally be used for photo opportunities and propaganda posters should the project had been a success. Unfortunately for Clint, this was the only reimbursement he recieved from the government once he had been dismissed from the project.

The idea to not include a cape was one of functionality, as during tests it was shown to become caught on any number of things, leaving the wearing completely vunerable. As Clint was to be at the fore-front of some of the heaviest fighting in the war, mobility was key in it's design.

A steel shield was intended to be issued to him, though he had no training with it at this point, it serving as little more than a way to block incoming assaults. Although not a sound choice in terms of camouflage, the shield was designed to bring attention it itself and hopefully draw the incoming fire that may have been directed at Canadian infantry.

Silver/Bronze Age

Silver/Bronze Age "Sleek" Costume

Loonieleaf.pngAfter Clint had accepted the proposal of the government to become a registered "cape", he was issued a new suit which offered more protection and would better represent Cananda abroad. Although appearing to be only tights, it was actually manufactured with kevlar weave in order to be able to withstand small arms fire. The sleek design gives the Loonie better aerodynamics as it was discovered he had the newfound ability of flight. Fairly minimalist, the primary concern was functionality, which often has Clint battling the lack of pockets.

An upgraded version of the shield was introduced with this costume, which afforded a much better bulwark. The size was increased as well as elongating the bottom in order to give it more surface. Not only that, but instead of steel, a new alloy known as "Impervium" was used as the base metal. Making it highly resistant to blunt force and most types of projectiles, it more than makes up for any short comings of the suit itself. While most certainly heavier than most conventional shields, the increased strength of the Loonie allows him to wield it with great ease.

Though many contend that he shouldn't have to hide behind a mask, it has been stated that it was included in the final design to convey that the Loonie doesn't represent anyone aspect of Canada, but the country as a whole.


Mid-90's "Combat" Costume

Loonieleaf.pngThe next change saw a great leap from the "mountie" to the "sleek" designs. Based around the same principals of the previous costume, this new "combat" variant improved on a few non-existant features. The first change was the inclusion of a utility belt that not only had storage space, a welcome addition, but also a radio, a nightstick, and a 9mm handgun. Not only this, but extra storage for ammunition was included on the chest for easy access during a firefight. Combat boots were also included standard as it was found that many criminals had begun to employ caltrops as a typical defense. Goggles were also issued, as eye protection was a necessity during long flights in the cold Canadian air.

The shield was decreased back to it's original size, but using a round shape instead. It was found that it was less unwieldly, and use for blocking projectiles was made easier. To supplement the already formidable hand-to-hand combat employed by Clint, the outer rim of the shield was sharpened in order to deliver more devastating blows.

Despite all this, it should be noted that in addition to the drastic changes in costume, it brought with it a drastic change in personality. Gone was the relaxed and friendly Clint Carcross, and in his place was a grittier, darker version of himself. Instead of a masked superhero, he was little more than ruthless vigilante where the ends justified the means. It was later retconned that this was not Clint at all, but a second generation project by the government to replace a now retired Loonie who had settled down and had married a woman. This "imposter" was later denounced by the government, arrested, and subsequently jailed for the forseeable future.

Modern (Iron) Age

Modern Age "Tech" Costume

Loonieleaf.pngOnce he had been out of retirement after the arrest of the Loonie "imposter" for a time, he was once again outfitted with a costume change. In order to appeal to the newer generation of children who admired superheroes, he was given a "cooler" design, which also combined combat necessesities against a new threat known as the 'Rikti'. The kevlar weave suit was replace with an Impervium chest piece to give Clint maximum protection from gunfire, along with boots and gauntlets to enchance the force behind blows being dealt out.

The shield design was based from salavged Rikti technology, making use of forcefields to repel incoming blows. It offers superior defensive capabilities when compared to it's predecessors, and sees it's use in the worst fighting that Loonie must face. One of the many drawbacks, however, is that prolonged uses of the shield will see it need a recharge from special energy packs created specifically for it. Not only this, but it is much heavier than it's Impervium counter-parts, making it more cumbersome, and is prone to shorting out when faced with water or electricity.

A mask was intentionally forgotten as masks had a habit of hindering some of Clint's peripheral vision, with full head masks even dampening his hearing. This severely burdened him while striking Rikti ships, as the long, dark corridors often held a Rikti squad lying in ambush.

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