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Introducing the Botsworth Model F000, the first in a new line of luxury robotic personalized assistants brought to you by none other than the fantastic minds of the Fritz Foundation! Botsworth is designed with advanced A.I. that can process a myriad of customizable instructions, all designed to help manage your life so you can focus on what's important without sweating the small stuff.
If you need a hand, Botsworth can help. Available for online pre-orders now!

{ played by @Jon }
The Botsworth Model F000 unit is built with energy projectors that are capable of creating multi-functional encapsulation fields. These fields are primarily used in combination with the unit's internal incinerator for waste disposal, as well as for the physical protection of itself and people in the event of violence or unwanted intruders.

With inspiration from Spell-Slinger, the renowned inventor Fritz set out to create a new organizational tool as a gift for their teammate Chromeheart, who had been feeling over-stressed with the burden of managing The Neverenders and her own academic career at the same time. Fritz being the overachieving, hyper-competitive person that he is, he decided the best tool to help Chromeheart would be an automated assistance robot that could handle all the menial tasks on her plate.

Unbeknownst to Fritz, someone inside the Fritz Foundation was trying to sabotage him, and they tampered with Botsworth's programming in an attempt to make the droid dysfunctional. Botsworth's service to Chromeheart has been riddled with protocol errors and miscalculations, which Fritz has been actively working to correct as they happen. So far, though, Botsworth hasn't done anything too dangerous; once Fritz can work out all the kinks, he will be ready for mass production and worldwide distribution.

More Coming Soon!™

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