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Captain Coldsnap
CaptainColdsnap JuggerthaLowRez.jpg
Captain Coldsnap: Hero and Protector of Paragon City (by Juggertha 2007)
Player: @USA Steel
Activity Level: Actively Played
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Natural
Primary Set: Ice Armor
Secondary Set: Ice Melee
Ancillary/Patron: Arctic Mastery
Level: 50
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Captain Fylor “Coldsnap”
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: Big Guy, Big Ice, Icy Alien, Cap’n, Cold
Occupation: Fleet Captain, Engineer, Hero and Protector of Paragon City
Education: Earth equivalent of a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and Engineering. Fluent in over 15 intergalactic forms of communication.
Citizenship: Alien Immigrant
Legal Status: Wanted for “research” purposes by Crey Industries
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Date of Birth: Confidential
Place of Birth: The planet, Olympia
Base of Operations: Founder's Falls, Paragon City
Group Affiliations: The Paragonian Knights
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Gargantuan Male
Species: Glaciorian
Ethnicity: N/A
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: N/A
Complexion: Blue
Height: 8’2”
Weight: 638 lbs
Build: Massive Muscular
Distinguishing Features: Battle Regalia, Endothermic Aura, Huge Size, Methane Conversion Mask, Spectral Optical Filtering Lenses

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From the frigid planet, Olympia, 300 light years distance from our temperate world, Captain Fylor “Coldsnap” has come to destroy the sworn enemy of his race: the Rikti. Empowered by the warmth of our world and inspired by the deeds of the Freedom Phalanx, Captain Coldsnap is relentless in his pursuit of justice. He has made the plight of Paragon City his own, in a mission to stop the Rikti and bring peace to Earth.


Character History

The Coming of the Glaciorian

The Star: Betelgeuse

The Glaciorians are a humanoid race from the distant world, Olympia, orbiting the M Class red supergiant, Betelgeuse. Captain Fylor, a proud captain in the Olympian Zeta Fleet, received word from Olympian Imperial Fleet Command that a distress call was transmitted from a distant location originating from deep space. Captain Coldsnap was ordered to investigate the distress signal, once it was discovered that the nature of the signal was a Rikti invasion on a known inhabited planet called Earth. The Rikti are the sworn enemy of the Glaciorian race. The Captain was ordered to escort a fleet of battle cruisers to intercept the Rikti forces over Earth, and stop the Rikti assault.

The Olympian fleet was intercepted over Earth and a ferocious battle ensued. Captain Fylor’s entire fleet was destroyed by overwhelming Rikti numbers, forcing him to crash land on Earth in his battle cruiser, the “Goliath ”. The crew of the Goliath were killed in the explosive impact, but Captain Fylor barely survived: mortally wounded. Rikti scavengers tore through his ship killing any survivors that might be clinging for life. Fortunately for Captain Fylor, he was pinned under the twisted wreckage and the Rikti did not find his mangled body...

The Rikti War continued, with Paragon City taking the full brunt of the invasion force. The Freedom Phalanx managed to, decisively, halt the Rikti in the greatest battle the Earth had ever seen. It is then that a Freedom Phalanx recon team discovered Captain Fylor, unconscious and barely alive, at the Rikti Crash Site.

Captain Fylor was taken to the Medical Center in Atlas Park where he was placed into cryostasis until it could be discerned how to properly revive him. Captain Fylor was placed into the care of the nuclear physicist, Dr. Wade Childes, while the Rikti War continued for 6 months. Captain Fylor’s alien physiology, which was even more complex than that of the Rikti, proved challenging. It was no simple task to revive such an alien being using only Earth medicine.

The Rikti Invaders

A Hero is Born

For 5 years Captain Coldsnap lay dormant in cryostasis, recovering from his mortal injuries. Finally, on the 5th year anniversary of the Rikti invasion, Dr. Wade Childes discovered a breakthrough that would allow him to revive the fallen Captain. Dr. Childes had discovered that heat energy was pouring into Captain Fylor, and that by increasing the energy flux in his vicinity, he could rapidly speed up the fallen Captain’s recovery through an accelerated natural healing factor mechanism. It was on the morning of May 23rd, 2007, that Captain Coldsnap awakened and opened his eyes to his new home: the planet Earth.

When Statesman and the Freedom Phalanxlearned of Captain Fylor's mission to come to Earth to stop the Rikti, they were both honored and saddened. Captain Fylor came 300 light years distance just to help the citizens of Earth, and the Freedom Phalanx realized that this was no minor sacrifice. Many Glaciorians were killed stopping the Rikti. And, they made their sacrifice without being asked or cajoled. “This is the meaning of true heroism,” Statesman thought. Captain Fylor told the Freedom Phalanx of his exploits and his race’s grave struggle to stop the war-mongering Rikti. They shared stories of heroism, bravery, and self-sacrifice. It was then that Statesman realized that Captain Fylor was a real hero. It was then that Captain Fylor was asked to join the ranks of heroes to continue the fight on Earth against the Rikti.

Captain Fylor gladly accepted this offer and, from that day on, was named Captain Coldsnap – Hero and Protector of Paragon City. Captain Coldsnap has, since, turned his attention to the growing Rikti threat in Paragon City. Under the tutelage of the Freedom Phalanx, he has made a strong effort to help the citizens of Earth and stop the Rikti from destroying the planet.

Public Knowledge

Captain Coldsnap Action Trading Card

The people of Paragon City know that Captain Coldsnap is an outsider. Because he is a staunch crime fighter, actively seeking to stop the Rikti, the people of Paragon City respect the frozen giant. However, some in Paragon City wish him to return home and leave Earth forever. Ignorance and fear rule the minds of these individuals, and Captain Coldsnap can, sometimes, become a victim of this predjudice. Although it is common knowledge that Captain Coldsnap sacrificed his crew and his ship to stave off the Rikti, mankind still cannot let go of fear and hatred. Many even seek to tarnish his good name as a hero, but most do not know the full extent of his powers. Even the ignorant citizens that are full of hatred, do not know how powerful the Captain has become on Earth. If they were to ever discover this, riots and mobs could break out in an attempt to force the U.S. govermentto send the alien giant home.

Badge task force set 01.jpg

On July 1st, 2007, Captain Coldsnap was honored with the title of Task Force Commander by the Freedom Phalanx. The title was awarded to honor Captain Coldsnap's unbridled bravery, outstanding leadership, and dedicated service to the Freedom Phalanx. By accomplishing each task force, as outlined by the veteran heroes of the Freedom Phalanx, Captain Coldsnap has proven to be one of the greatest forces of justice in Paragon City. It is with great pride that Captain Coldsnap accepted this honor. As a result of the reward, Captain Coldsnap has become more of a celebrity than ever before. The Captain only hopes that he can continue to assist the Freedom Phalanx in the great battles that lie ahead.

( To be continued... )

Recent Events

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Crey Industries


Crey Industries has taken much interest in Captain Coldsnap. The Captain has had several recent clashes with Crey Operatives in the Brickstown District. In addition, Crey Industries considers the Glaciorians a bigger threat to Earth than the Rikti. Crey has hired a mercenary, named Doctor Devilpyre, to seek out, capture, and subdue (or kill) Captain Coldsnap as necessary. Originally, Doctor Devilpyre was sent to find Captain Coldsnap, after contact was severed between Captain Coldsnap and Olympia. Devilpyre now works off his own agenda.

Being a Glaciorian himself, Doctor Devilpyre has intimate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of Glaciorians. Doctor Devilpyre does not share Captain Coldsnap’s concern for Earth and the human race, and will use any tactics necessary to capture the Captain. Collateral damage and the deaths of bystanders are an added bonus to the twisted doctor’s mission, as he wreaks a path of carnage on his way to his trophy: Captain Coldsnap. The doctor blames Coldsnap for his current, torturous state and will stop at nothing to make Captain Coldsnap pay.

The Rikti

The Peacekeepers meet to discuss the Rikti threat

After a meeting of epic proportions with heroes from across the face of the world, Captain Coldsnap began preparing for an inevitable Rikti return. This meeting set in motion a unified front of heroes to thwart any Rikti incursions and resulted in the formation of the The Peacekeepers. Although the The Peacekeepers have good intentions, Captain Coldsnap disagreed with the passive nature of the coalition, and thought it would be best to strike the Rikti first. Unfortunately, the other heroes were not poised to attempt a strike on the heart of Rikti operations. Captain Coldsnap deliberated for some time regarding this situation... If the heroes would not attack the Rikti first, he would!

The Organ Grinders

With the help of Doctor Steven Sheridan, Captain Coldsnap managed to discover that the exact purpose and nature of the Rikti's interest in Earth was to Harvest Humans for Rikti replacement parts. Captain Coldsnap still had not determined the manner in which to enter back through a Rikti portal to their source of operations, but for his service, the Vice President of the United States and SERAPH awarded Captain Coldsnap the purple heart and granted him Omega Level Clearance. Unfortunately, Captain Coldsnap was too late in his research and the Rikti attacked before he could finish what he had begun. The 2nd Rikti War began on July 24th, 2007, and the Earth would never be the same...

The 2nd Rikti War

Captain Coldsnap stands poised to protect Atlas Park

Captain Coldsnap was in Atlas Park when the sirens blared. Bombs impacted the streets; children screamed for their mothers; people ran in terror; the skies darkened: The Rikti had returned! The sky became as sackcloth as portals began opening on land and air. Rikti battle cruisers screamed through the skies as heroes gathered to face the onslaught of Rikti troops. Chaos ensued. Captain Coldsnap did what any soldier does in the face of invasion; he brought war to the warmongers!

This first wave was the worst. Hundreds died in minutes in Paragon City. No one was prepared for this… In spite of all the warnings, mankind left itself open for this attack, and Captain Coldsnap knew it. All he could do was fight. Captain Coldsnap saved as many civilians as he could, but it was too late. Many died before he could get to them.

On that first day of July 24th, 2007, Captain Coldsnap came face to face with his adversary. The hated nemesis of his race would not stand to Coldsnap’s wrath. With grim determination, Captain Coldsnap concentrated his power on the Rikti drop ships; freezing them solid with his endothermic projections. He could not destroy all of them, but the Rikti suffered great losses, none-the-less. The Rikti retreated from Atlas Park, for now. The war had truly begun!

Operation: Earth Defense Force

Captain Coldsnap By G-Nome (2007)

After much deliberation, the Paragonian Knights decided it was time to make a final stand against the Rikti, and send them back whence they came. On August 5th, 2007, the knights split into two squads and systematically intercepted each Rikti assault on Paragon City. The central computer in the Paragonian Knights base provided tactical data on Rikti drop ship incursions and telemetric analysis on Rikti portal formation. Using this information, the knights were able to halt Rikti advances across Paragon City. The strategic success of this operation has insured the survival of all mankind and all metahuman kind, alike. The war ended on August 7th, 2007, and it is because of the efforts of the Paragonian Knights and Captain Coldsnap, that the safety of Earth is insured!

Captain Coldsnap made several revelations regarding the Rikti during Operation: Earth Defense Force:

Peace with the Rikti

Captain Coldsnap covertly negotiates with the Rikti Diplomat: Lk'Onik

As a member of the Vanguard, Captain Coldsnap has made additional efforts towards peace with the Rikti. Although he would relish in the complete genocide of the Rikti race, deep down, Captain Coldsnap wishes for peace. To this end, he has made recent strides on behalf of the Glaciorians, the Vanguard, and the human race as a whole. Recently, Captain Coldsnap managed to rescue the Rikti traditionalist diplomat, Lk'Onik, from the clutches of the Rikti restructuralist faction. Negotiations with the Rikti continue...

Spoilers end here.


The Rikti War hero: Captain Fylor "Coldsnap"

Captain Coldsnap is an imposing, icy giant to behold. Standing at over 8 feet tall, and weighing over 600 lbs, he strikes fear into the hearts of criminals and villains, alike. Captain Coldsnap dons battle regalia from his home world as a symbol of his service to far away Olympia, which consists of shoulder armor, gloves, and leg plates. He also dons spectral optical filtering lenses and a methane conversion mask. His Glaciorian skin is a shimmering blue tone with a smooth, scale-like texture to its surface. Some parts of his body, namely his head and lower body, have a stone-like texture. Often, his skin surface is covered with icy patches and shimmering layers of frost. His large hands are claw-like in appearance, with a razor-sharp icy edge to his finger tips. His eyes have the appearance of deep blue glass. Surrounding the icy behemoth is an aura of cold. Icy winds constantly encircle Captain Coldsnap, with particles of snow and ice constantly swirling around him.

Personality and Reputation

Captain Coldsnap is well loved and looked upon with awe by the people of Paragon City. In spite of his alien origin, the young, the old, the rich, and the poor, all view him with admiration and respect. He is known as a gentle giant to all in Paragon City and he pays particular attention to his own physical characteristics, such that he will never allow harm to come to innocent civilians as a result of his unique physiology. As a result, Captain Coldsnap retains a distant and mysterious demeanor when dealing with the public. Very little is known about him, yet his deeds speak volumes about his concern for a human race so alien to his own.

Captain Coldsnap can be best described as a soldier with a purpose. He feels a sense of duty and concern for the people of Earth because he can relate to the Rikti threat, and knows full well the atrocities that the Rikti are capable of. To this end, he is a relentless force of justice against the Rikti. Captain Coldsnap has spent many nights pondering the nature of the Rikti threat on Earth and the best course of action to stop the Rikti menace. It is this concern that drives him and gives him a true purpose on Earth.

After his awakening, Captain Coldsnap learned that the Rikti aren’t the only menace to be squelched in Paragon City (and the rest of the world). Crime and injustice runs rampant throughout the world. These concepts are alien to Captain Coldsnap since his own world is a near utopia of peace. Captain Coldsnap often feels great sorrow for the state of Earth. He wonders, not only, if Earth can be saved from the Rikti, but if it can be saved from itself.

In his private thoughts, Captain Coldsnap feels isolated and alone. He knows that his unique physiology makes it impossible to interact with humans the way he can with his own kind. In his “down” time, these thoughts often plague his mind. He longs to be near his own kind once again. He dreams of ice-covered vistas and the cool methane-snow of Olympia. In the Paragonian Knights base, he spends hours crafting ice sculptures from the air as the other Knights become fixated onto the ice figurines of Captain Coldsnap’s Glaciorian brethren, none able to give of a word of comfort. The sorrow of isolation is one of the greatest villains that Captain Coldsnap has ever faced, and he is unsure if he can ever defeat such an adversary as long as he remains on Earth. It is his compassion for all life that sustains his conviction. Many a night, his thoughts of loneliness, have been silenced by the cries of the innocents or the sounds of Rikti plasma fire. It is only at the forefront of battle, that this gentle, icy giant finds solace so far away from his home.

An ice sculpture made by Captain Coldsnap for his fellow Paragonian Knights

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTP

(The following synopsis was taken from Personality Pathways.) “ISTP’s are introverted. Here these thinkers ponder the apparent chaos of the world in order to extract from it the universal truths and principles that can be counted on. These principles, once extracted, will provide the logical structure on which to build strategies.

ISTP’s have a finely nuanced ability to analyze situations, find root causes and foresee consequences. They distrust action taken too quickly without the necessary investigation. They are usually levelheaded, objective, impersonal yet intensely involved in problem solving. They are fiercely independent, seeking input and comments from a chosen few. When reporting to others, they need to establish credibility first: their own and that of the person they are reporting to. If the gap in knowledge and expertise is too great and their own proficiency dismissed, belittled or ignored, they will lose interest and motivation.

ISTP’s are less interested in running the world as they are in understanding it. They are curious and capable of explaining complex political, economic or technological problems, taking great pleasure in explaining all the factors and intricacies. They are rigorous with their thoughts and analyses, choosing the exact words that convey precisely what is meant. They may spend a lot of time defining words, concepts and systems in order to define a problematic solution.

ISTP’s are armchair detectives, scientists and philosophers, spending most of their time in quiet reflection to ponder truth, and solve mysteries. They may tend to neglect social requirements and responsibilities, finding many relationships to be too superficial to be of much interest.”

Goals & Motivations

First and foremost, Captain Coldsnap must stop the Rikti. He will stay on Earth until such a time that this is accomplished. He feels indebted to the Freedom Phalanx for rescuing him from the Rikti Crash Site. He feels it is his duty to help the heroes of Earth stop the Rikti.

Deep inside, Captain Coldsnap pines for his own kind. As he fights crime in Paragon City, he is also working on rebuilding his space-craft so that he can once again return home to Olympia. Earth technology is far behind Olympian technology, so this has proven difficult.

Powers and Abilities


As a Glaciorian, Captain Coldsnap has an alien physiology completely unlike our own. On his home world, Olympia, he is considered a powerful soldier; however, on Earth, Captain Coldsnap is super human in power. The source of this power is the cryocells that comprise Glaciorian physiology. Captain Coldsnap is an endothermically empowered being, able to absorb ambient heat energy from his surroundings.

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Captain Coldsnap’s power comes from the ambient heat energy present in all things. As a Glaciorian, this surrounding heat energy can be harnessed to drive his biology in ways that are not fully understood by humankind. Glaciorians are endothermically empowered beings; able to withdraw tremendous amounts of latent heat energy from even the coldest of environments. This withdrawal of energy creates an endothermic aura of extreme cold around Captain Coldsnap that intensifies as the surrounding heat energy increases. The absorbed heat energy fuels Captain Coldsnap’s cryocells: silicon-based cells that convert ambient heat energy into a form useable by the life-form. These cryocells act as extremely efficient “batteries” of power; they must be since Olympia is so much colder than the planet Earth. As a result, the longer Captain Coldsnap lives on Earth, the more powerful he becomes as more heat energy is absorbed and stored into his cryocells. On his home world, Captain Coldsnap was, already, a powerful high-ranking officer in his fleet. On Earth, he has become an icy behemoth of power; far surpassing the most powerful heroes in sheer power. Indeed, Earth is his playground, but Captain Coldsnap chooses to play fair. With his power, he could easily destroy and conquer; however, he chooses to use his power for the betterment of mankind and to stop a common threat: the Rikti. Captain Coldsnap’s powers include, but are not limited too:


Alien Physiology: As a Glaciorian, Captain Coldsnap has a physiology completely alien to mankind. His unique physiology makes him far tougher than a mere human and gives him the ability to function as a super hero. This physiology includes:

Longevity: As a Glaciorian, Captain Coldsnap can live over 1000 Earth years. Once a Glaciorian has reached an unspecified age, they partake in a special cultural ritual and go into a hibernation-like state for many eons.

Temperature Resistance: Captain Coldsnap is immune to both heat and cold. As a matter of fact, heat energy actually makes him more powerful. Extreme temperatures can only damage him if it is combined with other media that can harm him.

Disease and Poison Immunity: Captain Coldsnap is immune to all known Earthly diseases and poisons. These have no affect on him. Poisons have little affect, since most poisons attack hemoglobin, which is not part of Glaciorian physiology.

Toughened Hide: Captain Coldsnap is much tougher than Earth life. Only severe force trauma can hope to puncture his toughened, endothermically empowered, hide.

Regeneration: Captain Coldsnap can heal much faster than life on Earth. His cryocells act as seed crystals and can regenerate and re-propagate very quickly. Only complete destruction of all cryocells (simultaneously) has any hope of causing permanent harm or death to Captain Coldsnap.

Atmospheric Deposition: Captain Coldsnap has the ability to convert the surrounding atmosphere directly into a frozen solid on his skin surface. This ability can be projected within a 10-meter sphere around his body. This phase change can be intensified to even create vacuum-like conditions around Captain Coldsnap.

Dermal Ice Grafting: Captain Coldsnap is able to manipulate the lattice structure of frozen matter on his dermal surface. He can control the structure of frozen crystalline matter to such a precise degree that he can use frozen material on his skin surface to protect himself or harm others.

Ice Armor: Captain Coldsnap can change the density and crystalline properties of frozen material on the surface of his skin such that the frozen matter is more resilient than what would be expected. In essence, he can create and ice armor over the surface of his body. This coating is much stronger than standard ice found on Earth. In addition, he can create “layers” of ice on his skin surface, each with different properties and resiliencies.

Frozen Spines: Captain Coldsnap can create sharp ice protrusions on his dermal surface. These spine-like protrusions can be razor sharp. In addition, these protrusions can be “shed” as a projectile weapon from his body.

Endothermic Aura: Captain Coldsnap is surrounded by an aura of Endothermic energy. All latent heat energy within 2 feet of his dermal cryocells is absorbed into Captain Coldsnap’s body. The temperature at his skin surface has been measured to be as low as 14 K: enough to freeze hydrogen. Captain Coldsnap can regulate this, but his skin surface temperature is physiologically unable to exceed 173 K. Captain Coldsnap can also extend this aura and shape it through effort and concentration. The exact mechanism of this control is not understood.

Energy Absorption: Captain Coldsnap can absorb latent heat energy in his surroundings. The absorption of this energy causes molecular motion to slow down and can lower the temperature to near absolute zero.

Ice Storm: Captain Coldsnap can create Endothermic turbulence in his surroundings. This phenomenon can create intense winds and frozen precipitation as the atmosphere around him whips into a tremendous freezing whirl.

Endothermic Projection: Captain Coldsnap can project his endothermic aura outward away from his body in a precise, controlled manner. This allows him to create frozen objects or freeze matter in creative and potentially devastating ways.

Ice Sword: Captain Coldsnap can create weapons of great sharpness and strength made of solid ice. This ice has properties far exceeding that of normal Earthly ice.

Ice Objects: Captain Coldsnap can create objects of ice to an artistic level of detail, such as ice scultures. These objects can be projected from thin air.

Ice Growth: Captain Coldsnap can extend layers of ice onto any surface, even those that do not directly contact his skin. These layers can be made as slippery or jagged as he chooses.

Super Cooling: Captain Coldsnap can super cool gases or liquids in mere seconds.

Superhuman Strength: On his home-world, Captain Coldsnap possesses great strength, even by Glaciorian standards. He is able to easily lift over 2 tons. On Earth, Captain Coldsnap’s cryocells give him the power to lift objects of exorbitant mass and girth, in excess of fifty tons. However, when Captain Coldsnap is exposed to a high energy flux of exothermic energy, his strength is theorized to approach galactic proportions, being able to manhandle mass and girth on a galactic scale.

Superhuman Leaping: Captain Coldsnap is able to leap great distances. The Glaciorian home world, Olympia, has a gravitational force three times greater than that found on Earth. As a result, Captain Coldsnap’s great strength, coupled with his adaptation to his higher gravity home world, has resulted in his ability to leap hundreds of feet into the air. If he absorbs enough energy, it might even be possible for Captain Coldsnap to achieve escape velocity and leap into space; however, this is only theorized.


Captain Coldsnap poised for battle (by FunkYeti 2007)

Fleet Captain: Captain Coldsnap is a capable pilot and can pilot most space craft with ease. He is also skilled in astrogation and can navigate most of the nearby galaxies with a high level of proficiency.

War Veteran: Captain Coldsnap is a seasoned war veteran, having fought the Rikti for over 100 Earth years on his home world, Olympia. Battle instincts are his "bread and butter". He knows when to pull out of a fight and he knows when to charge ahead. Experience is an important asset for any hero to have while fighting evil-doers in Paragon City.

Engineer: Captain Coldsnap is a capable engineer and is knowledgeable in anti-matter and cold fusion technologies. In addition he has knowledge of energy sources and can build energy capturing devices, given proper tools and equipment.


Cryocell Annihilation: In Glaciorian biology, when two cryocells come into forceful contact with each other, they annihilate, destroying the cells in the same way a punch destroys or damages cells in humans. On Earth, Captain Coldsnap is extremely resilient to force and trauma, but if he were to be struck by a member of his own kind, he would not be nearly as resilient and could be injured or even killed. Fortunately, Captain Coldsnap is the only known Glaciorian on Earth (see spoiler).

Psionic Powers: Glaciorian physiology does not present any particular resilience to mental attacks. As a result, Captain Coldsnap is succeptible to ESP and other forms of invasive psionics. Still, his mind is stronger than most humans on Earth and can present difficulties to all but the most skilled psion.

Oxygen Sensitivity: Captain Coldsnap cannot breathe in Earth’s atmosphere. While prolonged exposure to Earth’s atmosphere will not harm or kill him, it does weaken his powers significantly and can eventually make him “ill”. This is because the Glaciorians breathe methane. To compensate for this weakness, Captain Coldsnap dons a methane conversion mask that converts H2O and CO2 into CH4 and some C2H6, with some O2 as a byproduct. This mask allows him to function at peak efficiency with no adverse effects.

Absolute Zero: It is theorized that if Captain Coldsnap were ever exposed to 0 K, i.e. absolute zero, he would surely die. Indeed, such exposure would cause severe weakness, and prevent his cryocells from functioning properly. Fortunately, such exposure is impossible by known science. Temperatures approaching, but not equal too, 0 K do have a weakening affect on Captain Coldsnap.

Thermal Spectrum Overload: Captain Coldsnap sees the world through thermal vision. Because Earth is much warmer than Olympia, the thermal signatures on Earth can overwhelm the Glaciorian eyes. As a result, he dons special spectral optical filtering lenses to lessen the intensity of thermal radiation.



Captain Coldsnap does not use any weapons except those fitted to his space craft.


Spectral Optical Filtering Lenses: These bifocals are used to control the intensity of thermal radiation as it enters the ocular of Captain Coldsnap. Without these lenses, Captain Coldsnap would be rendered near blindness because of the sensitivity of his ocular receptors. These lenses make it possible for Captain Coldsnap to have normal thermal vision while he is on planet Earth.

Methane Conversion Mask: This ventilation mask converts CO2 and H2O into CH4, C2H6, and O2 through a special chemical process. The mask is even able to function in very arid environments. Captain Coldsnap uses this mask to subsist on Earth, since Glaciorians breathe methane on their home planet, Olympia. Methane is required for Glaciorian cryoanabolism to persist. Captain Coldsnap can survive without his mask, but he becomes severely weakened in such a case.


As a result of his unique but potentially dangerous physiology, Captain Coldsnap chooses to travel by foot to most locations in Paragon City. Captain Coldsnap is able to leap at high velocity and with great stride to any location within the Paragon City limits, with ease. So, this is not an issue for this hero.


The Paragonian Knights

Paragonian Knights Super Base
The Paragonian Knights

Captain Coldsnap recently joined the ranks of one of the most influential and powerful super groups in all of Paragon City: the Paragonian Knights. When Grae Knight and Jetscream learned of the Glaciorian from the Freedom Phalanx, they sought him out, determined to add his expertise and knowledge to their fine ranks. Captain Coldsnap was honored to be offered position in such a prestigious super group and has become a valued member of their ranks.

Friends & Allies


ACFU: The feisty scrapper has control over dark nether forces and has fought with Captain Coldsnap, side by side, on many missions. When ACFU is present, missions have a high probability of success. His expertise is invaluable to Captain Coldsnap as he searches out the Rikti scavengers in Paragon City.


Astion: Astion is one of Captain Coldsnap’s closest friends. Many a night they have teamed to stop the forces of evil in Croatoa. She understands the frozen giant’s sorrows and makes it a point to cheer him up when he longs for his home world. Recently, Astion has gone missing in Croatoa. It is rumored that she dabbled too deep into the mystical arts, and was pulled into an alternate reality out of phase with our own. The question remains: Will she ever find her way back?

Mirage V

Mirage V: As a fellow Paragonian Knight, Mirage V and Captain Coldsnap have fought many battles together against the forces of evil. Wielding telepathic powers, Mirage V is an effective support hero when facing criminals and villains alike. Much is still unknown about this mysterious hero. What mysteries does he hold? What secrets does he have to tell?

The Forsaken Gunner

Forsaken Gunner: Captain Coldsnap met this fallen Vietnam vet while fighting Igneous Golems in the Hollows. They have been friends ever since, and continue to team up from time to time. The Gunner appears to be a revenant bent on destroying Crey Industries, with control over the forces of energy from the nether of his un-death.

The Grae Knight

Grae Knight: The leader of the Paragonian Knights sought out Captain Coldsnap and invited him to the ranks of the prestigious super group. A valiant knight who wields a mighty magic sword (named "Tim") and dons magical plate mail, Grae Knight is well-respected and admired by Captain Coldsnap for both his leadership and his bravery.


Jetscream: Captain Coldsnap also met Jetscream on his initiation into the Paragonian Knights. Jetscream has been a helpful advisor to Captain Coldsnap and even gave him a tour of the super base to help him get his bearings. Jetscream is awestruck by Captain Coldsnap’s control over the force of cold, being able to manipulate those same forces himself to a lesser degree. Jetscream’s sonic attacks are devastating to any villain standing in the path of justice.

Ava Adore

Ava Adore: Captain Coldsnap met the beautiful shapeshifter, Ava Adore, while battling Rikti restructuralists in the Rikti War Zone. The many facets of their respective personalities manage to avoid clashing, which is rare for Ava Adore who is known to be cold and sharp of tongue. They share one prime trait in common: Hatred for the Rikti. In the coming months, their friendship could find itself strengthening, as they continue to battle the Rikti.

Enemies and Rivals

Doctor Devilpyre

Doctor Devilpyre: Captain Coldsnap's arch nemesis and a nefarious mad scientist in his own right, Doctor Devilpyre seeks to remake all Glaciorians in his own, twisted image. His hatred for Coldnap is unrivaled and he will stop at nothing to see the Captain beaten. The time will soon come for the ultimate showdown between the two Glaciorian giants...

The Struggle with Doctor Devilpyre


Devilpyre's Bounty

Doctor Devilpyre, in his twisted, demented mind, has been conducting experiments on humans. Captain Coldsnap has learned that, to sustain Doctor Devilpyre's current condition, he must obtain human hemoglobin and plasma. In his sociopathic state, he sustains his super villainous power through the murder of innocents. Much to his horror, Captain Coldsnap discovered this in a recent confrontation with Doctor Devilpyre. Coldsnap also learned that Doctor Devilpyre seeks to remake him in his own image; for in the doctor's twisted mind, his current state is superior to Coldsnap's. The Doctor has come to the conclusion that Glaciorians are flawed and that he must unmake them in his own image.

Captain Coldsnap has had many struggles with the evil Doctor Devilpyre. In their most recent confrontation, Captain Coldsnap barely escaped the clutches of the doctor and was badly wounded. Now, Captain Coldsnap is rethinking his battle strategy on how to best take down the evil Doctor Devilpyre. Little does he know that the twisted doctor has sent his latest creation, Securitron Mark IV, to hunt down and capture Captain Coldsnap.

Is this the end for the heroic Captain Coldsnap?...


Character Evolution

Originally, this character was created on the Liberty server of City of Heroes. Liberty was the first server I ever played on, and I created my first character, USA Steel, within the first week of City of Heroes' release. Captain Coldsnap is a more recent character, and my attempt to do something a little different in Paragon City. After painfully trying to make my way through the ranks on the Liberty Server, I decided to leave USA Steel behind and start anew on the Virtue server. Captain Coldsnap became my main character after some deliberation. The character has since evolved into a, larger than life, hero – at least in my mind.



Many influences inspired my creation of this character in City of Heroes. My goal was to create something “just a little different” to stand out from the crowd, with more logical reasons for having his powers and a more logical motivation for coming to Earth and being a hero. Captain Coldsnap is not, simply, a “do-gooder”.

My first influence for this character is Glacius from the video game, Killer Instinct. Glacius was a unique alien character that was fighting for his life to escape the clutches of Ultratech Corporation. The character always struck me as unique and was my initial inspiration for the Captain Coldsnap persona, because I found the character to illustrate an interesting twist to the “ice” character concept. Rather than being a mutant or science experiment gone wrong, why not have the ice powers be the result of natural alien physiology?

My childhood hero: Superman

My second influence for this character came to me as I was developing the character’s reasons for having the powers that he does. Ultimately, I turned to my childhood hero, Superman, for inspiration. Superman’s powers are generated from exposure to the radiation from our yellow sun. Similarly, Captain Coldsnap’s powers are generated from exposure to ambient heat energy. Like Superman, the longer Captain Coldsnap is exposed to these conditions, the stronger he becomes. Not only does this make sense, from a comics standpoint, but also from a game mechanic standpoint, since characters become more powerful as they spend more time in Paragon City (i.e. as they level).

My final influence for this character came to me as I was designing his costume at the character creation screen in City of Heroes. Originally, I intended to make him more similar to Glacius from Killer Instinct and give him a thin, athletic build. As I thought about it and worked on the character more, I realized that it might be more interesting to create a gentle giant – a character with immense size but a kind heart. I thought of comic book heroes like “The Hulk” who are massive behemoths and ferocious in battle, yet manage to show a gentle semblance of humanity when they encounter innocents. This is how I came up with the concept of a giant type character.


Here is the costume I have chosen to use for the Everlasting server!


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