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"They had no idea what they were doing when they created me... But I have shown them what I can be."
Player: @Slipster17
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50 (+3 incarnate)
Personal Data
Real Name: Jonathon Stance
Known Aliases: Slip
Species: Anthropomorphic
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden Yellow
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Brickstown, Paragon City
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Laura Haas(Fiancé)
Known Powers
Heightened Senses and Reflexes, Super Speed, Flight, Stealth, Advanced Healing and Recovery
Known Abilities
Various tools he has collected in his travels
No additional information available.

Slipster was my first of many creations for COH, and indeed none could have come before him because there was no COH! I have been playing Slipster since just after the official launch of the game, which by my reckoning is over 7 (?!?) years now. He began his life as just a fun experiment in trying out a new game, but has since then taken on a life of his own, with a backstory that is still growing. Although Slipster is currently the only character that I have played through till lvl 50, he has had a great influence on nearly all of the characters that I have created since. But he is still my first, he is still my favorite, and I will continue to play him for as long as I own this game. This is Slipster.



Supergroup: The League of Extraordinary Beings
Former Supergroup: Crey Watchers (Absorbed into LoEB)

  • Laura Haas (FiancĂ©)
  • Bludart (SG Mate/ Close Friend)
  • Star Rover (SG Mate/ Close Friend)
  • Static Kid (SG Mate/ Close Friend)
  • Dark Slipster (Crey Clone/ Paragon Protector/ Villain/ Nemesis)
  • Golden Widow (Sidekick)
  • Lady Slipster (Daughter from Alternate Future)



Through all that has befallen him in life, Slipster (Slip as his friends call him) has carried on with the sense of interminable will that has made him a figurehead amongst his Supergroup and a mentor to many younger heroes. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others and is never hesitant to help, sometimes at his own expense. Quiet and reserved in the heat of battle, he is very often seen as a dark and self-reflecting character by those around him. Only his closest friends have seen his true self, and to them he is known for a wit that is just as quick as his reflexes and a sense of humor every bit as sharp as his claws.
Though all that know him will note an almost subconscious need to avoid large gatherings and to hang back in the shadows when those encounters are unavoidable. And there are very few indeed who have ever caught a glimpse of Slipster without his face-obscuring hood, which hides what Crey Scientists did to him years ago.
It is because of his past that Slipster has pledged himself to the downfall of Countess Crey and everything that she and her organization ever were. He will never think twice if given an opportunity to strike out at a Crey Facility, or undermine one of their schemes. It is his way of saying "I am still here, and I am still watching you."


-Heightened Senses and Reflexes

Through the incorporation of cheetah DNA into his genetic code, and the subsequent alterations to his physical being, Slipster has the heightened senses and reflexes of feral cats. In the midst of a fight his whiskers can sense minute changes in the air currents and give him a greater perception of everything around him. The long, wide tail he now processes can be used as a counterweight to his body mass (cheetahs use their tails to aid in cornering while running) and affords him superior agility. All of this combined makes him very hard to pin down for any period of time in a fight.
When backed into a corner and at his wits end, Slipster has discovered that he slips into an almost instinctual fight reflex. Rendering himself, for a time, nearly impossible to hit. Although, he must learn to use this feral rage sparingly as it is very taxing on his body and leaves him entirely spent, and unable to recover for a time afterwards.

-Super Speed

Through the incorporation of cheetah DNA into his genetic code, and the subsequent alterations to his physical being, Slipster now has the ability to run at phenomenal speeds.


As part of the genetic manipulation and power enhancement performed by Crey, Slipster now has the ability to fly. Although he is still unsure if this was an unforeseen side effect, or if all those slated to become Paragon Protectors are given this ability.


Through the incorporation of cheetah DNA into his genetic code, and the subsequent alterations to his physical being, Slipster has all the stealthy abilities of a feline. He can move in near silence if he wishes and, especially at night, can make himself very hard to sense before the strike.

-Advanced Healing and Recovery

Naturally athletic even before the incident that would transform him into Slipster, Slip was always able to outrun, outdistance, and outlast his friends. Even on those occasions when he was bested, many bemoaned the fact that he was recovered and ready for another round long before they. Although never really considering himself 'special', Slip often found it odd that he rarely ever got sick, could heal quickly, and catch his breath faster than almost everyone he knew. It was precisely this physical prowess that garnered the attention of Crey and made him a prime candidate in Project: Centaur.
Once the experiments upon him had been completed, Slip found that his once potent healing and recovery powers had been amplified 10 fold. It takes a great challenge indeed to find him short of breath now.



Through the incorporation of cheetah DNA into his genetic code, and the subsequent alterations to his physical being, Slipster now possesses a set of razor sharp black claws which he can extend and retract from his fingertips. Although when fully extended the claws are about 2 inches long, it should be noted that, like a real cheetah, he cannot fully sheath them and when retracted about 1/4 inch of the tip remains visible.
While still unsure of the exact makeup of the material that comprises his claws, Slipster knows for a fact that they are just as tough as the alloys that make up the skin of most Malta Titans.


Over the course his many adventures in Paragon City, travels around the world and journeys through time and space, Slipster has acquired several souvenirs which he uses in addition to the powers and abilities he possesses.

-Aid Self

Slipster retains a medical device that he captured from a Crey Lab which he can use to heal himself during tough fights.

-Sands of Mu

Enchanted sands that Slipster can hurl at enemies, dealing damage over time with a chance to disorient them.


A magically charged object that Slipster obtained and uses against enemies.

-Nemesis Staff

A strangely advanced mechanical staff that Slipster recovered in a fight against the Arch Villain Nemesis.

-Base Teleporter

An item that Slipster can use to teleport himself to his super group's base.

-Team Teleporter

An item that Slipster can use to instantaneously assemble anyone on his team to a single location, no matter where they may be.

-Power Drone

A small mechanical drone that Slipster recovered from a mission against Malta. Once activated it will hover nearby and grant him an increase in his damage output and damage resistance.

-Ouroboros Portal

An object of unknown origin that Slipster simply found he was in possession of one day. Once activated it opens a gateway to a temporal space known as Ouroboros.

Weaknesses and Limitations:

Many of Slipster's weaknesses stem from his uncomfortablenesses with open spaces and large gatherings of people. Because of this he tends to operate at night, or in areas of less dense population. While he is tolerant of teams when they are in need of his help, he is often very quiet in these situations.
Slipster also has a gap in his memory that he is still searching to fill. He can only remember scattered pieces of what his life was like before becoming a Crey experiment. However, he does retain memory of the woman he was engaged to before being captured by Crey. This is a source of anguish for him as he wants desperately to let her know that he is still alive, but unsure if she would accept the creature he has become.
In addition, Slipster has a soft spot for anything, or anyone that has been wronged by Crey. He will go to any length to see that justice is served for them. In the past this has led to problematic situations when the person he was trying to help was simply bait set by Crey to capture him once more for study.

-Defense vs. Healing Factor

While still above average, Slipster's healing ability is rather unremarkable in comparison to other heroes. He relies more on his heightened senses and agility to provide defense than any innate regeneration factor. As a result, he must remain alert and focused at all times during a battle. While his defenses are up he is nearly untouchable, but in the event that he should become stunned or lose focus, he is very susceptible to crippling attacks.

-Melee vs. Ranged

Like most scrappers, Slipster prefers the close quarters combat afforded by melee fighting. He can dish it out just as well as he can take it in a brawl. However, he possesses only a few attacks that are good at a mid-range and none that can strike at a distance. This means that in order to be effective in a fight, he must be able to engage the enemy directly. If the target is smart enough to keep their distance, he is all but useless.

-Fighting Style

Slipster's fear of large groups and his skewed self image means that he most often chooses to act alone. As such, he has developed a fighting style that is well suited to allowing a single opponent to take on multiple foes. He tends to engage the group as a whole with an attack that will knock-down or stun most of the enemy, before quickly moving in and dispatching individual members before the group can reform in a single attack once more. This method of divide and conquer can cause problems with members of a larger group who see his head-long rush as overconfidence or suicide. In particular, other heroes such as tankers or those whose powers rely on being at the center of a large group of enemies have a dislike of Slipster, because he tends to fragment the enemy into smaller groups without really thinking about it. His close allies are forgiving of this fact however, as they know his actions are more due to instinct than pride or animosity.


-Crey Biotech

First and foremost, Slipster is locked in a personal war with Crey Biotech. His deep seeded hatred of their organization stems from the horribly painful experiments they put him through during the course of the transformation in his current physical state.
More information on Crey Industries

-Dark Slipster

A once loyal Paragon Protector and spawn of the Revenant Hero Project, the being known as #2896-C fell into a deep and troubled state when he, along with several other Crey Protectors, encountered the Hero known as 'Slipster'. It became suddenly obvious to him, when looking into the face of that Hero that he was not who he thought he was, and Crey was lying to him. He was nothing but a clone and a slave. He was defeated by the more powerful hero and attempted defection from Crey.
The failed memory wipe that Crey administered upon his recapture only served to further deepen the animosity that #2896-C felt towards the people he once saw as his masters. A raid on the base he was being held at by none other than Slipster himself was all the reason that #2896-C needed to blow the coup and never look back. He relocated to the Rogue Isles and began to call himself Dark Slipster.
Although sharing a hatred for Crey Biotech, Dark Slipster sees his own life as nothing but a lie and wishes to make his own mark at any cost. Part of his personal crusade includes destroying the 'hero' from whose mold he had been created. Slipster has attempted in the past to help his clone achieve some semblance of a normal life, but these attempts usually end in a stand off and uncertain parting between the two.

Character History:

Jonathon began life like many in Paragon City. He was the oldest of two children born into a working middle class family in the vicinity of Brickstown in Paragon City, RI. He enjoyed the outdoors and athletics, staying active all through his younger years in team sports.
In his early teens, Jonathon began to notice subtle changes in the way his body reacted to the world. He found that he could complete even the toughest physical workouts while barely breaking a sweat or ever finding himself out of breath. Also, in a period of about 5 years between the end of high school and his college graduation, he could not remember ever becoming sick. A minor car accident proved, at least to the doctors who examined him, that he could heal himself quicker than most.
Although Jonathon refused to call himself 'special' many of those around him, his fiance included, claimed that had the makings of a hero and the ability to be something more than he was now. Unbeknown to any of them, someone else had their eyes fixed upon the young man as well.
A Dr. Emile Gerard at Crey Biotech was gathering test subjects he deemed had the right physical and biological characteristics to participate in his experiments. He claimed that they were a series of tests to try and bring out latent powers in members of the population who showed subtle signs of being unique. Through a complex process, he marked citizens he would like to enlist and sent out representatives to speak with them. Many, looking to gain power, came willingly. But others, like Jon, were happy with their lives and the way they were, and saw no reason to join.
Those select individuals required a different type of persuasion.

-Crey Capture

It happened quickly and efficiently, as most Crey operations do. A small detachment consisting of a Power Tank, a few Scientists and some Guards ambushed Jon while on his way home from work one evening. He posed little resistance as he was no match physically for the force that attacked him. They subdued him; rendering him unconscious, and spirited him away to secret Crey facility.
A computer with a voice manipulated to mimic Slip's called all his close relations to inform them that he had rethought his decision about the Crey offer. It told them all that they would not be able to reach him for about a week, but that he would update them on his progress as soon as he could.
To Laura, his fiance, it said "I love you, and will see you soon." But to her, it was hollow and cold, and it did not sound like the man she agreed to marry. She tried in vain for several days afterwards to contact him, but in the end resigned herself to wait, even if she had a bad feeling about it all.
Two weeks later, another representative from Crey visited both Jon's parents and his fiance. He informed them, with no lack of emotion, that the experiments to unlock Jonathon's latent powers was a resounded success. However, Jonathon had become crazed with a need for power after the initial boost and had to be subdued. The rest of the story went that he had fought back ferociously and turned on those who had been helping him the last few weeks. The man regretted that they had to do what was necessary to keep the city safe from Jonathon and his newfound abilities; they had had to terminate him.
The news was a devastating blow. But Crey assured the family that they had done all they could before the final decision had been made. They could not know the horrible truth that lay behind that facade.

-Project Centaur

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
In all truthfulness, perhaps Jonathon was dead as Crey had told his family. The subject dubbed 'Seventeen' that existed within the confines of the underground Crey facility barely knew who he was for the steady stream of drugs the Researchers kept him on. There was no semblance of time, no notion of place, only that he was here and he did what the Scientists told him. They tested his limits, day in and day out. Slowly weeding out those test subjects that were not the best. When it came down to Seventeen being the most likely candidate to succeed, Dr Gerard took full control of his daily regiment, and the pain began.
Project Centaur, named for the mythical half-man half-beast of Greek and Roman mythology, was to be an effort by Crey at creating the next in their line of super soldiers; The Paragon Protectors. They were attempting to fuse the traits of selected animals with those of super-humans. If successful, they would have unbeatable instincts in conjunction with higher reasoning and, once their memory conditioning was complete, would be forever subservient to Crey.
Seventeen thought for a time that nothing existed but the cold metal table to lay upon. That and the pain he was in. The agonizing pain that blurred everything and never ceased. Occasionally, a light would come on his room, and a figure would appear. That figure would stab him in the arm and he would blank out for what could only have been days. He would then wake once more to his table, restraints and the pain.
Slowly, he began to notice that he was waking from his stupor quicker and quicker. In his mind he reasoned that he was become accustomed to the higher doses, when in reality it was more like his body's latent healing ability jump starting itself into action and taking stock of what was happening to it.
He tried to think in the long dark about where he was, or about who he was, but that came to nothing. Whenever he tried to think back to a time other than the present, he would get crushing headaches. So he focused on the here and now, concentrating and moving each part of his body in turn, starting with his ears, which he twisted from side to side, and the sharp incisors he was able to run his tongue over. He found that when he flexed his hands against their restraints, sharp points advanced and retracted from his fingertips. Then there was the matter of that thing twitching idly at his side; which he found with some amusement was a tail.
He knew what an animal was, and after his bodily inspection that was all he could determine he was. But somehow... in the back of his mind, that wasn't right. There was a low, disgruntled noise emanating from somewhere in his small room, and it took Seventeen a while to realize that the long growl was a sound HE was making.
The figures returned eventually. Men. Humans. Seventeen knew somehow what a human was, and knew that he wasn't. At first they seemed frightened that he was shrugging off the drugs they were giving him, but they soon began to leave him unrestrained in his room and bring him out of it more often for what they called 'Exercise'.
Seventeen liked exercise. It gave him a chance to get out and stretch his muscles. He would run on the moving floor they put him on but soon discovered that he had to hold back because the tread could not move fast enough to keep up with him. The Scientists gave him an empty room, with objects he had to catch as they randomly popped out of the walls. He grew tired of this quickly as it became less and less challenging to him. Occasionally, in frustration he would yell out and try to speak like he knew the doctors did. They did not like it when he did that. He wondered if the roars he made scared them as much as they did him. It seemed for a time to Seventeen that he lacked the ability to form the words; and yet he understood them. No, he told himself one day in his room. I have a voice, I remember it.
Seventeen made a promise to himself that he would work on speaking, but not let the Scientists know. It took days, but finally he found that with some difficultly he could move his jaw and tongue to make sounds, words. He practiced, silently to himself, when he woke from his sleep and before the doctors would come.
A new man began to come and see him; a stout middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair. He came alone most of the time, as if he wasn't afraid like the others were. He said that his name was Dr. Gerard, and that he was very happy with the progress that Seventeen had been making. Seventeen liked the way he talked to him, but something in his gut told him this man was no good and he shouldn't enjoy their meetings.
Spoilers end here.


Virtueverse profile slip5.jpg
It was quickly becoming quite clear to Seventeen that he needed to escape. For weeks he probed his cell at night trying to find a weakness in the structure but found none. He watched the guards when he was brought out for exercise, memorizing their movements and schedules. But still, he saw no opportunity short of outright attacking them and that would most likely not end well for him. They were all well trained to handle a situation like that; he'd seen it before with other subjects.


Recent Events

-The Crey Watchers

Virtueverse profile slip4.jpg
Upon his escape and recovery of some of his former memories, Slipster banded together with a small group of other heroes whom had been so far denied justice for acts Crey Biotech had committed against them. They vowed oaths that no one else would endure what they had at the hands of their scientists-playing-god. They would be forever vigilant and watchful over the Countess and her schemes, thwarting them wherever they could.
For a time, the Crey Watchers operated in a covert manner, mainly at night, due to the nature of several members physically altered appearances. They had limited success, mostly due to the small size of the group. A couple members expressed feelings that they were engaged in a hopelessly impossible task with the limited resources they possessed. To a degree, Slipster agreed, but was not willing to give up the fight.
It was on one particular mission against Crey that Slipster enlisted the help of several other heroes to swell the dwindling ranks of his supergroup. They were so impressed with the tenacity and strength that Slipster showed, that they invited him to join his efforts with theirs and become a part of The League of Extraordinary Beings. Slipster accepted, although none of the other members of the Crey Watchers chose to accompany him. For all intents and purposes, the Crey Watchers ceased to be as a group as their members all went their seperate ways.

-Revenant Hero Project: Paragon Protectors

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.
Recently, while attempting to discover more secrets about his own past, Slipster stumbled upon a hidden research facility and learned the truth behind the group known as the Paragon Protectors.
The Protectors are not enlisted heroes as many would have you believe, but a privately funded portion of Crey Biotech. The parent research program behind the Protectors was codenamed the Revenant Hero Project. It drew the name 'revenant' from fiction, in this case meaning 'a creature brought back to life to fulfill a special goal'. This project consisted of the harvesting of DNA from deceased heroes and the recording of their memories and personalities from life. A new body would be grown using the supplied genetic material and implanted with the memories of the past person, albeit with some minor adjustments to make that person subservient to Crey. This project was the culmination of years of Crey research into cloning and memory implantation. It was their way of keeping the hero population in check by creating heroes of their own.
Spoilers end here.
More information on the Revenant Hero Project
Slipster also learned that the Dr. who had been in charge of the experiments in Project Centaur, had also been a key researcher for Revenant as well. Though, at the time, we wasn't sure what to make of the connection. It was not until months later, and a chance encounter with a group a Protectors, that the truth was revealed.

-The Rise of Dark Slipster

Virtueverse profile slip3.jpg
In the back of his mind, Slipster had always wondered what else Crey might have had in store for him if he had not escaped. He knew that he was the first success in what was to be the next generation of Crey super-powered soldiers, and he knew how Crey went about creating more beings from a single mold, but he had never imagined that he had once been destined for that route.
The raid on the Crey facility began normally enough, and Slipster initially had no trouble taking on the researchers and tanks that were thrown his way. Things changed rather suddenly as he broke into an immense lab filled with test-tube like structures suspended from the ceiling. All the tubes, every single one of them, contained a naked human form immersed in a liquid. Though he had never seen such a place with his own eyes, he had read about them, and knew where he was. Slipster had stumbled upon one of the birthing facilities that fed the Revenant Hero Project.
Stunned by a macabre sense of awe, Slipster was attacked by a large force of Paragon Protectors. It didn't take long for his anger over his find to set in and he began to beat the attackers back savagely. He flew through their ranks, brushing them aside as mere annoyances as the rage within him boiled over.
A Protector jumped in front of him then; the last one standing in the room, and threw up a hand in a gesture that brought him to a halt. There were no words then as the other reached up and removed the blue and gold helmet that was obscuring its face. Slipster stared in utter disbelief as his mind struggled to make sense of the image he was seeing; a face... his own face.
The figure standing before him was searching for answers. The look on its face said that as clearly as anything. Ever so slowly, Slipster reached his hands up and pulled back his own hood. Watching silently as the other was wracked by the same lack of comprehension that he had experienced only moments before. With a vicious roar and tears in his eyes, the Protector lashed out in a blind rage. Slipster soon found that the other, although well trained and agile for a Protector, was still little challenge. Perhaps out of mercy, or a shared understanding of the horrible series of events that had led to his creation, Slipster left the Protector alive and alone in the lab as he stumbled away in a sickened daze. "I'm sorry for you," was all the hero could think to say.
As Slipster later learned from files he uncovered in that particular raid; the man he had come face to face with was known only as test subject 2896-C. That abomination had been created using DNA that Crey still had from Slipster's time with them. 2896-C was an exact physical copy of himself; only the memories were different, and were no doubt meant to keep him loyal to Crey. Slipster now had the distinction of being, so far as he knew, the only donor for the Revenant Hero Project who was still alive to meet the clones struck from his mold. It was however, an honor he would have been happy to do without.
As the weeks passed though, he began to feel more apathy than anger towards his clone. 2896-C had been used by Crey the same as he had. And despite himself, Slipster began to wonder what had become of him. Several months had gone by before Slipster received an anonymous tip about the location of a Crey facility which housed the last traces of his DNA and files of his incarceration. Slipster attacked and found the information as had been stated in the letter, as well as knowledge that this was the detention center to which his clone had been moved after the previous raid. From that point, there was no doubt in his mind who had dropped the tip, or that his clone was now free from Crey clutches and loose in the world.
That was the last that Slipster heard any mention of 2896-C for close to 2 years. Until the unprecedented attack staged by Arachnos on the prison in Brickstown. It became clear then what had happened to the man cloned from his DNA, and that he had chosen a path in life far different from his sire. Slipster is wise to keep abreast of the near constant stream of information flowing from the Rouge Isles about the capers of one; Dark Slipster.

-Becoming a Mentor

Virtueverse profile slip2.jpg
More recently, as Slipster has gained notoriety and more self-confidence, he took it upon himself to mentor a fellow hero, Golden Mace, as she tries to find her place in Paragon City.
The woman, Sonia, was once a research technician employed by Crey Industries. Her work was often mundane and tedious, but her brilliant mind and proven theories soon drew the attention of scientists working many of Crey's 'black projects'. Sonia flatly refused on moral grounds when she learned the nature of the projects they wanted her work on.


-The Next Generation

Virtueverse profile slip7.jpg

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