Vile Toxin

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Vile Toxin
· Science Corruptor ·
Player: Stormfall
Real Name
Valen Miernik
Toxin, Vile, The Green Plague, The Green Death, etc.
Lublin, Poland
Polish Citizenship
Rogue Isles
Rogue Isles
Criminal For-Hire
Legal Status
Criminal Record
Marital Status
Single, Never married
· Known Relatives ·
Nicholas Miernik (father, status unknown), Moira Miernik (twin sister), unnamed mother (deceased).
Physical Traits
Human Mutate
Apparent Age
Body Type
Bald (Black)
Red (Previously brown)
Milk Green
Powers & Abilities
Dual Pistols
· Known Powers ·
Toxin Generation, Toxin Emanation, Toxic Immunity, Enhanced Regeneration, Delayed Aging
· Equipment ·
Customized Semi-Auto Pistols, "Vile Capsules", Utility Mask, Protective Wear, Communications Tech
· Other Abilities ·
Marksmanship, Toxic Warfare, Combat Training






For the first years of his life the villain known as Vile Toxin was once just Valen Miernik, a victim of forced destiny. His father, Nicholas Miernik, was at one point in time one of three infamous masterminds, the others being Tomaz Onyx and Amelia Lewandowka, behind the Half-Light Project under the jointly owned Half-Light Corporation. It existed as an organization that catered and hired from the "criminal underground" of Europe. Half-Light was an assimilation of assassins and criminals for hire, notorious for enhancing their employees with various superhuman attributes.

This derived from stolen technology and DNA experimentation that resulted in the successful development of their very own DATC (deoxyribonucleic acid transmutative chemical) agent, also called the DATC Serum (due to the various way it can be introduced to the body, depending on what superhuman/mutate result the individual is receiving), which was primarily developed by Nicolas Miernik and his team of scientists. In this manner they shared a similarity with Crey Industries, albeit boasting a higher ethical morality, where only the willing were subjected to such procedures. Though their dealings did not completely escape the eye of law enforcement, they managed to contain a certain level of public secrecy with their ambitions and goals. All involved were required to mask their identities and report promptly to designated zones.

No system was flawless however, and as the years went by, unwanted interest was drawn toward them with several associates slipping up during a series of unfortunate experiences. This made it easy for a number of heroes to interfere with their work and exploit their operation to a certain degree. At one point the threat of persecution spiked so high that three of the organization's leaders shut down operations and slipped into the shadows - Nicholas settling in Lublin.

It was during this time in Poland where Nicholas Miernik caught up with a past lover, and became a father to a set of twins; son and daughter Valen and Moira Miernik. After a few years of raising their family, Nicholas decided to re-establish his branch of Half-Light, and because it was too risky to do so in the same place twice, he utilized a contact he had with another of the organization's leaders and settled in Independence Port, Paragon City.

Initially unknown to his lover was the intention of taking their children to Paragon with him as the start of Half-Light's new era of superhuman associates, in hope that they would continue the project following his passing. He felt as though too much of his life was spent building such an operation up that he couldn't just completely let it go. When she did discover what Nicholas planned for the future of their children, she condemned the very idea and threatened to reveal his identity to appropriate authorities.

Nicholas would have little choice but to end her life, and make the move overseas. Project Half-Light was officially re-established, but instead of staying in Independence Port, he relocated to St. Martial where Paragon's control was virtually nonexistent - striking a deal with Arachnos in the process. Valen and Moira became a part of the new generation of their father's nurtured project.

Villain's Creation

Longbow officials were well aware of Half-Light's growth by the coming of the new decade, having established bases in previously inaccessible areas of the Rogue Isles, though this fact was not known by the likes of Nicholas himself. Both his children had already spent their early childhood in a sea of brutal training and grooming that ruled their lives; robbed of most things children their age experienced growing up. Valen and his sister were isolated from the outside world as their education, nourishment and training resided all within the confines of Half-Light and their employees.

Their training covered a variety of weapon and combat techniques, and it did not take long for Moira and Valen to reveal their individual affinities: Valen being exceptionally adequate in hand-eye coordination with firearms, and Moira preferring hand-to-hand combat. Nicholas would finally deem the preteen twins an appropriate age to be exposed to enhancement, and with promises of all the future's possibilities, both siblings agreed to the procedure (as if they actually had a choice to begin with).

Valen and Moira were given several injections of Half-Light's DATC agent, a chemical which enabled DNA to bond with foreign compounds in a stable manner and integrate such compounds into it's system with minimal molecular conflict, over a span of several weeks in preparation for the main procedure. This enabled the manipulation of DNA, and the augmentation or inclusion of physiological attributes. Nicholas already prematurely planned each selected mutation to best compliment the skills of his children: Moira the expert martial artist, and Valen the expert marksman.

Moira was the first to go through the procedure, in which would grant her the ability to conjure psychokinetic shields. Valen was determined as suitable for sensory augmentation, though fate would have another plan - During Valen's procedure, the Half-Light laboratory was infiltrated by a Longbow squadron and a barrage of ballistic weaponry to penetrate the blockades. The force of which rattled the foundation and disturbed several of the sensitive compounds located in the establishment. Because Valen was strapped down in anticipation of the initial physical side-effects of the procedure, he was unable to escape when the reinforced cupboard above him eventually gave way, shattering vials over his body and exposing him to liquid mortitoxin.

The super toxin would react with the agent already present within his system and cause his DNA to dramatically shift - incorporating the substance with his anatomical structure. The active transformation would last for several hours, and exceeded the length of Longbow's failed infiltration attempt thanks to the efforts of several super-powered associates present to hold their ground. The surplus exposure to the large quantity of toxin drastically changed his physical appearance: his skin changing colour, his eyes reddening and the hair upon his head falling out.

Though it was not what Nicholas had planned for his son, he discovered over the course of the next few years that Valen's mutated state made him a very valuable asset indeed. It was during this time that a substantial effort was made to study Valen's anatomical properties, where the mortitoxin was not only present, but generated. He would continue his intensive training into the early stages of adulthood, and soon the Vile Toxin identity made his way into the world...


Personality Profile

Vile Toxin expresses an usual quality within his line of work; loyalty within reason. Born from his dislike of being without human contact while simultaneously resenting the fact that he is normally denied such a thing, his enjoyment of having others around him is constantly at odds with his preferences. He is co-operative, and has no trouble in supporting something already established when it is required of him to do so. Presumed as a follower, Valen retains a certain aloofness and unassuming secrecy. He is rarely the one to initiate casual conversation, though doesn't appear to have anything in particular against (mostly) pointless social interaction. He has very good control of his body language and facial expressions, enabling him to successfully mask any hint to what or how he's actually thinking or feeling. It is this very nature that masks his ambition, manipulative abilities, vengeance when his loyalty is abruptly shattered, and commitment to action. His intelligence and wisdom on the way the world works is commonly underestimated. Patience, focus and persistence is utilized in the field, leaving little room for arrogance and schoolyard taunting. His goals are unable to be pin-pointed into common categories such as wealth or power; the intentions of destroying his enemies and bettering himself remain balanced. Emotions and wandering thoughts while present, do not reveal themselves from behind the floodgate. It is to be noted that in recent time, Valen has appeared to mellow out a little. For all intents and purposes, most would consider him very 'open-minded', considering that 99% of the things said to him don't phase him. What does Vile Toxin really, really want? Maybe one day someone will find out for themselves.


Group Affiliations






Poison_Antidote.png Toxin Generation - Vile Toxin's body has been mutated on a biological level. It constantly produces a powerful and very rare endogenous supertoxic agent (common name Mortitoxin) that's present within all of his bodily fluids, including but not limited to saliva, sweat, urine, discharge and blood. Mortitoxin is classified as a hybrid toxic substance, functioning as both a poison and a venom. This supertoxin is especially deadly in its ability to disrupt sodium, calcium and potassium ion channels. While it is virtually harmless to most forms of vegetation, it is very effective against animals in its wide range of negative physiological phenomena, including pain, paralysis, blindness, nausea, seizures, dizziness, vomiting, choking, lung irritation and various other affects relating to neurological and respiratory processes and the repercussions thereof while ingested, physically exposed or introduced to the bloodstream. Mortitoxin may also cause skin irritation, and in more severe cases necrosis. Through access to the bloodstream, the supertoxin is especially notorious for destroying blood cells. The magnitude of any effect is dependent upon the amount of toxin in which is exposed, and the amount of time of exposure. Inevitable prolonged periods of exposure can easily cause death. However, limited or controlled exposure is debilitating at worst.

Poison_NeurotoxicBreath.png Toxin Emanation - While a common method is using this substance offensively includes its use through other weaponry by more accurate means of targeting enemies, Toxin may also willingly release this supertoxin through either emanating vapour from his pores, or projecting his saliva using a hyper-reflex of the throat.

Poison_EnvenomAoE.png Toxic Immunity - Due to the nature of his abilities and anatomical attributes, Vile Toxin remains immune to most if not all organic toxins, most inorganic toxins, distorting contagions and toxic substances in general. There are very few exceptions in which some of the most powerful toxic chemical substances may affect him, but not to a dangerous degree in which would deteriorate his health permanently. This includes most types of venom.

Regeneration_FastHealing.png Enhanced Regeneration - His body's constant production of mortitoxin has the unintended but desirable side-effect of affording him with an increased rate of regeneration from injury. This mainly stems from the DATC agent he took to condition his body prior to being accidentally exposed to Mortitoxin, which only magnified this attribute.

TimeManipulation_TimeCrawl.png Delayed Aging - The most interesting effect of his body being perfectly fused with Mortitoxin is its age-retardation. Since his mid-twenties, Vile Toxin's body's rate of physical aging has slowed by a rough factor of a half (At age 80 he will still possess the body of a 40 year old of equivalent fitness level, for example). This phenomenon has a relationship with his body's enhanced regenerative capabilities.


Gadgets_TargetingDrone.png Marksmanship - Through the intensive training he received from a very early age as a conditioned Half-Light operative, Vile Toxin remains as a highly skilled marksman specializing in ranged combat and tactical prowess. He has demonstrated deadly accuracy at medium-to-long range, and is intuitively able to predict the specific trajectory of his bullets in relation to his intended targets' movements. His threat level is further enhanced when taking into account the use of his specialized ammunition.

DualPistols_SwapAmmo.png Toxic Warfare - Vile Toxin consistently produces bullets, capsules, bombs or other weapons to take full advantage of the mortitoxin his body produces. v

Brawling_CrushingUppercut.png Unarmed Combat - Though his primary focus is to remain at range as much as possible while both working or fighting, Vile Toxin does actually possess a background in self-defense stemming from his Project Half-Light days. He is a Judo martial artist, and utilizes such techniques only when required. Though not to an Olympic-degree, he also has training in basic acrobatic techniques that assist with repositioning and avoidance of attacks.

Weapons and Equipment

DualPistols_Pistols.png Custom Pistols - His main set of weapons of expertise are the use of dual, customized semi-automatic pistols equipped with laser-point targeting systems and intuitive handling for comfortable and practical mobility.

Poison_VenomousGas.png Vile Capsules - Nicknamed 'Vile Bombs', the skull-shaped capsules attached to his belt are commonly used in the field, dispensing noxious fumes, vapours, or even the antidote to mortitoxin itself in order to incapacitate his enemies or regulate the health of his own allies.

MunitionsMastery_Surveillance.png Utility Mask - He commonly uses his built in night-vision goggles within his "skull mask". The night-vision mask has a setting in which magnifies the colour of his own eyes, rendering a red glowing effect that makes him appear even more intimidating.

MunitionsMastery_BodyArmor.png Protective Wear - Vile Toxin's combat uniform does more than carry his ammunition and weapons, or serve as a warning to opponents. It is designed to protect him from piercing projectiles with bullet-proof qualities as well as being heat-resistant. His gloves and boots both contain retractable sections in which exposes a portion of his bare flesh underneath, where he is able to release his vaporous poison from the skin as an alternative method in releasing the mortitoxin, other than using his weapons or regurgitation (which he doesn't enjoy doing). Aside from the utility of his belt and harness, he's also equipped to utilize the latest in communications technology.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Poison_NeurotoxicBreath.png Toxic Body - The mutation of Vile Toxin's body also carries with it a few physiological drawbacks. Not only is he a constant threat to the health and well-being of those around him without constant antidote doses, but he is also rendered completely infertile.

Other Skills and Talents

Poison_WeakenAoE.png Toxicology - , Though he possesses no formal educational background, Vile Toxin has a basic and practical understanding of the science of toxicology; a subject that was dire to study in order to better understand his own anatomy and the product in which it produces. He is able to recognize different types of toxic substances and their affects on living organisms, while linking different side-effects to determine the exact afflicting toxin. He is able to recall specific antidotes that work to neutralize a variety of substances, though through application his specialty remains to be mortitoxin and toxins that are considered it's 'cousin'.

DualBlades_Placate.png Multilingualism - Vile Toxin can speak, read and write fluent Polish, English, German, French and Russian.

Manipulation_Unrelenting.png Sketch Artistry - The most obvious and indulgent of his few non-combat oriented talents. During his spare time he is often seen with pencil and paper in hand, drawing up whatever comes to the mind in vivid detail (when he's not doing likeness sketches to remember the faces of those he's slain). One wonders if the world almost produced another fine talent in the arts had the circumstances of his life been different.


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