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{ played by @Jon }

NAME: Dustin Holmes
AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: New York City, New York

  1. CEO of the Fritz Foundation
  2. Influencer
  3. Vigilante


    His specialty is destroying dangerous technology, and doing it with performative flair.
    He is always coming up with new devices to use in the field. Some are more niche than others.
    He is extremely well-connected and has the resources to accomplish whatever he sets out to do.

Holmes Investments is a corporate investment firm run primarily by members of the multi-billionaire Holmes family since its creation in the early 1900s. For over a hundred years, they have used their wealth to fund the development of businesses and communities around the world. Their hands are in virtually every economic industry, and their influence is vast.

Each member of the Holmes family is highly individualistic and is granted the freedom to use the limitless resources of Holmes Investments to finance their own personal ventures upon reaching adulthood. Generally speaking, they are all very skilled businesspeople and excel wherever they establish roots. Morally, they are all over the place; even some of the least malicious capitalists among the family would still put profits over people in the right scenario.


Social media influencer Dustin Holmes is the youngest member of the Holmes family currently employed by the company. Shortly after his 18th birthday, he used his corporate power to start up a company called the Fritz Foundation, which develops technology that Dustin uses for his high-profile career as the vigilante Fritz. To make a profit, Dustin maintains social capital by publishing his heroic exploits online for his fans, and then uses his social capital to sell watered down versions of his gadgetry adapted into safer pieces of technology. All of the gadgetry is invented by Dustin himself, and he takes pride in his own ingenuity, although he still has teams of people assisting him at every level to help keep the company afloat.

Although the entire Fritz project is undeniably a vain attempt to make Dustin famous, it is also possibly the most morally righteous and altruistic business under the Holmes corporate umbrella due to the very direct, positive impact the Fritz Foundation makes on society every day.

The Fritz Foundation works very closely with Titan Industries due to sharing similar goals of keeping dangerous technologies out of evil hands, although Titan Girl tries her best to keep a distance between the two companies publicly because of Fritz's numerous media controversies that are born out of his egotistical, incessant need to always be the center of attention.

  1. Generators:
    His suit generates electricity through a variety of functions that are all used to power his equipment in the field. The electricity generated can also be discharged offensively.

  2. Projectile Matrix:
    By surging power to his hand and making a finger gun formation, he can activate a bow-like matrix that can be used to launch his projectile gadgetry.

  3. Gadgetry:
    He possesses a vast assortment of custom-designed equipment that is primarily intended to disable technology & hostile combatants. Almost all are modified to be fired as projectiles.

  4. Static Sliders:
    His boots harness electricity to allow him to zip around quickly with heightened speed & mobility, as well as cling to walls and ceilings when he has enough momentum. It's like electric parkour.

  5. AR Lenses:
    He is constantly being fed data about the world around him through a vast Fritz Foundation repository.

  1. The Neverenders:
    Dustin joining the Neverenders officiated him as a hero in many respects. It certainly introduced him to some of his closest allies and friends. They taught him how to work with others, at least somewhat. It was definitely a skill he sorely lacked before.
  2. The Vanquishers:
    Though not an official member of the team, his proximity to it has enabled him to work with the Vanquishers on multiple occasions. He is a trusted ally of the group.
  3. Titan Industries:
    Dustin sought to legitimize his operation by partnering up with one of the world's most reputable security firms, although their partnership is kept secret from the public for security reasons (as ironic as that is).
  4. Limbo:
    One of Dustin's most popular series of videos online involves him following Ethan Holloway around on his ghost-hunting missions, which often requires the assistance of highly specialized Fritz tech for capturing and analyzing supernatural data in the field. Dustin thinks Ethan is a complete idiot, but a profitable idiot, which ensures that Dustin doesn't let his ego ruin the relationship.

  5. Airwave:
    This rebellious engineer uses powerful equipment cobbled together from stolen tech to siphon top secret information being transmitted all around the universe. He's well known to underground dark web communities as a reliable source of high-profile leaks. Recently, Fritz joined the Vanquishers to stop his attempt at contacting killer aliens and bringing them to Earth.

  6. Zero Chill:
    Presley is a young inventor who at one point was up for an internship at the Fritz Foundation, but Dustin ended up turning him down because he was worried about being outshone by Presley in his own company. This started a years-long feud between the two, as Presley isn't one to take rejection very well.

  7. Startup:
    Jude Warren is a technopathic anarchist who is huge thorn in Fritz's side. Responsible for the production of dangerous black market tech that is highly resistant to conventional sabotage methods, he always manages to stay one step ahead, constantly undermining the Fritz Foundation's work to make Dustin look like an idiot.

  8. Maximal:
    Samuel Strong is a dangerous technophile who has cybernetically augmented his body out of an obsessive desire to reach humanity's peak potential. He, and the cyber-junky thugs who follow him, pose a threat to safety wherever they go. Fritz works hard to keep the world's most dangerous tech out of Maximal's hands.

  9. Hydrant:
    The A.Q.U.A. series of firefighting drones that the Fritz Foundation worked on in coordination with the Paragon City Fire Department ended up being scrapped due to accidental sentience developed in the core AI. Most of the drones were shut down, but Dustin couldn't bring himself to turn off the original model... a decision that he occasionally is made to regret whenever the robot gets into trouble.

  10. Webmaster:
    Nothing happens on the internet that Bishop Weaver isn't tapped into, thanks to cybernetic augmentations hardwired into his brain that keep him mentally online while vastly enhancing his intellect. The Webmaster entered Fritz's radar after his app - an underground, villainous craigslist-style app called Blackbook - was used by Airwave to flood Paragon City with mercenaries. Fritz is currently searching for a way to find Webmaster and shut the project down.
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