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"I will fight to stop the future I know from happening... Even if it means that I will cease to be as well."
Lady Slipster
Player: @Slipster17
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 45
Personal Data
Real Name: Mariska
Known Aliases: Mari, Lady
Species: Multiple Species
Age: 18
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Redish Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Time Traveler/ Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City (future)
Base of Operations: Paragon City (current)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jon (Father) Laura (Mother)
Known Powers
Fast Healing, Quick Recovery, Dull Pain, Resilience, Revive, Advanced Healing and Recovery
Known Abilities
Super Jump
No additional information available.

Lady Slipster, although not as old as the character that would eventually be deemed her father, is still one of my oldest surviving characters in COH. She was originally an attempt to play with the claw/regen power sets to see how they differed in effectiveness from Slipster's claw/relfex powers. She has since become intertwined with the story lines of both COH and COV and enjoys a backstory that is very rich in its own right. This is Lady Slipster



This is a work in progress, so please excuse the mess and missing information for the moment


Supergroup: The League of Extraordinary Beings
Former Supergroup: Statesman's League (Exists in a possible future timeline)


Mariska is an optimist, pure and simple. She would have given up on the world long before if she had looked at life in any other way. She learned at a very young age from both her father, and the other Heroes of his day that the way things are is never the way things have to be.


-Fast Healing

Lady Slipster's only real inborn powers are related to high metabolism and advanced healing factor. Her body can heal its wounds nearly 150% quicker than a normal human. She, like her father, also has a decidedly feral mindset that she can slip into when cornered. When her body passes that threshold, her regeneration rate can triple to 600% that of a normal human. This affords her near instant healing for a short time. But she must take care when unlocking her feral side, as she will be drained and unable to recover for a short while afterward.

-Quick Recovery

Lady Slipster possesses an extremely quick recovery rate; one that is nearly 100% quicker than that of a normal human.

-Dull Pain

Through concentration and focusing of her already formidable healing powers, Lady Slipster can, for a time, dull the amount of pain that she feels, effectively increasing the damage she can take.


A side effect of her enhanced regeneration rate, Lady Slipster is extremely resistant to the effects of disorientation, smashing damage and toxins.


A side effect of her enhanced regeneration rate, Lady Slipster is extremely resistant to attacks that might otherwise stun, immobilize or disorient her.


Thanks to her fast healing ability, Lady Slipster possesses the ability to raise herself from the brink of death, fully recovered and ready to continue the fight. She must use this power sparingly however, as it's potency is depleted for a time after use.


-Super Jump

Lacking the cheetah like speed of her father, Mariska constructed a pair of magnetic pulse boots for herself. These boots allow her to push against the Earth's own gravitation field and leap incredible distances.



Unlike her father, who had cat like claws that he could extend from each fingertip, Mariska had relatively normal human-like hands. Albeit covered with a thin layer of pale yellow fur. To compensate for this lack of an offensive weapon she constructed a pair of gloves for herself with a set of long claws that affixed to the back of her hand.

She has upgraded them along the way to include a sensor on her palm so she can extend and retract them into their cases with only a twitch. Her current version of the gloves consists of 3 razor sharp claws that are approximately 10 inches each when fully extended. They are every bit as effective and deadly as her father's natural claws were.

Weaknesses and Limitations:



Although the organization known in our own time as Arachnos is not yet as large or as powerful as the one in the world Mariska grew up in, she still has a deep seeded hatred for any who align themselves with Lord Recluse. She will never miss an opportunity to take the spiders down a notch. Although Mariska is careful not to let too many people know that she comes from a future dominated by Arachnos; there is no telling what Lord Recluse might do if he were privy to the knowledge that he might someday fulfill his need for world domination.

-Crey Biotech

Mariska knows of Crey Biotech and the horrors they have perpetuated in the name of science. She learned firsthand from her father and his account of the experiments they performed on him. The present day incarnation of Crey does not yet know the full connection between the heroes known as Slipster and Lady Slipster, but they have speculated that she might be another clone escapee from the Revenant Hero Project similar to Dark Slipster. As a result, Mariska must be on the lookout for any Crey Agents, and fight them as fiercely as her father would have.

Character History:

Mariska was born the only child of Jonathon and Laura Stance. Her father was known to the world as Slipster, a hero who endured a monstrous transformation into a half-man half-cheetah character at the hands of Crey Biotech Scientists. Her mother, equally strong in her own right, was the one who had never given up hope that her fiance was still alive somewhere, even after Crey had assured her of his demise. Jonathon was eventually able to come to grips with what had been done to him and return to Laura's waiting arms. Their newborn daughter was blessed with her mother's eyes and beauty, and received a fine pelt of pale yellow fur, freckle like spots on her face and shoulders and a tail from her father's altered genetics.

She grew into a playful young girl, never hesitating to try new things and rarely ever letting bullies, who'd mock her appearance, get under her skin. Her parents always taught her that she was special, and being special was never anything to be ashamed of or hide.

But they could not know what was to come.

-Life in the Dark Future

Virtueverse profile lady3.jpg

It came so suddenly to the scared 8 year old who huddled against her father's leg for protection. When the war ships began to fly overhead people began to scream about the return of the Rikti, but her father knew better. It was a far worse foe; Arachnos had come.

They descended upon Paragon City in numbers and strength previously unheard of. The tide of villainy swept the city and all those who stood initially would fall. Her father fought what battles he could while never leaving his family. Though it pained him to do so, he foresook his supergroup in favor of protecting his wife and daughter. It was a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

When the majority of heroic forces surrendered to Lord Recluse's and submitted to his terms and rule, Mariska and her family were forced into living within the guarded confines of what amounted to ghetto. All heroes were corralled in this fashion, everywhere across what had become New Spider City.

All those deemed meta-humans were forced to either join Arachnos to prove their loyalty, or denounce their lives as heroes and work in the vast factories that Lord Recluse's minions had begun to assemble. The factories that would produce the goods to fuel trade and supply his insatiable need for power.

It was in this world that Mariska grew through her teen years. Her mother had chosen to join them in the meta-human camp even though she was not one. Her father put his skills to use as best he could as a laborer in an assembly plant. The minimal income that this afforded the family kept them lean and hungry, but they had each other, and pushed on.

-Resistance and Decimation: Statesman's League

In time, Mariska's father became involved in an underground resistance movement centered within their camp. When she herself turned 15 and was showing signs of her emerging powers, he allowed her to accompany him. It was here that she came to know the legend that is Statesman. Lord Recluse believed him to be dead, and this worked in their favor. Noting the overwhelming support he was receiving, Statesman chartered the first new supergroup since the outbreak of the Great War; Statesman's League. Mariska, and several other younger heroes, were to become its inaugural members. Led by Statesman, and supported by an ever growing number of older heroes, The League plotted and staged raids on strategic Arachnos facilities. Their small numbers, military precision, and disconnect from the general populous made them extremely hard to track down and Lord Recluse grew furious with the perceived insolence he saw.

Unfortunately for Statesman and his young cohorts, power and money can be a very enticing substitute for loyalty. While in the midst of a meeting outlining the final plans for what would be their most ambitious project to turn back Arachnos, they were attacked. A turncoat within their ranks had sold what he knew about their whereabouts to Lord Recluse in return for power and influence. Arachnos was beat back, but they now knew what was coming and who was orchestrating it.

-Escape to the Present

With no time to loose, Statesman, along with the remaining members of the League, fled the ghetto and rushed to the now abandoned Portal Corporation buildings on Peregrine Island. Once there they rallied together with scores of heroes that had hidden themselves and their intentions from Arachnos. Driven by a need to redeem himself for not joining his friends in the initial invasion, Mariska's father, The Slipster, donned his costume once more and dug in beside his old teammates. The now formidable force secured the compound and set to work on the task at hand; reviving a working portal to the past.

Lord Recluse descended upon them, personally leading an army of villains and Arachnos troops that rivaled his original invasion force. Statesman's League hurried to open a portal while all others, Statesman included, battled their foes like there was no tomorrow. Many, many great heroes fell, Mariska's father included. But though Arachnos still pushed forward they were quickly running out of their most precious commodity, time.

Arachnos troops breached the Portal Corp. building mere moments before two of the portals went on line. One was lost quickly as the damaged machinery could not sustain the power, but all those who remained prepared for a final stand off, guarding the final portal while it was calibrated and set. Arachnos swarmed the laboratory in which it sat, the room awash with brutal fighting and the ranks of remaining heroes thinning quickly. Though the objective was to get several of the younger heroes through the portal, none, Mariska included, were willing to let their friends and mentors die without enacting some measure of retribution. In a self sacrificing effort to get at least one through the portal, a tanker of Statesman's League picked up and threw Mariska, unwilling, through the functional gate before he destroyed the console controlling it.

Mariska had always imagined a portal to be like a door; something you had to push through, something with some solidity to it. But as she closed her eyes and braced the only thing she felt aside from a tingle down her spine was the cold hard plating of the laboratory floor. She rolled reflexively into a crouch and spun around fully preparing herself to bolt back to her teammates side but instead found herself starring at a dead portal gate and the great working components behind it in the lab. The components that looked meticulously cleaned... in a lab that shone with polished steel and grey.

Confused, Mariska tried to run back through the portal gate, but only succeeded in ending up on the other side of the access bridge. She tried several more times, becoming increasingly frantic, not realizing that she was screaming the names of friends aloud. She mistook the three figures that entered the lab for Arachnos and attacked them, before she was subdued. It took 4 guards to hold her down before the shock finally took over and she blacked out.

Mariska awoke later in what she discovered was a detention facility. A facility run by a group of volunteer soldiers that shouldn't exist anymore; The Hero Corps. They kept her confined to a holding cell once she had awaken, but they were not mean, not forceful. Only for her own protection they said. She had attacked two Heroes, they told her during a brief interrogation, when they heard screams and had gone to see what the problem was.

Mariska was still trying to swallow the fact that she was sitting amongst members of the Hero Corps, let alone deal with the fact that there had been people openly known as Heroes out in costume in broad daylight. She was trying to muscle her way through her gut feeling that Arachnos was trying to trick her. The interrogators asked simple questions; who was she and where had she come from. Any member of Arachnos would know those two answers; The files they kept on meta-humans had been extensive. Reluctantly she told them, but their own records could prove none of it. She was not a registered hero. So she told them about her father.

When they returned to her after cross checking his name, one thing became suddenly clear to Mariska....

She had made it.

-Legends Live Again

When the Hero Corps agent returned, he informed her that they had found record of both a Jonathon Stance, as well as a Hero named Slipster. However, the two men where not the same person. Furthermore, the citizen known as Jonathon Stance had been deceased for more than a year according to official records. Mariska kept her mouth shut at that point and tried in vain to hold back tears. It told her all she needed to know.

She was in the past; before Arachnos had invaded. Her father was here and he was alive, but he had not yet revealed himself to her mother; it was not yet known who he really was. She asked one final thing of the agent who was with her. She asked to see Statesman. To say that the agent was a little reluctant to bother Statesman over this was an understatement, but he agreed unconditionally when Mariska told him this matter involved Lord Recluse and Arachnos.

The meeting with Statesman went as well as she could have expected from the crass, introverted hero. Mariska had been around Statesman long enough in her native time to know how to read his subtle nods and comments, where others might see only disinterest. But he listened to her as she explained the situation, as she told him of his own efforts in the matter and his creation of the group of which she was a part. He betrayed no feelings when she recounted the day she went through the portal, and how he and many other heroes, most likely lost their lives.

Statesman was quiet for a long time before standing, thanking Mariska for the information and instructing the Hero Crop Agents that she was free to go whenever she pleased. Mariska stood herself, asking him where should she go now? and what should she do?

Statesman turned to her as he walked out the door and smiled knowingly back at her. "I must have picked you for a reason, Mariska. I'm sure you will figure something out."

That was all she needed to hear from him. She knew then, that her message had been taken to heart and that he believed her. He would help in any way he could, but it was up to Mariska to do what she was chosen for.

Mariska registered with the Hero Corp that day. 'Lady Slipster' she called herself on the document. She stepped out of the building and onto the streets of a Paragon City unlike any she could remember. A Paragon City filled with life, and full of heroes to protect it. The future depended on her ability to prevent it, and she vowed she would not to let them down.

Recent Events:

-The League of Extraordinary Beings


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