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Stop staring at his package.
The Ghost of PowerLeveler
Player: @PowerLeveler
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: PL
Species: Ghost
Age: 30
Height: Varies
Weight: Incorporeal
Eye Color: Blazing
Hair Color: Burning
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Undead metagamer
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Grandville, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
setting things on fire, being spooky
Known Abilities
herding, taunting
fancy armor that still doesn't do anything
This is not a direct copy of PL's bio with minor edits. Really.



When last we left our hero, he had been dragged bodily into Hell itself for going against the natural order and getting several dozen people to fit into dumpsters before laying down a patch of ice and lighting them all on fire. Granted, the so-called "natural order" shifted practically overnight, triggered by an equally sudden shift in the laws of physics of the world and every garbageman in the city going on strike (resulting in full trash receptacles across the city), but regardless, PL was in Hell[1].

Strangely enough, despite being in Hell, PL wasn't slated to be punished for what he did, and still had free reign to do as he pleased. So he did what came naturally: He herded up scores of demons, lured them into monster closets[2] and set them all on fire[3]. Eventually the Non-Denominational Representative of Evil caught wind of his actions and became, to coin a term, hella pissed, casting him out of Hell with a resounding "GET OFF MY LAWN!!"[4]

PL landed in the Rogue Isles as a ghost formed of eldrich flame, and took to possessing a suit of armor for a physical vessel. While his powers having been altered by the trip through the netherworld, he still retained his ability to enrage people by the truckload and lure them to their blazing deaths. Armed with this knowledge, he vowed to do so to each and every area predominantly populated by Longbow troops that he found as revenge for what had happened to him. Upon discovering that they didn't herd properly, he decided to seek revenge against the Council, Freakshow and Family instead. Granted, they didn't do anything to cause his current state of affairs aside from be incredibly flammable, but nobody's really complaining.


PL is still bitter and cynical, with a very low opinion of his fellow villains. Then again, you would be too if you couldn't stop by Port Oakes for a calzone without a small army of would-be scourges of the earth pestering you, expecting you to get them to 50 in twenty minutes. His surly attitude probably doesn't seem much better when you factor in his odd local accent (e.g., "you" to "u," "are" to "r," and "unpleasant chaps" to "fukin nubs"), either, and spending time in Hell would make anybody a little grumpy.


Setting Things On Fire

What PL lost in freezing things, he more than made up for in horrible immolation-related death. Considering that he was already pretty good at causing horrible immolation-related death, the overall effect borders on overkill: Hitting people with swords made of fire, punching them with fire, hitting them with even larger swords made of fire, setting them on fire simply by standing too close to them, setting entire sections of the floor ablaze... if there's one thing that PL proves, it's that you can never have too much fire.

Spooky Netherworld-Centric Miscellany

Deprived of his control over ice, PL sought out other means to immobilize hapless individuals. This lead to him developing the ability to tear open small rifts to the underworld, allowing the souls of the damned to reach out and grab hold of those who opposed him. Futher practice enabled him to set light to the very souls of his his enemies en masse, consuming them from within. Any rumors of these powers being similar to those bestowed upon villains by Ghost Widow are completely unfounded.



Being an undead spirit formed out of flame and possessing a suit of armor, it's really hard to cause any sort of lasting damage to him: Burning him is right out of the question; ice melts before it hits him, the super-heated air surrounding him disrupts direct-energy weapons, his unliving nature blunts attacks based around darkness and not having a body does wonders for your ability to get stabbed with no lasting harm. If an attack should bring harm to him he'll usually recover in a matter of moments as the flames reform, and even if someone manages to "kill" him, the Non-Denominational Representative of Evil catches his soul and throws it back to Earth so hard that when it hits his body it launches him back onto his feet in an explosion of flame[5].

Baseless Conjecture

The Legitimate Businessmen's and Circle of Jerks' parapsychology divisions have put forth a hypothesis that PL is not merely a human soul anymore, but rather the physical manifestation of the essence of powerleveling and XP acquisition. They point to a new, vaguely-defined yet highly mysterious form of energy that was only discovered once PL began fighting crime as proof of this: PL himself was practically a font of it, with other heroes with similar potential, such as Spines/Dark scrappers and Fire/Kin controllers, displaying lesser (though still impressive) amounts of it, and so on down the line. After PL became GoPL, he registered similar energy levels as before; the only difference was that it was the only energy signature he emitted. He had, in short, literally become the ghost of powerleveling.

Bugger all if they knew what it meant beyond that, though. The energy did come into play again during GoPL's transformation into Pulsarleveler, though that's a story for another bio.


  1. Meanwhile, Fire/Kin controllers continue to go unmolested. I tell you, there's no justice in the world.
  2. A fixture of hell since that one space marine dropped by in 1994.
  3. Fun fact: Demons are not immune to fire.
  4. In an interesting twist of fate, whenever demons die in Hell they they go to earth. If you ever wanted to know why there's so many demons to farm, well, there's your answer.
  5. This is usually regarded as being really fucking awesome by onlookers.

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