Perianna Morrow

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Perianna Morrow
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Perianna Morrow
Known Aliases: Liquitexia
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 177cm
Weight: 75kg
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Black, Dyed Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: North American
Occupation: ?
Place of Birth: ?
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Latex (Mate), Pearl (Offspring)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Average Human



Perianna, Pearl, and Latex are multi-boxed by the same person, please keep that in mind when messaging them.

Public Information

Perianna Morrow is registered as a civilian working as a model for fetish gear such as catsuits, gas-masks, corsets, etc. She has been seen with the symbiote known as Latex, and as such is considered as one of the creature's possible hosts. While a law-abiding individual herself, she makes her home in St. Martial, where she can be seen leaving and entering a large manion. Rumours fly that she may be involved in a cult forming around the center of The Eternal Symphony.


Born in the Atlas Park General hospital, she had a fairly normal childhood; she took up modeling when she turned 18 as a way to pay her bills. On her twenty-second birthday, she purchased what she believed was a gas-mask from a fetish shop; this turned out to actually be the Latex Symbiote, and from there, the two have become extremely close friends, even going so far as to use Latex' shapeshifting abilities to save money on clothes and other supplies for Perianna's modeling career. In more recent times, she has developed an unwavering devotion to beings she refers to as The Symphony, or Goddesses. She will frequently mention hearing their 'song', even in completely silent rooms, and will respond to most hateful or adverse remarks with something along the lines of "The Goddesses would love you all the same, if you'd only let them."

Personality and Appearance


Perianna is a generally soft-spoken individual, and without the symbiote she is fairly shy in most matters, preferring to remain silent. When accompanied by Latex or any of the Sanguine Dolls, she is much more confident and outspoken.


Standing at 177cm (roughly 5'10) and weighing 75kg (roughly 165lbs), Perianna is a completely average individual; the only outstanding things she has going for her is her shapely figure and abnormally pale and blemish-free skin. She has fairly high cheekbones and has a wider build than most women; while not fat, she has no visible muscle definition either.

Powers and Limitations

With absolutely no superpowers to speak of, Perianna is a relatively fragile human.

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