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Aarvinassiros the Reconnoiterer
Player: @Quinz
Activity Level: Moderate
Archetype: Curroptor
Origin: Technology
Primary Set: Energy Blast
Secondary Set: Radiation Emission
Ancillary/Patron: None
Level: 20
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Subject Aarivnassiros
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: Suit Lizard, Reptile
Occupation: Scout
Education: Cyber-Brain Implant
Citizenship: The Dynasty
Legal Status: Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: Vessel Isarivanna
Base of Operations: Port Oakes Abandoned Laboratory
Group Affiliations: None
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Other
Species: 'True Species of The Dynasty'
Ethnicity: N/A
Eye Color: Red/Turquoise
Hair Color: N/A
Complexion: Scaled: Cyan
Height: 4'9
Weight: 168
Build: Lithe
Distinguishing Features: A red six-pointed star tattoo over his left eye. Teeth are coated in some kind of metal. Metal wire stitched across the upper-left of his head. Left Eye is metallic with a red iris. Tongue is split in two, down the middle. Upper mouth is coated in metal and has some kind of touchpad. Tail is mutilated, but is perfectly prehensile. Nostrils are slit along the sides to make one large nostril.





It is hard to tell whether or not Aarvinassiros has a personality of his own or not, from people's interaction with him. He speaks straight forward, and very oddly. He refers to himself as 'This Subject' and as others as Subjects(Organics) or Units(Robotic). He seems to focus on cold logic, and fascinated by all kinds of technology, often taking notes on things as Cyborgs, Androids, Robots, Even Battle Terminals and Pinball Machines. Though if this is because of 'duty' he has, or if he is legitimately interested in these things, has yet to be seen. He is often seen wandering around, and taking notes of devices, when not out gathering devices through force, himself. He speaks highly of his society, referred to as 'The Dynasty'.

Beleif Systems

Politics and Government

Not knowing any other Government than the Technocracy that bore him, Aarvinassiros does not have a real opinion on other Governments. He hasn't seen how others function, only what was uploaded into his brain before he touched down on this planet to observe.

Sex and Love

Aarvinassiros has not ever really encountered a reason for either sex or love. He was raised a an engineer, and has yet to express his feelings on such to anyone. He never really had to think about it...

Faith and Religion

The Dynasty has little in the ways of Religion, and as such, Aarivanassiros has only what was uploaded to his mind on Religion of this world. He is often confused with the subject, when others bring it up. He has his own ideas on morality, but often find people's actions are influenced by Biology. Whether this will change or not is to be seen.

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Power Pools

Energy Blast

With his Power Suit, The Reconnoiterer is able to project blasts of energy from his hands through super-focused crystals and energy drained directly from the power source in his chest. This is an issued part of his suit, which is to keep him protected in a possibly harsh environment.

Radiation Emission

Using the Secondary Power Source of his suit, the Reconnoiterer is able to create fog clouds of radiation, that creates problems In Organics and Synthetics alike. Causing illness or code block, he is able to turn the tide of a battle in his favor.


With his suit having two power sources, and a life support system, The Reconnoiterer is able to access more power than the suit normally could allow, in addition to keeping him healthy, even if he were to succumb to damage.


Without the Power Suit, Aarvinassiros is near-helpless. He has some minor training in Martial Arts, but his whole world centers around technology, without it, he is no more dangerous than a kid with a pointy rock. In addition to lack of a power suit, he is susceptible to EMPs, as about 20% of his body is cybernetic, including a brain that is used to assist in multi-tasking and processing, a cyber eye and wired reflexes.


Dynasty Class R1 Power Suit

A Standard Power Suit given to those that are used for reconnaissance and scouting missions. This suit is where Aarvinassiros gets a majority of his powers and combat skill. Outside of combat, this suit is practically useless, however.

Elite Cyber Eye

A High-Grade Cyber Eye. Cyber Eyes are required for all citizens of his society, but as a scout, Aarvinassiros was permitted for a higehr grade, highest, in fact. He has all functions, including microscopic, macroscopic, X-Ray, Thermal and Night Vision. This also has a built in Camera and Recording device.

Elite Cyber Ears

Cyber Ears are optional for all Citizens in his Society. He was permitted for a High Grade Design due to his occupation. These ears allow him to pick up extremely high and extremely low frequencies. They also allow him to record conversations at his will.

High Grade Cyber Brain

At least a section of all Citizens are required to be attached with a Cyber Brain. This allows all citizens to think and process quicker, as well as multi-task easier. As a Reconnoiterer, Aarvinassiros was allowed a higher grade, capable of storing memorie and research and allowing him to recall them near-flawlessly. This Cyber Brain also allows his ears and eye to function to thier full extent.

Wired Reflexes

As Standard for all Citizens, Aarvinassiros has his entire nervous system linked with his cyber-brain, allowing him to more, or steady himself much quicker than he could otherwise. This does not allow him to move any quicker, in terms of running, however it allows him to evade and dodge things quicker than naturals of his kind would be able to.

Biological Coding

Biological Coding is a series of Cybernetic implants throughout the body of Aarvinassiros that allows him to, practically, control every aspect of his body. Does he want his heart to stop? He can. Does he want to go blind in his biological eye? It is possible. Does he want his kidney to fail? It is possible. The reason for such a design isn't well known, even to the citizens of his society. Many figured it is for people that want complete mastery over thier body, others hypothesize it is to keep themselves healthy by, periodically, causing malfunctions and repairs.

Personal History

Birth in The Dynasty

As with any Dynasty-Born, Aarvinassiros was tested for biological health, and then tested for cybernetic compatibility. He was deemed as worthy to live, at least until he was evaluated for intellect. He was raised in a nursery, with the loving embrace of cold steel around him. He was raised with over 15,000 other infants, most of which were killed as they raised, due to inability to be assimilated through cybernetics or defect in health. By the time Aarvinassiros was the equivalent of a five year old human, there were only 1,200 of the original infants he was raised with alive. All of the children were then raised and trained as engineers for the vessel they were born on.

Those that showed particular skill were given 'promotions', and given the option to be high class engineers, military or reconnoiterers. Aarvinassiros had heard of the ways that the Reconnoiterers were the first to explore potential planets, and stayed among the people, speaking and interacting with other creatures. This was mostly a joke to those in the division, but Aarvinassiros wanted to join, not to feel superior and gloat over how the puny world would be assimilated, but rather to see how other creatures worked in the society. He had his standard cybernetics replaced, to his specifications, and then had started right away with study and uploads of his first task.

Planetoid Terra

The Planetoid known as Terra, to some on it, was his first task. He took three Earth-Years, on the Vessel, studying it until they got close enough for a launch pod. He was given an order to research as he could, and find potentials for aiding the society. he was given permission to take any technology, make propositions for citizenship for any that seemed to be suitable engineers or kill-on-sight with the idea that doing so may assist the society. Of course, when he touched down in Paragon City, his orders were not liked. He was noticed by Vanguard as an alien, but he eluded their grasp for a while. It was not until he started kidnapping scientists and technicians that he was really cared about.

The Reconnoiterer was found, after holing up in a cavern under the Hollows, he fighting off Outcast and Trolls while demanding that the scientists he captured give him blueprints and technology that they knew of, especially the portal technology, able to cross time and space. A group of heroes managed to find and defeat Reconnoiter, and Tagged him for transportation to the Ziggurski Institute. He was at a loss, now, as he had, basically, failed his society... He was in the prison for weeks, he growing depressed, at least until there was a breakout.

Arachnos went in for a fresh batch of Destined Ones, and Aarvinassiros managed to gather his Suit and escaped. Not on his own, of course, as it seems he was, in particular, marked as one of Arachnos' Destined Ones. Those in The Dynasty do not believe in Magic, and they have trouble with future-seeing technology, so Aarvinassiros was, of course, suspicious. He did not want to miss an opportunity to escape, and boarded the flier. He touched down in Mercy and was given, basically, free reign. This pleased him, and was glad to be in a society that allowed him to fulfill his objectives.

Current Projects

Aarvinassiros currently wanders around Cap Au Diable and Sharkshead, searching for more outlandish technology. He is wary of magic, and tries to actively avoid it. He spends much of his time in the Pocket D, finding this is a suitable spot to find those with Power Suits, Cybernetic Implants, or those wholly Robotic for research.

OOC Note

The creator of this character wishes for him to eventually be 'corrupted' by the technology of this planets. Things as Video Games, I-Pods, Leisure-Use Computers, Pinball, even good food, are things that are wanted to be used to make him fall into the pull of this world and want to drift away from his main objective. If interested in helping obtain this, say OOCly, or approach the character IC as a pull of 'fate'. Normally I let characters develop totally on their own, but in this case, I wanted him to go in a specific direction.

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