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Characters in this category are operating as heroes or villains (or whatever else their morality dictates) without being sanctioned by the appropriate authorities. Their in-game alignments may vary; they are most often Rogues or Vigilantes, or Resistance members in Praetoria. However, as long as they are operating outside the law, an unlicensed character's in-game alignment might be any of the available options. Generally, an unlicensed character agrees with some of the authority's ideals, but is unwilling to recognise or accept the authority - maybe she thinks the authority is corrupt, or does not agree with their methods. Whatever the reason, if your character truly wants to "do their part" for the cause, but refuses to sign up with Hero Corp/Arachnos/Powers Division for some reason, they probably belong here.

This category might include characters who were stripped of their licenses, unless they would more appropriately be classed as a Fallen Hero or Reformed Villain. This category is not intended for former heroes or villains, unless they were also unsanctioned during their active careers. Characters who are working "both sides" should instead consider categories such as Double Agent. Finally, characters who don't share any part of their authority's ideals are probably just criminals.

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