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"Serving as a beacon of hope in times of darkness."

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In late 2011, the untimely closure of the Palladium Sentry left a huge void in the superhero community. For so many years, the Sentry served as a cornerstone in not only the fight against crime, but also improving the lives of Paragon City's citizens. Fortunately, former Sentry member Starforge had an idea. Whereas the Palladium Sentry oftentimes fought crime at home in Paragon, Starforge believed a group that could more readily protect the entire planet was needed. Soon enough in early 2012, the Global Defense Force was born.

The mission of the Global Defense Force was simple; to be ready to deploy heroes around the planet at a moments notice anytime a threat arose. In order to do this, Starforge was able to obtain a derelict space station which was soon retrofitted to serve as the orbiting base of the Global Defense Force. Not long after completion of the station, Starforge had the station technicians install a central intelligence unit in the command center. An offshoot of the Palladium Sentry's own intelligence unit, NAIKA, AVI (Automated Virtual Interface) would help keep the station's defenses and databases up to date. Soon enough, the Lambent Dawn was officially operational.

The first members to join Starforge in the Global Defense Force were his longtime allies from his days in the Palladium Sentry. It didn't take long for word to spread and before he knew it, the group's membership soon included a wide variety of established heroes and even some at the start of their heroic careers. Unfortunately, this also drew the ire of many villains looking to make their name at the GDF's expense. The most notorious of these villains were known as the Doom Society. The leader of the Doom Society, Dominion, had his sights set on taking down Starforge and the GDF and at the end of 2012.....he succeeded.

Staging a calculated attack on the Lambent Dawn, the Doom Society was able to not only destroy the base but take down a good number of heroes with it. The icing on the cake was their sabotage of the GDF's shuttle which forced a trapped Starforge to watch in horror as everything he had built was taken away. However, in their haste to destroy the base, the Doom Society missed the fact that the shuttle wasn't actually destroyed in the attack. Hurtled through space from the explosion, it took many years for Starforge to return home.

The world had seemingly changed a great deal when Starforge returned to Paragon City. The fallout of the Doom Society's attack had left the few surviving members of the GDF scattered or in hiding while the villains were relishing in their newfound fame. It would take a long time, but Starforge was determined to see the Global Defense Force return. His first stop was the find any trace of the Lambent Dawn. Luckily, he discovered debris on the lunar surface and after establishing a new partnership with the United Nations, the Global Defense Force was once again up and running. Temporarily based out of the Armstrong Moonbase, Starforge used this as a staging ground to recover more debris from the Lambent Dawn. As luck would have it, AVI was able to survive the attack which helped a great deal in getting the GDF up and running again.

In the ensuing months, Starforge worked with the United Nations while also having the Guardian Collective help move a decommissioned Guardian outpost into Earth's orbit to serve as a more permanent base of operations for the GDF. Many more villains were seeking to put an end to the Global Defense Force's resurgence; most notably the Sinister Squad. Despite these threats, the Global Defense Force's new base, the Beacon, was brought into Earth's orbit and will be the new staging ground for Starforge and his team to defend the Earth from any evil that seek to harm it.

Allies & Enemies

Allies & Enemies
Allies & Enemies



The Beacon

Lambent Dawn
Lambent Dawn

The Beacon is the name of the orbiting base of the Global Defense Force. A large number of technicians are employed to manage the regular maintenance necessary to keep the Beacon functional. Due to destruction of the original base by the Doom Society in 2012, security has been heightened greatly on the Beacon; members of the Global Defense Force are given communicators that allow them to access the teleportation network set up by AVI to allow them access to the base from any location. Those allied with the Global Defense Force are also granted clearance to access the base.

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Team Members

Team Members
Team Members
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