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The Extraordinary
From Beyond
I Come in Peace...
Player: @USA Steel
Origin: Natural Originicon_natural.png
Archetype: Peacebringer Archetypeicon_peacebringer.png
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Zeta Reticulan / Kheldian Hybrid
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: obsidian black
Hair Color: None
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Current Residence: Unknown
Occupation: Spacefarer
Marital Status: Unknown
Legal Status: Unknown
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Known Powers
Luminous Blast LuminousBlast_IncandescentStrike.png / Luminous Aura LuminousAura_Incandescence.png
Training / Abilities
Bright Nova, White Dwarf, Luminescent Attacks, Quantum Shielding, Quantum Acceleration, Quantum Focus
Advanced Technology


vnFiqjZ.png Character History

UGSdFKt.png Introduction

For many, extraterrestrial life is something to be pondered in the pages of science fiction books or relegated to the big screens of movie theaters. After all, to this day, no life has been found on any worlds other than the planet Earth, and no contact has been made with any alien species. Yet, stories abound of sightings, encounters, and abductions with extraterrestrials, both malevolent and benign. But, what if contact has already been made, and aliens are already here among us? Imagine still, if some of these alien beings are on covert, benevolent missions of importance. While some beings from beyond the known cosmos may be horrific monsters from mankind’s nightmares, others might just be weary travelers looking for a new home. Or (if we are so fortunate), they may yet be powerful protectors looking to help their cosmic neighbors against looming, powerful common threats. The extraterrestrial from beyond is one such powerful protector on a mission of peace.


UGSdFKt.png The Shining Star From Beyond

The origins of this Kheldian energy being began in the Mayall II globular cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy, some 2.52 million light years from Earth. The center of the cluster was the perfect spawning grounds for a clutch of Kheldians who served as the protectors of the Andromeda Galaxy.

For millions of years, the Mayall II clutch existed in peace and benevolence, until a charlatan arose in their ranks, breeding dissension and rebellion. This “dark star” had convinced several Kheldians to seek power above all else and its followers became conquerors rather than protectors.

A civil war ensued between the protectors and the usurpers. As a result of the fighting, many Kheldians were destroyed in the energy war between light and dark. Supernovae exploded through the cluster as the beings of light clashed with their brethren who had been consumed with darkness and their lust for power.

In the aftermath of the war, few survived. The clutch was fragmented and the survivors fled the cluster. One such survivor fled to the Milky Way Galaxy. It was fate that led this being of light through the Zeta Reticulum star system.

UGSdFKt.png The Wounded Star

The Kheldian being of light, wounded from the great Kheldian-Nictus civil war of Mayall II, rested upon a comet orbiting the G-class star, Zeta 1. Perhaps by fate, or perhaps by mere chance, It was here that the Kheldian wayfarer was discovered shortly thereafter by a Zeta Reticulan scientist from Zeta 2 who was studying the comet while on an interstellar mission. The Zeta Reticulan and his small team of Scientists were explorers studying cosmic phenomena, when their scans showed unusual readings from the strange comet. It was decided to send an away mission to the comet’s icy surface to obtain samples for study.


Once back to the lab for study, one of the samples showed particularly odd readings and it was then that the inquisitive aliens discovered this sample was actually a living being of pure energy! In the days ahead, they would continue to learn about the mysterious energy being, forging on with their mission of science and exploration. Unbeknownst to the interstellar wayfarers, their upcoming mission to the Sol planetary system would change the course of their futures forever.

UGSdFKt.png Another World

The inquisitive Zeta Reticulan scientists continued their journey of science and exploration, studying various phenomena on their way to the Sol system. Of particular interest was the third planet orbiting a G2V type yellow dwarf star. As they entered the Sol system, the Zeta Reticulans learned from intercepted radio transmissions that this planet was inhabited by sentient life forms that called themselves “humans” and they called their planet “Earth”. This was indeed a moment of excitement for the Zeta Reticulans, since it was very rare to find sentient beings. They would proceed with caution, however.


For several months, they would study the beautiful planet, sending various probes to investigate its properties. By some strange cooincidence, the Kheldian being of light began concurrently showing further signs of weakening and deterioration. It was decided to accelerate their mission and send an away team to collect samples and make first contact with these “humans”. Several Zeta Reticulans, including one named From Beyond, who had grown quite fond of the energy being, remained behind to monitor the mission and life signs of their dwindling photonic passenger. A small contingent of four Zeta Reticulan scientists left the safety of their saucer-shaped, exploration vessel for the surface of the strange world.


UGSdFKt.png Grey Skies Fallen

Contact was lost with the envoy within 48-hours after departure. A distress signal was received indicating the scouting vessel was assailed by a force of unknown origin. Further scans and probes revealed that three of the Zeta Reticulan scientists were killed in the crash. One survivor was captured by a group of humans called “KGB” of the “Russian” human sub-race. It appeared that the Zeta Reticulan mission of science and discovery had gone horribly wrong. Instead, one of their kin was now a prisoner on an alien world - cold, scared, and alone…

UGSdFKt.png The Kheldian-Reticulan Splice

For several days, the aliens pondered what they should do. They needed to rescue their friend and recover their technology to prevent interfering with human evolution. They also learned of the photonic Khledian being’s looming fate: It was dying. The latest scans showed it would fade into the nothingness within a matter of days.

As the Zeta Reticulans pondered their course of action, their deliberation was interrupted by the sound of their ship’s alarms: They were under attack! Before they could act, their ship was disabled by fusion laser cannons from a Rikti war vessel. The Reticulan saucer craft was breached and quickly boarded by a Rikti assault team. The Rikti were merciless in their assault as they slaughtered the Zeta Reticulan crew members, tearing through the grey-alien vessel.

As From Beyond gazed into the Kheldian being’s light, he knew the Rikti’s reputation as savage conquerors and scavengers and felt his fate looming. But, just when he was going to be taken, the Kheldian being pulsed with brilliant luminosity. From Beyond heard its voice in his mind and suddenly realized its purpose for landing on the comet and finding him. It was no accident that the Kheldian being found the Zeta Reticulan explorers; it was fate. The being of light sought a partner to bond with and this was who it chose. In this moment of desperate survival, the Kheldian made its intent known and, with a flash of blinding brilliance, merged itself with the Zeta Reticulan to form one being. The Rikti invaders would not live to tell the tale as they were disintegrated in the pulse of photonic energy. The awesome force of the union would even be felt on the Earth below, knocking out power for several hundred miles in the perimeter below. From Beyond was reborn as something entirely new, combining the attributes of both Zeta Reticulan and Kheldian to become something greater than the sum of its parts. It was in this moment that a new hero was born!

UGSdFKt.png Alien Pursuit

Immediately after this great merger, From Beyond’s mind and body re-structured, becoming a new being. Unfortunately, there was no time to get his bearings as he needed to race to the rescue of the lone survivor of the away mission, now in the hands of the Russians. Without having a chance to test his new-found powers, From Beyond launched himself downward towards the Earth. Unfortunately, he arrived only in time to see Crey scientists (who had apparently been working with the Russian KGB) force his Zeta Reticulan friend into a portal of some strange design. From Beyond haphazardly followed, not knowing where he would end up.

UGSdFKt.png Back to the Future

Upon exiting the portal, it was apparent that this portal was not merely a gateway to another place; it was a gateway to another point in time. The end destination was approximately 70 Earth years into the future at a place called “Paragon City” in Rhode Island, USA. After the disoriented extraterrestrial got his bearings, he needed to determine a course of action. The capturers and his captured friend were nowhere to be seen. Could he find help or even allies in this strange human city? Time would tell…

vnFiqjZ.png Recent Events

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Since coming through the Crey portal, From Beyond appears to have slowly formed allegiances with various hero factions in Paragon City, including the Freedom Phalanx and the Vanguard. He has sought information with which to help with this mission and, in return, has helped the various hero groups to further their causes. This has earned him a heroic reputation with the other heroes of the world, although he is also viewed with an odd curiosity.

In addition to loose alliances, over the past few years, From Beyond has gathered resources and salvage to build his new vessel. This vessel is a small, scout-type saucer craft, with limited capabilities as compared to his previous craft; but, it serves as a limited hub and hide-away from which he can plan his missions and observe the activities of various human and super-human groups.

UGSdFKt.png Crey Industries


From Beyond has had several hostile encounters with Crey Industries agents. With each encounter, he learns more of their intentions with his friend who he is desperate to find. But, unfortunately, they have also taken much interest in the extraterrestrial from beyond. To this end, they have deployed Quantums, which are powerful Kheldian-infused Crey agents, to assail From Beyond.

vnFiqjZ.png Public Knowledge

UGSdFKt.png Sightings

An er of mystery surrounds the extraterrestrial from beyond since his first appearance on Earth. Both his ship and his physical form(s) have been spotted by passersby over the years. This has fueled a string of stories of UFO sightings, alien lights in the skies at night, and a strange humanoid visitor lurking in the rural areas of Paragon City, which, are, of course, all true.

The extraterrestrial from beyond (aka “From Beyond”) is a Zeta Reticulan from the planet Reticulum 4 orbiting the G-class star, Zeta 2, who has hybridized with a Kheldian to form a one-of-a-kind Kheldian/Zeta Reticulan hybrid. The exact nature of this fusion is not fully understood, but appears to be symbiotic in nature; both beings appear at peace and even happy with the unique union. His name is not pronounceable by humans and appears as follows in his native Zeta Reticulan tongue:


UGSdFKt.png I Come in Peace

From Beyond is a cosmic traveler with a primary mission of dire importance to Earth to rescue a lost member of his own kind whom humans have dubbed, “Skinny Bob”. “Skinny Bob” is actually a Zeta Reticulan scientist whose away-team crash-landed on Earth after being attacked by Rikti scouts. “Skinny Bob” and the extraterrestrial from beyond were among a team of intergalactic Zeta Reticulan scientists and explorers, whose mission was to study cosmic phenomenon while en route to also observe and study potential sources of habitable life in the Milky Way Galaxy, before finally returning to their home-world.

The Zeta Reticulans are allied with both the Glaciorians from Olympia and the Xol’nari from Xol’na, and are part of a loose interstellar coalition with these races. The veracity and hostility of the Rikti have brought several sentient races together, including these, as their aggression has grown. The Zeta Reticulans merely wish to learn and study the universe and want no part in war.

UGSdFKt.png The Search Continues

From Beyond continues to search for his colleague and friend (“Skinny Bob”) and has enlisted the help of superpowered allies in Paragon City to help him pinpoint his location and perform a rescue operation. With each mission against Crey, From Beyond continues to learn another clue that leads him closer to finding his lost friend. In a recent mission, he obtained captured video footage from the KGB of a Zeta Reticulan prisoner, which appears to have been taken from 70 years ago, at the time of “Skinny Bob’s” initial crash landing on Earth.

This footage has since been leaked on the world wide web, as it appears to have been compromised prior to From Beyond obtaining it from the Crey computer databanks.

Spoilers end here.

vnFiqjZ.png Appearance

The extraterrestrial from beyond is a prototypical Zeta Reticulan, appearing humanoid, with diminutive humanoid features. He has a thin, hairless, frame, with pale-bluish, smooth, skin and a large head. As is typical for Zeta Reticulans, he has large, opaque, black eyes. His usual garb is his science uniform, which is a flight jump-suit made of an unknown, reflective material. This suit appears to contain climate control features.

vnFiqjZ.png Personality

The extraterrestrial from beyond has a distant and mysterious demeanor. He has chosen to never interact with the public in an attempt to maintain the Zeta Reticulan Prime Directive. He does interact with other heroes in Paragon City, on occasion, but when doing so, has often been mischaracterized as cold, unfeeling, apathetic, or even robotic in nature. Of course, this is not true; Zeta Reticulans just behave differently than humans and their culture and social practices are more pragmatic and less emotional than denizens of Earth.

Regarding his scientific work, From Beyond is a zealous endeavorer. He has been known to work tirelessly on projects, such as when constructing his new scout vessel or when studying a new life-form. He tends to be single-minded when faced with learning opportunities and will forsake even his basic needs if consumed by a scientific project of importance.

The extraterrestrial from beyond has become involved in missions of importance regarding Crey and the Rikti. As such, his personality tends to flex and become more forth-wright when working with the Vanguard and other heroes with similarly aligned goals.

In his private thoughts, From Beyond mourns the loss of his fellow Zeta Reticulans and worries constantly about his friend and colleague, “Skinny Bob”. As he has discovered a Crey-Rikti alliance through his battles and missions, this has made him all the more on edge. From Beyond is concerned for Earth and what fate could befall the planet given the power of such villainous groups and the presence of the dreaded Rikti. He wonders if, even after saving his friend, will he be able to leave the Earth to its fate? “Would this be the right decision?” he wonders. These thoughts beleaguer this forlorn hero as he continues the convert search for his lost friend.

UGSdFKt.png Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTP

(The following information was taken from Myers’' “ISTP’s are introverted. Here, these thinkers ponder the apparent chaos of the world in order to extract from it the universal truths and principles that can be counted on. These principles, once extracted, will provide the logical structure on which to build strategies.

ISTP’s have a finely nuanced ability to analyze situations, find root causes and foresee consequences. They distrust action taken too quickly without the necessary investigation. They are usually levelheaded, objective, impersonal yet intensely involved in problem solving. They are fiercely independent, seeking input and comments from a chosen few. When reporting to others, they need to establish credibility first: their own and that of the person they are reporting to. If the gap in knowledge and expertise is too great and their own proficiency dismissed, belittled or ignored, they will lose interest and motivation.

ISTP’s are less interested in running the world as they are in understanding it. They are curious and capable of explaining complex political, economic or technological problems, taking great pleasure in explaining all the factors and intricacies. They are rigorous with their thoughts and analyses, choosing the exact words that convey precisely what is meant. They may spend a lot of time defining words, concepts and systems in order to define a problematic solution.

ISTP’s are armchair detectives, scientists and philosophers, spending most of their time in quiet reflection to ponder truth, and solve mysteries. They may tend to neglect social requirements and responsibilities, finding many relationships to be too superficial to be of much interest.”

UGSdFKt.png Goals & Motivations

First and foremost, From Beyond seeks to rescue his compatriot, “Skinny Bob”, from Crey. While on Earth, he also seeks to continue his original mission of scientific exploration and discovery, learning all he can of humans, sub-humans, and, of course, super-humans as well.

From Beyond finds the evil men of Earth, both, disturbing and fascinating at the same time. These criminals and “villains” are, of course, of the same, unsavory sort that kidnapped his friend, so he deems them adversaries. Still, he wonders what drives beings to such evils and what beleaguers them to wish harm upon other living creatures. He cannot empathize with aggressive, hostile, and anger-driven thoughts of cold, apathetic, rage, but he can learn from them and better understand his adversaries.

Finally, as From Beyond continues his mission on Earth with Paragon City as his temporary base of operations, he is also working to rebuild a new FTL drive for his scout vessel. Earth technology is far behind Zeta Reticulan technology, so this has proven difficult. Still, this is an important goal to achieve, for once he finds his friend, he will quickly need to return to his home world to bring “Skinny Bob” to safety.

vnFiqjZ.png Powers and Abilities

UGSdFKt.png Physiology

From Beyond’s original, physical from is that of a typical Zeta Reticulan. Much of Zeta Reticulan Physiology is unknown, but appears to be similar to humans in many ways. From Beyond has improved visual acuity and is able to see in very dim light. Additionally, he does not need to eat food, instead absorbing nutrients through his skin.


Attributes in humanoid form:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Attributes in White-Nova form:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Attributes in White-Dwarf form:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

UGSdFKt.png Powers

Keldian Physiology: As a Kheldian, From Beyond has a combined physiology of both his native race (in this case, Zeta Reticulan) and Kheldian. This gives him a unique, combined physiology and the best features of both species. His unique physiology also makes him far tougher than a mere human and more resilient than the sum of his parts. This physiology includes:

Longevity: As a Kheldian, From Beyond can live many millennia in Earth years - well beyond the life-expectancy of even his native Zeta Reticulan race Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag;

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InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Cosmic Balance: From Beyond becomes more powerful in the presence of living, sentient beings. In particular, super-powered beings amplify this effect to a significant degree. His energy-based Kheldian physiology swells with power when surrounded by sentient life! This effect enhances nearly all of his powers.

LuminousBlast_GlintingEye.png Luminous Blast: From Beyond can manipulate and control quantum energy to create volleys of concentrated photons. These photons can be manipulated by the hero to a precise degree and to deadly effect. Any imaginable variation of projectile or missile can be created by From Beyond and used against his foes in the battles to find his lost friend.

InherentPeacebringer_EnergyFlight.png Energy Flight: From Beyond can manipulate the flow of quantum energy to create heft and lift on a sub-atomic level. This allows him to achieve flight and accelerate through even a near vacuum with great acceleration and control. This form of travel is at will.

LuminousAura_LightForm.png Light Form: From Beyond’s unique Kheldian physiology allows him to absorb various forms of energy, converting them harmlessly into visible radiation. This creates a beautiful displays of light around his physical body that appears as a wondrous, prismatic spectacle for onlookers. Both potential and kinetic energy can be absorbed and converted, including radiation, heat, physical impacts, and even negative, supernatural energy. The drawback is that absorbing too much energy will eventually cause From Beyond to become weakened for but a moment. This overload effect can be recovered from almost instantly, as From Beyond is able to heal both himself and others with but a touch. The ability to absorb energy in all its various forms, makes From Beyond a very formidable opponent for any villain trying to thwart him.

LuminousAura_ReformEssence.png Reform Essence: From Beyond is able to heal himself or others with but a simple touch. This power can heal all sorts of wounds and ailments and can even cure terminal ailments and cancers! Zeta Reticulans were already supposedly gifted in healing abilities, but this ability is far beyond anything found on Earth or on Zeta 2. This ability exists on a sub-atomic level; From Beyond is able to reorder atoms and redirect energy to heal wounds and ailments of all types. This makes the healing effects all the more powerful as the outcome is permanent. Cancers can be cured, scars can be erased, and limbs can be regenerated. Of course, villains would take much interest in a power such as this, as it would give them a long and endless, villainous life!…

LuminousAura_TeleportSelf.png Shapeshifting: From Beyond is able to shape shift into several strange, alien, Kheldian forms - each with unique abilities far exceeding any human, Zeta Reticulan, hero, or villain. This shapeshifting can be done instantly and at will, even if From Beyond is restrained or otherwise bound. In fact, this makes From Beyond extremely difficult to capture because he is able to shape shift to escape mental and physical restraining effects. The two primary forms known to be utilized are as follows:

LuminousAura_WhiteDwarf.png White Dwarf Form From Beyond is able to assume the form of an unstoppable, energy behemoth with significantly enhanced defenses, but no ability to fly. In this form, From Beyond gains the ability to teleport short distances, which can be used to get the surprise on threatening villains or other adversaries.

LuminousBlast_BrightNova.png Bright Nova Form From Beyond is able to assume the form of a flying, tentacled, energy beast with magnified Kheldian powers. This is one of his favored forms of attacking villains and evil doers and he has mastered this form to such a degree that it is much more powerful than a typical Kheldian.

UGSdFKt.png Skills

Science Officer: From Beyond is a skilled Science Officer, even among his own kind.


UGSdFKt.png Weaknesses

Humanoid Vulnerabilities: In humanoid form, From Beyond has the vulnerabilities of a Zeta Reticulan. If not for his extraordinary abilities and combined Kheldian physiology, he would be relatively frail. If somehow caught off guard, his native frailties could somehow be exploited.

vnFiqjZ.png Paraphernalia

UGSdFKt.png Weapons

From Beyond does not typically employ weapons as he finds these instruments of hate to be both crude and barbaric.

UGSdFKt.png Equipment

From Beyond typically employs equipment from his ship in the pursuit of Science. These range from all sorts of scanners, monitors, scopes, and other such devices used to study organisms, energy, minerals, planetary bodies, etc, etc.

vnFiqjZ.png Friends & Allies

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vnFiqjZ.png Character Influences

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vnFiqjZ.png Costumes

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vnFiqjZ.png See Also

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