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RIP. As with all my toons, Trish was retired when I quit near the beginning of September. Anyone who wishes to use this name and space, please feel free.

By Drunkfu
Nitrish Dawnstar
Player: Lil Druid
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Growing fast. Last reported: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Lady Nitrish Dawnstar
Known Aliases: Nit, Trish
Species: Moon Elf
Age: 197 (Appears about 25)
Height: Approx 5'2"
Weight: Approx 80lbs.
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Orange (Naturally a very light blonde.)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Sword Coast
Occupation: Sorceress (Elementalist)
Place of Birth: Waterdeep
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother and Father (Status unknown)
Known Powers
Fire and Ice spells. Simple cantrips. Studying the arts of invisibility and teleportation.
Known Abilities
Exceptional at studying, learning, and problem solving. Fortune telling. Basic alchemy.
Favorite pointy wizard hat, various wands, mystical tarot deck, 50ft of silk rope, plethora of books, maps, and journals, as well as quills. All held in a backpack. Golden belt with an emerald 'soul' gem.
Bisexual. "Cursed".


Nitrish's Journal

The Tower

From the journal of Nitrish Dawnstar: Nearly a week has passed since we set foot in this infernal death trap, though we have managed to scale most of this monsterous thing. Barely two days in we lost Karran, our paladin, to an ambush by a squad of orcs and hobgoblins. We would have lost Christopher, our cleric, as well, if Barb hadn't beheaded one of the orc's crossbowmen. Not even two days later our rogue Nipkin was taken by a trap of falling rocks I had triggered after his failed search... Though I do still take full blame. I fear our quest to retrieve this mysterious girdle will end only with the rest of our demi- A large doodle of a barbarian hacking up cows is crudely drawn, obscuring most of the rest of the page, as well as part of the next. -swit.

Another day has gone, and we are nearing the top, though our party has been reduced to only three. Barb, myself, and our cleric, who, I fear, is quickly loosing his grip on both his faith, and sanity. Large tears and crinkles make the following page nearly impossible to read, though upon closer inspection one can see mention of some sort of 'fearsome beast' and 'torn limb from limb'. It may have taken over a week, but we have reached the top floor of this horrible place! Sadly, only Barb and myself are left. Tomorrow, we are going to find a way past this massive sealed door, but for tonight, it has been a long day, and I crave nothing more than Barb's rough caress as I sleep...

The Trap

The next journal entry is dated nearly a week later: That damn noble! After we found a way in to the room, we thought we had found the treasure! No longer having any way to check for traps, we simply broke open the chest. Luckily, it wasn't trapped... but what was inside was! It was a rather common looking belt, though being guarded so fiercly, it was obvious that it was anything but ordinary. Unfortunatly, we were right. Upon picking it up, the thing began to tremble in my grip, nearly searing my flesh.

As I dropped it, I realized very quickly that it had fallen on a rather unpleasant looking rune. Within seconds the thing exploded, sending shards and it's magical energies everywhere! And what would you know, but it seems the damn thing had been a Girdle of Masculinity! Next thing we know, Barb and I are looking down upon two rather interesting 'appendages', though fortunatly the rest of our bodies were unaffected! And, as if things couldn't get any worse! It seemed the explosion set off a chain reaction, the tower weakening as various magical potions and runes throughout it were set off or destroyed!

Not very experienced with portal magic, I tried to get us out, knowing that while dangerous, it was the only chance we had. Unfortunatly, with all of the magic flowing through the air, my spell was a bit...altered. As we ran through the portal, it closed behind us with a massive explosion, the next thing in our sights what seemed to be a town of some sorts. Thinking ourselves victorious, we set out to find the leader of the town, only to quickly discover that there was no known place in the world... or our world, anyways, that looked anything like this...

Trish; Scholar and Student

Trish hard at work

In her childhood, Trish had been sent to many schools in her hometown of Waterdeep by her parents, both powerful wizards themselves, living a mostly secluded and sheltered life. Her main sources of interaction were between the few other apprentices who attended the various institutes and studies, and the short tempered teachers and instructors, so it was no doubt that she would grow up a rather unsociable person.

Upon nearly the second decade at nearly the 14th institue, she had decided she had enough. While she loved reading and studying more than most people could possibly imagine(Her prized posession was, and still is, a small tome of the various creatures around WaterDeep, which she refers to as her 'Monster Manual.'), she wished to explore the world she had read and analyzed so very much, in addition to her more academic studies. Of course, her parents, and her instructors, would have no such thing.

Never one to respect those she disagreed with, by the next night her room was empty, most of the school in an uproar by the fact that a mystical belt had vanished along with her. She trod merrily on her way, though, miles from the school with her new belt that, as she had read, would keep her spirit safe should any of the various monstrosities destroy her body. Not that she would need it, mind you, being a 'master' of the arcane arts. But one could never be too safe.

Trish; Adventurer Extraordinaire

Technically a thief and a runaway, Trish mostly stuck to traveling at night in deserted areas of the many towns she passed through. Weeks had passed and she had earned quite a bit of coin disposing of troublesome kobolds for a farmer here, finding a magical dagger and poison for a pair of lovers there, and all in all just starting out her 'adventuring' career.

She had taken a few close calls on her more recent adventures, having decided to move up in the world, out of pest control and delivery. She had teamed up with a halfling who claimed she was a paladin of Garl Glittergold, though Trish had her doubts on that part, in order to clear out a small underground lair. It was, as the guard had told them, being used as a new base for a nearby clan of goblins.

The quest had gone smoothly for the two, a cut there, a fracture there, but nothing they couldn't handle. That is, until they reached the final room. The chieftan and the two heroes engaged in a lengthy battle, quite a few of his shaman joining in. Near the end, Trish quickly learned the harsh ways of the 'real world' as her newfound friend was torn apart by the chief's axe. The battle became a blur, then, for the young elf, and she still refuses to speak of that day.

The Tavern

As she strode down the alley, exhausted from another mission, her magical energies drained, the unfortunate elf was assaulted by two large men. It all happened in seconds she claims every time, as she was pushed against a wall, her clothes being torn. As suddenly as her breasts were exposed, a sickening thunk echoed across the alley as a large axe burried itself in to the one man, teeth flying as the other was socked hard in the jaw.

Behind them, Trish spotted the person whose fate would soon be bound to her's. The large woman, in a rather skimpy loincloth and leather top, various bits of armor attached to parts of her, pulled the axe out of the man. It didn't take long for the two to retire to the bar, but not before Trish found a new top. Her name, she told Trish, was Barb.

It all happened so fast, she would say again, whenever recollecting the memories of the night. By the next day, the now party of five, three others who had joined them the previous night, set out. The paladin had been given news of a demonic item in a far off tower, and was recruiting others to aid him in finding and destroying it.

What had to have been months passed, the party growing closer together, various deeds done along the way as well, ranging from clearing out caves, or slaying large beasts that terrorized towns. Still, Trish only seemed to show any hint of companionship with the large barbarian, even if she certainly did not always show it. The others began to think, quite correctly, that the young elf and the large woman were becomming more than just friends and allies.

More months passed before they finally arrived at the tower, the chain of events setting off from it eventually leading them in to a fate they would never have imagined...

The mighty Barbarina. Aka, Barb.


Barb and Trish pose after successfully clearing out one of these 'modern' dungeons.

Barb, as at least Trish refers to her as, is the only being that the elf considers a friend. Ever since that fateful night in the alley, the girl has only grown closer with this massive woman. It took only a few months before this 'friendship' blossomed in to something more, though she would never admit it to anyone else, and rarely even to Barb herself, knowing that such a relationship between a privileged elven noble, and a brutish, crass savage, is certainly unheard of. Even in this new land they find themselves in, Trish attempts to retain her heritage, and thus, her ideals of their carnal 'relationship'.

Trish's short temper is no more obvious than when she is around Barb... which coincidentally, is nearly constantly. The barbarian woman's dead-on ways, her rather undignified manner, and her failure to understand the fine details of many things, are a day to day cause of the poor elf's aggrivation and turmoil(Though, even if she won't admit it, even to herself, this is just another reason for Trish's sexual attraction to the woman.). To make things worse, Barb has a terrible habbit of invading Trish's privacy by rummaging through her belongings. Looking, as well as doodling, in her 'picture' books, burning her sleeping bag accidentally, and spiking her water on a regular basis with mead(A LOT of mead...) are only the beginning of the two's antics.

Still, despite almost constantly being given a headache by the barbarian, the two care deeply for one another. They are all they have in this new world as they look for a way to cure their curse, and know that even without that goal, they would have no interest in parting ways.

"Can't you even try to be subtle?" Trish to Barb.

Attire, Powers, and Curse

The fair elven maiden has an air of grace around her. Rather short, and extremely light, she looks rather ordinary for an elf, aside from her now modernly died orange hair. Having studied for decades to learn the art of spellcraft, she has also developed a slightly superier attitude, her elven heritage having no small part in this, as well. While trying to be patient, or at least, while she 'thinks' she is trying to be patient, with others who are not quite as knowledgeable, she has a tendancy to grow irritated and frusterated.

Nitrish has a fairly short fuse, and, while not growing 'angry' per say, she is often annoyed. Her prefered nick name is Trish, and she despises being refered to as Nit, leading to slight disdain to those who insist on using the moniker. She can sometimes be found in a trance, most likely a meditation, as she is quite calmer afterwards, and much harder to aggrivate.

While not technically a master, she is certainly no novice in her arcane arts. The elf has studied in the ways of the elementalist, employing both deadly fire, and cruel ice, against her foes. Her studies in the way of portals and teleportation, as well as the powers of invisibility, are coming along fruitfully, and she has no doubt that she will soon become a practitioner of these arts, as well.

The elf wears a sort of traditional blue wizardry robe, red embroideries flowing over it, as well as a matching blue wizard's hat. Leather gloves and boots, as well as a small top and skirt, give her a slight protection, while offering her freedom in her movement as she dashes from one adventure to the next. The last noticible item the girl wears, is her stolen belt, a gleaming gold around her waist. In the center is a large magical emerald which, as part of it's purpose, has been given a portion of her soul, storing it safely should anything happen to her physical body.

The most notable feature of the elf, as well as the most hidden, is the curse bestowed upon both her and Barb. Both women have a male 'member', and no amount of magic thus far, from either world, has seemed to be able to cure it. Not having much choice, the women have learned to live with the odd extremities, and, if their private lives were known, one could even say that one, or possibly both, of the women, have learned to do more than accept their new bodies.

Enemies, Adversaries, and Unkind People

In her brief time on 'Earth', Trish and Barb have both gone against many creatures, supernatural or otherwise. With their limited knowledge of the 'real' world, they have encountered Rakshasa(Cat-Girls), Demons(Various otherwise unidentifiable creatures), Zombies(, they're really zombies), and countless other vile menaces.

Trish has sworn vengeance against the dreaded Hellion Cult, the "YMCA", after Barb retrieved a membership card to this insidious institution from one of the slain member's wallets. She has also, apparently, earned a personal enemy. Some sort of Flesh Golem(Viscera Woman; a disciple of Dr. Vahzilok) who wished to cut off her ears with a hatchet in order to 'perfect' herself. She managed to fend off the construct on her own, after Barb wandered off slightly drunk, leaving the creature frozen and dazed after a kick to it's exposed brain. Still, she knows she has not seen the last of her, as she swore she would return with "the armys of the Vahzilok"', whatever those are.

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