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"I will have a life that is my own and no one elses... and the world will tremble."
Dark Slipster
Player: @Slipster17
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Not Applicable
Known Aliases: None
Species: Anthropomorphic
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not Applicable
Occupation: Villain
Place of Birth: Crey Lab, Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Stealth, Fast Healing, Reconstruction, Dull Pain, Integration, Resilience, Instant Healing, Flight, Advanced Healing and Recovery
Known Abilities
Various tools he has collected in his travels
No additional information available.

When word first started to spread that there would be a sister game to COH, I was kind of excited. It meant the coming of new zones, new powers and new archetypes. I even got the chance to beta test this new game which would be known as COV. In homage to my first character on COH, and indeed, borrowing a big page from Slipster's backstory, I created Dark Slipster as my first villain. This is Dark Slipster



This is a work in progress, so please excuse the mess and missing information for the moment


Villain group: League of Exiled Beings
Former Villain group: Crey Biotech/ Paragon Protectors


Those who have had the misfortune of crossing his path have described Dark Slipster as devious, ruthless and cunning. But they also say that his ire often seems misplaced and groundless. There is no doubt that his birth as a Crey clone and subjugation under their rules has affected his psyche in some way, just as there is no doubt that the feral animal DNA spliced into his genetic code has made him a formidable, if not unstable, foe.

There are some who believe that he is essentially good natured and only poses as a Villain to avoid remaining an exact clone of the Hero whose DNA he was cloned from. Those dissenters, however, are quick to learn just how merciless Dark Slipster can be when set on a goal. Though working to better his station in life may occasionally include allying with 'Heroes', he makes no qualms about betraying those same ties when the time is right.

Others may swear loyalty to him, but the only twisted god that Dark Slipster truly bows to is himself.



Through the incorporation of cheetah DNA into his genetic code, and the subsequent alterations to his powers by Crey Biotech, Dark Slipster has all the stealthy abilities of a feline. He can be virtually undetectable if so chooses, making himself nearly impossible to sense before the deadly first strike.

-Fast Healing

Dark Slipster's inborn powers are related to a high metabolism and advanced healing factor. His body can heal its wounds nearly 150% quicker than a normal human. He, like the hero he was cloned from, also has a decidedly feral mindset that he can slip into when cornered. When his body passes that threshold, his regeneration rate can triple to 600% that of a normal human. This affords him near instant healing for a short time. But he must take care when unlocking this feral side, as he will be drained and unable to recover for a short while afterward.


Related to his quick regeneration rate, Dark Slipster can concentrate and focus his healing power to quickly mend wounds and gain back health.

-Dull Pain

Through concentration and focusing of his already formidable healing powers, Dark Slipster can, for a time, dull the amount of pain that he feels, effectively increasing the damage he can take.


A side effect of her enhanced regeneration rate, Dark Slipster is extremely resistant to attacks that might otherwise stun, immobilize or disorient him.


A side effect of her enhanced regeneration rate, Dark Slipster is extremely resistant to the effects of disorientation, smashing damage and toxins.


Being a genetic clone of the Slipster, as well as a Paragon Protector, Dark Slipster has the ability fly. Although this is his only travel power, as opposed to Slipster has possesses super speed as well.

-Advanced Healing and Recovery

Being a genetic clone of the Slipster, Dark Slipster possesses greatly amplified healing and recovery powers.



Being a genetic clone of the Slipster, Dark Slipster possesses a set of razor sharp black claws which he can extend and retract from his fingertips. Although when fully extended the claws are about 2 inches long, it should be noted that, like a real cheetah, he cannot fully sheath them and when retracted about 1/4 inch of the tip remains visible.

While still unsure of the exact makeup of the material that comprises his claws, Dark Slipster knows for a fact that they are just as tough as the special alloys used in manufacturing most Arachnos drones and armor.


Over the course his rein in the Rogue Isles, travels around the world and journeys through time and space, Dark Slipster has acquired several souvenirs which he uses in addition to the powers and abilities he possesses.


A magically charged object that Dark Slipster obtained and uses against enemies.

-Ghost Slaying Axe

A magically charged object that Dark Slipster obtained and uses against enemies. Particularly effective against the ghosts of the Rogue Isles.

-Base Teleporter

An item that Dark Slipster can use to teleport himself to his super group's base.

-Shield Oscillator

A mechanical bot that Dark Slipster confiscated while infiltrating a Clockwork facility. Once activated it will hover nearby and grant him an increase to his defense.

-Ouroboros Portal

An object of unknown origin that Dark Slipster simply found he was in possession of one day. Once activated it opens a gateway to a temporal space known as Ouroboros.

Weaknesses and Limitations:

-Healing Factor vs. Defense

Although he is a clone of Paragon City Hero Slipster, Dark Slipster's powers have been altered slightly by the scientists at Crey. He has none of the superior defense that Slipster possesses, instead relying on a radically advance set of regenerative abilities. So where Slipster avoids injury by not taking as many hits, Dark Slipster slogs through the pain, taking lethal hits and counting on quick healing to be there when he needs it. While in most instances this is enough, if the enemy is too powerful for his head on approach, he can find himself easily overwhelmed.

-Melee vs. Ranged

Like most stalkers, Dark Slipster prefers a smash and grab philosophy to prolonged combat. He can deal a massive blow with an initial stealthy strike, but can only hold his own for a short time in a lengthy melee battle. Also, he possesses only a few attacks that are good at a mid-range and none that can strike at a distance. This means that in order to be effective in a fight, he must be able to engage the enemy directly. If the target is smart enough to keep their distance, he is all but useless.



-Crey Biotech

Character History:

There was no birth. The being known as 2896-C simply awoke one day to find himself suspended in a liquid filled capsule, and breathing from an oxygen mask. The men he saw, all wearing lab coats, nodding their heads and making notation on their clipboards; those where the first memories he had. They didn't tell him where he had come from, they had no need to, and the thought to ask never once occurred to him.

He was strong they told him. He was to be one of their soldiers and bring order and peace to the world. They gave him a brilliant blue suit with golden markings on it and a helmet of blue and gold. Trust us, they said, do what we ask and we will give you everything you need in this life. So he donned the suit and became one of their elite Paragon Protectors. Heroes working for Crey, the greatest think tank of researchers in their time.

2896-C never did like the helmet. It was stuffy and ill fitting. He knew that was because it was made to fit a human head, and his was decidedly not that shape. He found himself once, in a biology book one of the Scientists had left sitting out. He bore the round head, squat ears, short muzzle and wide nose of a feline; a cheetah to be precise. Why didn't matter. The Masters never brought it up so he had no reason to either.

He enjoyed what he did; protecting the city and Crey's holdings from those 'vigilantes' who came to attack them. Crey was evil, and must be destroyed they said. But he had no reason to think otherwise. So he silenced them.

Then one day, a vigilante came that 2896-C had never heard of before. Although, clearly, the Masters had. They called him by name; Slipster, and 2896-C could tell that they were afraid by the urgency with which they sent he and his fellow Protectors out to engage. He was not prepared for what he faced.

There, in that Crey Lab, surrounded by brethren still slumbering in the tubes that he knew he had come from, 2896-C watched as one by one, all of the Protectors that besieged the intruder were thrown aside. The figure he saw was wearing a pair of padded leather pants and gauntlets, but was shirtless. The yellow pelt of spotted fur that covered this other man's body could be clearly seen. A tattered cape was attached to the hood that hid the other's face entire from view, but yet, something very uneasy grew in 2896-C's stomach. The body... the fur... the markings... the tail. He had seen it all before. Everyday in the mirror.

Without really thinking about what he was doing, 2896-C planted himself before the intruder and took off his own helmet. The other stopped dead in his tracks, let go of his hold on the Protector he had just defeated and stared unbelievingly at the last figure left standing in the room. There was a silence into which Slipster breathed a single hushed word; "Revenant..."

2896-C watched as slowly, Slipster reached his hands up and pulled back his hood. His mind went into an unbelieving tailspin. He was starring at his own face. Every detail an exact copy. 2896-C lashed out in a blind rage but in the short fight that ensued, he proved no match for his well trained opponent. He was left, alive and alone in the lab as he watched Slipster walk slowly away. "I'm sorry for you," was all the hero could think to say.

2896-C lay for a while after, while his wounds healed themselves, before forcing himself to get to up and run.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

As told by information that 2896-C would later uncover, The Revenant Hero Project, that Slipster spoke of, was the program that spawned the entirety of the Paragon Protectors. It drew the name 'revenant' from fiction, in this case meaning 'a creature brought back to life to fulfill a special goal'. This project consisted of the harvesting of DNA from deceased heroes and the recording of their memories and personalities from life. A new body would be grown using the supplied genetic material and implanted with the memories of the past person, albeit with some minor adjustments to make that person subservient to Crey. It was the culmination of years of Crey research into cloning and memory implantation. It was their way of keeping the hero population in check by creating heroes of their own.

Spoilers end here.

2896-C happened to be a unique case in which the hero whose mold he had been made from never actually died, but was an unwilling participant in another Crey program; Project Centaur. Slipster, as his doner hero was known, escaped his bonds before the project could be fully completed. As a result, Crey took the wealth of genetic knowledge they had of their escaped subject and made themselves another one of him. This one more willing to stay and be studied.

After several months at large, and several raids on Crey databases, 2896-C was recaptured by Crey forces and returned to the lab he had defected from. Unwilling to lose another project, the Scientists attempted to erase his memories entirely and start over, but the months of letting 2896-C's abilities go unchecked had made him all the more stronger and resistant to their efforts. The success they thought they had achieved was all a ruse.

Knowing his counterpart would be hungry for information, 2896-C managed to let word out that the base he was operating in contained the genetic material and memory backups for Slipter. This had the desired affect and it wasn't long before the hero came knocking. 2896-C let his other do the dirty work keeping the lab occupied and destroying all traces that their DNA ever existed in the Crey database, while he calmly walked out and never looked back.

He quietly vowed never to be a pawn in anyones' game again.

Recent Events:

2896-C was captured by another hero and spent a good amount of time sealed in a cell in the Zig. Records of his incarceration there however were destroyed the day that the Arachnos fliers descended into the yard. Intrigued by the prospect of a new stomping ground and a chance to forge a life that could only be called his own, he accepted the ride and relocated to the Rogue Isles.

Once there, some poor souls made the mistake of comparing him to the hero Slipster, or straight out confronting him about how Slipster had captured them and wanting to make him pay for that. The merciless punishments that 2896-C handed out to those who challenged him prompted some to begin calling him Dark Slipster.

He liked the sound of that. It was more than just a name, it was a call to purpose in a form that he had never had before. Dark Slipster he would be then, the negative, the polar opposite of the man he had been made from. That would be his legacy, his life and no one elses.

-Loose Partnerships

More recently, Dark Slipster has gained the attention of two equally deadly ladies of the Rogue Isles.

One, calling herself Solaris, possesses an energy projection power of undetermined potential. So great is her ability, that she is confined to a highly advanced exo-suit which keeps her true power subdued. Solaris admits, that without this life-sustaining bit of technology, she would most likely lose control and detonate, causing something akin to a nuclear explosion. But she has proven herself through a tenacious will to survive and vows to one day control her powers unaided. Dark Slipster has helped her in the past by retrieving items from Crey labs which could be used to augment her exo-suit's abilities. For this, she has agreed to be his partner, and source of devastating power when he should have need of it.

The other, named Kaedina, possesses ninjitsu skills and a set dual katanas which she crafted herself. She is formidable against even the most powerful foe, but it still early into her training. She reveres Dark Slipster for his own skills and for the knowledge that he has gained during his time in the Rouge Isles and shadows him whenever possible, both for protection and for the experience to be gained.

Although all chase seperate goals, climbing the ladder of rank within Arachnos is at the forefront of all three of their minds.

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