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The fire mutant himself in mid-flight.
Player: @Red Ice
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon blaster.png
Security Level: 50
Occupation: hero, college student
Personal Data
Real Name: Cidney Cleveland
Known Aliases: Cid
Identity: Most likely Public
Species: Mutant
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: honey
Hair Color: orange
Blood Type: unknown mutant blood type
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
Birthdate: April 7, 1988
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: Steel Canyon
Religion/Faith: aetheist
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Alice Almaden-Cleveland (mother), Charles Cleveland (father), Christopher Cleveland (older brother)
Known Powers
fire control, moderate energy manipulation
Training / Abilities
flight and stealth

Flameforge is a 23-year old fire mutant who resided in the Independence Port sector of Paragon City, Rhode Island. While he had been ridiculed by normal people because of his ability (or in this case, inability) to control and manipulate fire, he still maintains a healthy and positive outlook on everything. He is a very social character despite all the hardships he had gone through growing up. He was a part of The Grey Spectrum, a hero-side mercenary supergroup. He was also accepted into the supergroup, New Age Mutants, afterwards but has since then left with his brother due to family issues.


Some History

Birth and early childhood

Flameforge was born as Cidney James Cleveland in Orlando, Florida on April 7th, 1988. He was the second of two sons to Alice and Charles Cleveland (a mutant couple). He was born with blond hair and light brown eyes. His parents moved up to the White Plains Sector of Paragon City, Rhode Island when he was 3 due to a job transfer and to be accepted for what they are. However, they would maintain the mentality that their powers should not be used for anything at all, for any reason at all. Due to this, their parents decided that they will try to live a life of a normal human being as best as possible. They also distinctly instructed their sons to do the same thing as much as possible. As successful business people, they were more worried about their image and people's perceptions rather than actually living life the way they want and trying to hide who they really are.

Later childhood

Unfortunately, things would take a turn for the worse. In 2002 when the Rikti invaded, many homes were destroyed, including the Cleveland residence. In the midst of all this, Cid was very scared. Very very scared. In the midst of seeking shelter, they were intercepted by Rikti, only for them to meet their burning demise thanks to Cid's powers awakening during all of this, promptly changing his hair follicles from blond to orange and tanning his skin considerably. Cid's mother also did the same, fighting them off. At the same time, Cid's father and brother Christopher tried blowing them away with their storm-summoning powers as well. After that though, his parents and brother never used their powers again.

Later Adolescence and onwards

Cid grew up being ridiculed for his powers because he would constantly burn things, as in he doesn't have complete control over them. He grew up having no friends, and always spent time by himself, and kept to himself. Despite all that, he still kept a happy outlook in his life. There are times, however, that he will go into bouts of loneliness. Due to this, he will sometimes doubt himself to do anything. He went to college in Paragon City University for two years though he messed around quite a bit to do some hero-type work. Against his parents' wishes, he wants to prove to them that using his abilities will be a good thing if he became a hero.

However, Chris will find that his peers would be more accepting and tolerating of what he was and what he was capable of. He would even meet certain people in college that would have him participate in the dating game, attend parties, get drunk while burning the sink and making the bathroom get covered in soot, and generally be like a frat boy. (Even though he wasn't officially in any fraternity)

Beginning times of a Hero

Whilst in college, Cid would take up the mantle Flameforge and become a registered hero. Because of this, his school work would become neglected and he would find himself withdrawing from some important classes he would need for general ed. While he did pass all his classes that he took through to the end, they were very few in number. He became more concentrated in the hero aspect of his life. And while he was recognized for all his efforts, his school work would say otherwise. At that moment, Cid didn't really care as he couldn't even decide on a major.

Cid had major beef with an Outcast named Frostfire, who (when Cid first met him) played mind games with the fire mutant. First dousing him with fires then blasting him with ice, and repeating the process. Cid had failed in defeating him the first time around. Though later on, with the help of fellow hero named Lace Orchid, he emerged victorious with her.

He joined a hero-type mercenary group called Merc Inc, which somehow quickly disbanded due to issues with their leader and their commanders and have since joined The Grey Spectrum as a Captain. There, he would make quick friends with fellow Captain, MagmaGuy (Kyle). It would also be here where he met Lace Orchid.

Later, Kyle would discover that his parents went missing and they were last seen in China. He insisted on helping Kyle find his parents. After running into some Freakshow who seemed to be the root of the problem, it ended up that their problems were a lot deeper than just Freakshow. Unfortunately for Kyle, things did not turn out so well, and his parents were met by some demise. Cid knew that Kyle needed some time to himself and the best thing he could offer him was space, and an ear should Kyle be ready.

Things, however, would take a turn for the worst once more. One week later, Cid would learn that Kyle had gone back to China to exact revenge on his parents for whoever was responsible for taking their lives. While they would learn that it was the Tsoo in China who was responsible, Kyle had met his demise. Cid was devastated over the loss of his best friend. At this point, his studies and emotional well-being would take a downhill turn.

Rescuing his brother

Later on, Cid got word that his brother Chris was kidnapped. Little did he know, they actually wanted to do experiments on his brother because of his powers. At least, what they suspected to be his powers. Cid learned that a group named Stealth was responsible for kidnapping him and doing experiments on him. He learned that in order to rescue his brother, he had to subdue him. He knew he couldn't let the most recent past affect him or he would never be able to rescue Chris. He did so with the help of other heroes.

Cid and Chris had a long talk about several things. Mainly Kyle and the hero business, and proved to him that their powers can be used for the greater good. After convincing his brother to take up a mantle of a hero, Cid gave Chris the hero name Cyclone Shield for his abilities and also for his uncanny ability to be able to keep enemies off of him.

Going Studeous

Cid went back to school for the start of the 2009 Fall semester in PCU while still having an undecided major. At the same time, he found that The Grey Spectrum has sort of died out. Taking his belongings and leaving a note, Cid ventured out and see where the hero path takes him this time. He knows that his brother Chris is currently doing the same and he will soon join him on another adventure that will strengthen their bond as brothers.


While out doing the hero thing, Chris was asked by the menders of Ouroboros to fix their timeline. He was warned that this mission was on-going and it was going to take more than him to do these missions so he took Cid along for the ride. They were out mending time for awhile but going on this mission brought them closer as brothers. It reminded them how far they had drifted apart, and how they needed to stick together.

Family Troubles

Word got out to their parents that not only was Cid doing the hero thing, but Chris was as well. How they found out, it didn't really matter at that point. But for the first time in his life, Chris stood his ground and explained to his parents that he no longer wanted to hide to the world what he truly was, what he was capable of, and he has found a group of people who accepts him for what he is (aside from his brother). Still, his parents aren't very keen on this idea but did see Chris' point. Chris and Cid's relationship with their parents began to get strained because of this hurdle.

To make matters worse, Cid has announced that he wants to leave Paragon City. This put a bigger strain on their relationships with their parents, though Chris actually supports this decision even if he does not agree with it. The family went into a bit of disarray. And yet Chris does his best to keep his head up high. In truth, Cid's memories of Paragon City have been mostly sour. The Rikti Invasion of 2002, his terrible years of high school, and his best friend gone.

Acceptance into New Age Mutants

There had been a time where his brother Chris seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. His first instinct was to ask the group that his brother belonged to, New Age Mutants. He had previously made a few friends with some of the members here having been a member of The Palladium Sentry for a very short time. He had met with mentor N'ur Head/Versalis Fayte in an attempt to find out what was going on. While he could give no lead, he offered temporary membership within the organization and initially refused, but later changed his mind and accepted an Initiate status.

Further Family Issues

On February 28, 2010, tragedy would once again strike the Cleveland's. Their mother, Alice, was in the middle of a home inspection in Peregrine Island when suddenly, she surged in flames. There had been no signs of her powers getting out of control so nothing had been suspected. The home she was in and the home next to her had been engulfed in flames. The other inspector and the owners of the property all met their demise. As soon as Cid, Chris, and their father Chaz heard about this, they immediately fled to the scene. They noticed that Alice's temperature was well over 800°F, and Chris' attempt to cool her off was only marginally helping. After Chaz summoned a massive rainstorm over the island, Chaz took his wife and immediately brought her to the hospital. Cid followed while Chris stayed behind and waited for the police to arrive and give them a report of what happened.

Unfortunately, no hospital or specialty facilities could help Alice in Paragon. Absolutely no one. Thanks to a tip-off from Albert, Chris found a rather peculiar facility in the southern end of Delaware who could help their mother regain consciousness and even help her control her powers once she's back to her normal self. Unfortunately, they received news that she may not be coming around for months due to the powers she had held in and then exhausted all at once. Because Chris and Cid were heroes of Paragon and regularly made use of their powers, they never experienced surges that were of this degree. When it had been reported that Chaz refused to use his powers, he was warned by the facility's mutant geneticists that he needs to use and exercise his powers in order to avoid what happened to his wife. And because both his sons had experienced surges in some degree, he was definitely at risk for them.

Because of these family issues, both Chris and Cid very reluctantly resigned from their positions in New Age Mutants. While they handed their notices to Albert, they were also very surprised to know that he had already resigned from his position. After some conversation with Albert, both Cid and Chris placed their resignation letters on Versalis' desk.

Cid had no plans of returning to Paragon City. He had been staying in southern Delaware with his father to watch over their mother and has also decided to transfer from PCU Steel Canyon to a prestigious university nearby. In his defense, Paragon had not been very kind to Cid and decided that it would be good for him to have a fresh start. Still, he makes frequent visits to Paragon to say hello to the friends he had made there. He had been attending the nearest prestigious university there to actually start his major in forensic sciences. (Though while being here, he had changed it numerous times.)


The New Year brought on some things to think about with Cid. His mother was finally getting better and his father continued on his career in Delaware, though the parents later moved to Washington, DC. Cid found himself visiting his brother more often, but that was because Chris had been working way too hard and way too much. Much to Chris' surprise, Cid moved back to Paragon City to be closer to him. He transferred back to Paragon City University and changed into a music major. As of mid-May 2011, he recently finished finals and is has moved into Rolling Hills Apartments and currently lives on his own. He is, however, trying to get his brother to move in to this complex.


Fire power

As noted in his name, Flameforge is a fire mutant. As such, he is weary of the cold. 65°F is quite cold for him, and his oral temperature is normally above 110°F. His ability to manipulate, control, and emit flames is great. This is an ability he gained from his mother.


Cid is also able to use flight as one of his most preferred travel power. This is an ability he gained from his father.


After his freshman year in Paragon City University, Cid discovered that he had the power of stealth. He decided that it would be best if he kept quiet about this ability to his parents and older brother, though all his friends here in Paragon City know that he can do it. It is unknown where he inherited these powers from, though he believes it possibly came from his grandfather (from his father's side).


Cid also has the ability to moderately manipulate raw energy, though not entirely in the way he wants to. Because of this, he certainly packs a powerful punch. If you get close to him, be prepared to be smacked in the face and be sent flying. This is an ability he inherited from his father as a secondary ability.


It's not very difficult to describe Cid's personality when you first see him. It will definitely show once you start talking to him. First and foremost, he is quite emotional even if he doesn't want to be. He is fairly sociable, is a very nice guy, and is generally accepting of his environment, unless it has something to do with being cold. Though because of Cid's past, he's had a habit of doubting himself in everything though he has slowly been deviating away from it. Also, he is quick to take the blame if he and other people are involved in something bad.

Cid doesn't deal with conflict very well. He has a short fuse and is quick to get angry if he feels he is being offended or if he feels he is being attacked. If there is any situation that he feels is too complicated to understand, he would find himself walking away from it.

Overall, Cid is a very nice and friendly guy. At times, he will unintentionally flirt with people who seems sociable and sensible to him. However, he has learned to tread carefully around people who don't seem to be completely honest with him. You can tell by Cid's tone of voice if he's being cautious around someone. Talk to him, he won't bite.

More Than Acquaintances

These are the people he has met in no particular order.

  • Lifesight - When Cid had heard an announcement for a supergroup recruiting, Cid was first piqued by her. While almost a decade older than he, Cid looks to her as some sort of mother figure.
  • Crimson-Cross - Cid met him together with Lifesight face to face and instantly noticed that this had to be her significant other. Of course, he was right about that when he asked him. He seems to like getting into Cid's nerves when the chance presents itself. But still, he looks up to him as the leader and father-figure of The Grey Spectrum. He often referred to him as "Big Guy".
  • MagmaGuy - At first, Cid had no idea what to think of Kyle when they first met. His emotions seemed to have been all over the place. Little did he know, he could become closer to Kyle and they would eventually become best friends. Cid was devastated when Kyle had met his demise.
  • Lace Orchid - He thinks of Lace as a semi-bubbly girl who's great to have around. She helped him greatly by defeating Frostfire and that instantly won his trust towards her. After The Grey Spectrum disbanded, he wondered if she would be okay and how she's doing.
  • Trinity Phoenix - Randomly patrolling Atlas Park, Cid almost landed on her and profusely apologized. Through Cid's partially talkative nature, they got to know each other a bit and learned that she is a leader of a supergroup called Strike Force Zero. He is very intrigued by her, and has had a huge crush on her. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it because she was a leader of her own organization and thought that she wouldn't have time for someone like him.
  • Lance the Wanderer - A mentor he met in New Age Mutants, Cid took a liking to Lance because of his seeming obliviousness. He found that very amusing.
  • N'ur Head - On a search for his brother, Cid was offered refuge by Versalis in the New Age Mutants base until his brother (who was already a member of NAM at the time) was found. He found Versalis to be quite insightful if not enigmatic, and seems to do go about things in his strange ways.
  • Jacob Fayte - A NAM member close to his age who Cid would first befriend. Unfortunately, it wouldn't go much farther since he seemed to be with a girl named Dorreen...
  • Adam Spectre Collins - Cid casually met Adam while he was tending the upstairs bar and started a random conversation about his discomfort with ice users. Along the way, they would meet again and Cid introduced him to Vicktor and to Jace. Unfortunately, Adam would make things awkward quick and wondered why Adam even "went there". Cid sometimes thinks that some of the things Adam says in casual conversation is inappropriate which leads him to not talk to him very much. Cid has been keeping his distance from Adam due to present events.
  • K. Viper - Casually observing the D to get away from schoolwork, Cid first met Vicktor when he was told his sunglasses were awesome and this young man just walked off afterwards. They eventually got to talk and got to know one another. While Cid was initially interested in him, recent events led Cid astray and no longer wants to have anything to do with him. Cid felt that Vicktor was very secretive this entire time and is now not sure who the real Vicktor is.
  • Solar Oracle - Cid was introduced to Jace by Vicktor and he seemed to have a laid back feel about him. Cid would later find that he and Jace would have plenty in common, including their love for music and their dislike for schoolwork. Cid became interested in Jace and attempted to pursue him but certain turbulations would get in the way. While Jace considers Cid his best friend, Cid cannot find it himself to feel the same way. He did try for a little while to see if he could make something work but cannot. After braving an act with Jace, Cid was finally convinced that nothing was going to work. He is no longer on speaking terms with the demigod.
  • Bedlam - At first, Cid didn't think Mars liked him at all due to the circumstances of how they met. He later changed his mind and actually thought he was pretty friendly. A bit ADD and easily distracted, but friendly.
  • Ravelin - Cid found Rav very easy to talk to, despite his being some sort of time traveler. He found his inventions pretty awesome and he was pretty amazed at what he could do with them. With current events, Cid has found himself talking to Rav about them. While Rav also expressed interest in Cid, Cid believes that a problem will rise itself out since he has said that he was also interested in Chris. Problems have already presented themselves in that Rav made Cid upset in two separate occasions and is avoiding contact with him as well. Despite trying to be friends with Rav, his association with Jace was something Cid couldn't get past. Cid is no longer on speaking terms with him as well.
  • Jayden Michaels - Cid, at first, wasn't sure how to feel about Jayden. Now, he is pretty certain that he wants to have nothing to do with the dark magician.
  • Dayblade - Having the same name as his brother, Cid first met Chris at Atlas Park and found that he'd go something very life-changing. Because Chris is just as much of a hot-head as Cid is, they always seem to be butting heads with each other. While Cid did consider Chris a good friend, all that has changed now that he knows what's been going on. Secretive and afraid to ask for help, Cid wants nothing to do with Chris.

Some notes

Cid would be played by actor Aaron Ashmore.
  • Despite having aspirations of going into forensic science when he was younger, Cid has actually changed his college major five times. Currently, he's majoring in music composition with a minor in broadcasting. Maybe this time, he won't change his mind.
  • Because Cid messed around too much while he was a freshman and sophomore in college, he has to remain in school for two more years before he gets his bachelors.
  • He likes listening to a variety of music. From rock alternative, dance, trance, to rhythm and blues.
  • At first, Cid believed he was the only member in his family to not have any musical aptitude. This was later proven wrong when he picked up a guitar and actually started 'fiddling' with it. It would be at this moment when Cid would change his college major a fifth time. He is a very good acoustic guitarist.
  • Cid is a quite an emotional guy. He's not the type of person who will hold back their emotions under any circumstances. Of course, this has good and bad consequences.
  • Cid believes in privacy. As such, if he feels that you are doing something important and that you shouldn't be bothered, he will respect that.
  • Cid values friendship and trust more than anything. Once he's your friend, you're pretty much stuck with him. Unless you breech that trust first or if don't want to, of course.
  • The above, unfortunately, does not apply to people who he has had romantic interests in. If something goes awry, his immediate and stubborn reaction would be to cease all contact with this person and anyone else this person is friends with.
  • Cid believes that his older brother Chris is a lot more talented at just about everything compared to himself. In that regard, he seems very envious of him in general.
  • When together with his brother, they are often mistaken for twins. Remember, Chris is 5 years older than Cid.

In the Zune

  • Cascada - Everytime We Touch
  • Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
  • NAOKI feat. Yasmine - INTO YOUR HEART (Ruffage remix)
  • Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun
  • Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Matchbox 20 - 3 AM
  • DJ Sammy feat. Yanou - Heaven
  • 4 Strings - Diving
  • NM feat. Heather Elmer - Closer to my Heart (jun remix)
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway
  • NAOKI - will
  • David Guetta & Chris Willis feat. Fergie & LMFAO - Gettin' Over
  • Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E. - The Way I Are
  • Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
  • Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon
  • NAOKI in the MERCURE - L'amour et la liberté (Darwin & DJ Silver remix)
  • Brand New Heavies - Dream On Dreamer
  • Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution
  • TAG feat. Angie Lee - Heatstroke
  • Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
  • Colbie Caillat - Realize
  • Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
  • Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
  • DANNY D - STAY (Joey Riot remix)
  • Cascada - Evacuate The Dance Floor
  • NAOKI feat. Brenda Burch - Let's Get Away
  • Ian Van Dahl - Will I
  • Bruno Mars - Our First Time
  • The Band Perry - If I Die Young
  • Ne-Yo - So Sick
  • Filo & Peri - The Anthem
  • Medina - You and I (Acoustic Mix)
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