Liquid Blue

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Liquid Blue
Blue FinalBP.jpg
Our Heroine, forming up to fight.
Picture by the Bit-Player
Claws / Invulnerability Scrapper
Player: User:Bit-Player
Activity Level: High
Basic Information
Real Name: Sarah Lynn Collins
Aliases: Liquid Blue
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Homo Sapiens
Sub-Type: Magically altered
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: Variable
Weight: Approximately 1500 lb.
Build: Variable
Complexion: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Distinguishing Features
Biographical Data
Birthdate: (Redacted),1983
Birthplace: Bethesda, MD
Nationality: US Citizen
Residence: Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Reciprocators operative, Vanguard Reservist
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No Criminal Record
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Completely malleable metal body, perfect physical shapeshifter limited only by her own creativity.
Skills & Abilities
Experienced hand-to-hand fighter. Totally immune to physical damage. Does not require food or air.


Liquid Blue

Paragon City's original Liquid Metal girl! The young woman nickamed 'Liquid Blue' is something of a reluctant hero. Cheerful and outgoing, she does her best to fight evil wherever it may crop up. A recent addition to the ranks of the Reciprocators, she's carrying on her efforts now with a premier team.

Flesh to Steel

Blue got into a traffic accident while attending college. In order to repair the damage before her parents found out she visited a shady street witch, picking up a simple spell that would make any damage to her car heal itself. Problems arose when she actually attempted to execute the spell. Being severely dyslexic, she botched the incantation and the spell energy was absorbed by her instead. Her entire body was transmuted to bright, shiny, liquid metal, similar to mercury.

Powers and Abilities

The Good

Blue is still getting used to her body as it now is. She can re-shape herself at will. With little effort, she can 'pour' herself through small openings, stretch herself in seemingly impossible ways, and simply ignore some barriers such as chain link fences and grates. If required to fight she normally shapes her arms into simple blades, bludgeons, or whatever is appropriate for the situation. If an adversary manages to land a devastating hit on her, she may lose composure and 'splatter', but will eventually pull herself together and re-form. Due to this, she can be classified as unkillable by purely physical means. Her body is extremely strong in a 'tensile' sense, and she can 'stick' to other objects.

Recent exposure to the Well of the Furies has supercharged her already magically-powered body, and she's gained a permanent leap in her abilities. She's regained her ability to smell, taste, and touch. She has also broken free of the mental limitations on her shapeshifting abilities, now able to freely assume any form imaginable with little to no conscious effort. Her body can now mimic colors, giving her nearly limitless variations in physical appearance, her form only limited by her actual bodymass.

The Bad

Of course, along with the advantages, come the disadvantages. She can experience severe physical pain by being violently forced out of shape, such as taking a major hit from a strong opponent, or being struck with a heavy weapon. When she's 'splattered', she loses consciousness until a sufficient amount of body mass has gathered back together.

Blue is highly vulnerable to powerful magnetic fields. A strong enough magnet is capable of severely, painfully warping her body and may be one of the few things that can actually kill her. Though she has a strong will, an intense psychic attack can disrupt her enough to take her out of a fight.

Further Information

Attitude and Mannerisms

Blue is outwardly cheerful and upbeat. However, she does have serious issues with her situation. The recent exposure to the Well of the Furies has given her back a semblance of a personal and social life, and though it isn't perfect, she's slowly regaining her sense of humanity. Her spirits continue to improve on a daily basis.

Blue is a good person at heart, and though blades are her preferred weapons, she only uses her full abilities against nonhuman foes. To date, she has never killed another human being, even if the circumstances justified it. (Note: Serious Bodily Injury is still fine in her book. )


As a Vanguard reservist, She frequently gets called upon to deal with Rikti incursions, and indeed the alien invaders take up a good deal of her time. Since joining The Reciprocators, she's been closer to the forefront of major conflicts, and is steadily gaining recognition among the premier heroes in the city. ---


Friends / Allies (To Be Updated)

The Crux Enigma

Static Bolter

Sean Casus




Black Starbeam

Feral Storm

Seventh Line

Rogues Gallery

Warbird Ticonderoga - Ticonderoga Ross has been in Blue's sights for years, after a series of misunderstandings led to the two engaging in the Talos Island bank. Warbird slaughtered the bank personnel and blew Blue to pieces with a grenade. The incident publicly embarrassed the amateur heroine. Their years-long feud ended in June of 2011, when Ticonderoga Ross arranged a peaceful surrender to Paragon City authorities, on the condition that Liquid Blue be present to take custody of her. Blue regularly visits Ross in prison, as she's something of an authority on Arachnos and Sky Raider activities.

Wildcharge - The wild, destructive tendencies of Wildcharge bring her into frequent contact with many of Paragon's heroes, but it was Liquid Blue that uncovered Wildcharge's plot to harness the power of the Well of the Furies. After a (rather one-sided) fight at the supposed location of the well itself, Blue ultimately failed, and the homicidal minotaur took her first step toward ultimate power. Blue herself was defeated at the Well, but was also infused with some residual energy, boosting her own abilities exponentially. Blue has been forbidden from further engagements with Wildcharge, as the monster is now far out of her league.

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