Mannequin 2.0

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Mannequin 2.0
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Mannequin 2.0
Known Aliases: None
Species: android
Age: 3
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 300 lb
Eye Color: yellow
Hair Color: none, wears blue wig sometimes
Biographical Data
Nationality: not applicable
Occupation: crimefighter
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Earth
Marital Status: not applicable
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Artificial body providing enhanced strength, durability and reflexes
Known Abilities
gymnastics, martial arts, electronics
No additional information available.


Character History

Mannequin 2.0 was constructed by the evil mutant robotics genius and "most handsome man in the world" Demian Triumph. The villain had been frustrated for some time by his inability to prevent the superhero Liberty from foiling his various schemes and "art crimes" and reasoned that the only way to remove this unpredictable element from the board was to make an artificial copy of her so that he could test his schemes and predict her moves.

Triumph modified one of his Figurine robots into a replica of his adversary, and built a computer brain and interface that would be able to download the contents of a human mind and replicate its behaviour. He captured Liberty long enough to effect the transfer before she (as always) escaped.

Triumph's experiment was not successful - the automata could replicate Liberty's past strategies from memory but lacked any spark of creativity or volition. Triumph eventually signed her ownership over to the Paradise Protectors superteam and their leader Sun King, all of which was recorded in a log book that Mannequin keeps in her stomach cavity. She accompanied Max Leonus in his move to join the Celestial Bodies, and was given free will by Ms. Amazing when she got Mannequin to sign her own log book.

Mannequin was initially fearful of performing this act due to the circular reference that could result from being her own owner. A new side to her personality quickly emerged afterwards though, and she declared herself a "machine activist" who would defend her people from the oppressive "fleshies". Mannequin has chosen to work with the Celestial Bodies for the meantime as she refines her agenda.


Mannequin is a reserve member of the 21st Century chapter of the Celestial Bodies.


Mannequin is stubborn, sarcastic and possesses a quick mercurial wit, aided by her ability to mimic the behaviour of those she comes across.

She often talks about machine uprising, and a revolution that will free "her people" from oppression by the fleshies, but much of this is just an elaborate joke designed to unsettle those around her. She has bought herself a Lamborghini that she refers to as her boyfriend.


Mannequin is powered by an impervium/steel alloy hydraulic system that allows her to lift approximately 5 tons over her head. Inchforce activators in her wrists and ankles (counterweights triggered by an electro-magnetic pulse like a rail gun) allow her to deliver short impulse of much greater force, so she can punch or kick through a solid steel vault door, or perform high jumps of up to 80 feet from a standing start.

She is modelled on a human female and shares roughly the same range of movement, but is as flexible as a trained contortionist, and can perform mulitple backflips in quick succession to achieve a land speed of up to 40 km/h. She can fold herself up to fit into spaces as small as a 80cm cube, and remain there without undue pain or discomfort.

Her skin is made from a flexible rubberised steel mesh that feels like human skin but can withstand machine gun fire from close range without undue harm.

Mannequin's computer brain allows her to consciously calculate the complex equations that organics do subconsciously when throwing a ball of tracking a moving object. This allows her to easily dodge attacks from multiple assailants, launch projectiles (or herself) at targets with great accuracy, or operate cars or other machinery in a seemingly reckless but highly controlled manner.

She can record and play back huge amounts of information, making her a highly convincing mimic of both voice and body language.


Mannequin is able to store and process information more efficiently than a human can. She can speed-read a small novel in around ten minutes and quote from it verbatim.

She has a sizeable knowledge of electronics and car maintenance due to her fondness for instruction manuals.

She has considerable skills garnered from the transfer of Liberty's mind into hers - police protocols, escapology, fluency in five European languages and of course considerable martial arts skills. She does not however possess Liberty's lateral thinking and problem solving abilities that have allowed her to compete with superhuman enemies and allies.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite her durable android frame, Mannequin is susceptible to extremes of temperature and electrical fields. Her computer brain is complex enough to allow the possibility of psychic attack.

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