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Woman of Adventure
Player: Player2
Origin: science
Archetype: tanker (formerly blaster)
Security Level: 24 (formerly 23 as a Blaster)
Personal Data
Real Name: Dolores Harper
Known Aliases: Electro-Cute, Lil Sparks (childhood nickname)
Species: Human (altered)
Age: 88 (suspended animation for 60+ years)
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Eye Color: white
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. citizen
Occupation: former jazz singer, currently not employed
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Dr. Edmund Harper (father, missing & presumed deceased), Gertrude (mother, deceased)
Known Powers
electric blast, electric manipulation
Known Abilities
excellent singer
No additional information available.




Dolores was a child of the 1930s but she maintains a remarkable sense of composure about the modern world. Curiousity and naiveté do get the better of her sometimes, but she is mentally quite resilient. One of her primary goals is to find out the truth about what happened to her father. She can become rather single-minded when tracking down a lead, though she doesn't allow herself to become disheartened when she finds nothing as she realizes its been over sixty years.

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As a result of being converted into energy and stored in that state for over half a century, Dolores' body has been dramatically altered. In her normal "at rest" state, her physical body seems to possess many of the characteristics of anti-matter. Scientists at S.E.R.A.P.H. have posited the theory that she shouldn't be able to exist without exploding as her body seems to be made from a combination of particles and anti-particle. However, she doesn't and seems capable of absorbing and storing large quantities of energy and releasing it in the form of electricity. As her body stores more energy, its physical properties become less like anti-matter and more like energy without actually transforming into it. Scientists believe she hasn't yet reached her full potential for energy storage, and that as she gets closer to her upper limits, she will start losing co-hesive form which will most likely result in an explosion that could destroy Rhode Island and several states around her.

Electric Armor

Dolores's body seems to be super-charged with electrical energy which gives her uncanny resilience to energy and even physical attacks, as well as resistance to most other attack forms. Researchers, when she spends time letting them study her powers, try encouraging her try new applications of her power --in particular, trying to develop an electromagnetic pulse. Thus far, she hasn't been able to master this ability.

Electric Melee

Dolores can project her stored energy in short-ranged electric blasts, though doing so is very difficult for her and requires some concentration. As a result, her classification as a blaster was somewhat limited. She has had more luck focusing her power at a personal range, giving her body one hell of a static discharge upon contact with others. She can control this ability, limiting the effect to only a mild tingle when touching people or concentrating her charge to deliver devastaing melee attacks.


Dolores has acquired a jetpack so she can get around with all the high-flying heroes with their super leaping and true flight capabilities.

Character History

The daughter of a renowned and wealthy scientist, Dolores Harper lived a life of luxury during the early 40s. Not wanting to settle down after school, she became a jazz singer and travelled the world. One day, her father went missing and she hired a private investigator. Following his every move, she'd learned her father was actually a government employee working on all manner of "super science" weapons in case World War III ever happened. While rumaging through his lab, the pair found a prototype matter/energy transporter device that was to allow U.S. troops to recieve supplies in the field without getting lost, hi-jacked, or otherwise delayed. Curious to see something out of sci-fi radio show up close and for real, the private investigator turned the device on and flipped a couple switches. Dolores, startled by the sudden surge in power, tripped and fell onto the transport pad. In a panic, he shut down the device, but the machine had already converted Dolores into energy and her energy pattern seemed lost. Her father never completed the device and there were no instructions to aid an untrained novice in reversing the matter to energy conversion process. Not wanting to be blamed for a missing persons case, which could turn into an ugly murder investigation, the private eye cleared the scene of any evidence of his presence. Later, he returned Miss Harper's check to the bank and claimed he never took on her case and couldn't accept payment for services not rendered.


Decades later, scientists at S.E.R.A.P.H. in Paragon City reverse engineered Dr. Harper's device and used the findings to help build what eventually became the basis for the converted Rikti technology that is now used as the Emergency Medical Teleport system used in hospitals all over the city. During their experiments, they found Dolores's stored energy pattern along with some random objects that were tested on and reconstituted her, expecting an old military rifle or crate of MREs. The scientists were shocked to see a young woman materialize, though the biggest shock of all was learning that Dolores had become super-charged and could now absorb, store, and release electrical energy at will. Initially, her ability was slightly more potent than a static discharge, and she has an easier time releasing her energy by touch than at a distance. There was a period of experimentation where Dolores did what was asked of her and followed along as the scientists studied her powers, but eventually the fog she was in lifted and she remembered her missing father. She's become quite aware of the time passed since her disappearance and has no illusions about finding him alive, but she is determined to at least find out what happened to him so she can have some closure on that period in her life.

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