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Cyclone Shield
Player: @Red Ice
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon defender.png
Security Level: 50
Occupation: attorney, hero, columnist
Personal Data
Real Name: Christopher Cleveland
Known Aliases: Chris
Identity: Secret
Species: Mutant
Age: 41
Height: 6'3
Weight: 188 lbs.
Eye Color: sapphire blue
Hair Color: medium blue
Blood Type: unknown mutant blood type
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Orlando, FL
Birthdate: September 25, 1982
Citizenship: U.S.
Current Residence: Independence Port
Religion/Faith: presumed aetheist
Sexual Orientation: ambiguous
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Charles Cleveland (Father), Alice Almaden-Cleveland (Mother), Cidney Cleveland (younger brother)
Known Powers
storm summoning, sonic waves, moderate lightning manipulation
Training / Abilities

Cyclone Shield is a 29-year old storm summoning mutant who works as an attorney and, recently, as an advice columnist for the Paragon Times. He currently lives in Independence Port on his own. He was a member of the super group, New Age Mutants, but he and his brother abruptly left due to family issues.



This man can be characterized as level and cool-headed. When everyone becomes frantic over any given situation, he is cool and remains calm. Internally, however, he is passionate and is quite ambitious with whatever he sets his heart to do. More often than not, he becomes the voice of reason when all reason has been thrown out the window. He's quite friendly towards people, and one could say that he was raised well. He is quite obedient to his superiors. Within reason, of course.

When under any kind of distress, he tends to overwork himself in an attempt to forget about said distress and it can take a toll on him. Almost as if he's on auto-pilot, and it usually takes him awhile to get out of this sort of funk.

The History Stuff

Birth and childhood

Cyclone Shield was born as Christopher Cleveland on September 25, 1982 in Orlando, Florida. He is the eldest of two sons to Alice Almaden-Cleveland and Charles Cleveland (a mutant couple). His father was a successful banker and his mother was a successful interior designer. At the age of 5, Chris had a younger brother they named Cidney. They lived there until the neighbors found out that they were mutants and they started being ridiculed for being who they are. Someone had to wonder who was able to get barbecue fires started in 30 seconds, right? They moved out of Orlando in 1991 and moved to Paragon City in White Plains, his parents pursuing the same careers as they had in Orlando. And successful, they were.

Chris and Cid's mutant powers were something they were able to have fair control over. Unfortunately, their parents explicitly instructed them not to use their mutant powers. At all. Their parents were human conformists and want to live as normal of a life as possible in fear of being ridiculed. Chris complied. However, Cid was more disobedient.

Teenage years

Honoring his parents' wishes, Chris did not use his mutants powers for absolutely anything. He lead a fairly normal high school life. He was the captain for the varsity basketball team, had very good grades and was in the top 10 graduating class of 2000, and even participated in senior ditch days. Because of his age difference with his younger brother, Cid, they did not get the chance to go to high school together.

College Altercations

Chris attended Paragon City University in Founders Falls. After finishing general ed requirements, he began to study law. Because of the intensity of this profession, Chris decided to take this study at his own pace while focusing on other endevors on the side, such as basketball.

Six months before he turned the age of 20, the Rikti invaded and White Plains was immediately demolished into what is now called the Rikti War Zone. Homes, buildings, and other landscapes were destroyed. For the first time in probably over 15 years, Chris used his powers to keep the Rikti at bay with his father who has the same powers. A very scared 14-year old Cid was in so much distress that he caused a fiery inferno within a 20-feet radius that burned everything in its path. This includes the many Rikti that were surrounding them. Of course, Chris and his father reacted fast enough so that they would not be consumed by Cid's flames.

When things finally calmed down, they moved to Independence Port to try and start their lives over again while Chris continued to study in Founders Falls.

Never Keeping Secrets?

In late 2007, Chris got a postcard in the mail stating that he was being watched. Watched by who, he had no idea. He simply ignored this postcard and went on about his daily routine. Exactly two weeks later, he received another one. This one advised him not to ignore this postcard and take it more seriously. Yet again, he tossed this postcard without giving it a second thought.

After three months, he thought he had avoided this sort of stalker. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He received several voicemails from an unknown man who claimed to be from Stealth. He did not know who they were, or what they were about. The voicemail left was very eerie and it clearly threatened him. At this point, he didn't know what to do or who to talk to about this. He received four more voicemails, the last one explaining that if he didn't give himself up, he would be kidnapped. He began to grow scared, not sure who to run to. He thought about turning to his younger brother, Cid. Thinking that it would be a bad idea, he kept all of this to himself and tried to think of what to do.

Acquisition by Stealth

Then finally, it happened. Around the 20th of June 2009, Chris was in his apartment in Independence Port getting ready for bed when suddenly, three different ninja-looking intruders immediately apprehended Chris. The next thing he knew, he woke up in a lab with a doctor examining him. He seemed very delirious at the time and wondered what was going on. He was ordered to show off his powers and did not comply. He found himself in pain when he didn't comply so he did, but he kept his powers to a minimum.

He found that he was being experimented on by a group named Stealth. And sadly there was nothing he found he could do. Chris knew that his younger brother was off doing the hero gig against their parents' wishes, but this was one of those days where he wished Cid would save him. But unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

Cid found out a few days later that Chris was missing and his parents were becoming frantic. They didn't know what to do or where to even start looking. While out on an errand, Cid was tipped off by man named Ling Fei, who said that his brother was captured by an experimental group named Stealth. They attempt to perform illegal experiments such as human cloning, certain cryogenics, and mutilation of mutants. What surprised Cid even more was that Chris was taken back to his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Immediately, he went there with a few friends in an attempt to retrieve him based on information given to him by Ling Fei. At their arrival, Stealth was immediately alerted that a Pyreblast was coming to put a stop to the experimentation of the mutant they had retrived.

While there, they were first lead to a warehouse where Chris seemed to have been taken. Of course, there were Stealth lackeys there to try and stop them. They were met with a Freeze Blade who they had to defeat. Sadly, they were a little too late, as they found that Chris was taken somewhere else already. A lab to finalize experimentation on Chris. Luckily, Cid arrived early enough that they didn't finish experiments on Chris. At the arrival of Cid, the scientists immediately fled the lab to let Chris deal with the intruders.

Cid was incredibly furious that he didn't even bother fighting the lackeys. One blast and they were taken aback towards the wall. Get out of his way, he warned them all. Eventually, he reached Chris. It was obvious to Cid that Chris was not himself. He was in a huge rage, and it seemed to Cid that his brother was using his powers against his own will. The brother was surrounded by hurricane-force winds and an ominous thunder cloud was above him. But Cid knew he had to knock some sense into his brother.

Through a combination of force and reason, Cid was able to defeat his brother and knock some sense into him. After the battle was finished, both brothers were exhausted. Though Chris was completely out of it. Cid quickly made his way back to Paragon City so that Chris could get the proper treatment he needs to rid of all the toxins that have been injected in his system. So in the end, Chris' younger brother had pulled through for him. Resting a few days in the hospital, Chris seriously began thinking about other endevours that did not include law school and basketball.

A New Revelation

Chris knows that he has powers, and has very great control of them. Chris knows that his parents have disallowed him to use his powers for anything at all. Chris knows that he was captured because he has these powers. Chris also knows that he was rescued from his kidnappers by his younger brother who aspires to be a great hero. Being in the hospital for a few days with nothing to do left Chris to think about many things. He was discharged on the 26th of June and had a long talk with Cid about being a hero. What it was like, how it made him feel, and how sorry he was for ever doubting his younger brother about what he's doing trying to be a hero. His younger brother gave him the hero name Cyclone Shield for his ability to summon storms and his ability to keep his enemies at a distance.

This is when Chris decided that he would try to be a hero like his younger brother. He realized that he lived in Paragon City and he was constantly surrounded by heroes whether he liked it or not. A day later, Chris was taken in by the supergroup New Age Mutants. His activity with the supergroup was then low. This was due to the studies for the Multistate Bar Examination he is currently doing by attending bar exam review courses. He was scheduled to take this exam on July 29th, in addition to some sort of performance test. Afterwards, we learn that he had passed this bar exam and can now legally practice law.


While out doing the hero thing, Chris was asked by the menders of Ouroboros to fix their timeline. He was warned that this mission was on-going and it was going to take more than him to do these missions so he took his younger brother along for the ride. They were out mending time for awhile but going on this mission brought them closer as brothers. It reminded them how far they had drifted apart, and how they needed to stick together.

Family Troubles

Deep in thought.

Word got out to the parents that not only was Cid doing the hero thing, but Chris was as well. How they found out, it doesn't really matter at this point. But for the first time in his life, Chris stood his ground and explained to his parents that he no longer wanted to hide to the world what he is, what he is capable of, and he has found a group of people who accepts him for what he is (aside from his brother). Still, his parents aren't very keen on this idea but did see Chris' point. Chris and Cid's relationship with their parents is currently strained at this point.

Unfortunately, it does not end there. Cid has received word that his best friend has gone missing and is presumed dead. This sent Cid in a mild downward spiral. He stopped going to school, he ceased hero activities, he had been just staying home in his room. His parents did not know how to deal with it, and Chris does not know how to deal with it either. Chris did lend his ear to his younger brother, and yet Cid continued to emotionally go downwards.

To make matters worse, Cid has announced that he wants to leave Paragon City. This has put a bigger strain on their relationships with their parents, though Chris actually supports this decision even if he does not agree with it. Currently, the entire family is in a bit of a disarray. And yet Chris does his best to keep his head up high.

Flawless Zero

There was a period in which Chris was unaware of his feelings. He really hadn't had a chance to explore these said possibilities because of how career-driven and hero-driven he had become. Much less did he see himself developing feelings for someone not only of the same gender, but of a completely different origin. Chris had agonized for days over telling them but eventually he did. Unfortunately, they were already taken and would be unable to explore possibilities. This would lead Chris into going away for a few short days, needing some time to think for himself.

A new NAM recruit from the UK by the name of simply "Zero" would enter Chris' picture. Almost overnight would these two be very good friends. They once spoke of their problems. Zero's problem with being unaccepted and Chris' parents being so adamant about hiding their powers, it was almost like an instant connection was made. While going through some rough times with mages in NAM, they would find themselves in a relationship.

Unfortunately, things would not bode well for both of them. During the early second week of March 2010 (a week after the next heading), Chris would be in southern Delaware when he received a phone call from Zero saying that he had needed to return to the UK. There were signs of struggle on the other end. Almost immediately after that, Chris returned to Paragon and frantically searched for anything... unusual and anything that would lead to Zero's whereabouts. Unfortunately, he found nothing...

Further Family Issues

On February 28, 2010, tragedy would once again strike the Cleveland's. Their mother, Alice, was in the middle of a home inspection for decor in Peregrine Island when suddenly, she surged in flames. There had been no signs of her powers getting out of control so nothing had been suspected. The home she was in and the home next to her had been engulfed in flames. The other inspector and the owners of the property all met their demise. As soon as Cid, Chris, and their father Chaz heard about this, they immediately fled to the scene. They noticed that Alice's temperature was well over 800°F, and Chris' attempt to cool her off was only marginally helping. After Chaz summoned a massive rainstorm over the island, Chaz took his wife and immediately took her to the hospital. Cid followed while Chris stayed behind and waited for the police to arrive and give them a report of what happened when he arrived.

Unfortunately, no hospital or specialty facilities could help Alice in Paragon. Absolutely no one. After a tipoff from Albert, Chris found a rather peculiar facility in the southern end of Delaware who could help their mother regain consciousness and even help her control her powers once she's back to her normal self. Unfortunately, they received news that she may not be coming around for another month or so due to the powers she had held in and then exhausted all at once. Because Chris and Cid were heroes of Paragon and regularly made use of their powers, they never experienced surges that were of this degree. When it had been reported that Chaz refused to use his powers, he was warned by geneticists that he needs to use his powers in order to avoid what happened to his wife. And because both his sons had experienced surges in some degree, he was definitely at risk for them.

Because of these family issues, both Chris and Cid very relunctantly resigned from their positions in New Age Mutants. While they handed their notices to Albert, they were also very surprised to know that he had already resigned from his position. After some conversation with Albert, both Cid and Chris placed their resignation letters on Versalis' desk.

In Chris' case, he is a lawyer of the state of Rhode Island. As such, he has a rather big obligation to stay in this state. Unlike his father and brother, Chris has decided to stay in Paragon and continue to help the needs of heroes should they find themselves in court. However, he will make frequent visits to southern Delaware to spend time with his family. He is unsure whether or not he will become affiliated with a hero organization at this point.

On his own

With his family out of state and with Zero nowhere to be found, Chris was left to fend for himself in Paragon. While his career as a lawyer was slow but steady, there were many things that Chris did not want to keep thinking about. Zero and his family being the main two. In an attempt to keep his mind occupied, he found that he could additionally work as an advice columnist for the Paragon Times. He was hired on a part-time salary on the basis that he would be able to provide heroic, personal, and perhaps even law advice with the clause that he wouldn't advertise for the law firm he's with. To prevent that, he was told to use a pen name for publications and is using "T. Westford".

Short Return to the Scene

Chris would slowly come to and begin doing more hero work around Paragon City. His brother Cid would frequently make visits to see how Chris had been holding up.

In the middle of writing an article for the advice column on a brisk September night, Chris received a phone call from a voice that he hasn't hard of in over six months. It was Zero. He didn't believe it at first and an automatic reaction for him would be to hang up. The same man called again and with persistence on the other end, Chris stayed on the line this time and finally realized it was Zero. Forgetting that he ever left in the first place, Chris immediately took Zero home with him.

Unfortunately, this was not to last. Zero once again disappeared. And not even a phone call or any sort of communication was left behind. This left Chris at the previous state he was in. Only worse this time around. He would return to his auto-pilot routine of drowning himself in work. Once Cid came to realize this, he would come to see Chris more frequently in an attempt to not make him into such a zombie. Cid would also tell him to go visit his mother more often.


The New Year came around and Chris would finally accept the fact that he had been drowning himself with work. His brother helped him realize this and took notice that he needed to do something about it. He recently visited his mother in Delaware and was lectured at because he had been working far too much. While Chris did deserve it, he was very glad to see that his mother was finally doing a lot better.

Chris received a phone call from Cid late at night in late January to tell him that he was moving back to Paragon City to be closer to him. Sure their mother was doing a lot better, but their father was with her. Chris was pretty much alone and Cid thought that he could help Chris stay on his toes. And not work so damn much.


When Cid found his brother, certain chemicals were injected in his body to forcefully release his full potential. Or fairly close to his full potential. In the long run, these chemicals may prove to be fatal, as they were forcefully tapping into Chris' mutant genes to display what he is capable of. Being back to normal, Chris has been able to allow his powers to develop naturally, and he has become quite adept in using them to his advantage.

Storm Summoning

Why he is called Cyclone Shield.

The moment Cid found Chris in the labs of Stealth, he was surrounded by hurricane-force winds and an ominous thunder cloud above him. Chris has the power to summon storms of most kinds. Thunder storms, gales, hurricanes, and even snow storms. In addition, he can also surround a room with dense fog. This is due to his mutation allowing him to be able to moderately control molecules. Most notably, molecules that involve weather, and even control their temperature. This is an ability he inherited from his father, as they have the same powers. Though unlike his father, Chris is attuned more to the colder side of weather. (i.e. snow storms, freezing rain, etc.) Because of this ability, Chris is also able to breathe underwater by manipulating oxygen molecules to allow him to breathe properly.

Sonic Waves

Chris has always been the singer in the family, and he can carry a great tune, and can probably harmonize very well with others who can carry a tune. In addition to his singing ability, he can also scream out sonic waves to deal damage to his enemies. It can be said that this ability was inherited from his grandfather, who was also a singer back in the day.


With making storm clouds means being able to create thunder and lightning. Chris uses this lightning to be able to protect himself, trapping them in lightning cages, and even releasing static energy to keep his foes held.


A seemingly signature ability that runs in his immediate family (aside from his mother), Chris also has the ability to fly.


Under very stressed conditions, Chris has found himself phasing. You can still see him there, but you can't touch him. He made an appointment with New Age Mutants' resident doctor, but felt like he needed some sort of answer right away. Ghast Blade suggested that his mutation is allowing him to demolecularize. Very similar in how he can manipulate the air molecules around him, the leader of NAM believes that it is allowing him to do this in a similar fashion as to manipulating the molecules together and creating weather conditions.

People he knows

This section will be expanded once I get more playtime with him.

Heavy Rotation

Chris has weird tastes for music. Then again, he's something of a vocalist. Most songs he likes listening to are songs he likes singing.

  • Extreme - More Than Words
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
  • Case feat. Joe - Faded Pictures
  • 112 - Only You
  • Daughtry - It's Not Over
  • Gavin DeGraw - Chariot
  • Michael Jackson - Human Nature
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
  • Babyface - Never Keeping Secrets
  • Enrique Iglesias - Escape
  • Joe - I Wanna Know
  • John Legend - Ordinary People
  • Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
  • Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes
  • Seal - Fast Changes
  • Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying
  • Craig David - Fill Me In
  • Owl City - On The Wing
  • Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed
  • OneRepublic - Apologize
  • The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car)
  • Uncle Kracker - Smile
  • Journey - Open Arms
  • Kris Allen - Heartless


Chris would be played by actor Shawn Ashmore.
  • Chris is a very good cook. It was something he picked up from watching The Food Network.
  • Chris tends to hum and sing a bit while he's cooking.
  • He is an excellent pianist. He has never taken any lessons in them, and he plays by ear. The talent seemed to have come natural for Chris.
  • Chris is a fairly private person. If asked a very personal question, he may hesitate to answer.
  • Because of his personality, it is very difficult to actually anger this man. But once you do, prepare for total meltdown.
  • Whenever Chris goes through stressful times and emotional hardship, his immediate defense mechanism would be to keep his mind occupied with work.
  • When Chris is together with Cid, they are often mistaken for twins. Remember, Chris is 5 years older than Cid.
  • Despite going through hardships and drowning himself with work when he does go through them, Chris can be considered a trophy boyfriend. He holds successful two jobs (lawyer and journalist), he lives on his own, and is a stable individual.

So Opinionated

If your character knows Chris/Cyclone Shield, go ahead and leave a comment here.

  • "Man... Chris is so good at everythin'. No really, he is. He's the best cook ever, I can come to 'im with problems, he can play my fave songs on the piano, and he's already got a license to be a lawyer and alla that... He's there for me when I needed 'im most. But ya wanna know what the best part is? He's my brother. And nothin' is gonna change that." ~ Cid


Picture "Deep In Thought" done by Leaf-nin.
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