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Player: Player2
Origin: natural
Archetype: tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: alien, energy being
Age: unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: not a citizen of Earth
Occupation: scientist, protecter
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
invulnerability, super strength, flight
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

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The last time Galavina encountered humans, they were still a primitive race. Now they build remarkable structures of glass and steel, harness the power of the atom, and find all manner of ways to divide themselves into various societies and groupings and her scientific curiousity is all too often overwhelmed. While she is impressed by technologies such as teleporters, dimensional portals, and robots with energy blasters, magic and genetic mutations are what really hold her interest as such things are unknown amongst her own people. Despite her curious nature, Galavina is good-hearted which lead her to adopt a costumed "heroic" identity. Despite humanity's cultural and technological advances, they are still quite primitive by comparison to her own race and she feels rather protective of them.


In her true form, Galavina's people are a race of energy beings. When her form was converted into matter to match the dominant species on earth, the majority of her essence translated into more than human granting her greater strength and resilience to harm. She is able to tap into her inner reserves and focus her energy into various feats, such as laser beams or a shockwave pulse through the ground.


Galavina is resistant to most types of physical damage, though she is completely vulnerable to psionic attacks.

Super Strength

Though her form is based on human DNA, Galavina possesses remarkable strength in the low end of the superhuman category, typically able to lift approximately 2000 lbs. However, she can tap into her inner reserves of energy and greatly increase her strength until she is capable of lifting roughly 50 tons. In extreme circumstances, she can even exceed even that with an upper weight limit of almost 90 tons.


By manipulating her personal energy field, Galavina can defy the force of gravity and achieve self-sustained flight.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As an energy being, Galavina seems somewhat vulnerable to attacks that specifically drain energy. These cause her a great deal of pain and leave her feeling exhausted. She is also completely vulnerable to attacks of a psionic nature.

Character History

Galavina came to earth centuries ago while humanity was still in its formative stages. Her people are a race of energy beings that evolved from fleshy husks similar to humans eons ago. As a matter of curiousity, they monitor other such primitive races to see if a similar transition occurs in hopes that it will give them a better understanding of their own history. While performing a routine survey of Earth, Galavina prepared to walk amongst humans by assuming their form. Her ship was equipped with a matter/energy converter enabling her people to temporarily "devolve" themselves to study other races more closely without being noticed. She entered the conversion chamber moments before a new volcano erupted directly under her ship. The ship's automated defenses put up a force field, but the stress to maintain during the chaos outside was incredibly draining and forced the matter converter into standby mode. By the time the event was over, Galavina's ship became trapped in the quickly cooling magma and was ultimately rendered powerless. In the final moments before the ship's computer shut down, it reconfigured the conversion chamber into makeshift stasis pod capable of storing her energy form indefinitely until she could be rescued by her people.

Ages passed and no one came looking for Galavina. In fact, it was humanity whom she came to observe who finally discovered her and carried her away to be studied. Her ship was discovered by archaeologists, but investigation into its origins quickly became a salvage operation headed by members of the 5th Column. Though the ship was damaged beyond repair, the ancient alien technology on board was still more advanced than anything they'd seen before and potentially worth a fortune on the black market. Galavina's stasis pod initially was mistaken for an exotic power source and sent to an independant lab for study. Once connected to computers for study, the pod resumed its pre-programmed conversion process and transformed the energy being within into a human woman. The lab technicians were stunned and quickly called for guards to subdue the alien for testing. Re-awakened from centuries of suspended animation, Galavina was confused and vulnerable. If not for the intervention of other heroes, she would have fallen prey to the scientists's schemes. In time, she came to realize how long she had been out of contact with her race and was concerned for their well-being. With no way to contact them or return home, Galavina did the only thing she knew how: assimilate. Taking a cue from her costumed rescuers, she took up the role of heroic protector of this world's innocents.

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