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Player: @Fernico
Activity Level: Actively Played
Archetype: Defender
Origin: Technology
Primary Set: Force Fields
Secondary Set: Electrical Blast
Ancillary/Patron: None
Level: 12
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Unknown
Identity: Privately held at request of Hero
Known Aliases: None
Occupation: Freelancer, Engineer
Education: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Legal Status: Unknown
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Date of Birth: Confidential
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Galaxy City, Paragon City
Group Affiliations: None
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown, shielded by helmet
Eye Color: Unknown, shielded by helmet
Hair Color: Unknown, shielded by helmet
Complexion: Unknown, shielded by helmet
Height: 7’2” with armored suit
Weight: 238 lbs with armored suit
Build: Muscular
Distinguishing Features: Unknown


Character History

The Coming of the Rikti

The Rikti initiated a war with humanity on May 23rd, 2002. Every super powered individual took to the streets and defended their world from this threat. Governments from across the world unleashed their owned super powered agents. These agents were borned from research started out of fear of the tremendous number of people gaining new abilities. These projects were designed for use if these powered people ever started to challenge their authority. It is from these top secret programs that Fernico is believed to originate from.

This individual was seen operating with a team of similarly equipped individuals on the streets of Paragon City. They covertly targeted Rikti operations and fought fiercely but as a unit. There have never been any official reports or claims to the group by any person or organization. The last reported incident involving this group concerned Rikti ships attacking resistance operation centers in King's Row. Afterwards no word concerning them has been reported. Fast forward a month prior to the five year mark of the start of the war, a police report concerning gun fire and explosions in a warehouse in Independence Port. There's a small mention of a masked, unregistered powered vigilante wearing some sort of tech suit. A week later, Fernico is a registered hero with no background.

The Rikti Invaders

Recent Events

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

The Rikti

The second invasion started July 24th 2007 when the Rikti returned in newly opened portals from their homeworld.

The Second Rikti Invasion

Fernico had been missing from Paragon since May 2007; he most likely was not in Paragon when the invasion started. He was first spotted entering Paragon on a commercial flight stopping a hijacking. Once the plane landed he disappeared, but there are reports he has setup operations again.

On October 6th, Fernico was in Galaxy City when the sirens blared. Bombs impacted the streets; people ran in terror; the skies darkened: The Rikti started attacking the area with bombs and soldiers came teleporting in large numbers. Rikti battle cruisers screamed through the skies as heroes gathered to face the onslaught of Rikti troops. Backstreet Brawler made a rallying point for all the heroes to coordinate their attacks. Fernico did what he could; he saw a bomb in range and started assisting the hero trying to diffuse the bomb. The Rikti were attacking their position and Fernico was trying his best to keep ahead of them. That is until a citizen fleeing the area in their car didn't bother to stop and slammed their car into Fernico as he was attempting to flank the enemy's position. He had the full attention of the Rikti, but they paused? Were they mocking him for being hit by someone he was trying to protect or were they simply put off guard? Fernico didn't have time to think it out. He tossed a couple of grenades at them and ran to get cover. The grenades took out some of the Rikti, but they kept coming.

The bomb got diffused and reinforcements came just in time. Fernico never fought the Rikti like this before. They were fearless and fierce determination. They "knew" they were going to win.

Spoilers end here.

Personality and Reputation

Fernico can be best described as a soldier with a purpose and mission. He seems to avoid collateral damage, especially if it places citizens in harm's way. However, he also has been seen detonating bombs on Clockwork giant machines when they attack the city without remorse for citizens caught in the explosions.

He seems to believe in the concept of "whatever means necessary"...to a point.

Powers and Abilities


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Fernico’s power comes from his battle suit. His powers include, but are not limited too:


Regeneration: Fernico's battle suit is capable of repairing any physical damage to an extent he suffers. The suit also is able to repair portions of itself by focusing processing power to the most critical area first.

Electrical Blast: Fernico is able to attack enemies with various intensities of electricity. After close observation it seems to be similar to the Clockwork.

Force Shield Generator: Fernico's suit is able to generate a shield around himself, his allies, or anything he chooses. However, size does seem an issue. The larger an object, the less likely he would be able to generate the power needed for a shield to go around it.


Experienced Pilot: Fernico is a capable pilot and can pilot most craft with ease. This was observed from combat reports during the First Rikti War of his team hijacking military bombers and detonating them within Rikti vessels.

War Veteran: Fernico is a seasoned soldier, having fought the Rikti during their first invasion. He knows when to pull out of a fight and he knows when to charge ahead. Experience is an important asset for any hero to have while fighting in Paragon City.

Engineer: Fernico is a capable engineer and seems knowledgeable in the areas of mechanical and nanotechnology.

Leadership: Fernico has more often been seen coordinating efforts whenever teamed up with a group of heroes. He demonstrates tactical prowess and excellent teamwork.

Physically Fit: Fernico appears to have an above average physicality when it comes to running and overall stamina. He very much holds his own against individuals more natuarally evolved with special abilities.


Psychic Powers: Fernico has no defense to mental attacks. He has shown great courage when dealing with mentally talented foes, but he overall is as helpless against their control as other humans.

Magic Powers: Fernico is a product of his battle suit. He is bound to its capabilities and its weaknesses.



Fernico's suit is his weapon. He has made several improvements since he first was seen in May 2007. However, in contrast, what was seen in the First Rikti Invasion seems to be vastly superior to what he is able to do now. Which suggests he is working on increasing his suit's abilities.


Fernico uses jet packs when traveling long distances. These devices seem to materialize on his back like they're based on nanotechnology.


Friends & Allies

Veiled Psyche: Veiled Psyche is Fernico’s closest ally. They met while detaining an outbreak of contaminated gangs that were rioting. Since then, they have teamed to stop the forces of evil in Paragon City. She has magical abilities, which is in contrast to Fernico's technological suit. They haven't been seen together since he disappeared in May. However, word is spreading Fernico is searching for her. Possibly in fear she is in danger. Does this show there is more to the relationship or simple friendship?

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