The Latex Symbiote

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The Latex Symbiote
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Liquitexia
Species: Modified Symbiote
Age: Unknown
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Tar Black
Hair Color: Tar Black with Dark Red Streaks
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Perianna's Symbiote
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Perianna (Mate), Pearl (Offspring), Emerald (Brother)
Known Powers
See Abilities
Known Abilities
Poison Immunity, Extreme Fire Resistance, Complex Copy Shapeshifting, Advanced Healing (Cannot resurrect the dead), Kinetic/Impact Absorption, Advanced Reflexes, Super-Human Speed, Mass/Energy conversion (Referred to as "feeding" but it can use almost anything, including standard foodstuffs.), Mind Reading/Manipulating the host it's attached to.



Perianna, The Pearl Symbiote and The Latex Symbiote are multi-boxed by the same person, please keep that in mind when messaging them. In-game, Latex is listed as Mutation origin due to excess time spent on Primal Earth, and the "blessing" given to her by The Eternal Symphony. Also note that Emerald is listed as her relative, which is not confirmed IC. It is not public knowledge or on any file that any faction would have, it is only listed for me to remember.

Public Information

Official knowledge of the symbiote is fairly scarce, with its origin and full power list currently unknown. What is known about it, is that it is not from Primal Earth, and it has attached itself to one Perianna Morrow, leading officials to believe it has chosen that human as its host. Why it did not choose one of the many super-beings already on Primal Earth remains a mystery. It has been seen engaged in combat with several gangs, as well as Longbow and Arachnos agents, causing it to be classified as a threat to both sides.


Originally a sentient life-form originating from a planet and universe outside of Primal Earth, though it has long-forgotten when and where it came from. It claims it spent many years in various forms, hiding on Primal Earth and only revealing itself to chosen hosts. In more recent years, it has taken the name "Latex", given the name by Perianna. Even more recently, it has come into contact with The Symphony and received their blessing, causing its natural black appearance to be shot-through with blood red streaks, and augmenting its natural capabilities even further. Because of this, it now worships The Symphony as Goddesses, and will frequently refer to being able to hear "their song".

Personality and Appearance


Latex is outgoing, outspoken, and extremely sure of itself; it carries itself with an air of confidence and pride, only becoming more subdued near Perianna or any of the many Sanguine Dolls. It refers to itself using gender-correct pronouns for the form it has taken (He for masculine forms, She for feminine ones), and using "we" when attached to a Host. Generally the symbiote is fairly flirtatious and sly when dealing with any and all beings, though reserves true affection for Perianna and the Sanguine Dolls. It will also cease flirting if disinterest or disgust is shown.


The Symbiote is a shapeshifter, and as such, can take on a myriad of appearances provided it has seen them at least once. However, it is always pitch/tar-black with blood red accents, and will frequently be letting excess material drip to its base, only to cycle it back into itself; this excess does not stain. When completely relaxed, its natural form is a (surprisingly small) viscous puddle of black and red. Those with heightened senses of smell will note that Latex herself has no scent, but the red that accents her is metallic and sweet, as if it were blood. Those also familiar with the Symphony will note that Latex' red accents match the scent of the blood generated by the Sanguine Dolls.

Powers and Limitations

While the full extent of its powers are not public knowledge, the known ones are listed here for convenience. It is immune to all forms of poison and intoxicants (though it can willfully simulate the effects of both if desired). It is almost completely immune to fire, having been seen extinguishing flames by expanding itself to smother them. An accomplished shapeshifter, it can copy anything it has seen once, as well as nearly anything its imagination can come up with, though it is limited to using black as the base and red for accents and shading. Physical attacks such as punches, kicks, bullets, and blades are completely useless, causing the symbiote to do one of three things; completely absorb the impact, splatter away from the hit and reform, or simply dodge. It possesses an almost ludicrous amount of speed, being able to move faster than bullets can travel; it grants this ability to its host, allowing it to keep the host out of harm's way in a fight, though this is taxing on the host itself. It can seperate itself into many smaller symbiotes, creating a hivemind of sorts and controlling multiple hosts at once, or creating secondary forms to aid it in or out of combat. It is also capable of stretching itself to incapacitate multiple foes at once. (Darkness Control has perfect appearances to lend itself to this.) It can 'consume' and absorb large amounts of energy and matter to fuel itself and its host/hosts and keep them in the fight, converting the absorbed mass/energy into personal energy which can then be redirected from itself to mend wounds; Provided there is a lull in combat long enough for it to concentrate, it can even bring injured back from the brink of death and reattach or reconstruct severed limbs, though it is incapable of resurrecting the dead.

Relevant OOC Information for Mature Roleplayers

Latex is pansexual and capable of a large variety of things. Her species reproduces semi-asexually, detaching a part of themselves and placing inside a willing host. This 'egg' remains completely dormant until the symbiote is given permission to activate it; immediately thereafter, it begins incubating. Based on how hateful/loving the new host is, it will take anywhere from 5-30 days to fully grow, with more hateful hosts taking longer. After the incubation period, it will then exit ((How it does so is to be determined by the host ICly)) and become a new symbiote with all of the powers of Latex, and its default shape/color being determined by the host. (For example, Latex' birth-host was a Black Slime, and therefore her default shape/color is a black puddle; if a pink humanoid alien was a birth-host, the resulting symbiote would be Pink/Humanoid.) ((Obviously this is a very large undertaking, and as such it needs to be discussed at great length between the players, with all parties finding a compromise and consenting.))

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