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Personal Data
Real Name: Chester Dean MacManus
Known Aliases: Spell-Slinger, Slinger, Chespurr, Captain Curse
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 184 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation: Leader of the Neverenders
Place of Birth: Assumed Paragon City
Marital Status: In a Relationship with Makani King
Known Relatives: Unsure



Chester Dean MacManus might be just a mage's apprentice, but he's not lacking in abilities that supplement his magical skills in a fight.

Silver Tongued: Perhaps it's his devil-may-care, no judgement attitude or his empathy and understanding of others, Chester has a way with words and winning people to his side. Or if needed, pulling a quick one on an enemy.

Practiced Yogi: For whatever reason, Chester is really into yoga. He was enrolled young by his parents and just really got into it. Because of this, he has high levels of endurance, strength and flexibility.

Adept Mage: The Slinger isn't any great or famous mage. He sometimes even struggles just casting simple spells. But he's got some level of talent and continues to learn.

Magical Items: Chester's mansion is stocked to the brim with items of mystic origin and magic power. These are some of his favorites to use.

Aigil and Slagfinn/Caster Pistols: The Spell-Slinger's signature weapons, these magic weapons which he generally refers to as his casters work just like any magical focus would, allowing him to cast spells quickly and accurately!
Cloak of Protection: Unlike common items of protection, the unique trait of this cloak is that it generally projects Chester's position being slightly off towards those that wish him harm, effectively creating endless illusions that make it difficult to accurately hit the novice mage.
Mask of Mystery: Another staple item of the Slinger's preferred kit, this mask completely masks his features and protects his identity. A must have for any hero, especially with how often his co-lead calls him by his real name.


Mundane Memories

Chester Dean MacManus' life before becoming a mage and hero was relatively uneventful. His parents were rich investors, so he's used to traveling away from home frequently and missing out on regular events most kids are used to like sports events or prom. He never really got to know other kids in private school because of this. But more, seemingly all the other students avoided him from what he remembers. It's due to this that Chester threw himself into any story in any medium he could. Stories of daring heists against the corrupt, dashing rogues who do the right thing when the odds are against them, or the slick scoundrels who talk their way out of their doomed fate fueled young Chester's imagination and personality. Anything he could escape into another world through. But this all changed when he turned seventeen.

Arcane Awakening

Image how one might feel if they woke up to learn everything they thought they knew was false. That their parents were liars and more, missing. Fear? Anger? Sorrow? Surely the scale leans more towards the negative, and it's exactly what happened to Chester when he woke up from sleep on his seventeenth birthday. His mother and father missing and with them gone all the protective spells placed on Chester gone, and their home in Talos', referred to as 'Manny', emergency wards triggered and locked the boy inside.

The first few weeks were difficult. Chester nearly went stark raving mad as he ran about throwing vases about in the nude trying to find out any possible way for him to escape. Then he slowly started finding objects that weren't normal. They were otherworldly. Magic! Piece by piece things started to make sense. He discovered the secret corners of the home he thought he knew. The basement leading to room that would adapt to one's imagination. Their attic stocked full of items, artifacts and books. The secret rooms leading to pocket dimensions of any kind in their study. His entire life up magic was hiding around him, and now it was his to learn! With this knowledge, he managed to undo the wards locking him inside the house, but a child-like Chester learning magic on his own doesn't always end well...

Dangerous Desires

No parents. No rules. No reality. Chester had more freedom than perhaps any child should, and yet he did. The world was an entirely different place now for him, and without any limits but his own skill, he took it by the horns. He partied with dwarves and demons. Went on adventures to worlds of wonder and perplexing planes. This eventually caught up to him. Sure he knew magic but he didn't even scratch the surface. After a near death experience involving an enchanted toaster, the young mage attempted to learn more. In his search through the attic of his mansion he came across an old book: The Neverending Tome. In it Chester would learn of the cyclical mystic order of heroes who throughout time have answered the book's call to halt a world ending danger. And what's more, he was to put the team together and lead them. In the words of the young mage: Yikes.


Friends and Family

Sorcerer's Circle
Blister: Fellow magic-user in the way of the witch. Helps Chester learn.
Chromeheart: Co-leader of the team and obsessive perfectionist. Great at paperwork.
Dark Arts: Mystic and magnetic mage. A good fake uncle.
Deadstop: Shadowy sass-master. Glad that Smelter has friends.
Frtiz: Famous fingergunning gadgeteering prankster. No foresight.
Limbo: Died but got better. Hopes he's okay.
Hit Points: Sidekick second player to High Score. Needs to practice more.
Makani: Half-demon duelist of the downtrodden. Also girlfriend. Best emotional support.
Nowhere Kid: Mutant psychic puppeteering punk. Brutally blunt but stands with his friends.
Occultist: Arcane archmage of annoying aptitude. Is Chester's mentor.
One With The Earth: Small towned biology buff and grower of greens. Has a cool plantdog.
Pace: Blessed by the speed of Hermes. Mellow for as fast as he is.
Rad Raptor: Ex-Sky Raiding engineer with a broken family. Can be as troublesome as he is helpful.
Smelter: Hipster heat hurling mutant bad boy. No one's buying it.
Squall: Arcane artifact collector and breezy brawler. Part of the purple coat club.
Ultra Violet: Stoic psychic sister of Makani. V knows best.


Fiends and Foes

Uncanny Criminals

Church of Nyx: Creepy cult of conniving criminals who abuse cyberpower and spells. Fuck 'em.

The Forgotten: Inter-dimensional army of abandoned earths. Tried to kidnap Chester.

Hothead: Contracted killer of supers and father of Smelter. Jackass set the mansion's pool on fire.

King Slime: Psycho super scientist intent on collecting capable powers. Very messy to fight.

Number One: Wrathful and wizardly one of unknown origins. Has an unsettling fixation on the Spell-Slinger.

The Pro: Powerful pretending professional that has yet to lay his cards on the table. No trust with this guy.

The Rocker: Demonic deity of the devil's ditty. Heard he got fired and his daughter took over.



The Magic Memebook

Yeet: A powerful conjuring spell which summons cans, amount varying upon how much magic the mage puts into it, that assault a target relentlessly!

The Dab: A finisher spell designed to appear as though nothing happens, but can be triggered at any moment should the spell-caster dab on their opponent, blasting them with an ultra low-base reverb!

Get Gnomed: A classic move in which the wizard casts a switch spell on an item, in this case replacing it with a garden gnome which laughs when drawn.

Spirit of the Honey Badger: This spell is perhaps the most versatile, summoning the spirit of a pissed honey badger to distract any foe. With another mage the two casters can do the variation of this spell, Flaming Spirit of the Honey Badger!

Potion Pastries

Rainbow Rolls: These sweet, rainbow-colored cinnamon rolls come in two variations, but the primary recipe induces an euphoric sense of pleasure on those that eat it which is always described as being hugged by a rainbow.

Cosmic Cupcakes: Taking a bite of one of these galaxy-dressed treats triggers the eater's third eye, taking them on a journey through any number of random universes! Some you might not want to see, you've been warned!

Colorcry Cookies: Tasty, multicolored sugar cookies all have the amazing effect of allowing one to hear colors. No really, colors talk. Some are overly chatty!

Jellybone Donuts: Ever wonder would it'd feel like if your bones were jelly? Just try these perfectly baked donuts! Please don't move quickly while under the influence!

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